Forbidden Passion

By orijez

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Lusting the one person you confide in, a friend.
“Fuck You,” Veronica screamed at him as she raised her middle finger up in the air while she stormed out of the house. She couldn’t believe he had done it… again. What the hell was she thinking, taking him back!?!? She honestly loved Kyle, he was her everything, and apparently, she was nothing to him.

Kyle ran out the house after Veronica, “I’m sorry! Veronica!!! I love you!!” He couldn’t seem to get her attention. He knew he had really messed up this time around. He had ventured off into forbidden territory, and he knew he had just taken all the trust she had in him.

He dropped to his knees, “Please.” He didn’t know how else to beg her, it was the only thing he knew to do. “Veronica, I don’t love her, I love you, and you know it!” he rested the palm of his hands on his bare, upper thighs as he watched her, a tear trailing down his cheek.

She kept walking, she couldn’t give in to him this time. She couldn’t bring herself to forgive him for what he had done. She listened as her eyes filled up with tears. He had done the most unspeakable thing she could have ever imagined, and she had to walk in on it! Her heart was past broken, it was unmendable!

Just minutes prior, Veronica had come home from work early. She was so excited to be able to spend the early afternoon with him, that she felt it would be a terrific surprise. Instead, to her dismay, it was a nightmare come true.

She had walked in to an almost empty house; except for the high pitch moans trailing from their bedroom door. She had hesitated, already facing the reality of things, as she turned the doorknob seeing Kyle having ‘vivid’ sex with her best friend Candice.

Out of all the years they had been together, this is what it had came down to. He had cheated, more times on Veronica than she could count on both his hands. He always had found ways of keeping her, but this time was different. There was no excuses, and he had no honest answers for his actions.

“Veronica, Candice came on to me!” he gulped hard, trying to hold back his hurt, and anger. His fingers tightened against his flesh as he looked around realizing the neighbors were watching, and he was as naked as a jay bird.

Veronica stopped dead in her tracks as she listened to him. Her teeth grinded as she turned back around, her hands balled up into fists as she stomped across the cement driveway up to him.

“What? What did you say?” her pain flared deep within her as she got closer to him; stopping inches from him as she looked down. Her expression was of disgust as she gave him a distressed smile, “You know what, I bet that whore will make you a damn good housewife!” She let out a loud sigh as she turned to walk away, only to scream out loud, “You’re not even worth it!”

Kyle’s head fell downward, his palms raised up grabbing his head in his hands as he yelled. He lifted his head from his hands as he watched her walk away. “Don’t go!” he was trying anything to get her to comply with him. Nothing, of course, worked.

Veronica opened the door to her car as she turned back to him, watching him cry, beg, anything he could do to stop her. She got in the car and slammed the door, locking it. Her eyes glared at him through the windshield as she put the car in reverse, backed out the driveway, and drove off.

Kyle watched her drive away as he began to realize it was finally over between them. He stood up and glanced at the neighbors, “What the fuck are ya’ll starring at!?!” He walked back into the house, and shut the door behind him.

Veronica was felt so indescribable as she kept driving, tears pouring down from her green eyes. She didn’t know where to go, or who to turn to. She picked up her cell phone and scanned the directory.

“Rob,” she softly whispered as his name came across the small screen. She hit the talk button, and placed the phone to her ear. He was the only person she could confide in, and right now, she needed him more than ever. The phone rang, and rang…

Rob was at work when he felt his phone vibrate on his side. He looked down, seeing her name, her picture, which placed a huge smile on his face. “Hello?” he was actually a bit nervous, it had been a while since the last he had talked to Veronica. They both seemed to get along really great, or at least for Kyle’s sake they did. Him and Kyle had been best friends since, well, kindergarten.

“Rob, he did it again!” she cried, her words mumbled together.

“Veronica, calm down! I can’t understand what your saying!” he knew something was terribly wrong, she never called him like this. “Veronica, meet me at the house, I’ll be there in a few minutes!” he hung up the phone, he couldn’t stand to hear her hurt like this. He grabbed up his things, and made a dash for the door.

She pulled up to his house, as she realized he wasn’t home yet. She got out the car, walked over to the front porch, and waited for him to arrive.

