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For Your Dining Pleasure, Part 3

The next morning, Teaghan walked across the garden towards the house. She passed the hired clean up crew as they tidied the grounds after the party. They had their work cut out for them but they went about their business diligently.

"Help yourself to a few burgers," she remarked half-jokingly to no one in particular as she passed by the poolside.

Checking through the pantry and the fridge, she made a list of the groceries that needed to be delivered for the week. She had awoken from the couch late and was weary but the morning sunlight seemed to perk her up a bit. Andres was completely sprawled out on the bed when she had left the cottage. She doubted he would get up anytime soon but even if he did, she had decided to herself that he could make his own breakfast and lunch.

After finishing her work, she took her time to simply sit in the sun room and read the paper. By noon, as the clean up crew packed up their gear, Andres still hadn't made an appearance.

Walking back to the guest house, she spotted Andres heading towards her from across the garden. He looked like hell with a messed up shirt and hair, stubble all over his face, and his thick brows hanging heavy and low like drunk caterpillars, darkening his normally glistening eyes.

They both stopped, facing one another. For some reason, Teaghan felt a bit uneasy as she looked at him casting a stoic and unmoved gaze on her. It was unusual seeing him without his usual, perky grin. She had been ready to resume their usual exchange of barbs but seeing his condition, she instead simply said, "Uh, good morning?"

"Why was I on your bed?" he questioned her.

"Why...? Uh," She tilted her head. Hesitantly she replied, " came into the guest house last night kind of drunk. You fell asleep on the bed."

Andres stared back at her. “Really? Where were you?”

"I slept on the couch."

“Where are my shoes?” he remarked, glancing down at his bare toes.

“You gave them away as party favours,” she said dryly. “How the hell would I know?”

The young man looked around past her head towards the house. "Did the clean up crew come this morning?"

"Yes," she replied, annoyance swelling, "They were here bright and early and they cleaned up your mess."

They stood in front of each other for a moment. Teaghan couldn't figure out what was going on with him this morning; she couldn't think of anything to say. Even though she said to herself that she wouldn't she finally asked him, "Look, do you want me to make you something for lunch? Aren't you hun-"

"I'm going out for the day," Andres interrupted and walked away towards the house.

Teaghan was left standing alone with her mouth hanging open.


“He was in your bed?” Mona repeated, working in the back room of her bakery.

“Didn't you listen to anything else I said?” Teaghan said flabbergasted into the phone, “He stumbled past me like Frankenstein after a bender! He didn't say sorry...shit, he didn't even say hello!”

Mona adjusted her ear-phone and said, “I heard you fine about that. All I care about was that he was in your bed...and you did nothing. Did you at least check out his goods?”

“I...for God's sakes, Mona! What are you, twelve years old? I did not sneak a peek at his package.”

Even without saying anything, Mona's disappointment came through loud and clear. “Oh well,” she mused, and continued dipping her cream puffs into chocolate sauce.

“That's it? 'Oh well'?” Teaghan asked pointedly.

“Kind of cool that he beat somebody up for you.”

Teaghan stared at the skylight above her and rubbed her head. “Cool. Right. Yes, seeing two drunks fight each other over me was a highlight of my night,” she scoffed.

“Doesn't sound like much of a fight,” Mona noted, “Didn't you say Andres pretty much sat on the jerk's chest and almost flattened his face into the ground? That didn't get your gonads going?”

A flash recall of her dream slipped into Teaghan's consciousness. There was no way that she could mention that she had been dreaming of Andres. She made sure to expel it completely before speaking, “I think it's just stupid. Did I mention they knocked over my food?”

“Yeah, that was your lead story,” Mona snickered. “I forgot that's the only thing that gets you off these days. Does anything turn you on anymore...sexually, I mean?”

Teaghan grimaced. Mona was always as blunt as her icing spatulas.

“When was the last time something other than a perfect souffle gave you an orgasm?” Mona continued, only half-jokingly.

“Can we please change the subject?”

“Okay,” Mona sighed, “Oh! By the way, how did they like my desserts?”

“They were practically rolling in them.”

“Ooh. Hunky men fighting in my cream!”

Teaghan smiled. It was a smile of disdain for her friend, but it was the first one she had managed all day.

“So,” Mona said, slowly turning the focus of attention from their conversation to her cream puffs, “Now what?”

Teaghan looked up at the sky through the skylight window. The sun hovered at the edge. If she squinted, she could imagine seeing the image of a man riding a fiery chariot across it.

Now what, indeed.


Teaghan didn't want to go near the house all day. She didn't know what to say to Andres if she ran into him again. Instead, she stayed at the guest house. Her body and mind needed the solitude, anyway. She made herself a lobster salad for lunch and treated herself to wine and various cheeses as she sat out on the deck and read. Later on she took a nap.

Yet awake or asleep, she couldn't deny that she was thinking about him, that he was occupying her thoughts more and more. She was really annoyed by his reactions that day. Then again, she wasn't sure what she had been expecting. She was hoping for...well, something other than the cold shoulder.

In the early evening, she called the house but there was no answer. Teaghan shrugged. Fine, no dinner for him either.

She ate by herself and watched television until late at night. It had been a lazy day and her body was feeling restless for it. The pool was calling.

The sky was clear and the air was warm that night as she strolled across the garden path in a spa robe. She could see the glow of the light from the pool as she walked up the marble steps. As she reached the top, she realized someone was already swimming. She knew it could only be Andres and she immediately stopped, thinking about turning around and going back to the guest house.

