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For old times sake

Fuck me hard Baby
I was abroad on business when after my meetings had end I could't catch my sleep so I went to have a brandy down at the bar of the hotel I was residing at. I was happy to see the bar full of people seeming to have a good time. A live band was playing Jazz in the back and as I went to find a place to sit and order my brandy I saw her.

There she was, Sarah, looking lushes as ever. It had been a while since I'd last seen her. It must have been at least seven long years ago since we had first met at a mutual friends wedding. I had never been fucked before like she fucked me that night..

She was still ravishing with her long legs. Her skin glowing as silk and her breasts still firm. I wasn't sure if she had noticed me too but then, after a while, when I had just ordered my brandy, she looked at me and smiled whilst walking towards me. Slowly almost teasing me with her hips smoothly waving up and down as she came closer. I could smell the scent of her sweet perfume when she whispered in my ear,Well , Michael, are you just going to stare at me all night or are you going to do something about that bulge in your pants, leaving a wet trace from her soft tongue in my neck.

I smiled at her and without saying a word I grabbed her wrist and took her upstairs to my room. In the elevator the Scandinavian tourists were the only thing stopping me from fucking her right there and then and it seemed ages before we got on my floor.

Finally in my room Sarah pushes me on the bed and stands before me with her long legs slightly apart from each other. She lifts her dress up and I notice that she is not wearing any underwear.... Her clean shaved pussy longing to get fucked by me..... I could see in her eyes that she wanted my hard cock badly. Just as bad I as I wanted her.

I firmly take her round ass in my hands while lifting one leg over my shoulder, and start to lick juicy cunt. I can taste how wet she already is and I get even harder. I lick her, first slowly then harder and harder and I taste her juice, the sweet taste of lust.

Aaahh Micheal she sighs... yes faster.... faster... her pussy contracting more and more as she is almost coming... I stop and slowly tease her hungry clitoris and feel her nails burying deeper into my back. I want to feel you she says I want you to fuck me like only you can baby..

She swings sher leg back and slowly teasingly takes of her little black dress,leaving her in High heels and silk stockings. her brown curly hair playing with her hard nipples. She undresses me while kissing me everywhere and pushes me back on the bed. She takes my hard dick in one hand, her other hand playing with my balls. As I close my eyes I can feel her wet hungry mouth enclosing firmly sucking my dick up and down Aaahh no one could do a deep throat like her... Her lushes lips and her soft tongue are making me so horny .Ooohh yeah suck me harder harder yeah baby don't stop. When I am almost about to come she starts teasing me with her tongue slowly up and down like I teased her.

I am so wet for you she whispers, I want you to fuck me now, I want you to fuck me deep Michael, she says... her voice raspy.... She bends over waving her perfectly round ass in the air. I cant hold it any more and slide my dick into her wet pussy. Oohh baby I love how tight you are... My hands firmly grab hold of her breasts squeezing them and molding them. Deeper Michael, deeper.. Oooh yes.. Fuck me.... Sarah has her hands on her clitoris making herself even wetter and as I start fucking her harder I grab her long hair tight with one hand and hold her throat with the other. OOh Sarah I am Almost Coming youre so tight so wet.

Not yet Sarah moans...... I want that cock of yours to fuck me al night long she says while she slides of my dick and pushes me on my back.

Sarah lowers her delicious body over me sliding my hard dick back into her hungry cunt. She starts riding me slowly, again teasing me. I play with her breasts and softly twist her hard nipples with my fingertips. I come up to suck them and slide my dick even deeper into her wetness. Aaah this feels so good.The rhythm of her hips going faster and faster. She presses her wet pusyy harder against my loins and fucks me hard.

I then stop her and eat her pussy some more driving her absoluty wild. I lick her faster and faster and suck her clitoris. I can feel how she presses my head deeper into her wet and ooh so tasty pussy and I make her come screeming my Name. I fuck her again. My dick sliding in and out her wet throbbing pussy faster and faster Ooh this feels so good and I come hard.... so hard....

Our wet sweaty body's laying exhausted but hungry for more she started playing with herself rubbing my cum over her clitoris inviting me to come play some more. I tease her with my fingers and get so aroused by her hunger for me that my dick is getting hard again. This time she sucks it firmly and when I am fully hard again she lifts her ass up begging me to take her in her ass..

I take her ass in my hads and lick the rim of her sweet anus as it opens up for me. My fingers playing with her asshole and then her pussy again I feel Sarah getting even wetter again and slide my dick in her ass. Aaah she sighs.... yeah... fuck me baby... she leads my hand to her wet pussy where I play with her as I fuck her deep in her ass.

Oooh yes, yes, she moans and as her wet pussy is contracting even tighter. Her ass tightens around my dick as she is riding her ass up and down on my hard cock. Sarah comes for a second time. The quivering of her body makes me go nuts and I thrust my dick deeper in her ass and come hard very hard..... Oooh Michael she moans, don't ever leave me again....
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