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Friends for Years

I have a friend who is very special to me, his name is Ronald, and we have known each other for over 13 years.   For one reason or another we have never hooked up as boyfriend and girlfriend but we have done things together movies, dinners and other things.   Now this guy isn’t what I would call experienced and I have had a few lovers in my past so we do make for an interesting couple.   Ever since I met Ronald I have been sexually attracted to him but since he is so shy and inexperienced I never really pursued Ronald on a sexual level.   Yes, I flirted and sometimes came across really strong but I have really held back.   Ronald and I hadn’t been talking for a little while we sort of lost touch for almost a year.   But recently we started talking again and going out a lot this one night in particular will always remain in my mind and have a special place in my memory.  


The night started out by Ronald picking me up and us going out to a nice dinner, during our recent conversations I had found out that he had opened up more and flirts very well.   I decided to try and see if I could get anything going, I wasn’t thinking long term just a one or two-night thing or maybe a casual thing whenever the time felt right.   In the car I leaned over and whispered in his ear that he smelt really good and that I wasn’t wearing anything under my dress except a negligee and fishnet stockings.   At supper that night I took off my shoe and played footsies with him under the table and ran my foot up and down his leg as far as it would go.   I could almost his groin area if I stretched my foot out far enough.   I could tell by the way he shifted a few times that I was getting a rise out of him and that was what I was hoping for.   During supper our fingers touched as we passed things to each other and each time I tried to get the contact to be longer and longer.   As an after thought, I realized that if this went no where, I was going to be one frustrated lady at the end of the night.   As we talked we covered a number of topics and one that came up was kissing, Ronald didn’t have much experience at this but I didn’t realize how little till he asked me what French kissing was.   It took me a couple of seconds to get my thoughts together because I wasn’t expecting such a question, so I explained that it was open mouth kissing where you stick your tongue in the other persons mouth and caress their tongue with yours.   I asked why and he said he had never kissed like that before and he was curious what it was like.   I soon realized that he was a little more inexperienced than I thought and soon my pussy was getting wet.   If he had never French kissed he probably hadn’t gone farther either.  


After dinner we had dessert and I tried to entice him by eating my ice cream very slowly and provocatively.   After supper we went for a walk in a park near the movie theatre we were going to.   We walked along and talked soon we came to a set of picnic tables.   We sat down on the tables with our feet on the seat.   I put my arm through his and started rubbing hi leg.   All of a sudden he turned to me and asked me to teach him how to French kiss I was shocked.   I was so speechless I wasn’t sure what to do or say. (Obviously I hadn’t really thought out this whole thing, was I really ready to teach someone what I knew about making out and sex?)   I decided I would give it a try and teach him what ever he wanted to learn.   My nipples began to harden and I felt moisture forming between my legs.   So I just leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips just quick pecks at first and then slowly making them longer, soon I separated his lips with my tongue and started French kissing him.   It was very enjoyable considering he was new at this.   I figure he will be a great kisser with a little more teaching and practice.   We kissed awhile longer then decided it was time to go to the movie.  


In the movie theatre I wrapped my arm through his and slowly caressed his arm and hand, I slowly made my way to his leg.   I started at his knee and slowly worked my way up.   I caressed, squeezed and ran my nails up and down his leg all through the movie.   Near the end of the movie I found out I had really gotten to him because he took my hand and placed it on his now hard cock and in a husky voice whispered, “See what you have done to me?”   I was surprised I hadn’t expected him to do something so forward and as a reflex I moved my hand away from his crouch but kept it on his leg.   After we left the movie theatre we walked to his car and once inside he became very apologetic saying he was sorry for placing my hand on his cock.   I said it was OK I had just been a little surprised by his reaction.   He explained that he just wanted me to know what effect I was having on him.   I pointed out that I knew exactly what effect I was having on him because I wouldn’t do anything to him if I didn’t already have an idea of what it would do to him and that I had been hoping for that reaction.  


We decided to go to my place and watch some TV because it was still early and neither of us wanted to stop the evening.   When we got back to my house we decided to watch a movie which had some leather in it.   Ronald had a few questions about stuff that was going on in the movie.   And I realized that he has a liking for leather.   I went upstairs and changed into my leather halter-top.   It was a big hit he really enjoyed it.   I notice that he had a tent forming in his pants.   I decided to get a look at what was forming that tent and what I had felt through his pants at the movie theatre.   I rubbed down his leg and then back up letting my little finger gently rub against the bulge in his jeans.   Through the fabric I could feel his cock twitching.   I whispered in his ear that I would like to take out his cock and touch it.   He was a little hesitant but after a little more rubbing agreed.   I took out his cock it was very nice to look at and soon my mouth began to water as I thought about giving him a blowjob.   I asked him if he had ever had a blowjob and he said no, so I asked if he would like one.   He wasn’t to sure so I said that I could start and if he wanted me to, all he had to do was ask me to stop.   I pointed out to him that went for anything we would do that night or any other time we were together.   If ever something made him uncomfortable that he just had to say so and that I would do the same.    


