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Friendly Neighbors

Newly introduced neighbors decide to take their relationship to the next level
This story is based on a true story. (names have been changed)

My name is Alexa. I'm an 18-year-old girl with long, dark brown hair that softly glides to almost my lower back, and light brown, glistening eyes. I have long, dark and thick eyelashes to compliment my bedroom eyes. I was fresh out of high school, exploring the world of college, which. of course, brought on a wide sense of curiosity. Before going off to college (in fact, during my last year of high school) a new family had moved into the house across the street from mine. This family consisted of both a husband and wife, who were the parents of a 3-year-old daughter. I walked over to their house one day after school to introduce myself to find that the man in the family, Nick, was home.

"Hey, there, new neighbor! How are you?" I said, in a friendly tone.

"Good. I'm Nick, nice to meet you," he said with a gleaming smile on his face. Immediately, I noticed him glancing down at my lean and toned body in my shorts and semi-see-through tank top, since it was a scorching hot day. His forehead gleamed with sweat, as he had been doing some outdoor work in the yard. 

"I'm Alexa, nice to meet you!" I smiled back.

"Did you just come home from school? I saw you pull into the driveway before."
 "Yeah, I came home early today, since I didn't want to die of heat exhaustion in school," I said, slightly giggling.

In this moment, I really took the time to notice how much of a good looking guy Nick was. The first things I noticed were his huge biceps, tan skin, 5 o'clock shadow, and his face, whose features were distinguished and carved. Our conversation progressed, and it soon had to end since I had homework that had to be done. 

"Okay Nick, I'm sorry I have to cut the conversation short. I have some homework and other chores to get to. Listen, if you need anything at all, just give me a call. Anything at all," I said, with a lustful look in my eyes, along with a flirtatious smile.

I took a small piece of scrap paper from my notebook in my bag, and quickly scribbled down both my house and cell phone numbers, in my obvious girly handwriting, which I happened to love. We said our goodbyes, and ended our conversation with a friendly kiss on the cheek. I walked up the slanted pathway leading to the street, and quickly walked across to my house.

The next day, before leaving for school, my mom mentioned that she had talked to Nick and his wife, and that they had said that Nick would be coming over later that afternoon in order for me to help him with some paperwork filing. I gladly agreed to help, and hoped to make a move on him, or that he would make a move on me. I walked out the door, in my white shorts and floral loose top, and drove my way to school.

Later that afternoon, I pulled in the driveway, and opened the door of my candy apple red Volkswagen Jetta which I had saved up to buy. After a little more than five minutes of getting in the door, I heard the doorbell ring and immediately knew that it was Nick. I ran down the stairs to quickly open the door, and was greeted by Nick, with a smile and a big box of paperwork. I welcomed him inside my house, and led him to the living room couch. 

"So, do you want anything to drink? Water or anything?" I asked.

He replied by saying, "No thanks, I'm good. So let's get to work, shall we?" 

"Yeah we should, it looks like we have a lot of work to do!" I answered, giggling and trying to be flirtatious. I started to take files out of the box, and began to organize them by subject or date. 

"So... Got your eye on anyone lately?" Nick asked. this really broke the ice. 

"No, not really. But there is this guy in the neighborhood that's pretty hot, if I do say so myself."

At that moment, Nick proceeded to form a look on his face that looked pretty jealous. There was completely silence for a few minutes after, not including the nod that he gave me after I made that comment. Although this happened, I caught him slightly turning his head to sneak a peek at me a few times. I had even caught him looking at my evenly tanned and lean legs, which I had previously worked so hard to achieve.

After completing the filing in about 30 minutes, I walked with Nick as he went outside to bring the files back to his house. Before stepping in the door, Nick asked, "Hey, do you think you can water our garden in the front yard while I water the plants in the backyard?"

I agreed with a friendly smile, and turned the hose on as Nick walked to the backyard. As I was too preoccupied with watching him and his muscular, sexy build, some of the water from the hose sprayed onto my shirt, soaked through my bra, making my shirt even more see-through. Nick came back around to the front yard, and immediately glanced at my wet shirt. 

"I'll go get you a new shirt, just an old t-shirt," he said this as he looked straight at my D-cup breasts, which were distinctly showing through my soaking wet shirt, "Come inside with me so you can get changed."

I followed him through the front door, and into the master bedroom, where Nick handed me a Nike t-shirt, which still smelled like his cologne. I started to take of my shirt, as Nick turned around and pretended to cover his eyes. 