He drove up the gravel driveway as he saw her on the front porch. He couldn’t get out the truck fast enough to get to her. He didn’t know what had happened, or to whom it had happened. He ran to the porch as he embraced her, “Veronica, what’s wrong?”

She stood up from the chair as she seen him approaching, his arms stretched wide as he embraced her. She placed her head onto his chest as she cried. “Kyle…” more tears poured out as her body shook beneath him, “…I caught him sleeping with Candice!”

Rob’s arms tightened around her as he placed his head against hers, “I’m so sorry.” His words came across soft, and heartfelt. He was for once in his life, almost lost of words. “Let’s get you out of this heat,” his arms loosened from around her as he lifted his head back up.

He walked over to the door and unlocked it and held it open as he motioned her inside. He shut the door behind them as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders, guiding her over to the sofa. “Veronica, take a seat, I’ll be right back.”

He let go of her and walked hastily into the kitchen, getting her a cup of iced water. He walked back to the living room, as he observed her still crying. “Here,” he handed her the glass as he warmly smiled towards her, feeling her pain. He took a seat next to her as he looked over to her, her green eyes were bloodshot, he could tell she had been crying for quite sometime.

She took the glass from him as she took a sip. She began to suppress her cries as she placed the glass on a coaster that laid on the end-table. “I don’t know what I keep doing so wrong to deserve this!” her sobs began pouring out once more as she laid against him, pressing her face into his chest. She was so hurt, and she needed his comfort.

Rob’s fingers trailed through her long brown hair as he pushed strands from around her face. “You don’t deserve this… You never have.” He gently pressed his lips against the top of her head as he breathed in her pleasant aroma.

He couldn’t help but to wish things were different for the both of them. He had always liked her, his wandering eyes always tended to be fixated on her every time he was around her. His feelings for her, were undeniable.

He glided his fingers against her cheekbone, down to her chin as he lifted her face up to his. He grabbed the other side of her face as both his thumbs wiped away the tears trailing from her gorgeous green eyes. “Everything is going to be okay,” he smiled to her, looking deeply into her eyes. He really didn’t even know if that was the truth, but he sure hoped so.

Veronica felt him easing her pain as she began to feel his gentle touch against the outline of her face. When he pulled her face up to his, she began to feel a newfound feeling, something she had never felt before as she looked into his stunning hazel eyes.

On several occasions in the past, she had felt immensely attracted to him. Of course, this was something she had never shared with him, ever. How could she? She had been with his best friend for over 8 years. Yes, she had felt a jolt of jealousy as she watched Rob date different women over the years, but it was something she had dealt with, she had to!

Her eyes shifted to his lips and back up to his eyes as she moved a little closer into him. She softly bit her bottom lip as she ponder the thought of what she was about to do, or shouldn’t do…

Rob leaned down a little more to her as he watched the movement of her eyes. They were both thinking the same thing, at apparently the same time. His lips grazed against hers invitingly as he began to kiss her. He didn’t want to force her into something she didn’t want, so his kiss was short, and sweet.

Veronica smiled as he pulled his lips from hers, and for once realized, she had finally stopped crying.

She leaned back into him, as she kissed him more profoundly, as their tongues began dancing playfully with one another. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer to her as her breasts began to firmly press into his chest through their clothes.

In a swift motion, Rob lifted her, and carried her upstairs to his bedroom. His lips stayed locked with hers as he laid her against the smooth satin sheets. In a rush of excitement, he ripped her blouse, as the buttons popped, rolling off the bed.

He drifted his hand up her stomach as he squeezed her breast through the soft fabric of her bra. Their kiss became more rough as he felt her begin to mirror his actions.

Veronica’s fingers began tugging at the edge of his shirt as she began to lift it from him, pulling it up as she sucked his bottom lip as she released from their kiss, long enough to get his shirt off, as she tossed it to the floor.

Their passion rising as they playfully rolled in the bed, placing herself on top of him. She sat up, her pubic bone rubbed against his as she looked down to him. Her eyes blazed with lust as she fixated them to his. She pulled her blouse off, as she disregarded of it.

She grinned devilishly as her hands caressed up her stomach, feeling the velvet-like touch of her bare skin. She reached the front of her bra as she began to unbutton it, opening it, revealing her firm, perky, soft breasts to him as the bra glided down her arms. She took the bra and twirled it one time as she slung it across the room. Her eyebrows arched as she began to glowingly smile, she leaned down as she slid her body over his, feeling the warmth of his chest radiate into hers. She placed her hands at his sides as she began to kiss him once more.

