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Flying High

The overhead bins on the plane were already getting full, including the one over her row. Errgghhh… fuckin’ frustrating. She opened a bin across from her row and there was space for her suitcase. That’s when she noticed him.

He was sitting in the aisle across from her row. He looked up at her as she was re-organizing the overhead to make room to store her roller-board. Their eyes briefly met and she smiled, feeling a flutter in her stomach. He quickly stood up and grabbed her suitcase. She looked at his face and she could feel herself getting flustered. She stammered out a thank-you, but then kicked herself for not sounding sexy or flirty. He nonchalantly and with ease, picked it up, stowed it in the bin, and sat back down; all done with almost one fluid motion. Her heart sank. She thought that he felt that chemistry and spark also when they looked at each other, but he just sat back down and continued where he left off on his New York Times crossword puzzle. Disappointed but feeling lame for hoping he felt a zing of adrenalin too, she sat in her aisle seat across from him. She rationalized her ridiculous feeling of unexplained instant attraction and lust to the fact that she hadn’t had sex in about two to three months since her break-up with her long-time boyfriend. Oh, he was just being polite and helpful, she was silly to try to make more of the moment than it actually was.

The flight attendants went through the usual spiel of the safety features of the airplane and how to exit if an emergency were to happen….blah ...blah…blah. She completely tuned it out and could only think of the man across the aisle from her. The plane took-off, FINALLY, seemed like a lifetime had passed already, and they were airborne. She took out her laptop and fired it up…pulled down the tray table, placed her laptop there and started to work on her next presentation. Concentrating was impossible. All she could do was watch him intently while pretending to type. She noted everything he did, every nuance, every expression. It was driving her insane. What’s worse is that he seemed totally ignorant of her. Not all at interested.

After the flight attendants made the drink round and the cart was no longer blocking the aisle, she felt this was her best chance to use the restroom. She unclipped her seatbelt, lifted her tray table slightly so she could squeeze by, and made her way to the back of the airplane. Luckily only one other person was in line waiting for the bathroom so she stood there and watched the flight attendants do their thing in the rear galley and overheard their small talk chatter. The bathroom was available, she stepped in the small confined space and was about to shut the door when fingers curled around the door and stopped it from closing. Furrowing her brow in confusion she yelled out, “Its occupied!” The door continued to open and he stepped inside and shut the narrow door and slid the lock in place.

Not a word spoken he grabbed her and pulled her into his embrace. His back against the door to block anyone entry in case the lock didn’t do its job. He leaned down and with both hands holding her cheeks he bent down and kissed her. She eagerly wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him in so close it would take a crowbar to pull them apart. She kissed him with fervor; whimpering and small moaning sounds escaping her lips whenever they broke the connection of their tongues circling and dancing in their mouths. They kissed deeply, his tongue practically down her throat. It wasn’t enough, now that she had a taste of him, she wanted more. He withdrew and ran his tongue along the delicate line of her neck, while his hands moved down her body feeling every curve. Her one arm still wrapped around his neck but she had to feel what was behind his tailored pants. She could feel his hard cock pressed against her lower stomach near the pelvic bone, so she took her other hand and placed it in front of his pants rubbing up and down the outside and touching the outline of his rock hard length pushing against his zipper. Not enough, not nearly enough, she had to have her hands around him. She futzed around with his belt finally getting the buckle to release, unzipped his pants, yanked down his trousers and boxer briefs, and freed his fully erect cock. As they kissed, he pulled her blouse out of its tucked-in state in her skirt and with little patience for the buttons, broke for breath and lifted it over her head. He removed her lace bra so fast she could swear he undid it with just a snap of his fingers.

Not for a single moment did it cross her mind that she was standing there partially naked to a man she never met or that she didn’t know something as simple as his name, only sure thing she knew about him was his seat and row number. Her breasts were full and swollen; nipples hard. He bent slightly taking her tits in his hands squeezing them and rubbing his thumbs over her nipples, pinching them giving her jolts of pain. Taking one nipple in his mouth, then the other, making sure equal attention was given to both, licking, sucking, and biting. Exquisite mixture of pain and hot intense heat made her frenzied. Her cunt, very wet, was soaking her matching lace thong, and his one hand made the slow travel down her navel below the waistline of her skirt. Reaching around her backside with the other hand, he unzipped her and the skirt fell to the floor. His middle finger pushed her thong to the side and thrust in her pussy, deep inside, then adding his forefinger, both pile-driving in and out of her wanting cunt while his thumb was circling and rubbing her clit. Her head was thrown back and she wanted him to fuck her, to feel him, his hard cock, inside her. She was going to cum and drench his fingers with her slick juices. He seemed to know this and he leaned over her one shoulder, his breath rapid, his heartbeat matching her own, together meshed in this moment; one bite on her shoulder and she came, convulsing in his arms. Sweat beading on their foreheads and damping their hair, he kissed her neck, grabbed her shoulders with both hands, and while never breaking eye contact, without any verbal words said, he pushed her down before him.