"It's okay big boy, you can look. It's not that big of a deal."

By now, my boobs had been fully revealed, with very distinct cleavage showing, as well as my lean stomach and belly button piercing. Seeing my boobs uncovered must have really driven him wild, because at that point, he walked over and stood behind me, caressing my shoulders, lower back and sides. I tilted my head back in pleasure. Just the feeling of his warm touch on my body drove me absolutely wild. I felt his hot breath on my neck, which sent a tingling feeling down my spine.

Nick reached for the front of my pink polka-dotted thong, and started to rub by my pussy lips. I turned my head towards his, and began to kiss him passionately, while I held behind his head. We both moved in unison to the nearby love seat sofa in the master bedroom, and plopped our bodies on it, on top of each other. "Wait, let me give you something first," I whispered while reaching for the drawstring on his basketball shorts.

I gave him a quick but seductive smile, and undid the bow that was tied in the drawstring. I pulled his shorts down to his ankles, then pulled his checkered boxers down to his ankles as well. A 9-inch, thick cock sprung up as soon as it was released from being restrained in his boxers.

"Damn, it's so big. I didn't expect it to be this big, at all!" I exclaimed.

The minute I finished talking, Nick pushed my head down on his cock, so that it was almost all the way down my throat. I proceeded to suck my way down his shaft, while I listened to his soft moans that were slowly becoming more pronounced. I decided to suck a little bit faster with a bit more pressure, and swirled my tongue around the head of his penis. I felt his warm precum moving around in my mouth. I moved my way down to his ballsack, and took each one of his balls in my mouth and sucked them gently. I took his cock out of my mouth and started to stroke it slowly, with a slight force, as I moved my hands in circles up and down his cock.

Nick picked me up by my waist, and laid me down on the sofa, spreading my legs and putting them above his shoulders. He stuck his tongue deep in my pussy, which automatically made me throw my head back and moan lightly. He licked in small circles around my clit, and spread open my pussy lips. The feeling of his hot tongue was insane. He stopped using his mouth after a few minutes, and stuck in two of his fingers.

He thrust them in and out slowly at first, then gradually getting faster. My legs had begun to shake, as I let out a loud scream. My hot juices flowed out of my pussy, and Nick licked by my belly button, then up to my chest and neck, then face. He pressed his lips against mine, and I bit his bottom lip slightly to relay the message to him that I wanted him in me. He read my mind, and picked me up, bringing me to the wall and pressing my body up against it. He lifted one of my legs up and put it over his shoulder. He teased the outside of my pussy, rubbing the head of his cock around my pussy lips.

"Just stick it in me, I want your big cock to be fucking my tight, wet pussy" I said. He stuck the head of his cock into my pussy and started slowly thrusting his penis into me until his cock completely filled my pussy up. His thrusts got even stronger and harder, and I felt his cock hit the perfect spot, which released the powerful orgasm that was built up inside me still from when he ate me out.

We moved over to the king sized bed, where I pushed Nick down so he was laying down. I straddled myself on top of his cock, and started to tease him by lightly sweeping my pussy across his cock.

"Stop teasing me," Nick pleaded, "I want that pussy so damn bad."

I sat on top of his cock, and started riding it up and down, while grinding down on it in a circular motion. Getting faster and faster, I was about to reach yet another climax and pulled myself off of his cock. I sucked his shaft a few times, and told Nick to lay down and fuck me sideways. He gladly listened to me, and wrapped his arm around my waist while sticking his cock into my throbbing pussy, once again. This position felt like heaven to me.

I turned my head so our faces were towards each other and kissed his lips hard, which showed that I was being pleasured nicely. I wanted him to plant his cock deep in my ass before cumming, so I pulled his cock out and we got into a doggy-style position. He gripped my asscheeks, pulled them closer to him, then pushing them away as his cock slid in and out of my asshole.

"Mmm, baby, I want that cum all over my face and tits. I want some in my mouth so I can see how you taste," I said in a seductive tone. Not long after, Nick started breathing heavily and pulled out. I got on my knees in front of his cock and thrust it for him a bit. He did the rest of the work, and let out five or six warm spurts of cum on my face and into my mouth. I gladly swallowed, and opened my mouth afterwards to show him that I accepted his "gift."

"Next time you need me for anything at all, just give me a call and I'll be right over, I promise," I said to Nick.

"Same with me," he replied, "now that we're neighbors, I'm going to need a lot of help from you."

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