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For the Cowgirls

                                                              For the Cowgirls

Iris was on her way home from work. It had been a long stressful day at the doctor’s office where she worked. One of the other girls had called in sick, and she was left to deal with all of the patients and paperwork by herself. She had to stay late just to catch up. On top of that, she was almost 2 hours from home, and missing her kids, who had been at daycare since early that morning. She was very tired.

Iris was 29 years old, and wondered how her life had wound up like this. A single mom of twins was hard enough, but working for a traveling clinic made things all that much worse. She drove most of her days away, leaving her far too much time to think. Mostly things revolved around one thing. She hated being alone.

Shortly after her kids were born, her husband had left her without warning. She had been terribly in love with him, and now he was just gone. Since then, she battled constantly with her fear. She wasn’t as worried about love, as she was almost sure she never could or would again, but the physical loneliness ate at her. She had gained a little weight since her kids were born, but was far from unattractive. Her long dark hair and brown eyes, buxom figure, and darker skin, had earned her the nickname “Pocahontas” when she was younger. She still reflected that beauty now.

But none of that seemed to matter, as most men weren’t ready to accept her situation as it were, or were scared off by her two young children. They never even got close enough to her to know who she really was. She was a very sexual person, and needed that contact. She frequently used toys to please her, but sometimes that just wasn’t enough. She wanted a real cock inside her and man behind it. She found herself thinking about that, as usual on her way home, and began to touch herself on top of her scrubs. Soon she was wet enough that a small spot became visible, as she wasn’t wearing any panties today.

She soon became engrossed in what she was doing and was having a hard time keeping her mind on the road. She slowly advanced on a truck pulling a horse trailer, and was merging into the next lane to pass. She loved horses, and added this into her fantasy as she played with her clit, and moved her hand inside her pants.

Just as she did, the rear doors to the trailer came open, and a horse began to slide out the rear of the trailer. It rear hooves came off, and landed on the pavement, dragging it along, and showering sparks from the shoes. Iris panicked. She had to help that poor horse! The truck was not slowing down, so he must not have noticed. She sped up to get beside the truck and began honking her horn and yelling at the driver.

He rolled down his window, and tried to hear her, but the wind at that speed overcame her voice. Finally he seemed to understand her hand signals and began to slow down and pull into the emergency lane. She slowed down to get behind him again, and watched the poor horse get drug along.   Finally he stopped, and the horse bucked and tried to free itself from its reins as it was scared out of its mind.

Iris rushed out as soon as she was stopped to try and calm the crazed animal. She had a way with horses, she always had, and by the time the driver arrived from the truck, she almost had it calmed down. The driver came around the trailer, and she could see him for the first time. He was the stereotypical country boy, flannel shirt with no sleeves, straw hat and tight Wranglers. He had a farmer’s tan on his toned body, and had dark hair and blue eyes. Iris stared at him as he smiled at her. He was straight out of her fantasy.

"I’m glad you happened by when you did! I never would have known he had come out if it weren’t for you!” the man came over and ran his hand down the horse’s flank as he approached her. “ Name’s Dean.” He held out his hand towards her.

Iris paused for a second, still in shock. After a couple of moments, she was able to compose herself, and took his rough and calloused hand. “I’m Iris” she said timidly.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman,” Dean said. “What can I do to repay you for saving my horse?”

Iris blushed at his compliment. It had been a long time since anyone had said she was beautiful. “It was the least I could do. I couldn’t stand to see this beautiful animal hurt.” She replied.

“Well I sure do appreciate it” Dean said. The horse had calmed down by now, and was beginning to nuzzle Iris. She stroked his snout in reply. “He seems to have taken a likin’ to you. He must know you saved him.”

“I love horses” Iris said as she continued to pet the horse. “They always seem to know that, too” She looked into the eyes of the horse, and said “Don’t you?” The horse neighed slightly in response, and Iris laughed.

“Well, that’s the damndest thing I ever saw,” Dean said. “Ol’ Blue here usually don’t like nobody. He sure likes you, though. You must be a pretty special lady.”

