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Forever Dreaming

It was a beautiful fall day outside and we just got back from riding the atvs. As we hit the front door I say "I'm going to take a shower."
You say "I’ll join you."

I remarked that for now, I’d like to shower alone. I see your disappointment before you go in the other room, leaving me alone. 
I get done shower get dressed and come out of the bedroom and ask you what is wrong. You are sitting on the couch and wont even look at me. That's strange do to the fact that ever since I moved in you have never been able to not look at me or touch me. You say that you are very hurt that I didn’t want you in the shower with me. In retaliation I tell you that I was a little sore from riding and we both know what would happen if you got in the shower with me. 

You get up and say "I’m going to shower and go to bed without you." This pisses me off. Following you to the bedroom I grab my riding jacket and tell you "I’m leaving and don’t know when I’ll be back."

Just as I pull the Katana out of the garage I see you coming out of the house. Before I can get the bike started you grab my arm and try to plead with me to take your car.

"Baby please take the car. It looks like its going to rain." is all I hear from you. Starting the bike I drown out your noise. I put the bike in gear giving you a fuck off look and ride off. 

Riding for a little while I see clouds on the horizon starting to get a little dark. Not to worry this bike can outrun any stupid storm I think to myself. Glancing down at the fuel gauge I see that I'm running low. Pulling into the nearest gas station I can still hear your voice in my ears.Needing a pop I decide to pay for the gas inside. I fill the old girl up and head inside. The attendant looks up when I walk in and can see that I'm upset.

"Hey buddy, you ok?" He asks me.

Walking over to the pop I see that I'm the only one in the place. Grabbing a pop and turning around saying "Yeah I'm ok. I'm just a little upset with my girlfriend."

"Not that its any of my business but you still love her I can see that so why not go back and make up with her" he says smiling to me. 

I smile back and hang my head and say "you're right."

I pay for my stuff and head for the door. Just as I reach the door the attendant yells to me "hey looks like a bad storm coming better get home fast." I smile wave and head out the door. 

Getting on the bike I fire it up look back and see the storm closing in. Shifting into gear and take off I think to myself "yep she can outrun any storm." 

Just as I get to the house and park the bike in the garage the storm cuts loose. Starting towards the house I see you looking out the window. I close the door and turn and hang up my wet jacket. I feel your arms wrap around me. The whisper in my ear tells me you missed me.

"I'm so glad you made it home ok."
"I'm ok. Listen I'm sorry about earlier. I know all you wanted to do was take a shower with me and be close to me. It's been a rough week at work and the atvs ride was rough and tiring. I'm sorry I got mad and I want you close to me now."

Grabbing you and pulling you close I gave you a soft gentle kiss. Trying to pull away from me, you feel my arms pulling you closer. Finally I let you go and you pull away. Surprising me, you pull me close to you and give me a gentle kiss. You let me go and I start kissing your neck and feel you arch your back where my hand is. Slowly kissing around your neck and up to your ears. While I suck on your lobes I can feel your hand sliding up my leg. I push it away and lead you to the bedroom.

"Take your shirt off." I tell you.

I know your not wearing a bra so this will be a lot easier. Just as your shirt pull hits the floor I push you on the bed and climb on top of you pinning you down. Giving you another long gentle kiss I can feel you squirming beneath me. I start kissing your neck again and stop only to tell you to leave your hands above your head or our fun is done. You do as you're told and I continue what I was doing.

I start kissing your neck again and start working my way down your chest. As I reach one of your breasts I reach up and hold your hands in place over your head. I slowly slide my tongue across your breast and hear you gasp at the feeling of my tongue reaching your nipple. I flick my tongue very fast across it and feel it get hard instantly. I take my free hand and grab your pants and start to undo them. You say hey that’s not fair. I simple say your turn is coming so just wait please.
I get the button undone and pull down the zipper and take my hand away from yours and pull your pants and undies off in one swift motion. Now you are naked and mine. I go back to licking on your nipples leaving your hands free. You run your fingers through my hair and push my head tighter to your breast. I pull away a little and start kissing and licking my way down your belly. You grab my hair and say oh no. I pull away and say hands above your head please. A little annoyed you do as your told.

I continue down your belly and finally reach your hot wet pussy. I start licking and sucking on your clit feeling you squirm and hear you moan. I feel your hands on my head and I don’t complain. As I suck and lick relentlessly at your clit I run a hand up your thigh and slowly insert a finger into you. I squirm and moan louder. I start sliding my finger in and out of you very slowly. You start moving your hips up and down to the fucking of my finger. I continue to suck and lick at your clit. Finally you grab my hair and start saying please don’t stop as I feel a orgasm coming on. I do as you say as give you a huge orgasm.

You pull me up to you and give me a huge kiss. You tell me to stand up and get undressed. I do as I’m told and you stand up and push me on the bed. You say now your turn. Oh no is all I can say. You start by kissing my chest and I tell you I love having my nipples sucked on. You start sucking on my nipples and they get really hard. You finally move away from my nipples and start your way down my belly. I try to stop you and get my hands slapped and you say don’t.

As you get to my cock you feel that its already hard. I hear you say, "Hmmm, its already waiting for me."

You grab it in your hand and give it a soft kiss on the end of it. You feel my cock get even harder in your hand. You slowly slide it in your mouth and again it gets harder. You start to moan as do I as you start to suck a little faster. I start running my hands through your hair and moan even more as you suck harder. I grab your hair and shove my cock deep into your mouth. You feel I’m ready to cum and stop sucking. I say please don’t stop and you say not yet babe. You give me a kiss and the start sucking on me again. I fight the urge to push my cock deep into your throat. You finally can feel that I can't take anymore and allow me to explode down your throat. 
Pulling you close I give you a kiss and say lets take a quick shower so I can cool down. You say that sounds great and we go get in the shower. We play with each other in the shower and I start getting hard again. I shove you face first against the wall and rub my cock up and down your naked ass. I hear you moan wanting it inside your pussy so bad. I pull you away from the wall and bend you over and run my cock back and forth against your pussy. You say please I can't take it anymore. I shove my cock deep into you and feel you squirm and hear you moan.

I start by fucking you very slowly. As I start to get faster and faster I can feel you rocking with the motion of my cock sliding in and out of you. You start to moan louder and I know your getting close to orgasm. I stop fucking you and turn you around to face me. I pick you up and push you against the wall and shove my cock into you again. We start kissing and I can feel you are going to orgasm again. You can feel that I’m going to as well. I start fucking you harder and faster and you do the same to me. We both orgasm at the same time and kiss just then to make it even more powerful.
We finish our shower and go lay down in bed. We continue to make love all night long enjoying every inch of each other. 
As morning sets in you roll over to give me a kiss but I'm not there. You look around the room and then get up to find me. My jacket is still hanging by the door and The keys to the car are still on the table. You head back to the bed room and collapse on the bed. You lay in my spot smelling my pillow. After 3 months the smell is wore off. 

Your thoughts wonder back to that terrible night when I finally couldn't outrun fate. That storm took my life and took me away from you.

You cry softly into my pillow and now you know that the love we made last night was just a dream and will be only be forever dreams.
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