"No," she said to herself. She felt like the rabbit hiding from the fox. She muttered, "Why should I have to leave?"

Before she continued forward, however, she saw Andres pull himself up from the pool. Teaghan gasped and ducked behind a hedge. She frowned. Did she see right? Was he naked?

"Go back now," a little voice in her head told her. Without a second thought, she ignored it.

Biting her upper lip, Teaghan peered over the hedge. She had a clear view of the rear of Andres' wet, buck-nude body as he towelled off. She inhaled deeply and held her breath, trying to be as silent as possible as she gazed at his svelte, muscular build; his broad shoulders topped a muscular back which seemed to just funnel down to his smooth, firm bottom. There wasn't a hair on his body and she jokingly wondered if the Greek playboy shaved or waxed. Whatever, she wished that she had her camera phone right now. "That'd be a nice little photo for Mona," she said to herself.

Squatting behind the bushes like this, she couldn't help giggle and let out her inner-naughty just a tad. “Okay, Apollo,” she quipped, “Turn for mama. Show us your souvlaki.”

She had to stifle a laugh.

As if on mental queue Andres turned. Teaghan's eyes widened exposing her dark pupils. She gasped and instantly slapped her hand over her mouth.

Okay, maybe not so little a photo. She stood behind the hedge, frozen, gawking at him. It took a moment to absorb what she saw, but when it finally settled it, she couldn't stop admiring him. No wonder the young man preferred to swim in the raw than wearing a Speedo. Teaghan suddenly found herself imagining how it must look when the stud was aroused, how well he handled it, how it would feel...

"Ohmygod," she sighed. She could feel her heart pounding and the warmth flooding her face. What was she thinking? When did Mona possess her mind, like that?

Unnerved by her thoughts, she made a break for the stairs, simply hoping Andres didn't notice her.

She ran to the guest house. As soon as she closed the door, she leaned back up against it, thumping the back of her head onto the glass, trying to jar her mind clear of the vivid images and stark thoughts raging inside. After a hot shower and a glass of wine, she buried herself under the covers of her bed.

Damn. It smelled of Andres.

Her thoughts raged as she fell asleep.


Teaghan knelt on the floor of the living room looking down at the feet of the young man standing in front of her. She trembled, not because she was nude, her long brunette hair rolling over her smooth naked shoulders and back, it was because of how her nerves danced in her stomach.

She felt fingers wend their way into the silky hair at the back of her head. They tangled with her locks, gripping them in a strong fist. The hand tugged downwards, a dull, quick jolt causing her to gasp and look up at the lean, hard shirtless body of the stud with the blue eyes and curly golden brown hair.

"I-I'm not sure I can do this, Andres," she said softly, her voice trembling as she swallowed her pulsating heart back down her throat.

"Come on, Tigger," he leered back at her, "Weren't you supposed to show me how to handle my meat?"

Her eyes stayed fixed on his own stolid gaze as she listened to him unzip his pants.

"Hey," his voice was suddenly sharp and slithery as he worked to pull out his length, "You're hired help anyway, aren't you?"

His shaft slipped free as his pants fell to the floor. He pulled the anxious woman close to him, her soft breasts pressing up against his thigh. Teaghan closed her eyes, yet she couldn't deny relishing the heat coming from him.

Andres shook her head. "Taste it," he beckoned, "Come on, Chef, taste it."

The woman opened her brown eyes and was met with the sight of his swelling cock before her. His hand held her fast as she made a sad attempt to back away.

"Taste it," he repeated.

Her hands reached up, hesitated, then finally took hold of him, wrapping her palms around his soft, warm staff and cradling his soft, spongy base. She swallowed again then gently raised the head upward. She could feel it begin to steel as she handled it. Now that she was looking at his cock, holding it, she couldn't take her eyes off of it. Gently she stroked it with her fingers and palm. As it hardened to a formidable length, she chewed on her lower lip and tossed her hair back over shoulder.

It was like she wasn't thinking for herself anymore as she lowered her head and nuzzled the mushroom dome of his cock against her pursed lips; kissing and tonguing the tip. She gazed upward but Andres continued to look at her impassively. Her moist mouth stretched open and sank over the man's hard staff. It nudged against the back of her throat, the thin soft cushion of the tip announcing the hard shaft that followed it. Soon she was bobbing her head over it in a desperate effort to satiate the hunger welling in her belly.

Again she looked up. Still his cold eyes were levelled on her, unmoved by Teaghan's actions. Except now...where and when that sandwich appear in his hand?

As Andres chewed on the sandwich, Teaghan redoubled her efforts and focus on his cock. As she slicked saliva over it with her tongue and sides of her mouth, as she rubbed her mouth juices up and down the length of his shaft to his balls with her hands, her acute senses went into frenzy. Her well trained palette tasted the skin around his hard, saliva drenched cock. Her hand felt every throb and swell. She smelled his musk. Her eyes narrowed and looked down at his length as it moved in and out of her mouth.

But most of all she heard her own gasps and gulps and the wet, sticky slurps of her hungry mouth. The sounds filled the room and her head. She was aware of them more so than anything else. They were coming from her. It was the sound of her lust.

It wasn't enough for him. Teaghan felt Andres grab the back of her head firmly with his free hand. She squeezed her eyes shut as he began to pull her in while thrusting his hips at her face. She coughed and sputtered as he drove his hot cock into her yielding mouth over and over, faster and faster. As he jammed into her relentlessly, she braced her hands on his thighs. Her sloping breasts shook and jiggled and her hair was tossed around wildly.

