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Frank's Lucky Run

Frank had a miraculous encounter with a gorgeous woman

This is my first story. Please tell me what you think, harsh or otherwise!

I was running on the park trail one sunny afternoon when I saw the figure of a goddess. She was almost one hundred feet ahead of me but I could see the amazing ass that swung with each step. I picked up my pace hard and in no time I pulled up behind her. Her figure was sleek; she had a taught fantastic body that willed men to follow, and I was no exception. She was a brunette, her hair tied in a ponytail, with black volleyball shorts that clung to her voluptuous cheeks, featuring her ass so well. She wore a tight red shirt, and as I came right beside her, I noticed her fantastic chest complementing her body well. I also noticed that she was mature, in her late thirties, where I was only in my early twenties. 

Now normally I would leave it be, but after the hard hike to close in on her, you could say I was a bit delirious and so I called to her, “Ma’am, I have to say respectfully that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” She turned her face with a surprised smile. She had blue eyes; her cheeks were freckled and her lips were thick. She was gorgeous. I heard a laugh with the response, “Why thank you.”

I decided to keep going and picked up the pace until a mile later where my apartments were. I always stopped and walked down the trail that forked off to my apartment. I began to think I should have stayed with that woman and talked, even though heavy breathing. But I thought I knew better, ‘maybe she would think of me as a creep.’ As I was walking I heard the fast footsteps of a runner, the footsteps coming right to a halt to see the gorgeous figure of that woman.

“Hey there you live down here too?” she said

“Yes ma’am, the apartment complex over to the left.”

“Oh I live at the culdesac on the right.”

“I meant what I said, seriously.” The woman blushed slightly; you could barely tell behind the red in her cheeks.

“You are the sweetest thing, you look good yourself.” I never thought of myself as having a model figure; I am average: a toned body, but not strongly built, weighing 155 at 5’9’’.

“My name’s Melissa.” I was definitely getting excited.

“It’s good to meet you, I’m Frank.”

We walked towards the fork talking, while I secretly hoped the conversation would heat up before we separated; she was gorgeous and I would do anything to have the privilege of peeling the clothes off her body. My luck peaked as she said, “So Frank, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Yes, I do, but we have only been dating a couple months.”

“Oh yea, well I’ve been married for twelve years now.”

“That seems like a long time.”

“You have no idea,” she replied, “have you two had sex yet?” I gulped, not realizing she would take such a steep changed in our conversation.

“Or are you too shy to tell me? It’s ok I understand,” she said teasingly.

“Yes I have.”

“Oh really, what’s your favorite position?” Again I was learning just how cutthroat she was.


“Oh yea, mine too,” she said as she directly stared at me from a side glance, smiling mischievously. We reached the fork, where she slowed down to a stop, and I followed suite.

“How many girls have you been with?” I was studying her beautiful face now that we were facing each other, how the sweat trickled down her tanned freckled cheeks.

“Only three.”

“How about a woman?”

“Never.” Now you could see the twinkle in her eyes.

“Why don’t you swing by my place for some water?” I paused for only a moment, thinking about how incredible my day had become.

“My husband won’t be home until the weekend.”

“Yes, ma’am”

I took the right fork, thanking whoever was responsible for this miraculous turn of events. The walk took only a couple minutes and we chatted politely. I asked her if she had any children and she politely said no. I was not going to push the subject.

Her house was clean, polished, and refined. We walked in through to the living room and she told me to grab a glass of water while she left for the bathroom. I grabbed a glass and hung out in the living room, still skeptical of anything possibly happening. I heard the spray of water from the bathroom and realized she was hopping in the shower, making me very aware of my own sweaty body and its grimy stench. I was not sure what to do, but I did not feel comfortable hopping into a foreign shower without permission.

Her shower only lasted about ten minutes, where I heard the sudden hush of sound. Another six minutes passed before she came out to the living room. She wore a black silk robe, where the fold fell apart just enough to show were gorgeous cleavage of her D sized breasts. Her robe ran down to six inches below her waist, revealing he sleek toned legs complemented with black high heels.

“Oh man,” was all I could say. She continued to smile with mischief.

“Good. Have you ever had a blow job before?” I could feel my heart in my mouth but I answered, “Yea definitely.”

“Has any girl deep throated you?”

“Not really, one girl tried but she really couldn’t get me into her throat. I don’t think she knew what she was doing.” All the while I responded, she seductively approached me and when I finished she slipped the robe off to reveal black laced bra with a matching g-string, her taught tummy completing the beautiful goddess.

