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Friday Night in the Dorm

College students get down in the dorm
This was a collaboration between me and a friend...

It was another Friday night as Jenny was coming in from working on campus. It was around 10:00pm and although most of the dorm students were out, there were always those who stayed in. As she walked through the hall she could hear the sound of loud music coming from several rooms. When she arrived at her own door Jenny could hear sounds coming from inside. She knew those sounds all to well, the sounds of her roommate fucking. Cherise was a wild girl that had a steady boyfriend and an appetite for hot sex. Cherise and her boyfriend both had endurance. As she opened the door, Jenny could feel the heat and the smell of sex coming right at her. Cherise always left her door open, so Jenny could easily hear their moaning and groaning and the bed squeaking and banging against the wall. Jenny was not the least bit jealous as her own boyfriend would be coming over soon.

Jenny tried to be quiet. She made her way to her room and went inside, leaving her own door ajar. She left it open for her boyfriend and to listen to the sexy sounds coming from Cherise's room. She was a bit surprised at her self admission, but she really got hot and bothered listening to other people fucking. She slowly started to undress, figuring she would put on something sexy for her boyfriend Ricky. As she removed her blouse, she looked in the mirror, admiring her perky nipples straining against her sheer white bra. She slid her hands up to pinch them through the fabric. She sighed as a jolt of pleasure tingled straight to her clit.

She began to pick out some sexy lingerie but could not help but be distracted by the moaning coming from her roommate. It was like being inside a stereo, the sound was so clear she could practically see it all happening in her mind. She decided to peak around the corner and into Cherise's room.

Cherise was sprawled on her back as her boyfriend ploughed into her, his naked and athletic ass and back muscles flexing as he worked himself in her from every angle. Jenny was getting so heated up she could feel it. Jenny managed to pull herself away so she could get back to getting ready for her own fun. The bed next door continued to squeak and bang against the wall, but Jenny did her best to stay focused.

Jenny found what she was looking for and changed into a sheer black teddy that gave a perfect view of her large breasts and perky nipples. The thong that went with it was very sexy and easy to move aside. She began to brush her long hair and continued to listen to the activities in the room next door. Cherise's boyfriend had a very sexy voice and listening to him talking dirty to her was really getting to Jenny. She was about to turn towards the door when suddenly the light flicked off and someone came up behind her and placed his arms around her to cup her breasts...his mouth placing wet lingering kisses along the exposed side of her neck. She instinctively pushed her ass back against her boyfriend's hardening cock, and, oh, it felt as hard as steel. Her eyes were closed as his heat passed through her. Her boyfriend Ricky was such a sex fiend.

He rubbed his hard cock against her ass while his hands still massaged her breasts. He tweaked her nipples causing her to moan and twist. As she stuck her ass out against his cock, he smacked her, causing her to yelp. He reached over to her dresser for her hairbrush and smacked her ass again with that. She was really getting turned on. He pulled down her teddy so her breasts were bare, then he pushed it down to the floor, leaving her naked.

The room was in complete darkness and she was so turned on by this male touch and the noises coming from her roommate. She started to turn around but he stopped her. He placed her sleep patch over her eyes. She leaned back into him to let him have free access to her body.

He could not believe his good fortune, the horny dog! He slid his hands down between her legs and felt how wet she was. Spreading her pussy lips open with one hand, he began to finger fuck her while they stood in the middle of the room. She began to moan and wiggle around, her hips gyrating in time to his fingers sliding in and out of her. He shoved her forward toward the bed and bent her over at the edge. He resumed fucking her, but not with his fingers. He slid the large handle from the brush right up her hot little cunt, and started pumping it in and out. She was momentarily surprised by this since she expected his hard cock inside her, but he could move that hard brush in some interesting ways and she her breathing became deeper as she got into it.

He really churned the handle inside her love tunnel. Her moaning along with that of her roommate made for a stereophonic love fest. Add the sound of my hand smacking against her ass and the smell of sex and you know this is one hot Friday night in the dorm, he thought. He pulled the brush out and got his tongue in that pussy. He pushed her down on the bed on her back and pulling off his shirt and his jeans he climbed on top of her. Her hands were all over his naked body. His hot tongue was in her mouth as he rammed his cock into her. Now it was her turn to bang bedposts against the wall. She thought something had really turned her boyfriend on; he seemed unusually energetic.

"Oh yes!" she cried out, "Fuck me the way you know I like it!" At this point she did not care who heard her. He hiked her legs up and fucked her with long, deep strokes. His tongue was all over her from her mouth to her neck and tits.

Man, she has great tits, he thought as he captured a hardened nipple between his teeth. She gave a little yelp but continued to wiggle beneath him. His rhythm quickened and the head of his cock swelled inside her. She could tell he was getting ready to explode.

"You are not cumming yet," she said as she wrapped her legs around his waist tighter and pulled him in closer. She flipped her sleep mask off and stared into the face of her…oh shit! This is was not her boyfriend, it was her roommate’s boyfriend.

She froze with her mouth open. So who was in there with her roommate, still fully engaged in her own sexual romp? At times like these, questions and logic served no purpose, so she got back to the matter at hand: to continue to get a good fucking. He plunged back in going deep: slowly and deep, slowly and deep as he scraped against her clit and grazed her G-spot. She was really feeling this. Could a Friday night in a college dorm be any better?

All she was feeling was sex--this was real aerobics. Jenny could hear the ruckus coming from Cherise's room. Wow, if we could record this and put it on a CD we'd be millionaires, Jenny thought. Jenny loved the feeling of a smooth body grinding against hers and all of her senses were heightened. Every nerve in her body was turned on. She planted a wet, sloppy kiss on his mouth as he planted her legs around his lower back and put her hands on his naked ass drawing him deeper into her.

The thrill of being so bad, fucking her roomate’s boyfriend excited her. Did Cherise know about this? Who was fucking her? Jenny grabbed onto his tight ass and pulled him in again, squeezing her legs around his body and her cunt around his pumping cock. He stopped for just a moment and leaned his face close to hers.

"Now that you know who I am, you ought to know that I have been thinking about fucking you like this since the first time I met you. Cherise is great, but you have the sexiest eyes and the most fuckable ass I have ever seen." He teased her lips with his tongue and she devoured it with her mouth. They kissed furiously, tasting and exploring. He laid down on top of her and then rolled them over, his throbbing cock still inside her.

She was on top and began to ride him, bouncing up and down the full length of his shaft. He took hold of her hips and planted his feet on the bed. He thrust his hips to meet her descent. She was breathing hard from the exercise and the mounting orgasm rippling through her body when she felt another set of hands take hold of her hips. She gasped, and turned around to see her brother behind her and her roommate crawling onto the bed next to him...

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