Rob’s lips formed a grin against hers as he rolled her onto her back again. His lips trailed down her chin as he drifted his sweet kisses down to her breasts. He kissed, sucked, and teased, pulling her nipple against his teeth gently as his eyes fixated back to hers, watching her sweet expressions take place.

He had ached for this moment, and desired it for a long time. It was almost unreal that he had finally got his chance with her. He was sure to take complete advantage of this situation.

He glided his body down, as he leaned up from her. He drifted his fingers down her thigh, popping off her high heels. He leaned back up to her, his body in between her inner thighs as he gripped her waist. He then traced his fingers over to the front of her jeans. He unbuttoned the jeans as he slowly unzipped them. His gaze caught with hers as he gave her a mischievous grin. He tugged, pulling her jeans, and her thong away at the same time. He knelt up fully on his knees as he pulled them off of her and dropped them down against the side of the bed.

His eyes adorned her scrumptious body in almost disbelief. Her beautiful essence shined through. This girl had it all, her body was stunning! He couldn’t wait to see exactly how lithe she truly was.

He leaned back down to her as his hands snaked under her thighs, lifting her up to him as her legs finally rested at his shoulders. He looked back to her once more as he moved his mouth closer to her already dampening pussy.

Veronica’s back arched against the sheets as she felt Rob tantalizingly tease her as he moved downward. Her eyes stayed focused on him with a hint of fascinated wonder. She licked her lips lightly as her back dropped back against the sheets. She raised her ass up slightly as he pulled away her bottoms.

She was entranced by him as their eyes caught gaze with one another. He could do whatever he pleased, she was willing, and even ready to take this ride. She had always secretly wanted him, now it was her turn to give in, and get what she finally wanted.

When he pulled her legs up, she tightened them against his upper back, drawing him even closer to her aching pussy. She could feel his hot breath drift over her skin, taking away the coolness of the air as she began to bite her lip as she starred deeply into his captivating eyes.

Rob couldn’t take his eyes off of her, he wanted to watch the pleasure take form in her as his tongue slid up her slit. He pushed his mouth in further, pressing his lips around her clit as his tongue rolled around her bead. He sucked it into his mouth as his tongue playfully teased. He could tell he was awakening her already aroused senses.

He then trailed his tongue back down her slit as he gently forced his tongue into her inviting hole. He wrapped his right arm around her leg as he began to caress her clit with his fingers. His tongue began running in and out of her, tasting her. She was so damn sweet! He had never tasted a sweetness in comparison to her, he didn’t even know if he could ever get enough of this!

He could feel her muscles flex against his tongue as he pumped it into her, rubbing his fingers feverishly over her bead.

Veronica gasped as she felt the warmth of his tongue slide up her slit. She tilted her head back slightly as her legs tightened even more at his back. She could feel her pussy begin to burn with complete want of him as her hips rose gently, forcing him to take more of her.

She gripped the sheets as he began pricking his tongue into her wet pussy. However, he topped it all off when he began rubbing her clit, she began to moan loudly as she closed her eyes, and began tossing her head, back and forth.

She could feel his tongue exploring her crevices, creating her desires to strengthen. “Oh…Oohh…” her moans began to linger within the room as she felt her body begin to lightly quiver beneath him. She let out a high pitch sigh of pleasure as she tilted her head further into the pillow. Her fingers tugged at the sheets as if she was trying to contain herself.

Rob watched her as her body began to wriggle within his grip. His hand squeezed her ass cheek while his tongue remained protruding into her deep, succulent pussy. He listened to her moan, knowing she was about to explode at any given second.

When her orgasm finally blossomed he felt her warm, sweet juices gush around his tongue as he sucked it into his mouth, getting a taste. His finger began to slowly massage at her clit as he felt her become more relaxed in his hands. He could even feel her legs loosen as he slowly pushed her back down to the bed. He watched her with a hint of wonder of exactly how long she had waited for that… from him.

He kissed his way back up to her soft lips as he kissed her. He eased his tongue into her mouth as he offered her a taste of what she had given him.