Her hand was still gripping his cock and stroking up and down the length of it. He straddled his legs as best he could in the cramped space. There was no way to kneel so she held one palm flat against the wall and the other palm resting opposite side on the edge of the tiny sink; crouching down resting on the balls of her feet in her heels, using each side to support herself so she wouldn’t lose balance. She leaned over with her breasts hanging down facing the floor and took his cock in her open mouth. Oh the taste of him. He was as delicious as she fantasized he would be from that first moment they made eye contact. He ran his fingers through her hair, wrapped a handful around his hand, and pushed her head down farther to take more of his cock down her throat. She hungrily sucked his cock bobbing her head up and down, going from tip to base. Only sounds emitted were her sucking and the occasional moan or grunt from him as she was giving him a deep throat blow job. He was huge, not just in length but in girth too. She could barely take him completely but she wanted to please him so she opened her jaw as wide as possible and took him deep. He was close to cumming himself, she could tell. His cock was engorged and choking her. She wanted to taste his cum and take it all down her throat, but he pulled her up off his cock and lifted her under her arms standing her up briefly before grasping her ass and sitting her on the sink. The back of her head slammed against the mirror, legs apart, arms braced on either side her, cunt wide open, waiting for him to drive his cock into her dripping pussy. His arms encircled her waist, pulling her forward. She wrapped her legs around his waist him holding tight, ankles locked; arms around his neck, wrists locked. With one swift movement, he rammed his cock into her, HARD. No mercy. No tenderness. God, he felt great. His cock inside her was perfect, almost too perfect, as if they were supposed to always be this way together. She matched every thrust with one of her own. Together they were on the way to a massive climax. Sweat dripping, their bodies slapping together in a ferocious pace, like two wild animals fucking. No love, no emotions, no sentimental bullshit, just heat, passion, lust, fire, driving them towards an orgasm much like an avalanche in the mountains; rolling, gathering momentum. They came together, like a bolt of lightening. For a moment, time stopped. Holding each other like the world was ending at that very moment, waves upon waves reverberated in their bodies. They collapsed in each other’s arms waiting for their breath to catch hold again.

The banging on the door broke the spell. Oh shit, better get dressed and regain composure. He held her chin up, looked in her eyes, winked, and kissed her gently and tenderly on the lips. He stepped back and blocked the door once again. She eased off the sink, faced him, crouched down once again, and to show reverence, she sucked his cock clean tasting his cum mixed with hers, savoring that taste she would only experience this one time in her life. He pulled up his cotton briefs and slacks that were clinging to his upper thighs, zipped up, raked his hands through his hair, opened the door and stepped out. She could hear him explain to the person outside the door that it was still occupied and he was in there helping his girlfriend clean herself up since she got airsick from flying. He advised the guy that his girlfriend would be in there awhile so it might be best to find another bathroom to use on the plane. She was grateful to him that he had a handy excuse to explain his presence. The corners of her lips curved up in a slight smile, when she slipped her thong, covered with her pussy juices, down her thighs and stepped out of it. She put her bra, blouse, and skirt back on. She splashed a bit of cold water on her face, fluffed her hair with her fingers, and looked at herself in the mirror.

Expelling a deep breath, she collected herself, balled her wet thong in her hand, opened the bathroom door and exited. She passed the rear galley; the two flight attendants stopped their duties, looked at her, and gave her a knowing smirk. Red-faced and somewhat embarrassed she made her way back to her seat. The captain announced their impending approach and to please prepare for landing. She glanced over at him sitting across the aisle. He was again engrossed with his crossword. She would never forget him. She even doubted that she would have a future encounter with anyone that could match that level of pure sexual heat, like a hot cauldron of boiling water over a fire. The plane landed, taxied, and stopped at the gate. She got up to get her suitcase from the bin. He again without pause, stood up and got it down for her. They briefly touched as he handed it to her. She discreetly curled in his palm, her lacy, sex drenched thong. Squeezing his fist for just a moment, drinking him in; this memory etched in her mind for the rest of her mortal life, they shared a warm glance. She whispered, “Thank you”, he quietly responded, “Anytime” and gave her one last devilish wink. She slung her laptop bag on her shoulder, grabbed her purse, pulling her roller-board behind her, and exited the plane.

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