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Flight of Fantasy

My online friend and I take a surprise 'mini-break' together
The pre-flight brief meeting had been straight forward enough — the usual crew introductions, safety awareness checks, in-flight service briefing, etc. Passenger numbers on the flight were confirmed: 174 travelling in Economy Class, seven in Business Class and only two flying First Class. Outward bound was from London-Heathrow to Bahrain, where the crew would have a 48-hour stopover before manning the inward bound Bahrain to London flight. The crew were allocated their seat positions and work stations, and we were on our way to the crew mini-bus that would take us to the aircraft. This was always a fun part of any trip, a new crew put together, smart fresh uniforms, smell of perfume, comparing notes on lipsticks — as well as it often being the first meeting of new colleagues, lots of girlie/guy chit-chat and banter, and of course checking out the Captain, First Officer and Engineer! All that, as well as the excitement, often for many, of travelling to a new destination.

I smiled as I listened to the chatter on the mini-bus as we approached the aircraft. I myself had worked for the airline for many years, and had progressed through the ranks to my current role within the crew training department. The job suited me perfectly, fitting in with my family life, and one of the major perks was that in order to retain my ‘wings’ (the airline term for a trained member of cabin crew) I had to join and ‘quality check’ at least one flight on a quarterly basis.

During our lengthy MSN chats, my online friend and I had learned so much about one another. He knew about my work, as I did his — but for no apparent reason when we had chatted, the discussions had always been around the training element of my job, and I had never mentioned that I still had the opportunity to ‘fly’ as crew from time to time. So when Adam flippantly said, “Come to Bahrain with me for a few days,” I just couldn’t resist — I was going to give him the surprise of his life! Naturally he told me when he was going, and what luck! He was flying with my very own airline.

“Oh I so wish I could come, wouldn’t it be fun, but you know I can’t!” As I typed the response to Adam on my laptop, I was already dialling the crew rostering department. After so many years, I knew the guys who rostered the crew very well — so a bit of flirty banter with Derek the department manager and I was scheduled onto the Bahrain flight. My plan was in place!

As I had dressed for work that morning, I had taken ‘extra care’ — subtle but glamorous make-up and my hair twisted into a neat chignon. I had always loved the crew uniform, a very smart (if somewhat impractical) knee length, tight dark navy skirt, crisp white shirt, silk scarf and dark navy jacket. Of course, I had donned my best white satin lingerie — thong, push up bra and suspender belt to which I had attached the sheerest nude stockings — under my uniform. I felt good, and smiled as I pinned my gilt name badge, shaped like wings, to my lapel.

The mini-bus stopped at the aircraft steps and we made our way on board the plane. I was working in First Class for the duration of the flight — and through my contacts had managed to orchestrate for Adam to receive a complimentary upgrade from Business to First Class; that was to be his first surprise. On checking the flight manifest, there he was: Mr Adam Flowers, First Class PAX, Seat Allocation 4F. My heart nearly missed a beat when I saw his name — everything was going according to plan.

Had I done the right thing? Thoughts raced through my mind as Sarah, my colleague, and I busied ourselves with the usual safety checks and cabin preparations. Adam didn’t have a clue that I was on the flight, and having only met him once before previously, even though that had become a very steamy and enjoyable liaison, I hoped that this was going to measure up as an equally exciting and passionate encounter. Flight preps were all done, the ground staff had entered the cabin and confirmed passenger numbers checked-in:

“We’re set to board; please allow the passengers through,” I radioed to the departure lounge.

My heartbeat was so fast as I stood by the First Class cabin door. “Good Morning Mrs Smeathers, welcome on board, Sarah will show you to your seat,” and then I saw Adam approaching along the air bridge. He was busy chatting to a fellow passenger, and it wasn’t until he got nearly to the aircraft door and handed me his boarding card that he looked up and realised who had taken it from him.

I smiled broadly. “Good morning, Mr Flowers; welcome on board. My name’s Michelle and I’ll be looking after you on your flight to Bahrain today — may I take your coat and show you to your seat?”

I can’t quite describe the look of total disbelief on Adams face, but quickly his shock turned to the broadest grin I had ever seen. I showed him to Seat 4F.

“How... What are you doing here?” was all he could say.

“Shush, I’ll explain later, just enjoy — and remember, I’m on duty working, so I have to be ‘official’ to a degree.” I winked. “Would you like a glass of champagne Mr Flowers?”

“Oh yes, please, though I think I may need something stronger later,” said Adam, still with a wide grin on his gorgeous face. As I turned and headed to the galley, I couldn’t help but wiggle my uniform clad body just a little more than usual, knowing his eyes were glued to my back. This was going to be some flight.

Champagne and hot towels served in First Class, I took the PA system handset and held it to my mouth. I paused before speaking and stared directly at Adam in his seat, opening my lips slightly I licked my lips and winked at him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard this Boeing 747 flight to Bahrain. As we are about to depart, please ensure your seat belts are fastened securely. The crew will pass through the cabin to do a final safety check before departure. I hope you enjoy your flight with us today.” I replaced the handset and made my way to seat 4F.

