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Friday Night

I get home from work tired and listless, but don't stay that way for long.
It's been a long Friday. Work was retarded as usual, I ended up having to do several other people's jobs in addition to mine.

By the time I get home, I'm bushed. Making dinner - macaroni and cheese, mmm - is somewhat relaxing, but I'm still really tired.

"So, a couple of my friends wanted to go out tonight, if you're interested," my wife tells me. We're sitting next to each other on the couch watching reruns of House. "I was thinking the club or something."

I really hate to turn her down. "Honey, I'm just... just really tired tonight. I know it's Friday and all, but I just want to stay home and rest. You can go out if you want," I add, knowing that she likes to go out on weekends. I trust her enough that I don't feel the need to watch her all the time.

"Eh... maybe." She eyes me for a second with a curious look as I studiously scrape the last noodles out of the bowl. "I may go shopping later, if that's all right."

I mentally review our bank account from when I checked earlier. We should have some spending money, and she knows how to be thrifty. Another thing I trust her with. "Sure. Just don't go buying Ferraris or anything."

She laughs, a beautiful sound. "Don't worry."

A half hour later she's gone, leaving with a quick kiss and a "be back soon". Something about her smile... she's thinking about something. I shrug, assuming that she's just being playful, and go back to tinkering with my computer. A never ending struggle to get the graphics card to behave.

It's almost an hour later when she comes home, several shopping bags in hand. Odd. Looks like mall bags, double bagged in old Walmart bags so I can't see what's in them. "Hi," she says breathlessly, shutting the door behind her. "Whatcha doing?"

"Updating the drivers for the graphics processor," I reply casually. I get a blank look. "Fixing the computer," I clarify.

"Ahhhh," she replies, "I knew that. You want to head upstairs to bed?"

I glance at my watch. "Honey, it's only seven." My statement is subsequently undermined by the fact that of all times, I suddenly have to yawn. Which I do.

She giggles. "Well, Mr. Sleepy, we don't have to conk out right away. We can talk and stuff. I know you'd like to lay down, at least."

That does sound good. "Yeah," I concede, closing the computer. When we get upstairs, I've just finished changing into sweats and a T-shirt when my wife grabs her shopping bags, says something I don't catch about needing to change, and bustles off into the bathroom. Women. I shall never understand them.

As I'm lying there in bed setting my alarm (want to wake up early tomorrow and call my folks), I hear a knock on the door. "Hey sexy," my wife says. I look up, and almost lose my breath. Instead of the blouse and jeans from earlier, she's wearing a tight black corset with a ruffled miniskirt, garters, and sheer black stockings that show off her shapely legs. Her tits are squeezed tight in the lingerie, causing them to bulge out in a way that gets my heart racing. There's a plain white box in her hand that I don't recognize, but I quickly forget about it as she slowly walks over to the bed, her hips swinging back and forth. "Hey, babe," she says in a sultry tone, pushing me down as I start to sit up.

"Wha... what..." is all I'm able to say. She's never dressed like this before, at least not for me. And my exwife, the only other girl I'd fucked, would never even consider this. My confused look must be amusing, because she giggles softly.

"Shhhhhh. No talking. Just lay back, Michael. You've had a long day." She climbs up on the bed, straddling me as she sets the box aside and slips her hands up under my shirt. "I just want to help you relax a little." Her hands drift lower, pulling my loose elastic sweat pants down to expose my now-erect penis. I think for a second that she's going to put lube on it and go straight into fucking; Nickie's not one for a lot of foreplay. I'm in for a shock though; scooting backwards, she bends down and slowly takes me in her mouth. I can barely contain my shock - Nickie never does oral. It always grossed her out. I start to sit up, and she gently presses her teeth in. The message is clear: sit back and shut up. I obey.

Slowly, like a virgin exploring a man for the first time, she begins to slide her mouth up and down on my cock, running her tongue along my ridge. It feels amazing, and I can't stifle a small moan of excitement. At least, I think it is quiet until I feel her start to go faster, taking almost all of my dick in her mouth as she goes down on me. The sides of her satin-clad tits brush against the insides of my thighs. Just when I am about to come, she stops, raising her head with a slight smile. She heard me breathing heavily and gasping, and knows without asking how great it felt. "You like that?" she asks anyway, flipping her luxuriant soft brown hair over one shoulder as her fingers drift around my balls, gently cupping them. Unable to speak, I nod enthusiastically.

"Good," she says cheerfully, reaching into the drawer next to the bed and pulling out the aforementioned lube before pulling my clothing the rest of the way off. "Now, just lie back." Reaching down, she squirts the lube along my shaft, spreading it gently with her fingertips. Wiggling forward, she bends over and, propped up on one arm, softly kisses me as she takes her other hand and guides my dick forward, letting out a soft gasp as my throbbing member slides into her.