All the while her frantic gasps and groans grew louder and louder in her ears. Inches of stiff cock moved in and out of her mouth, rapid fire, as she lost control of her body. Still there was nothing in his eyes as he continued to eat the sandwich. All of her other senses shut down. There was only sound. Andres' chewing, the moans and gasps, the slurps and gulps blending together, growing louder and louder until it was a cacophony of ringing in her ears.

Andres stopped his motions, keeping the nib of his cock jammed against the back of her throat. Teaghan froze, bracing herself. The man loosed a groan from his gut and thick, sticky fluid spewed from him into her throat. She eagerly waited for her senses to kick back in, ready to feel, to taste, to smell his hot jism that filled her mouth.

But there was only the ringing. Just that goddamned ringing.


The ring of her cellphone finally managed to yank Teaghan out of her dream. Her eyes widened and she gasped. The shock her body felt from a sleep disturbed was one thing, the shock to her mind from the dream she just had was unbelievable.

She had a pillow clamped between her moist thighs. She could feel that her entire body was tense and she also felt very, very warm with a thin layer of perspiration on her face. Actually, her whole body felt delectably damp. However, her throat was raw and dry and she had to coax forth the saliva in her mouth and around her lips.

She snatched the phone from the table and cleared her throat. "Yes? A-Andres is that you?" She found it difficult just to say his name without thinking about her dream.

"Can you bring me some food or something?" Andres responded.

“Wha-wha?” She breathed unsteadily. After a few moments of silence, she slumped back into her pillow as if shoved down by her reality.

"Andres," she said with a frown as she tried to refocus, "What do you mean 'food or something'? What is it exactly that you want?"

"Whatever you have. It doesn't matter." His voice was soft but firm. He added, "Just make it hot."

That meant she had to actually cook something.

She could have argued with him to no avail, just to make certain that everything was back to normal with them, but instead she simply told him to give her about half an hour then hung up.

She couldn't even be bothered to put on her track pants this time, it was so warm inside and outside. She simply slipped into her robe and tied her hair up into a ponytail as she made her way to the house.


"Andres?" Teaghan said as she knocked on his bedroom door holding a plate of smoked sausage and brie omelette with focaccia bread. While she waited, she told herself she could still look him in the eye. Nothing had really happened, anyway.

But God if that wasn't one freakishly intense dream.

"Come on, open up. Take this so I can go back to bed already," she called through the door.

No one answered. She couldn't hear anything from the bedroom. Did he go to sleep?

She peeked inside. "Andres?" she asked. The room was empty.

"Where the hell is he?" she said clicking her tongue.

She left the tray of food on his bed, tossed upside down upon the sheets and pillows.


Teaghan marched back to the guest house trailing a dark cloud behind her. She'd just about had it. Dreams or no dreams, tomorrow she'd flay Apollo like a salmon.

She slammed the door shut behind her. Without switching on the lights, she kicked off her slippers into the darkness and dropped her robe on the floor. She was about to bury herself under the covers of her bed once more but she stopped, sensing something. She sniffed; there was a sweet aroma in the air.

Flicking on the lights she was surprised by the sight of a large bouquet of roses, peach and white, in full bloom sitting on the night stand. Where did those come from?

"Where's my sandwich?" Andres said as he emerged from behind the bathroom door.

“Jesus!” Teaghan jumped back and gasped, her face contorted with shock and confusion. He was smiling, but it wasn't his usual pearly teeth grin. No matter, it took her only a moment for her confusion to get sucked into a whirlpool of annoyance.

"Wha-what do you think you're doing? Get the hell out of here!" she snapped at him.

Andres reached into the pocket of his sports coat. He pulled out a round fruit and held it out. "I brought you a pomegranate," he said.

"A pomegranate,” she sneered, “Well good for you. Hope you enjoy picking the seeds out your crack after I shove it up your..."

"Will you just calm down a little, Tigger?" he interrupted. He grinned and waved a finger toward her. "I, uh, can see your underwear again, by the way."

Teaghan's brows arched upwards when she realized she was standing across from him in her halter-top and panties. Angry and embarrassed, she bent down to snatch her robe up from the floor.

"Well," Andres continued on as he watched, "I guess it's almost a fair trade for earlier this evening."

She was still stooped over when his words froze her. As blood flowed into her cheeks, her thoughts flashed the images at the pool and those flowed into stark visions of her dream. Her heart skipped but she managed to slowly stand upright, holding her robe against her chest.

"Well, I didn't" she stammered. Her eyes darted around the walls, not quite able to look at him face-to-face. Teaghan drew a deep, unsteady breath then said slowly, "Can't you just leave me alone? Why are you here?"

He scratched the back of his head then smiled and said, "Late night snack. Where's my food anyway?"

Hesitantly, she pointed her finger over her shoulder and said, "It's back in your bedroom. I made an omelette." She forced a nervous chuckle, peered through her glasses, and added, "You might have to scrape it off of your pillow."

Andres grinned and nodded once. He casually and slowly moved towards her. "An omelette?" he asked.

"Well, you didn't tell me what you wanted," she said, trying to instill some snap back into her words. After thinking for a moment, she managed to look up at him and snipe, "But you really have a lot of trouble knowing what you want, don't you? Poor little rich boy, aren't you? Oh woe is you!”

That actually managed to make him pause for half a step. He shook his head towards the floor, "Look, Teaghan, I'm not here to fight..."