He agreed to let me start, I knelt on the floor in front of him and wrapped my hand around his now very hard cock and licked just the tip of it.   It tasted as good as it looked.   I wrapped my lips around just the head and genteelly ran my tongue around the gland of his cock then slowly moved my lips down his shaft till I had taken it nearly all the way down my throat.   He whispered stop, I took my mouth off and asked if there was something wrong and he said no it just felt way too good and he was going to cum if I didn’t stop.   I grinned and said that was the whole point of a blowjob.   He asked if he should let me know when he was going to cum.     I said no that I would be able to tell and that I was planning on swallowing every drop I could milk out of him.   I took hold of my lovely friend and started at the tip running my tongue around in circle around the top over and over then down the underside with the tip of my tongue.   I would then gently nibble up the underside along the vain of his cock.   I then took the whole thing in my mouth and swallowed it to the base.   As I thought it only took him minutes to cum hitting the back of my throat (it was after all his first blow job) and as promised I swallowed every sweet drop.   He commented that is felt good and that he enjoyed it very much, I told him that I would do that for him anytime he wanted.  


He took me in his arms, lifts me back up on the couch beside him.   I cuddled in beside him to watch the rest of the movie.   After watching the movie he asked if I had anything more daring in the way of movies.   I was very surprised to find that he actually was interested in watch something more X-rated.   I said I had a few upstairs and left to get one.   I picked one that wasn’t really out there it was more of a soft porn show.   I took it back down to the living room, popped it in the VCR and settled back down beside him.   Not far into the movie Ronald asked if I would let him feel my breasts, I said he could feel anything he wanted, and I would let him know if anything made me feel uncomfortable.   (in my mind of course I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to stop a thing).   My nipples had been hard for most of the night, any foul would have seen them while we were out, this only turned me on more, if he would have felt my pussy it would have been a dead give away I was very wet.   He very slowly moved his hands to my breasts if I didn’t know better I would think he was scared that they would bite, I was getting extremely turned on with slow exploration (after all most guys are in a rush).   He got my ample breast in his hands, feeling my hard nipples through my leather halter top, I didn’t think it could happen but my nipples got harder.   I told him if he wanted he could undo my halter top, he reached behind my neck, undoing the velcro closure around my neck.    I took advantage of having him that close I kissed him on the lips then followed the line of his neck covering it with kisses.   He followed my example and also kissed down my neck and across my shoulder.


When he lowered my top my nipples were like little hard erasers, he reached out and took each breast in a hand.   He fondled and caressed them like a little boy with a new toy.   On the movie the guy was kissing and sucking on the on the woman’s breast, Ronald asked if he could do that to mine. I told him to go head, reminding him if he did something I didn’t like I would let him know.   With this he genteelly kissed each nipple and then softly sucked each one of them in his mouth.   I reached for his head, running my fingers through his hair whispering encouragements in his ear.   What he was doing was feeling so good my pussy was getting wetter and wetter every passing moment. At one point when he came up for breath he noticed that the couple on the movie had moved on and were actually having sex.   I asked Ronald if he wanted to go that far and finish what we had started, he said he would.   I took his hand, grabbed the video, telling him we would be more comfortable upstairs in my room.


Once up there I put the movie back on and climbed on the bed.   Ronald climbed on the bed but seemed at a loss since I had interrupted him by moving him upstairs.   I asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this, he nodded so I took him in my arms and kissed him long and hard this seemed to get him back to his place.   He started to undress me and I helped him out of his clothes laying kisses here and there all over his body.   When I removed his underwear his cock stood straight out at attention, we were both kneeling on the bed naked; I gave him a deep long kiss and told him we could start where we stopped downstairs. He laid me down on the bed and started kissing and caressing my breasts. I took his cock in my hand and gently rubbed it.   He asked me to stop, I asked why, he said he was so excited that if I didn’t we wouldn’t be able to go farther.   (I smiled thinking if I did make him cum again that I could always get him up again but a promise was a promise and I stopped.)   Ronald then said that he knew that there was supposed to be so much more but that he was getting a lot of information and asked if we could just have intercourse, he promised that there would be other days, with him wanting more lessons.   I agreed, reluctantly, we put a condom on his cock and I laid back, helping him find his target first.   Then I wrapped my legs around his waist, it didn’t take him long at all to cum, but I didn’t mind I was soon to find out he was a very curious and eager student.            
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