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Friday Night at the Beach

Unresolved sexual tension is finally sorted at the beach

The end of a long week at work has finally arrived. It’s 27 degrees, the sky is blue and I’ve nowhere in particular to be. The hot sunshine combined with some hot texting from the guy I’m crazy about, as opposed to the one I’m married to, has made me horny as hell. I’ve driven up north with the windows down and the radio up high, heading for my favourite beach. I'm home alone for a week while my husband is away with his friends and I'm exhilarated by the rare sense of freedom.

I have been thinking of him all day, and knowing he will be here soon I have a feeling of nerves and anticipation in the pit of my stomach. We met a couple of years ago when I attended a workshop he was running and we hit it off immediately, sharing a love of all things outdoors, art and photography, and a strong sense of the ridiculous! So much of our getting to know each other has been by email and text message but every now and then we manage to be in the same place at the same time - and tonight is one of those nights. 

I head down to the shore where the waves are rolling in and the sun is sparkling across the sea. I stand and drink it in, feeling the tension of the week drain away. I’ve changed from my formal work wear into some old denim shorts, a bikini top and a light shirt left open. My hair is trailing down my back and I just feel so good.

I turn, and there he is. He strolls up behind me and stands at my shoulder looking out to sea with me. He's older than me, and has the lean rangy build of someone who spends all of his time outside, working in the landscape as it changes through the seasons. His shock of sandy hair and intense grey-blue eyes sit well in a face tanned from being out in all weathers. 

He rests warm hands on my shoulders and slides them down my arms. I turn and smile in welcome. We lean in for the customary polite kiss on the cheek, friends and just friends. We're both very aware of the sexual tension between us but have worked hard at not getting physically involved - I'm married, and he clearly went through a lot to extricate himself from a relationship which didn't give him the space to pursue his career. That space has been hard-won and I realise it's not something he's going to give up lightly.

I feel his lips brush my cheek, and I know I should move back a step to keep some distance. We're usually pretty good at that, but this time we seem locked in place and we just don’t move. The moment catches us both and the air is instantly stiller, hotter. I can’t breathe properly and I desperately want to melt against him.

Time seems to slow down and I endure long moments of deliberation as the pressure mounts. My senses have become hyper aware as I gaze up at him. His eyes are darker, more intense, and I can see that he is also battling with this astounding chemistry between us.

The sun, the crashing surf and the feeling of being somewhere beyond reach from real life push us onwards, and the battle is lost as we lean in closer. As our lips finally meet I gasp at the clench in my stomach. A deep groan is wrung from him as we explore each other’s mouths and tongues. Our hands begin to wander and his lips leave mine as he bends to run his mouth under my jaw and down my neck. I am awash with this heat, this quaking sensation all over my body and the soft flesh between my legs is already pounding with need.

As a dog walker passes close by we pause, breathing hard as we lean forehead to forehead. It’s decision time and it has come up on us so suddenly, surprising us with this intensity. I know he is fighting with himself, trying to hold back so I take control. What is this life for if you turn your back on fantasy nights like this? I simply cannot let this chance to go by unheeded so I put my hands at his hips and gently push, flicking my eyes to the sand dunes rearing up behind the beach. They are glowing gold in the early evening sun and the breakers are crashing in. Sea gulls whirl above us in the bright blue sky.

Decision made, we find the perfect spot. The walker has long since moved away and there isn’t a soul to be seen. We spread out our shirts and lie down together. Our mouths join again and I cannot hold back the needy groan. The kiss deepens and our hands explore faster.

He pulls away my bikini top and my firm, taut breasts push against his bare chest making him whisper soft words to me in appreciation. I can feel every sensation of touch in this heightened state from the grains of sand between my toes, the smooth muscled back under my fingertips and the light stubble on his cheek against mine as we kiss. I am aware of a solid erection pressing against me and reach a hand down to stroke him through his jeans. He bites back a gasp as I pinch the tip of his cock, and then pull his jean buttons undone. He is in my hand, red hot and rigid as I stroke and tease. Our kiss goes on and on and I need him inside me, I need him right now.

He yanks my shorts open and down, breaking the kiss as he pulls them over my ankles. He kneels beside me and teases me, oh so gently pulling my panties down. As he returns up my body he grins wickedly and pushes his nose and tongue into my most private part, into the centre of me, and I gasp as a new wave of sensation races through me. He slides further up my body and I open my legs wide to welcome him. He drives his cock deep inside me in one powerful thrust and I buck and arch my back, locking my legs around him. He slides in and out, faster and faster, on and on.

I think I scream out in competition with the gulls and the crashing waves as, overcome with the intensity of the whole experience, we come together. I see lights behind my eyes and shudder my way through the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had. I wonder if he feels even close to the depth of feeling I am experiencing – and he answers me by collapsing down, eyes closed and breathing hard. 

I am flying high, soaring with the gulls in the bright summer evening. Gradually we return to earth together and I open my eyes to see him grinning down at me, his eyes alight with warmth and humour. He lifts a hand and gently smoothes the hair back from my face. Cold hard reality is ahead, and we both know that whether we stay apart or make changes to our lives to be together there will be some tough times around the corner but right now on this beautiful northern evening we have ridiculous grins, sandy bodies and feel just . . . relief that it was as fantastic as we’d dreamed it would be. We race down to the surf to clean up, stark naked and giggling like children. We are alive and in love.

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