"No, of course you aren't. You're here to bring me some flowers and some goddamn fruit hoping you can buy a quickie," she snapped. Teaghan sensed a chink in his armour and stabbed at it, "You have no direction in your life and can only get some satisfaction from screwing the hired help, is that it?"

She was being harsh. She wasn't sure if she even believed what she was saying but she knew she just had to get him out of the house. Her blood was beginning to heat up --and it wasn't simply because she was angry.

Andres face was rigid, his eyes fixed on her. His voice deliberate and firm he said, "Despite what you think, I don't fuck the maid or any of the other employees!

“That's too bad, I'm sure Tomasz the gardener would be bitterly disappointed about that!” Teaghan jeered.

Andres barked, “I don't mess around with people like that!"

"Yeah? Well..." she paused, struggling with her conflicting urges, "Whatever! Good for you. You just like ordering me around in the middle of the night, right? Get your rocks off driving me crazy all the time!"

Andres eased somewhat. He conceded with a nod, then continued moving towards her. "Okay, fine," he said, "You want to see me order you around? I'll tell you what I want, 'chef'. That omelette is probably cold by now and I distinctly said I wanted something hot."

“Hot?” Teaghan spat, almost at a loss of words now. She stood her ground as he approached.

“Yeah, hot,” he continued, “Don't think linens make for a good hot plate, do you? I want you to give me something hot and satisfying, and I want it immediately.”

Within another couple of seconds, he was standing a foot in front of her. Teaghan tilted her head down slightly to the side and looked up at him from the corner of her tightened eyes, looked at his angled, swarthy face. She held her lower lip defiantly firm and tight. Her look masked the nerves tingling and racing in her body but she knew if she spoke her voice would give away just how anxious she was feeling.

"So, chef," he reached for her robe as she clutched it to her body, "What do you have to satisfy my hunger for something hot?"

Teaghan held on tight to her robe. Her eyes narrowed into slits and through a curl in her red lips she growled, "I just knew this is what you wanted."

"Only because I knew you wanted it too, Tigger," he answered.

"Go fuck your—mmph!"

Strong arms quickly grabbed Teaghan and pulled tight against a solid body. Hungry lips enveloped hers as she gasped into Andres' open mouth. Heavy breaths puffed through her nose, her protests muffled by Andres as he encompassed her lips with his own. She pushed at his chest and shoulders and tried to wriggle out of his clutches to no avail, strong arms pinning her against his broad chest. She winced as he tugged at her hair, undoing her twisted bun. Her long hair flowed down her bare back and shoulders. Her heart was pounding as his lips continued to roll over hers and she gasped for air sharply when he finally relented.

As he stepped back, Andres pulled at the robe again. It slipped out of her fingers easily this time as her arms dropped to her sides. Teaghan felt a sudden chill on her chest.

He watched her lovely bosom rise and fall unsteadily, the pleasing sight of her gently rounded slopes barely covered by a sheer, tight halter top. The look of sour defiance on her face was so inexplicably attractive.

As Andres moved forward again, Teaghan's hand suddenly flashed by, slapping him hard across the cheek. His head was jolted to the side.

“You're an asshole!” Teaghan barked.

Andres, his head still angled away, grinned and gently rubbed his cheek. That certainly felt familiar. The woman packed quite the wallop.

He looked at her, brow arched. “You about done, Tigger?”

Teaghan removed her glasses and tossed them aside on a chair. “I just wanted you to be clear about what I thought about you,” she sniffed. Despite herself, a wickedly amused sneer stirred on her lips. With another quick flash, she reached behind his neck and tugged him in close.

The two came together in an intimate embrace, locking their lips in a wet and lusty kiss; tongues flicked and entwined. Teaghan breathed deeply; she inhaled his sweet musk as she tasted him, her honed senses driving her impulses. She couldn't remember when he had wanted a man as she did right now.

Andres spun her around, and pulled her back against his chest. His hands immediately explored her body, one sliding under her halter top, the other slipping below the waistband of her panties. Teaghan gasped as she felt his fingers on her body and his tongue and lips on her neck and ear. She rolled her head back against his shoulder.

As Andres fondled one of her supple breasts, Teaghan indulged in the other as she teased and thumbed her nipple. It strained to eager attention. His other hand massaged at the opening of her soft, clean-shaven line, fingers drawing up and down her delicate slit. She trembled and groaned as he curled a finger between the folds and pushed it into her.

"Ahh," Teaghan sighed. Her legs buckled but he supported her.

His finger wiggled and probed her inner pink flesh. It was damp and warm and so very soft. He felt her hand join his, pushing her underwear past her pelvis, exposing his hand indulging in her tenderness. Her finger slipped under his, spreading her lips as he slid in faster and faster. As his thumb swirled and flicked at the petal of her clit, a distinct sound of wetness filled the air.

Shit, this was going so fast, Teaghan thought to herself as her body hitched and strained at his rough touch.

"You're so hot right now," he rasped into her ear, "So tight and damp right here."

The long brunette haired beauty squeezed her eyes tight and squirmed slowly as he rubbed his finger now on her tingling clit. Her breath was erratic, sometimes holding it before giving way to quick, wheezy gasps.

"You're loving this aren't you?" he breathed lustfully, "Like my finger inside of you, fucking you like this?"

"Ahn! Ahhhn!" Teaghan groaned louder and louder, feeling the heat ready to explode from her body. He pulled and tugged at her stiff nipples painfully, he smothered her mouth and neck with hot breaths and kisses, and two fingers plunged into her now. As he rubbed his body up against her barely clad bottom, she then felt his cock through his pants, waiting for its chance at her.