Veronica opened her eyes to him as she observed him moving back up her body, kissing her gently against the lips as she opened her mouth, giving way for their tongues to play. She wrapped her arms around him as she pulled him against her.

She got a delightful taste of her own juices as she began to suck his tongue between her lips. She wanted to tease him, because for years, this is what it had finally built up to… a forbidden, hot, lustful, passion.

They rolled within the sheets once more as her lips formed a simple smile against his. She drifted her lips to his neck as she kissed his skin gently. She nudged her nose against his flesh as she took in his scent, making her long for him even more. She softly kissed his earlobe as she whispered, “I’ve got a surprise for you…” She grinned as she sucked his earlobe and delicately nibbled the edge of it before she streamed her kisses down the center of his chest. Her body slid downwards as she playfully began to run her fingertips against his sides.

She pulled away from him as she began to give him a seductive smile. Now it was her turn to return the favor, as she pulled his shoes off. Her smile deepened as she looked back into his eyes as she fixated herself in between his legs. Her fingertips began to graze along the top edge of his slacks as she began to undo them, feeling the hardened bulge aching to be relieved of it’s dwellings.

She forced his slacks, along with his boxers down and away as her hand grabbed his lengthening shaft. Her eyes looked down as if to take a peek as her eyebrows lifted. She was quite amazed at how big, and thick his dick was.

To her surprise, she realized something about him. Something she had never known. He had a Frenum piercing. The shine of the straight barbell balls caught her attention. As if she didn’t want him bad enough already, that piercing seemed to spark an even bigger flame.

She bit her lip, unable to confess that her cunt, was technically a ‘barbell virgin’. She had to alleviate this strong craving she was experiencing. It was burning her straight to the very core!

Her hand began to stroke his shaft as she moved her lips closer. She grinned wickedly as she ran her tongue up his member, feeling her tongue rise over his piercing as she lowly moaned as she began to twirl her tongue around the tip of his dick. Her pussy soaking wet, aching for more of him!

Her lips embraced his cock as she began to move her head downward. His barbell grazed against her lips as she pushed her head further into him, taking in the his dick fully. She began pumping him into her warm, wet mouth, taking in every inch until his cock had reached the back of her throat.

She glided her hand down to his balls as she began to squeeze lightly as her head continued to bob over top of his thickening dick. “Mmm,” she moaned, her vibrations escaping her lips as she began to feel him tense up.

Rob absolutely could not believe what she was doing as he laid there and watched her tease him. He closed his eyes as he felt her begin to play with his cock. He tried to stay focused, not wanting to give in too fast.

The warmth of her mouth was almost too much for him. Without even realizing what he was doing, he ran his fingers within her hair, forcing her down further, making her take his length. His hand began ‘assisting’ her head, as his fingers tightened, and pulled at her hair. “That’s it, baby,” his words were soft, and meant for encouragement as he felt his shaft hit the back of her throat. He let out a groan as he felt the ecstasy building, becoming unrestricted to his restraints. He pulled her head down as his back arched up from the sheets, he let out a high pitched moan as his extrusion of hot cum shot like a missile into her throat. His body began to shake as his soundless mouth opened. He gasped, his back falling back to the bed, his hand released her.

Veronica could feel his dick throbbing in her mouth, she knew it was coming. She just didn’t expect him to get overly excited and force her further onto him. She couldn’t pull back, her lips tightened at the base as she felt his hot load trace down, through her throat. She moaned against his thick, sensitive dick, as she felt him squirt even more into her throat, pumping it in her. She had no choice, but to swallow…

When he finally released her, she could tell he had been pleasured, but not fully…and neither was she.

She had no desire of stopping anyways. His lust seemed to spark her own, as it kept her body yearning for more.

She slid up as she felt the warmth of his skin caressingly pass through hers as her body became quiescent against his. Her perky breasts pressed firmly into his chest as she began kissing him again. She tugged on his bottom lip softly with her teeth as she unlocked their lips. She looked extremely deep into his hazel eyes, almost as if she were looking into the very soul of him, wanting to take this so much further , to new heights.

Rob softly ran his fingers up her sides as he grabbed her, and pushed her to the side, rolling her onto her back as his body fixated atop of hers. He leaned into her once more, kissing her passionately as he began to rub her pussy with his hard-rock-steel cock. He knew she was ready to be fucked, and he was ready to do exactly that with her.