“Mr Flowers, may I take this opportunity to check your seat belt is fastened properly?” I leaned forward over Adam’s lap — far more than was required, and I let my hand trace the seat belt strap across his lap. As I leaned and touched, I could smell his cologne, Armani Code, and as I teasingly allowed my hand to linger in his lap I could see his hard-on appear at my touch. Gently, I pulled the seat belt tighter, the motion of which made Adam audibly gasp as his cock strained at the restraint tight against it. “It seems you’ll be nice and ‘safe’ on the flight, Mr Flowers.” I smiled as I turned and walked back up the aircraft aisle and took my crew seat for take-off. As I strapped myself in, my gaze didn’t leave Adam’s eyes, and I devilishly, but purposely, hitched my skirt just a little too high to ensure he could see my stocking tops beneath my uniform skirt, and sat with my knees just slightly too wide apart.

We were airborne and somehow I managed to go through the motions of the in-flight meal service. With my colleague Sarah working on the other side of the cabin, luckily the only passenger I had to look after was Adam, and with each visit to his seat I could feel my pussy becoming more aroused. As I teased him, hiding behind my ‘official capacity,’ I knew that the lust I felt was a mutual emotion we shared. At last, the service was over and as I cleared away the meal debris, I had only one thought on my mind. Sarah told me that Mrs Smeathers was sleeping on the other side of the cabin, and that the flight deck crew had also been fed and watered. I duly suggested she may want to join the rest of the crew for her own meal, within the economy cabin of the plane.

Once again, I brought the PA to my lips: “Ladies and gentlemen, we shall now be showing the in-flight movie, and will dim the cabin lights for your comfort.” I dimmed the lights, then immediately went to the galley, poured a whiskey over ice, placed it on a tray and made my way to seat 4F.

“Whiskey, Mr Flowers?”

Immediately, Adam’s hand was on the back of my thigh under my skirt, the touch of his fingers on the flesh above stocking top making me tremble. He looked up at me with such wanting in his eyes and let his fingers roam across the sheer fabric of my thong, as he pushed the fabric aside an involuntary moan left my lips as I felt his forefinger stroking across my labia and his thumb rubbing against my clit. My body was on fire for him, and as he finger teased my soaked pussy, I bent over and undid his belt and buttons to his jeans. I could see his cock straining for release.

“I want you to suck me, Michelle.”

“Well, Mr Flowers, that’s not part of the normal in-flight service, but for you I’ll make an exception.” I smiled and as he raised his hips and pulled down his boxers, then quickly popped an ice cube from his drink into my mouth. Kneeling by his seat, in the dark of the aircraft aisle, I gently took his rock solid member and brought my lips to its tip, allowing the ice cube to rub against his precum, making it glisten in the dull light. Adam gasped at the sensation and as my eyes met his I allowed my tongue to travel up and down the underside of his shaft, the ice cube melting in my mouth as I did so. Then taking his cock between my lips, I slid my mouth to envelope him entirely and gently worked my head up and down on him, in his lap.

Adam moaned. “Fuck that’s so good — aw fuck, yeah.”
I knew he was close to exploding, but that wasn’t an option for him yet; I wanted to feel him inside me. Pulling my head away I slowly hitched up my skirt, and without losing eye contact for a second I pulled off my soaked thong. Allowing my left leg to travel across his lap, and straddling him as he held his cock — rubbing it against my opening, so wet and ready — it was easy to slide down onto him. Under my suspender belt, his hands gripped my arse cheeks firmly, and as our mutual passion took control and he pushed himself up and down, hard in and out of my pussy, I heard him moan loudly as he fired his seed into me. As I felt his hot, sticky liquid, my body convulsed and gave in to waves of ecstasy as my orgasm took over. Our breathing was fast, and as I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his neck, our heartbeats were almost audible. Adam pulled me close to him, and as such I remained, my cheek on his, until slowly we came back down to reality together.

“Don’t go to the crew hotel, stay with me in Bahrain — the Gulf Hotel .” I smiled at Adam’s words, as if I had ever planned to stay at the crew hotel!

A quick visit to the bathroom, and somehow I managed to restore my professional air and appearance just in time for touchdown.

I took the PA once more. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Bahrain International Airport. We hope you have enjoyed your flight with us today.”

The air bridge was put in place to allow the passengers to exit the plane. I took up my place, standing by the aircraft door to bid the First Class passengers goodbye. Mrs Smeathers left the plane first. “Goodbye, madam; have a good stay in Bahrain.” She smiled at me, looking wide awake after her long sleep.

Turning, I saw Adam approaching the door, looking somewhat dishevelled and sleepy. “Goodbye Mr Flowers; I hope you enjoyed your flight.” As I spoke, Adam tucked a note into my hand.

“I enjoyed it thoroughly, particularly the in-flight service — definitely First Class! Thank you, Michelle,” he said. We smiled at each other broadly, and I watched as he disappeared from sight. As he walked Adam put his hand in his jeans pocket and felt something damp. I chuckled to myself, knowing that he would find my white thong.

As I prepared to leave the plane myself, along with the rest of the crew, I took the note he had given me. It read:

That was one amazing surprise lady, thank you. Lets have some fun in Bahrain - Meet me at the gateway to the Manama Souk , tonight 8pm Love Adam X

I knew I would be there, and yes, my online friend and I were indeed going to have fun in Bahrain!

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