Andres was enjoying this as much as she was. Feeling her body, listening to her soft cries, tweaked the length in his pants to rigid life.

Teaghan leaned forward, her stomach tightening then she whipped her head back, her long hair flying over Andres' shoulder. "Ah-huhn!" she groaned and burst over his fingers a wet, dripping mess from within.

Andres continued to prop her up as her knees weakened, continued to pump his fingers into her even as she flowed freely over him, soaking her panties hanging at her thighs, before finally withdrawing them. They were glistening with her cum.

"Shit. Oh Christ," she gasped and swallowed. Her whole body was ablaze, wet warmth trickling down her leg.

Both his hands were at her chest now, massaging and fondling her heaving tits through her thin halter top. He gave the woman time to recover.

Teaghan rolled her head off from his shoulder and hung it forward. She blinked and breathed in deeply, smelling her own dampness. Her glossy mouth hung slightly open and her eyes unfocused. She knew this was just he beginning, though. Her own appetite had just been whetted.

Slowly turning her around to face him, he held up his hand a caressed her cheek, now flushed pink. She was such a lovely woman. He wanted her badly.

"The best part of arguing all the time," he said with a subtle wink, "Is the make up sex afterwards."

Somehow, the fiery chef managed to muster a firm upper lip and spoke clearly, "Who the hell said we're making up?"

She reached up and pulled him by his curly hair towards her. Their mouths opened and close on one another once again, their passion and hunger for one another always intensifying.

Suddenly, Teaghan broke away and pulled his head back by his ears. She eyed him warily and then said, "And I'm warning you right now: Spare me the cheap cooking references like stirring my pots or stuffing anything into my hot oven or any crap like that! I swear I will rip your balls off and serve them--mmm!"

Andres covered her mouth again with his lips; message received loud and clear.

He bent down and pushed her panties all the way down her smooth legs until she was able to kick them off of her feet. On the way back up he pushed up her halter top above her breasts. His mouth stopped to take long, succulent sucks on each of her tits, inhaling her hazelnut brown nipples, pressing his tongue against the stiff little nibs, and letting them slip out of his lips with a decadent “pop”. She rubbed her arms and hands along his head and in his hair, feeling his tongue and lips take their pleasure on her straining bosom.

As Andres stood up and their lips met, he lifted her from the floor by her round ass, her legs wrapping around his waist. He carried her slowly over to the bed, lowered her down and seated her at the edge.

Teaghan pulled off her halter top. She fidgeted with her hair as she anxiously watched Andres unbutton his fly. Thoughts of her dreams earlier that night seeped into her brain.. She was filled with anticipation and nervousness as she watched him push his pants and shorts down. Suddenly the dreams were flushed out by blind reality. She gave her lips an involuntary lick before shaping them into a sharp grin.

Taking him up in both her hands, she lifted up his cock, feeling it stiffen in her palms. She quickly attacked at it at the base with her tongue, flicking his soft scrotum.

Andres watched her as her tongue snaked upwards upon his length towards his tip. In the back of his mind, he had been wondering if she was as deft and precise at this as she was with her cooking. As he felt her envelope her velvet lips and mouth on his hard shaft, all of his previous doubts were blown from his mind. He breathed a steady stream of air as he stroked the back of her head with a gentle hand.

Teaghan looked up, letting his wet tip slip from her mouth; she almost felt as if she had to check that he wasn't eating a sandwich. Instead, she saw the pleasure on Andres' face. Good. This wasn't a dream. She would make him appreciate this.

Her mouth went down on him in earnest, plunging his cock to her throat. She rubbed her teeth and rolled her tongue all over it. She pumped her hand up and down the base of his length. Each of her hums and moans sent ticklish ripples through his cock.

Andres yanked off his shirt and immediately clasped his hands on the side of her head. At first, he just carried along with her head as it bobbed back and forth, then he began to guide them gently. Within a few more seconds though, he pulled her in over and over, harder and harder. He bucked his pelvis towards her face, driving his cock into her mouth, and felt his tip butt up against her throat.

Teaghan continued with her brazen motions. As he handled her head, she dug her fingers into the tight flesh of his ass. She sucked hard surrounding him with her moist mouth, feeling the blood pulsing through his cock in her mouth. Her lips were slicked to a glossy rose red. She glanced up again and saw the almost ridiculously overt look of satisfaction on Andres' face.

With a sharp pitched gasp, she pulled her mouth of of him. She was breathing hard, saliva dripping between her breasts. After wiping her lips with her forearm, she snapped at Andres, “Hey you! You need to clean up the mess you made!”

Andres --his face flushed and his broad chest heaving hard-- looked down, stunned. “Wha..?”

“Get down here,” she ordered, then yanked him onto the bed.

If he had a moment to think, Andres would have been impressed by how the smaller woman adamantly manhandled his body into position on the bed. Admiring her tight, honey cream body as she did so would just have to suffice, he supposed. Within a few seconds though, as he lay on his back, his view was filled with the tantalizing line and soft folds of Teaghan's slit.

“Back to work, Apollo,” Teaghan breathed. Straddling his face, she leaned forward and gathered his cock in her hands and mouth once again.

Andres obediently obliged, reaching across her buttery butt and the small of her back, pulling her crotch down close enough to his face so he could savour her tastiness with his tongue, teeth, and lips.

Conversation was sparse with both their mouths lustfully preoccupied. Unadulterated sounds of hungry slurps, gasps, kisses, and groans filled the spacious guest house.

