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Friends Forever Chapter 2

It took almost a year, but Ben and Emma finally get together . . .
Years have passed since I last saw Ben. He moved from Michigan to Virginia almost six years ago, and the events that happened on that spring day back in 1998 are just a memory that helps get me off from time to time. It seems like every time Ben has been in town, something has come up and prevented me from meeting up with him. Tonight I was determined to see him, no matter what. I was lucky enough to have the weekend off work, but unlucky enough to be stranded at home without a car. I called my best friend, Gina to come along because she would pick me up and drop me back off if necessary.

After getting my plans in order, I started getting ready. As the hot water rained down on me from the shower, I lathered my legs and shaved them bare from ankle to hip. Moving up my body, I carefully shaved my lips and mound bare; taking care not to cut myself or leave any hair whatsoever. The suds from my shampoo ran quickly between my breasts as I rinsed the soap from my body. After conditioning my hair and ensuring all the soap was rinsed off, I stepped out of the shower into my steamy bathroom.

Wrapping myself in my big fuzzy robe, I walked to the kitchen to grab a drink and let the bathroom de-steam itself. Taking down the shot glass Ben brought me back from the Harley Davidson factory ten years ago, I poured myself a shot of Jack Daniels to calm my nerves. “Shit!” I said, seeing it was already 7:30 and we were all supposed to meet at 8. Running back into the bathroom, I decided the hairstyle planned for tonight needed to go from wavy curls cascading down my back to a braid to deal with this wet hair. Thinking a little longer I decided to be playful and go with two braided pigtails just to drive Ben crazy. Every time I had my hair in pigtails when we were hanging out in college he couldn’t keep his hands off of me.

Once my hair was done, I rubbed my glitter lotion all over my naked flesh; I loved the way it sparkled and brought out the freckles my Scottish heritage blessed me with. Once the lotion dried, I stepped gently into my black lace thong panties and wiggled into my jeans. I picked out a shirt that covered enough to keep me comfortable but showed enough to keep Ben uncomfortable. I pulled on my boots just in case Ben planned on giving me a ride on his bike and grabbed my helmet, coat and riding gloves as Gina pulled up.

“What’s up biker bitch?” Gina said, laughing as I got into her car. “I guess if we’re meeting Ben and his friends, the biker look is the best option.”

I looked over to Gina and laughed. “You know he’s going to try and con me into going for a ride on the bike, I need to wear something appropriate for the back of a Harley. Plus I don’t want to look like a hoochie.”

We talked, laughed, and smoked cigarettes all the way to the bar. I could feel my nerves building as we got closer; people change a lot in 6 years, and even though we’d talked on the phone and on the computer, I wasn’t sure that Ben and I would still have the same connection we did before he moved.

Gina must have sensed me getting more nervous because she looked over at me and said “If he doesn’t find you as hot as you were before he left then he’s gone crazy. You are so much hotter than you were back then. I’d even fuck you if you’d let me.” She said, winking at me.

“You know I’d let you, but you have to wait your turn like everyone else.” I said, teasing Gina back, thankful for the humor to calm me down a little.

We walked into the bar and over to the group of tables Ben and his friends had taken over. His ice blue eyes locked on my hazel ones and I felt butterflies flutter in my stomach as the muscles in my pussy quivered. He looked hotter than he had six years ago. Ben had gotten a job as a correctional officer at a prison in Virginia, and obviously had been using the gym quite a bit. I could see more definition in his arms and his shoulders and chest were broader than they had been in the past. He wasn’t tall and lanky any more, he’d put on enough muscle to still be slim but filled out enough to look good. I could feel my panties getting wet just from remembering our afternoon together 13 years ago. I hoped that I would get another chance at Ben tonight.

Ben pushed his friends away and walked up to me; he was still a foot taller than I was, even in my heels. He cupped my chin in his hand and tilted my face up to his. His lips brushed mine gently and the fire in my belly raged out of control. “It has been too long.” Ben said. “And you look amazing. What the hell have you been doing hiding this from me for the last six years?”

I blushed and looked away. As he hugged me, I could feel him hard against my belly. I ached to have him inside me but knew that I had to wait for his move. He found a girlfriend shortly after moving to Virginia and I wasn’t sure if she was here or if they were even still together. I looked around Ben and saw his friends staring at us and trying to figure out what was happening. I turned bright red as he led me back to the table and ordered me a hard cider and some wings.

The situation relaxed and we all spent the next few hours drinking and laughing. Around 11, Gina said she had to go because she had to work in the morning: she asked if she was still driving me home. At that point Ben offered to give me a ride home in a little while if I wanted to stay. When he said that, Ben squeezed my thigh. I got his message and sent Gina on her way home letting her know I’d call her the next day.

Ben paid the tab and said goodbye to his friends while I ran to the ladies room before we left. “So, I guess you’re taking me home now?” I asked Ben.

“I was hoping not to.” Ben said. “I thought we could go for a ride first.”