Iris blushed again, and had to turn away from him. She looked to the horse to cover her embarrassment. He was everything she had fantasized about, right down to the accent and southern charm. She could feel herself getting wet again just thinking about it. She hoped that it wasn’t still showing through her scrubs. “How about I help you get him in the trailer,” she asked, still avoiding eye contact with Dean.

“I sure would appreciate that. He can be a handful at times.” Dean moved forward and fastened the doors all the way open and began to lead the horse back into his stall, with Iris soothing him. It all went smoothly, and they soon had him tied to the front again, and they double checked the doors this time.

Dean came up to her when he finished. “Listen, I want you to come ride with me one day. It’s the least I can do to repay you for this. And I’d be honored to ride with such a beautiful woman.”

Iris was speechless for a moment before replying, while blushing furiously “I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.” They exchanged numbers, and sent a tentative date for the following weekend. Iris would have to get a babysitter, but it would be worth it.

The rest of the week was hell on poor Iris. She could think about nothing but the coming weekend and was having trouble concentrating on her job. The other girl had finally returned after a couple of days, but relief was slow in coming. Her days dragged on in agony. She couldn’t even pleasure herself anymore, for fear of spoiling the moment if and when it came.

Finally the day arrived. She called Dean and he gave her directions to his farm. After almost an hour of driving through the country, she pulled up to a small farm, with several beautiful horses running in the adjacent field. It was almost like a dream for her. As she pulled up, Dean was already walking two horses out of the barn, all tacked and ready to ride. Dean said nothing, but smiled and checked her out as she came up to him and the horses.

She had tried to look good for him, but not be uncomfortable for the ride. She was wearing simple but nice-fitting blue jeans that hugged her curves in all the right places, and a tight white v-neck shirt that showed just a hint of her ample cleavage at the top, and was tucked into her jeans. Topping it all off was a leather belt and riding boots. She certainly looked the part, she thought, if nothing else.

Dean only smiled and handed her the reins. She got into the saddle easily, and waited for him to join her. Once he was mounted, he looked to her and asked, “You ready?”

She smiled back, and then kicked her horse and shot forward into the awaiting field. He laughed and took off after her. She slowed to let him lead, because she didn’t really know where she was going. He led her around the small farm at a brisk pace that left a huge smile on her face. They went through the fields, and small creek, and then to a small wooded area, hardly slowing for any of it.

Iris enjoyed every minute of it. Her long dark hair flowed out behind her and she relished the feel of the wind and the horse beneath her. It was all just as she had imagined. At least this part of her fantasy was coming true.

They came to a small clearing in the woods, and stopped to rest the horses. Tethering them to a nearby log, the sat down in the grass to talk. “That was wonderful, thank you.” Iris said.

“You don’t have to thank me” Dean replied. He blushed slightly and looked down to pick at the grass beneath him. “I don’t get to ride with a beautiful woman like yourself just any day.”

Iris blushed as well, and lowered her eyes. When she looked up at him again, he had moved a little closer. She stared into his deep blue eyes and felt herself flush with excitement. Just looking at him was getting her wet. He slowly reached up and began to stroke her wind-tossed hair. A shiver went through her as he touched her. “I just love your beautiful hair” he said, “It’s so soft.”

Iris moved in closer to him. She pulled his head closer and began to kiss him. It started slowly and gently. Then she began to pull harder on him and began to get more serious. He responded by wrapping his arm around her and pulling her to him. She enjoyed the feel of their bodies pressed close together. She could feel his heart beating faster by the second. As they kissed, his hands roamed up her back to her neck and twined in her hair. His very touch thrilled her, and soon she knew her pussy was soaked. The anticipation had been too much. She had to have it, and now.

Slowly he lowered her to the ground, and raised up to remove his shirt. He then helped her out of hers. Her breasts slightly overfilled the light pink bra she wore, and were moving rapidly now with her breath. He cupped one in his hand, and began to kiss the soft, dark skin of her neck as he stroked over her bra. She rolled her head back and moaned slightly. Soon he slid his arm underneath her and expertly undid the clasp, and slid off the garment. Her huge tits came out, and her nipples were already erect in the excitement.