Teaghan revelled in the feel of his cock in her mouth, pressing the tip against her inner cheek and dragging it along the rough. It was almost as pleasurable as the tickling, tingling sensations coursing up from down below as Andres devoured her pussy with zeal. Cat-like she wriggled her hips seductively, mashing her crotch into his face, displaying her approval of his efforts. The pulsating throb of his hot and hard cock in her mouth told her that he was more than satisfied as well.

Teaghan slipped her lips off of him. Her face was shiny, her cheeks red as she twisted her body and squeezed her eyes shut. An irresistible wave swept her up and she succumbed to it. “Enough of this,” she hissed and slid off Andres.

They switched positions, Teaghan settling her back against the plush linens of the bed. She looked up at Andres, his handsome muscular body moving deliberately between her legs. With steeled determination in his eyes and a sharp grin on his lips, he raised her legs up, bracing hem against his broad shoulders.

Now Teaghan watched breathlessly as he leaned down towards her, pressing her toes towards the ceiling. He kissed her calves and ankles, always keeping his eyes on her. Keeping her legs on his shoulders, he took hold of his rippling, hard length and brought it close to her glistening slit.

Teaghan chewed her upper lip and blinked slowly as she felt him rub the length of his cock against the line of her snatch. The mushroom tip, barely pushed aside her petals but still he let it slip past without entering. She swayed her hips unsteadily, anticipating him.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Teaghan knew that she had resolved to do this long ago. It took everything she had not to kill the young man along the way, but she knew she had always been curious from the moment she had met him. Yet, now nearing the tantalizing climax of finding out the answer, the immature young stud was teasing her like this.

"Fuck, Andres!" she snapped with a grunt, "Come on! Just do it!"

His hips listed forward, his dome breaching the slit of her moist, soft snatch. Teaghan's lip shifted between a quivering smile and wide open 'O', groaning aloud as she felt inches of his hard cock sink into her. His crotch pressed up against her flesh, completely within her. Andres let his length pulse and swell inside. He also managed to twinge a smile but as he started to pull out and push back in, his mouth soon dropped open.

His thrusts were all from the pelvis, gliding forward then ending with a quick snap of his hips as he slapped his balls against her raised bottom. His cut abs tightened and rolled as he looked past them and down at his rippling dark staff probing deep into Teaghan's softness over and over.

Teaghan's back arched into a long, smooth curve as rolled her head back, her long brunette hair splayed out like the rays of the sun on the bed. As Andres leaned forward, rolling and bending her body, his hands on both sides of her torso, she braced herself on his arms. She tightened around him, felt the delicious swells and throbs of his rigid shaft.

Their pace quickened rapidly and the usually solid bed frame creaked under the strain of their intensifying display of passion. It so very warm, both outside and within their bodies.

"Come on!" he called to her in between his increasing gasps and grunts, "Uhn! Where's that spirit! Where's of yours? Uh! You're just taking this without a word? Or maybe you just don't have...AH...anything to say unless you're in the kitchen? Huh, Tigger? Huh, chef?"

Dropping her legs to his sides, his hands beside her head, he locked his arms straight, bracing himself over her. He ground his hips, forcing her yielding thighs apart, screwing himself deeper and deeper into her. Andres rode her hard.

"Uh! Fuck!" she panted as her body rocked back and forth. Despite the rigorous shaking, her dark eyes pierced straight through his, "That...AH...that all you can give me?"

His strong bare hips surged forward, his butt muscles tensing and relaxing. A crooked smile appeared on his face.

"I thought you...uhn!...said you wanted me?" She goaded him on.

"Yeah," Andres loosed a husky grunt, "That's it. That's my Tigger."

"Ah! Ah! Shut up!" she grunted at him, "Just fucking give it to me! Ahn! Come...uhn...on! Show me Apollo. Huhn! Huhn! Show me what you've got with that....fuck!...thick cock of yours!"

Andres gasped a couple of chuckles, enthralled by her spirit. He grunted as he switched his pace to short rapid fire thrusts into the woman. As she moaned beneath him he winked at her and grunted, "Yeah, I knew you wanted this. You wanted me from the day we met! How does it feel?"

She narrowed her eyes and tried to stare him down but the energy from his heated strokes coursed through her. She squeezed her eyes shut and threw her head back over the pillow, crying out to the ceiling.

"How does it feel in you?" he repeated, "Uhn! Your tight little pussy is loving this! Uhn! It's so fucking hot and wet!”

Teaghan opened her eyes and saw his wide toothy mouth grinning back at her.

"Bastard!" she hissed. She twisted her fingers into the hair at the back of his head and yanked his face to hers. Their mouths opened wide on one another, melding together in a voracious, violent locking of lips and lashing of tongues. His hands scratched down her smooth and silky sides. He took a firm, demanding grope of her exquisite ass and dug his nails into the tender skin of her cheeks.

She pulled hard on his hair. With a surprising burst of strength, she flipped the larger man onto his back on the other side of the mattress and instantly was on top of him, practically wrestling and pinning him down.

Pleasantly startled, he could feel the side of his lips curl upward.

"Don't you dare ever fucking grin at me like that!" she snapped.

Keeping a watchful eye on him as he lay motionless on his back, Teaghan raised herself on the balls of her feet, straddling him, and reached down. She took hold of his hard, long shaft and wiggled her hips over the tip.

"Showing me how you can handle meat, again, huh?" he said.

Yet another swift crack of her palm across his cheek reminded him of his error. “What did I say about food-related comments?” Teaghan reprimanded him.