She's surprisingly wet, and as always very tight. Sitting upright, she starts to move up and down, slowly at first, then faster, until eventually she is bouncing on me like a pornstar. She also doesn't let me move, doing all of the effort herself. I can't stop myself from moaning louder this time; it's okay, though, because she's also gasping; Nickie never moans. The sound and sight of my dick slamming into her pussy would be enough to make me come all by itself eventually.

Once again, she takes me almost to the point of coming before, after twenty straight minutes of fucking, she slows to a stop, leaving my dick inside her as she bends over and softly kisses me. "Why'd you stop?" I ask breathlessly. "Tired?"

"Not quite. Just don't want you finishing on me just yet," she says with a giggle. "Now, I'm going to need you to roll over for me." Reaching next to her, she picks up the white box from earlier and opens it. Upturning it, she shook out the contents: a hot pink strap on. I recognized it from a conversation we'd had where I asked if she was up to try pegging and showed her some strap ons, and had gotten the usual "Maybe". Now I realized that she had been waiting for the right moment.

I rolled over, getting up on my hands and knees. She moves behind me, and I can feel her fingers circling my asshole, gently applying lube. A lot of it, which I am grateful for. There is the sound of straps being snapped into place, then she moves up next to my head, the pink dildo firmly in place. "So, you going to help wet this up?" she asks. Realizing what she means, I turn my head, and it's my turn to start sucking. Knowing why, I try to spit as much as I can on it, feeling oddly turned on by sucking my wife's dildo. After a minute, she pulls back, returning to right behind me. I brace myself as the tip of the dong starts to press inside. Slowly, gently, she slides the rest of the dildo into my ass. "How does that feel?"

"Good," I say breathlessly.

"Where's my cock?" she asks in a demanding tone.

"In my ass," I reply submissively.

"That's right." Just like before, she starts slowly, moving in and out. It's my first time doing this, and it feels great. The ruffled skirt of her minidress brushes against my ass, and when she thrusts extra deep I can feel her garters pressing into my skin. Somehow she's positioned herself just right to hit my G-Spot with each thrust, and it's awesome. Erotic, sensual, yet different from the usual feelings of sex. I don't regret asking her this. Not one bit.

No matter how great it feels, I'm not used to it, and after maybe five or ten minutes I gasp, "Ok, it's starting to hurt a little."

"Sorry," she says quickly, withdrawing. "Did that feel good?"

"Everything I imagined it to be," I reply with a smile. She still hasn't gotten me off, though...

"Well," she replies, unstrapping the dildo, "I'm not going to let YOU have all the fun." As she removes the strap on and sets it aside, she slapped me lightly on the ass. "You feeling energetic?" I sit up in reply; my asshole feels a little sore, but barely noticeable now. "'Cause I believe it's my turn." She moves up in front of me on all fours, her well rounded and perfectly shaped ass bared underneath the lingerie. Straightening up momentarily, she rubs more lube on my cock - a lot of it - before going back down on her hands and knees. "Just go slowly at first, ok?"

Puzzled, I enter her from behind, and begin to slowly thrust, but she stops me. "No, not there." Reaching back, she pulls my dick out and moves it up, resting the tip against her asshole. "There."

"Are you sure?" I ask, astounded. She doesn't like anal, never wanted to try it before.

"I've been practicing," she says with a wink, gesturing to the dildo. "Don't worry, I used a condom. Now, quit stalling," she finishes with a smile.

It's my first time giving anal, and I add more lube before I push inward. Remembering how it felt for me, I start slowly at first, thrusting firmly into her ass with each stroke. If her pussy was tight, her ass was even tighter; despite having been told otherwise, I would have thought her to be an anal virgin. After a few minutes, she starts to push back with each movement, moaning "Harder," in a quiet tone. No further urging was needed, and soon I was fucking her as hard as any other of our sexual encounters. Soon she can tell from my grunting that I am on the verge of climaxing. "Oh, yeah," she gasps. "I want your cum. Cum in my ass!"

I can't hold it in. With a violent shiver, I blow my load right in her ass, panting as I lead forward to kiss her upturned lips. "Did... did you like that?" I ask breathlessly, vaguely conscious that I haven't pulled out of her yet.

She nods. "Hurts a little," she says offhandedly as I pull out, then turns around and wraps her arms around me. Her tits have come loose from our exertions, and I can feel them pressing against me chest as we passionately kiss. "So," she says with a smile, "did I make you feel better?"

"Yes!" I kiss her again. "That was amazing."

"Good." Her eyes twinkle as she gets up. "I'm going to go shower off and change into PJs. Want to come?" she asks playfully.

"About the PJ's," I say, glancing at the digital clock on the bed stand. It is almost 9 PM. "Think your friends still want to hang out?"

The End

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