His dick rubbed teasingly against her silky, smooth slit as he grit his teeth. He began to massage his dick with increasing force, covering it within her warm, succulent wetness. He leaned down to her a bit and whispered teasingly, “I want to feel your tight pussy milking my hard dick.”

Veronica realized he was underscoring her surrender as they began to kiss. She gripped his back with her legs and locked her ankles tightly together. She was ready, and obviously aching for his shaft to deeply penetrate her.

Although a little hoarse and raspy, she found her breath, “Fuck me Rob!!!”

Rob listened to her beg with a touch of amusement as he began to hold his weight over her. He grasped his rigid shaft and touched the head carefully against the opening of her vagina, nuzzling it there as he progressed teasing her on last time.

Then, ever-so-slowly he transferred his weight to both his arms and forcibly pressed his hard, thick dick into her, gradually penetrating her deeper. He could feel the slight sensitivity of his piercing as her pussy tightly wrapped around his shaft. He gently lowered his body weight, as if to ease his cock completely into her extremely tight cunt.

Damn she was feeling good! Tight…warm…juicy pussy was overwhelmingly delightful!

Without hesitation, he executed a quick and forceful jab, iron-hard and unyielding. He moaned lowly as his hips moved against hers, his hard, thick shaft pushed in further as his thrusts began to take form, rhythmically as his fingers tightened on the sheet beneath her.

Veronica gasped feeling his hard cock poke it’s enlarged head into her dripping wet pussy, only to feel his barbell trail down with it, as she began to moan. Her muscles flexed, feeling the added sensations that his piercing was causing. She began to relax her legs a bit as she began to feel his hardness, and the daunting size of his fully erect cock fully engulfed by her tight, aching pussy.

His harsh probes sent a stinging flood coursing through her. Her hips rose, meeting his as she tightened her legs around him, feeling a pleasurable rush take over.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for as long as I can remember, Veronica. Damn, you feel so fucking good,” he raucously breathed against her throat as he continued thrusting her harder, and faster. Feeling her titties sway against his torso.

Veronica shrieked in slight pain as she felt the depth of his penetration grow with his driving thrusts. However, this moment of anguish was quickly replaced by the cries of ecstasy. “Oh my God, Rob, you’re so huge - so fucking hard,” she wailed out as his cock pulsed deeply within her.

Her legs tightly wrapped around his back as she began to pull him fiercely and completely into her. She held on to him as both of them panted as his pronounced thrusts worked her twat. Her back barely arched up from the sheets as she felt her body being overcome with a pleasurable sensation. It grew deep within her, and began coursing throughout her body as she began to lightly tremble.

She screamed out, tossing her head from side to side, as she began to feel her orgasm envelope, her hot juices oozed out as she dropped her back against the bed.

Rob listened to her words spur through him, making him fuck her harder, and deeper, and even with each vigorous stroke of his steel rod, she continued to beg him for more.

He could feel her legs grip him as his breathing grew heavier as he pounded continued. He could feel his dick begin to swell with each stroke as he began to moan under his breath. Her pussy contracted against his dick, as he felt her juices begin to rise up

Veronica could tell by the sudden expansion of his cock that he was on the verge of cumming… only seconds, and then…

Rob rose up, his stiff bulge filled her completely as he began to furiously pump her cunt, moaning, and frantically crying out, “Oh fuck, Veronica! Oh fuck, I’m cumming in you!!”

A torrent of hot cum gushed from his cock like a fountain overflowing within her. He continued to thrust, but as his movements slowed, his body relaxed and he leaned back down to kiss her. His lips lingered on hers whispering her name as if to lull her to sleep.

Veronica’s pussy clenched his dick firmly as she felt it begin to throb, squirting his hot cum into the depths of her twat. As his thrusts began to slow, she felt his juices begin to creep out, glazing her burning pussy.

She kissed him in return as she felt him pull back. She heard him whispering her precious name against her sweet lips.

With the luscious weight of his spent body covering hers, there remained a persistent pulsing in her cunt. A shiver surged through her as she realized that the throbbing was from his stiffening rod, securely lingering deep inside and not yet ready to slumber.

As she returned his kiss, she closed her eyes in sweet anticipation of what most certainly would happen next…