Andres nodded sheepishly.

Teaghan guided his bulbous head against the narrow of her slit. Her head lifted slightly upwards and her eyes closed as she slipped over him. Feeling his swollen length sink into her again, she shuddered and gasped.

Now it was Andres' turn to roll his eyes upward and loose unintelligible moans and groans. Teaghan bucked and rode him hard, arching backwards and her hair dropping down seductively as she raised her head towards the ceiling. Her slender, glistening body rolled and undulated like a belly-dancer. Then she leaned forward and dug the nails of one hand into his chest while the other took pleasure in her own body, clutching at her straining tits and then plunging downward to rub her tingling clit.

The demure beauty was letting loose like she had never done before. The swollen member flaring inside of her sent ripples of energy from her even as she drained everything she had in the heated effort. Her long hair dropped across her face but it was still clear to see that her cheeks were flushed red and her whole body was aglow.

She knew how much Andres had wanted this. Every sense in her body told her whenever he was around. The desire was as palpable as it was contagious.

"Uhn! Come on, Andres!" she gasped, "Come on...ah...'Apollo'! Show me...huhn...make me feel how much you wanted me! Huhn! You're so fucking hard. hard inside!"

Andres bucked the woman like a bull. His cock thrust upwards, gliding along her slick inner flesh. Teaghan held on, rocking on his staff until she finally lost balance and bent over onto his chest. They clutched one another and kissed wildly, filling the room with their dry gasps for air. Teaghan felt Andres tickle and tap his finger along her anus; she let out a long loud sigh into his mouth.

With no sign of their intensity ebbing, Andres slid out from under her then slipped behind her on the bed. Teaghan, on her knees, clutched at the pillow on the bed. She looked back over her shoulder and saw the handsome face of Andres looking down and admiring her lovely round ass as he positioned himself between her legs.

With a wriggle of his hips, she felt his cock rub up against her and then just as quickly thrust into her once more. Her body rocked forward then sank back against his stiffness. Andres grabbed her by the arms, pulled her back and held her up as he smacked his crotch against her butt over and over. It felt as if his swelling length was plunging deeper and deeper each time he did.

"Uhn! Uhn!” Teaghan groaned through gritted teeth. She clenched her fists and raised her head, her eyes squeezed shut as he shook her body from within with quick, stiff thrusts.

They were both almost spent now. Both their bodies glistened and glowed. Their muscles ached and strained and their guts hurt. Neither of them could suck in enough air through their noses and their mouths and they're goading comments and urges to each other were reduced to primal grunts and groans and moans of desire and ecstasy. They were good together, the young heir and the spirited chef. They were fucking perfect, actually.

His energy drained, he lowered her down until her face was pressed against the bed. Teaghan groaned as he continued to drive into her sweet spot. Soon his own body joined her lying on the bed, still thrusting in from behind, kissing desperately at her neck. His hands embraced her from behind and squeezed her breasts. Teaghan was experiencing sensory overload.

"Andres!" she moaned, her throat raw, "Ahn! Faster! Don't...uhn...don't stop!"

His loins were ready to burst and his muscles and joints were burning from strain but he managed to muster the energy to answer her call for more.

"Ahhn!" he groaned as he filled her with relentless thrust of his hips. He held his breath and buried his face into the back of her head. Both of them were peaking.

Teaghan's cries surged up from her gut. After one last short gasp for air, she groaned loudly, "Ah-uhn!” She burst, spilling her fluid warmth freely over his piece in a delectable, over-heated rush. Her body hitched and shook as she drained her cum all over him.

Just as she did, Andres's butt clenched and his abs tightened. He groaned and gasped as his aching cock finally fired a full load of rich, pungent jism into her tender snatch. It burned like fire as it flowed out of him and his whole body trembled as muscles spasmed then relaxed. He kissed and rolled his teeth against her shoulder as he continued to toll his hips forward, spurting out every last strand of cum from his stiff length.

Teaghan's hands covered his as they continued to softly fondle and massage her breasts and nipples. Her eyes were closed but her mouth hung open as she sucked in oxygen from the warm air surrounding their nude bodies.

Her whole body sighed as he finally slid his cock -- slick and slippery-- out from her, her sweet spot still tingling. Rolling over on the pillow, she faced Andres. His face was also red, his hair also damp, and he looked entirely spent and unmistakably satisfied.

Teaghan brushed back her hair with her hands. Clearing her throat she said sternly with an arch of her brow and a coy grin, "So...isn't that better than a fucking late night sandwich?"

He smiled back and nodded dreamily. Still, he couldn't resist and said, “But I am kinda hungry.”


A little while later, Teaghan sat nude on the sofa.

“Wider, this is big one,” Andres commanded. “And I said no peeking.”

Teaghan, with her eyes closed, smirked. “Every guy thinks he has a big one.”

“Just open up, will you Tigger?”

She sighed and relaxed her jaw, her red lips parting seductively. Within a moment, her mouth was filled with something savoury and thick. She bit down.

“So,” Andres asked, “How is it?”

Teaghan sat motionless and silent for a few moments, chewing. Finally she shrugged indifferently. “Meh. Lacks a certain je ne sais quoi, but passable.”

He rolled his head back and groaned. “Oh come on! I put my heart and soul into my cooking!”

Opening her eyes, she regarded him, unimpressed. “Men!” She quipped, “Slap some meat in a bun and you call it fine dining!”

Andres looked at the sandwich in his hand and shrugged. “I thought it was a work of art, to be honest.”

