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Frequent Flyer

Letter to my stewardess on Singapore Airlines
I would love to fly with you again, to lie down in my seat and know that you would be near me as I slept. I can imagine laying there, dreaming of your body as you walk the dark and empty cabin. Just you and me at 30,000 ft alone, at night. You stand above me, my eyes closed. You look around the cabin. No one else is awake. You have sent your crew to rest. The flight is near empty. Just you alone, and me laying before you.Your hand slides slowly over my blanket, feeling the outline of my body, sliding slowly from my chest down to my toes.My breathing softly raises and lowers my covers as I sleep, and softly, almost gently you slip your hand underneath my blanket, underneath my shirt. You touch my flesh. You feel my chest. Your hand is on my heart and you feel the beating just inches from your fingers.Slowly you slip your hand lower, across my stomach, stretching your fingers and feeling my muscles move as I breathe. Deeply, slowly. In and out. Your hand feeling every breath, and then you slide your hand a little lower and feel me. You feel me grow hard as you hold me, grow harder as your fingers caress me. You feel my body move beneath you as your fingers wrap around my shaft. My eyes open in surprise but your other hand pushes down upon my chest. You lean over me. I stay still. One of your hands pushing down onto my bed. The other hand squeezing me, working the flesh, holding me as I grow harder and harder in your fingers.

I try to sit up but you force me down, your hand tightening on me. My body tightens as you squeeze me. Your eyes look directly into mine. You raise your skirt as you slip your leg over mine. You straddle my legs, and still looking deeply into my eyes, your hand clasps firmly on my cock. You lower your mouth until it is almost touching the very tip of my cock. I reach out to pull your face onto me, but your hand grabs my arm and pushes it away. Your other hand squeezes my cock again. I squirm on my seat, lost in the pleasure and the joy of your touch, begging for more, my body pleading for you to suck me.

Then, looking firmly into my eyes, you slide those wonderful warm soft lips over me. I slip into the warmth of your mouth. I am lost as your tongue teases the tip of my cock. I am your slave as you suck, locking my eyes to yours, holding me down with your hands as you mouth devours me, sucking harder and longer, your lips sliding up and down my cock, sending my body into raptures. I feel the the unbearable pleasure as the heat of your mouth engulfs me, consumes me. Just as I can take no more, your mouth slides off. You smile a teasing smile as you look down upon my rock hard cock.

But I need you now. My hands reach around your beautiful firm butt. I grab you and pull you to me. My mouth kisses your mouth, your lips still warm from my penis. My hands are pulling up your skirt. I lift you above me, holding you in my arms. The strength and power in my arms holding your body suspended above me. I feel your hand guide my penis beneath you. The tip of my cock caresses your lips. I can feel your hotness, your wetness. My cock is straining for you. I feel ready to explode for you. Then, as I my mouth kisses yours, and our tongues hungrily entwine, I lower you onto me. My cock pushes against your lips, as your body weight pulls you onto me. I slide inside you, spreading your lips apart, tightly forcing my way deep into your warmth. You are so hot, almost burning me. I need more of you. I need to be deeper inside you. I push harder as you ride me, begging you for more, pleading for your body. Your hands on my chest, you slide up and down on me, deeper with each thrust. I am so lost inside you. All I know is the pleasure of being inside you, feeling your flesh around mine, forcing you open, sliding in and out. As I can take no more I feel you tighten, your muscles contract. I pull you to me, forcing myself deeper inside you. Your mouth expels a muted cry. Your back arches. Your muscles spasm. Your body squeezes me harder and harder and I can't hold back. As you convulse on top of me, my body lets go. Thrusting deep into you, I cum, filling inside you with my hot semen. Your body responds again, cumming even harder as you feel me explode inside you. Convulsing, you move against me, trying to feel more of me. Hungry for me, your wetness and warmth floods onto me. My cock is coated in your sex. I feel your body collapse around me, and the wonderful smells of our lovemaking flood over me. I inhale you with every breath.

Exhausted, empty, we hold each other. Flesh on flesh, alone in the night as we fly to wherever. Still with me deep inside you, still with me feeling the warmth of your wetness cover me, I lay you down onto my bed and wrap you in my arms. I cover us both with the blanket.

Hmm...I do hope we fly together soon. xxx

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