He soon began kissing and sucking her nipples, lightly nibbling as he did so. Wrapping her hands into his thick dark hair, she pulled him to her and began to gasp for air. He knew what he was doing. He didn’t have to ask, and she didn’t have to tell him. She felt as if all of her weak spits were exposed. It scared her, but delighted her at the same time. She moaned some more in response.

As he kissed and sucked her pink nipple, his hand slowly slid down and began undoing her belt, and then the fly to her pants. He then slid his hand gently underneath her silk panties to her soaking wet pussy beneath. He slowly found her aching clit, sending a jolt through her, arching her back and breaking a quick gasp from her lips. He didn’t stop, but slowly began to move her clit around in small circles, driving her instantly wild. He repeated this pattern on her nipples with his tongue. The result was like having two clits, both simultaneously stimulated. She groaned with pleasure at his slow movements.

Dean then moved down her body, kissing her as he went, while pulling her pants and panties off of her. The soft grass tickled her ass as it came in contact. After he had her pants off, he spread her legs, and lay down with his head close to her sweet wet hole. He spread the pink lips of her pussy and began to lick her clit. Again, a jolt of pleasure went through her, and she knew she was about to come already. While still licking her, he slowly slid two thick fingers inside of her and fucked her with them. The angle of his hand made sure that he hit her g-spot every time.

She didn’t stand up long against this treatment, and soon was quaking with the beginnings of an orgasm. Feeling this, Dean slowed down until he was just barely moving, prolonging the pleasure, and the torment. The orgasm came on slower, and far more powerful than any she had ever known before. Her muscles spammed so hard that she was afraid she might pull something out of joint, and it didn’t stop, and neither did Dean. He continued to lick her and fuck her with those wonderful fingers as she came again and again. She reached her hands down to pull at his hair and try and make him stop, but only succeeded in pulling him closer as he did his work. She could hear him chuckling softly, which caused a slight vibration and only intensified the pleasure. She was at his mercy.

Eventually, Dean slowed to a stop. Iris shook all over with the after effects. Gently, he rolled here over onto her stomach. Then he ran his hands slowly over her entire body from head to toe, and back. His gentle hands sent even more shivers through her body, almost like another orgasm, but not quite. It felt wonderful. He then pulled her onto her hands and knees, and knelt behind her. Unzipping his fly, he pulled out his fully erect cock. Putting his hand on her shapely hips, he pushed it deep into her. She screamed with the pleasure as he filled her completely.

Again moving slowly at first, and then pick up momentum, it reminded her of riding. Easing the horse up to speed and then letting it have its head. He sped slowly up to a gallop as he pumped into her. As he did, he grabbed her long hair and pulled it gently, arching her head back. She moved into him as well, matching his rhythm and pushing him deeper into her wet cunt. Just like riding again, they moved in perfect time with one another as they both approached climax.

Too soon, it was more than they both could handle. Dean grunted and moaned as he fucked her harder and harder, and then shot his hot load deep into her. His throbbing cock sent her into orgasm as well, and her hands dug into the grass and dirt beneath her as she rolled her head back to scream in delight. The horses nickered at this, but stayed fairly still. He continued to in and out of her until all of his considerable cum was gone, and the slowly came to a stop. He bent over her, and they both collapsed onto the ground. As he rolled off of her, his dick came out of her, and she felt a passing emptiness without him. They lay there in the soft grass, and he gently stroked her back as they gained their breath.

After an eternity of silence, Dean rolled her over to face him, and kissed her gently. “You really are an excellent rider, and a wonderful woman” he said to her, looking straight into her deep, dark eyes.

She smiled back at him and said, “You’re not so bad yourself. We need to do this again sometime.”

Dean smiled and nodded. They got dressed soon after, and then rode back, never mentioning anything that had happened. As she was going to get in her car, Dean called to her. “Just call me anytime you want to ride!”

Iris smiled and waved. Then she got in her car and drove off, more fulfilled than she had been in a long time. She certainly would call him again, and soon.

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