Teaghan shook her head and grinned. “I'm afraid cooking is not your calling, Andres. But keep trying.”

She opened up the pomegranate he had brought. Remaining naked since their earlier session, they fed each other the little beads of juicy pink fruit. They couldn't stop smiling at each other.

"Does this mean we're going to start playing nice with each other?" Andres chided.

Teaghan tilted her head and looked towards the ceiling as she thought. "Only if you let me get some sleep at night," she said

"Well, I can't promise that, then," he joked, "I was hoping we could have some more-"

"Late night cooking lessons?" she interrupted.

He nodded. As he leaned forward to kiss her, he said, "Yeah, that too."

They dropped the fruit to the floor as they kissed, passions igniting once more.


A few weeks later, Andres packed his own bags into the trunk of the car and then settled into the driver's seat. His grand-parents stood at the bottom steps of their house as they waved good-bye.

"Say hello to the family back East," Mr.Nikolaou reminded him.

"You promised to come back for a visit in the winter," Mrs.Nikolaou added.

Andres nodded with a broad warm smile. His blue eyes looked up to the top of the stairs where two of the maids and a woman wearing a straight white chef's tunic stood. Teaghan nodded towards him, a barely noticeable little gleam in her eye.

As he drove off, Andres sighed thinking about how much he was going to miss those professionally prepared late night snacks.


Teaghan was still smiling thoughtfully as she returned to the guest house. She blinked as she entered, a quizzical look on her face, when she spotted a small, curious box on her bed. Lying beside it were two roses, one white, one peach.

She sat down on the bed and with a gentle grin, she placed the box on her lap. Reaching inside, she pulled out a small porcelain figurine. It shined when she held it up to the skylight. It was in the image of a small flower girl scattering petals into a calm pond. Inscribed on the base: "Little Roses Bistro".

Still smiling, Teaghan looked at the accompanying card. "Tigger, I think I've found something I'd like to invest in" it read.

The pretty chef rolled her eyes and smiled as she shook her head. She pocketed the card. After adjusting her tunic in the bathroom mirror, she walked out of the guest house towards the mansion.

It was time to prepare lunch.


Two years later...

Teaghan walked amongst the chairs and tables of the bistro restaurant as if she were walking amongst the aisles of a church. Every so often, she would stop to adjust a place-setting or straighten out a table linen. The waiters had already done an impeccable job as usual, but this was sort of a ritual for her each time before opening.

She stopped by the kitchen doors and turned around. This was also her ritual, to take a long, deliberate moment to scan every inch of the restaurant with her discerning eyes. Perhaps it was to remind herself that it wasn't a dream. This was hers. It was a small place, Little Roses, and not quite in the ritzy locales of Napa Valley --not yet, anyway-- but it was hers.

The tables, the chairs, the dishes, the cutlery were hers. The wood and stucco walls and the soft lights overhead were hers. The centrepiece vases on each table displaying peach and white roses were hers. She couldn't see the little flower-girl statuette fountain just outside the doors of the restaurant, but that was hers as well.

All of it was hers.

Okay, fifteen percent belonged to Andres and the damn banks had their hands in the mix as well. It was her name on the dotted line though.

This was her restaurant. It had been open for the past three months. Business was gaining traction and reviews had been glowing. She grinned; she always knew it would do well.

It was her restaurant, after all.

She turned around and pushed open the doors. “And this is my kitchen,” she said aloud.

One of her assistants, a cool and serious young Korean fellow named Ken, only offered her a cursory glance when she entered. He barely raised his head as he continued to prep and season some dishes for the dinner service. Teaghan nodded towards him. Good man, that Ken.

Metal trays suddenly clattered to the floor off to her side. “Shit!” Lucas yelled as he watched the round trays rattle around at his feet making the most unholy racket.

Ken still remained unfettered and continued working diligently.

Teaghan fired a scowl at the ginger-headed chimp.

The hapless assistant looked up at his boss. “Oh, ah...sorry, Chef,” he stammered, “Did you say something?”

Her mouth dropped open, but she managed to curtail the fire within. Instead she rolled her eyes and went to check out the ovens. Why did she hire Mona's cast-off again? Oh yes, he was cheap, could chop vegetables like a Cuisinart, actually not that bad with the desserts, and malleable. Most definitely he was easy to control and it was kind of fun watching the chimp tremble.

“Okay lads,” she said, “We have a special guest tonight. An investor. Let's give him our best.”

A swell of anticipation filled Teaghan. It had been months since she last saw Andres. He had been doing well for himself recently, managing a few business ventures throughout the country. This would be the first time he would be dining at Little Roses since it opened.

Ken finally spoke, “Chef? I was going to ask you about the menu for the investor.” He tilted his chin towards a special menu board lying on the counter. “You're making him a sandwich for dinner?”

Teaghan looked at the menu and smiled thoughtfully. “Trust me, Ken,” she said, “It's perfect.

A female waiter dressed in a black blouse and slacks entered from the dining area. “Chef? There was a letter in the mail for you,” she said and handed Teaghan an envelope.

“Thanks, Paulette,” Teaghan replied.

She set aside the envelope on a stool. As she was about to return to her food preparations, though, she stopped and looked back at the letter, frowning. She recognized the imprint logo embossed with the initials “L.P.C.”

“Daniel?” she whispered to herself.

Hesitating momentarily, she picked up the letter and stared at it. Silently, as she opened the envelope, she left the kitchen and went to the alleyway behind the restaurant.

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