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Friday night fun

Chocolate spread and sex, yummy true
I was down the pub on Friday night, playing pool with the boys, when my mobile phone bleeped into life.

I'm having a girl’s night in. When they've gone I'd like you to come round.

I laughed at my phone. I'm with the boys having a laugh, why should I leave them for you?

A few minutes later I got a reply. I've had a drink. We've talked about men and sex, now I want you to have sex with me.

I smiled to myself. Tell me when they've gone and if you're lucky I might come around.

Be here for midnight and have a shower before you get here.


Midnight came and I stood outside Jill's flat. I knocked, and the door opened.

She stood there in white towelling robe and pink towelling slippers. She literally dragged me inside, and then pounced on me. I could taste wine as her tongue rolled around inside my mouth. She took my hand and led me to the living room.

"Seeing as it's my flat you have to do what I say,” she said. “And I say you have to keep your hands under your bum. If you move them everything stops immediately."

I grinned. "It is your flat and I'll be a good boy and do as I'm told."

She went to the kitchen, came back in with a jar of chocolate spread and placed it on her table.

She took off my hoody, pulled off my jeans and socks and sat me on the edge of her settee. Then she stood in front of me and removed her robe to reveal her naked body and hairless pussy. She grabbed the jar of chocolate spread, pushed me back and dipped in her finger

“Sit still,” she said.

She rubbed the spread over my lips and leaned in. Gently and slowly she began licking and sucking it off me. Her soft lips tugged and pulled at mine. She ran a line down my chin and traced it with her wet tongue, teasingly removing the spread. Her breath warmed my cheek as she enjoyed herself at my expense.

She sat up, looked at me and dipped her fingers into the jar. I sat still as she dragged her fingers across my left ear and neck. Instant pleasure streaked through me as she expertly kissed the chocolate away. I closed my eyes and moaned in agony. My heart pounded in my chest. I was gagging to get hold of her but I wasn't allowed.

Fucking hell! I loved every second of her teasing me. Her breasts, nipples hard, rubbed over me. My own nipples had the chocolate treatment next. She sucked and nibbled them until hard and erect. The tip of my dick rested on her wet pussy lips as she worked her way down my body. I tried to force my hips up and enter her but she moved away.

She snaked a brown line of spread down my belly. Her breath touched me, warm and damp, then her lips brushed against me. I couldn't speak or move; the sheer delight of her tongue working its magic over my belly made me freeze. A sexy brown smudge now plastered her face and wet, sticky patches covered all the sensitive parts of my body.

Kneeling down in front of me now, she placed two fingers into the jar. I looked into her eyes and she smiled at me.

At last she smeared the thick, sticky spread over my dick. Her warm tongue followed and I could feel her licking me; moving her tongue over my hard cock in long, strong strokes, roaming up and down my shaft. Finally she put me in her mouth, her head slowly bobbing up and down. She slurped as she sucked the chocolate off me. My cock throbbed as she cleaned me.

Jill stopped as my orgasm approached. "I can taste your pre-cum, I don't want you to cum yet, you have to pleasure me before you do."

Her two, chocolate covered fingers drew a line over her lips. She leaned in and I took this as my sign to do it all to her. Eagerly I began sucking and licking her sticky, messy face. Her soft lips felt beautiful against mine.

She pulled back, drew circles of chocolate around her nipples and then leaned over and held each breast to my mouth. I sucked and bit each in turn, tugging and pulling at them with my teeth and lips, and they grew lumpy and hard. Jill panted and moaned above me.

She replenished the spread on her fingers; there was a lot this time. She looked into my eyes, smiled and, standing above me, parted her legs. I could smell her aroma. Her wet juices glistened on her pussy lips as she spread her legs wider in front of my mouth. With two fingers she opened her pussy lips then covered her clit and hole in chocolate. Her fingers moved over her pussy, squelching as she smeared the chocolate and her thick white lubricating liquid.

She placed a hand on the settee behind me and leaned in. My tongue immediately got to work. I used it like a dog to lap at her; long flat licks between her lips and over her clit. My face was soon covered in chocolate and her fluids. She sighed and moaned and started pushing her hips into my mouth. I sucked any part of her I could get, franticly licking and sucking her wet sopping hole, her juices all over me.

I stuck my tongue into her as far as I could get it. Jill grabbed my head with a hand and began fucking my tongue. She bucked her hips, grinding against my chin, whilst my tongue scrapped along her clit. Her groans and moans above me became louder and louder.

"Fuck, yes, lick me. Fuck that’s good," she cried.

She wrapped her hand around a fist full of my hair, pulling it tight, and ground her hips into my face faster and harder. Her panting, almost squealing breaths matched the rhythm of her thrusts.

"Fuck, yes. Oh yes."

Suddenly she stopped breathing and her pussy clenched on my mouth. With three or four very forceful hip thrusts Jill squirted into my mouth. The thin, chocolaty, milky liquid sprayed down my throat, over my chin and cheeks. She let out a series of high pitched squeals and sighs from above me. Her legs trembled and shook as the last of her orgasm washed over her.

“Oh, oh, oh my fucking god. Fucking hell. Fuck that was amazing. Fuck yes."

Jill had obviously enjoyed my efforts in cleaning her. She slumped onto me and flopped her head down onto my shoulder. Her panting breaths warmed my skin as she rested on me. We relaxed for a few minutes then she pulled back. She looked at me and laughed then turned around to find some tissues to clean my face.

We gently kissed and, slowly, the passion started to build again. She knelt up, took my dick in her hand and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. With a slight wince, she slid it in passed her lips and all the way inside herself.

"I'm so sensitive, stay still for a few moments please," she said.

Our bodies pressed against each other, sticky with chocolate spread and saliva. Jill began to rock back and forth on my cock, riding me slowly. I was so deep I could feel her cervix on the tip of my dick. She caressed my face as we kissed and tongued. I was so hard; raring to go fast and rough and it was torture not being able to pound at her.

My hands gripped her hips as she changed her actions to start bouncing up and down on me. The sound of her wet pussy moving up and down drove me mad. I couldn't help myself; I threw her on to her back and wrapped her legs around my waist. Her head jammed against the arm rest of her settee so she couldn't move. I didn't care if I was hurting her; I thrust myself in hard and fast. She reached up and grabbed the arm rest above her head.

She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. "Fuck I'm going to cum again already. Keep going."

Without even considering if she wanted me to, I snatched her legs and forced them over my shoulders. With her knees up by her shoulders, I smashed my cock in even harder. She squealed and whimpered as I fucked her purely for my own gratification.

"Fuck that’s deep, I'm going to cum, make me cum, don't stop."

I didn't need to hear that but it spurred me on anyway. Her back clicked as I poured all my weight into fucking her as fast and hard as I could.

"Oohh, oohhh!" Jill moaned.

Everything went very wet and I could feel her pussy contracting on my shaft, squelching and slurping.

"Cum in me, shoot your load in me."

These words were like music. A few thrusts later I spasmed and jerked as my cock spewed my seed into her. I grunted and grit my teeth as I finally ran out of steam.

I dropped her legs down on to the settee and collapsed on top of her, both of us panting and sighing as we caught our breath.

"I've never cum so much in one night before. I think I'm going to have to use you as my fuck buddy because I love the way you make me feel when we fuck."

I just smiled. "Okay, as long as I’m the only person you have sex with."

"You’re the only person anyway. Besides with sex like that I won’t need or want anyone else."

She thought I was good at sex? I felt such a huge sense of manly pride from that; a massive ego boost. We shared a few tender kisses, and then closed our eyes and fell a sleep for a while.

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