“Poor baby”, she said slyly, “Let’s change that for you as she ran a finger across my cheek. She crouched down in front of me and slowly pulled my running shorts off my waist. By now I was rock hard and covered in pre-cum from the idea of having sex with such a hot, mature woman. Even in this heat, I felt weird about being so dirty. “Ma’am, are you sure you don’t want me to wash up.”

She chuckled, “I love filthy boys, but don’t worry, I made sure I was clean and wet just for you.” Win.

She grabbed my hard cock and began to stroke in lightly as more pre-cum came from the tip. Her head hovered over me, and lightly licked the pre-cum off.

“Mmmhmm, tasty!” I could only gulp and pant as she then took her large lips and wrap them around my head, sucking; she moaned again and slowly moved up and down on my cock. She took one hand and began messaging my balls while steadying herself with the other. She started to move down on my cock, my sack aching in pleasure. I could feel her tongue rolling around my penis. She sucked faster and then without warning, she dove in, her lips an inch and a half from the base. I could feel the back of her throat, and then she pushed passed the back of her mouth and took in the last length. I could not believe the feeling ‘My cock was in her throat!’ She held it there for at least fifteen seconds, I could see her face starting to redden again as she pulled out, saliva dripping from my cock and her mouth. “You taste so good,” she said smiling with her deep panting.

She drove back down to the base of my cock and proceeded to pull in and out sucking hard. I took hold of her head with my hands, my finger running through her wet hair, and I began pushing her harder and harder. I tried to throat fuck my girlfriend once without thinking and she immediately stopped, angry at me, but Melissa looked like she loved it. She kept going harder and harder the tip of my cock sliding down her throat made her neck bulge slightly. Saliva dripped from her mouth, all over my cock and on to her breast. Finally I shoved her luscious lips down the base, my tip lodge in her throat and held it there, and she did not protest. Then Melissa did something that made me see stars. She started swallowing every second or two, massaging my tip deep in her throat. I could not hold it any longer, my balls exploded with pleasure. She noticed my body seizing up and made sure to stay where she was as jets of cum flowed down her throat, Melissa gulping all of it down.

I could have fallen over. Melissa pulled me out and licked my tip a little bit before standing back up.

“That was yummy.”

“Oh my god!”

“I’m not done with you yet, come with me.” I could not believe there was any chance of me going another round, but I followed her without question. She led me to her bed where she took my shirt off.

“I want you to suck my nipples,” she said as she took off her black bra. I complied immediately and began to suck her perky nipples while my hand traveled down to her pussy, and began playing with her folds under her G-string. She began moaning, first softly, then harder as I pushed aside the fabric and began massaging her clit.

“I want you to take me. Take me from behind,” she moaned into my ear, and to my amazement I was rock hard again. She stepped towards her bed in those high-heels, her ass swaying from left to right, and crawled on to her hands and knees on the bed, her butt held up in the air, ready.

“Come and get me.” I jumped on the bed and removed her g-string. I could see a drop of pre-cum oozing from her pussy and I instinctively licked it up. I then proceeded to explore her folds with my tongue, pushing back the skin to find the clit, and rolled my tongue around that magic button while she gasped, “Oh baby yes! Oh my god. Yes!” I grabbed a chunk of her cheek and sampled her thick toned ass, how supple and gorgeous.

I stood up on my knees and placed my cock right on her puffed lips, massaging her wet folds, her whimpers of pleasure driving me wild. I began thrusting hard, my pelvis pounding into her firm butt cheeks. I slapped her ass hard, and she squealed loudly, moaning and gasping as I thrust faster and harder. Her beautiful boobs swayed under her as I grabbed a firm hold of her butt and pounded her as hard as I could. She started screaming in ecstasy with her face buried in the bed, her sleek back arched while her body shook uncontrollably. I could not hold it any longer, cumming again and fast.

Neither of us could move: she with her ass high in the air, panting hard; I clutching her body with both hands. Finally I teetered over and fell beside her. She gained her composure, sat up in the bed looking at me with her smile. “You are a dirty boy aren’t you?”

“Yes ma’am.” Melissa lay on her back luxuriously, closing her eyes smiling.

“Why don’t you come by tomorrow at the same time? I might teach you anal.”

Frank will pay homage to the sex goddess again.

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