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For You

I find myself remembering the first time we sat up all night talking, you made me laugh so hard. I wonder whether you remember that night as well as I do? We talked about everything, especially my love of cooking and your love of eating! And then when I didn’t think I could laugh anymore you kissed me, a kiss full of promises.

You pulled me close to you holding me so tight against your chest as you crushed your lips against mine. I ran my tongue across your lip before sliding it into your mouth searching for yours. We stayed like that for such a long time, our bodies pressed together as we kissed. Your kisses so full of passion it made my head spin. My hands running across your back moving down to your waist, I squeezed your ass playfully and you looked down at me, giving me that smile that melts me. You took my hand and I followed you willingly to the bed.

You gently slipped my top over my head, undoing my jeans as I wriggled out of them. I undid your shirt buttons and pushed it back off of your shoulders as you dropped your trousers. You opened your arms to me and simply said, “Come here.”

Those were the last words spoken for a long while. I went to you, lying down with you your arms surrounding me as you held me, our legs tangling together. You kissed me deeply taking my breath away as your hands splayed across my lower back. My hands trailed across your shoulders, moving along your arm to twine my fingers with yours.

You rolled me under you and I relished in the feeling of your weight on me as you kissed my face gently. Your mouth left a heated trail as it moved down across my collarbone, licking and kissing across the top of my breasts. You dragged your tongue around my nipple, a soft moan escaping my lips as you sucked it into your mouth.

Your hand moved to the other nipple, rolling it between your thumb and finger, making my back arch as you teased me. You lifted your head and looked up at me with a wicked glint in your eye and kissed your way down across my belly. I moaned again as I realised your intention.

Your hands gently pushed my thighs apart as you leaned into me, planting a kiss on my shaven mound. Your eyes on mine, you inhaled deeply, a slow sexy smile spreading across your face. I had to avert my eyes, feeling the hot blush spreading across my face. You chuckled then, turning your attention back to me as you lowered your head and ran your tongue along my pussy.

Finding my clit you started to lick, flicking at me with your tongue. I moaned as I felt your tongue touch me so exquisitely. You sucked my clit into your mouth drawing deeply on my most sensitive spot. I gasped as I suddenly felt your teeth on me biting gently. You moaned into me as your passion overcame you, your tongue probing as you sucked at my wet pussy, grinding your face into me.

I was moaning so hard for you, wanting you so badly, needing you. I felt myself getting closer and closer to the edge as your mouth and tongue worked their magic on my body. You could tell I was close as you moved your mouth back to my clit, taking it between your lips as you ran your tongue around me.

You ran your hands across my pussy and I shuddered, loving the roughness of your hands against my sensitive skin as you slid two fingers inside me exploring. I started to come then, your mouth on my clit you fingers inside me, arching into you as I came hard. You lifted from me then, but before I had a chance to object through my pleasure you thrust into me, your hard cock filling me. I screamed for you as you pushed my orgasm to another level and you stayed still inside me, watching me as I came.

As I began to come back down you started to move inside me, slowly but deeply, grinding into me. I raked my nails across your back as you fucked me, increasing your pace your mouth lowering to suck at my nipple. I knew I couldn’t take much more of this as I wrapped my legs around your waist pulling you deeper still inside me. The sound of you groaning in pleasure was divine, and as I looked up at you our eyes met and I felt my second orgasm crashing over me. I screamed so hard for you, and you joined me then, your back arched as you buried yourself deep inside me as you came.

Breathless and sweaty you collapsed on top of me and that’s how we stayed for such a long time, until finally somehow you found the energy to move. We spent the rest of the night cuddled up in bed, so blissful and serene, making plans and promises. So many of our nights to come were spent this way, so very beautifully.

Until that fateful day.

I guess I'll never know what happened that day, and I sometimes wonder whether I ever really knew you. Maybe it was just too much for you, maybe there was someone else, who knows.

Only you.

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