Ben knew I loved riding with him. His dad had died the year before and he inherited his dad’s full dressed Electra Glide. I hadn’t had a chance to ride with Ben on this bike, but his dad had taken me for a ride on it once and I loved it. I put my helmet on, zipped my coat and climbed behind Ben on the bike, wrapping my arms around his waist.

As the bike roared to life between our legs, the vibrations travelled along my body; heightening the pleasure and making it harder to breathe. The last time I was on this bike it was lacking some modifications or I wasn’t this horny. Ben felt me tense up as he revved the engine. “Are you okay back there?” He asked, revving the engine harder.

Focusing on everything but the spreading pleasure magnified by the vibrations of the bike, I steadied my breathing and replied. “Yeah, I’m good. It’s just been a while since I’ve been on this bike and I forgot your dad made a few modifications.”

“Yeah, and I made a few more.” Ben said chuckling as we slowly rolled out of the parking lot.

As we pulled off in the cloudless night, the vibrations of the bike were almost too much to bear. I could feel the orgasm quickly building and tried shifting positions to prevent the inevitable. I couldn’t control it though, and before a mile had passed I could feel my muscles quivering as the orgasm overtook me. I grabbed Ben tighter to make sure that I stayed on the bike and didn’t throw off our balance. I leaned over and lightly nibbled at Ben’s neck as we rode. I remembered how he made me feel before and I wanted to feel it again.

Ben knew exactly how to handle the bike like an expert. I wasn’t sure if he realized that his shifting gears and accelerating the way he was kept bringing me to orgasm after orgasm, but I was pretty sure he knew exactly what he was doing. By the time we pulled into the beach parking lot fifteen minutes later, my panties and jeans were soaked through and the seat of the bike showed a wet spot. My legs were still quivering from all the orgasms, and I was sure that Ben would know exactly what had happened. As he got off the bike, Ben’s eyes locked on mine and that sly grin showed on his face. “Did you enjoy the ride over?” he said, raising one eyebrow.

I could only giggle, of course he knew what had happened, he did it on purpose, and I didn’t care. Unzipping my jacket and taking off my helmet and gloves I said “Yeah, it was alright.” I said, teasing him.

“It was alright, huh? Only alright? I think this wet spot tells a different story.” Ben said as he scooped me up and carried me over to one of the picnic tables along the walkway.

Ben set me down on the edge of the table and leaned in to me. He slowly ran his tongue along my jaw line to my ear. Goosebumps rose on my skin in a combination of the stimulation and the cooler air coming in off the lake. The moonlight illuminated the glitter in the lotion I put on earlier; making my skin look like it was glowing in the moonlight. Ben traced the neckline of my shirt with the tip of his finger. “I don’t remember there being so much of this last time I saw you.” He said. “I think I like them. Did you get a boob job and not tell me?” Ben asked grinning at me.

“No, I woke up one morning and they went from B cups to D’s. I’m not sure what happened, but all of a sudden, it was like poof - boobs.” I said, wrapping my legs around Ben’s waist and pulling him closer to me.

“Well, I like them.” He said as he gently kissed the top of each breast. He turned his head up and looking into my eyes gently kissed my lips again. The butterflies started back up as his tongue slowly probed my mouth and tangled with my tongue. His hands rubbed my nipples through my shirt as we kissed and I pulled him closer with my legs. He was hard against me and I knew before long he’d be inside me. I knew he still wanted me and I still wanted him.

“Mmmmmm Emma, God babe, you make me so hot. Every time I see you I just want you more.” Ben said as he pushed me back to lie on the picnic table and pulled my shirt up exposing my stomach. His hands pushed the shirt higher as he kissed his way up from my belly button. The fire in me was out of control and I wasn’t sure I could wait for it or handle going anywhere else on that bike without a real release.

“Ben, I want you too, and I don’t know if I can wait any more . . . . It’s been too long already. You promised you’d never make me wait like that again.” I said, pulling Ben’s shirt up and scratching along his back.

Ben’s eyes flashed passion I hadn’t ever seen from him before. “Emma, not here . . . I want you, but not here. Let’s head back to the hotel.” He said as he helped me off the table and handed me my helmet and gloves. I wasn’t sure if I could handle the ride back but knew it would be worth it.

Ben took it easy on the throttle on the way to the hotel, almost as if he knew that one more orgasm could prove too much for me. The vibration did keep me tingling but I was able to maintain control for the short ride to the hotel. Once we were inside the room though, all bets were off. I quickly unzipped my jacket and threw it across the room while trying to pull off my boots simultaneously. Once our riding gear was off, Ben and I kissed passionately as we undressed each other. My hands fumbled for the buckle of his belt as he struggled to unhook my bra. He kissed and bit each of my nipples in turn as I pulled his jeans off.

I moaned as Ben’s fingers pinched and twisted my nipples as he bit my neck and shoulders. I rubbed his hard cock through the fabric of his boxers. He reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, sliding them off me. I felt him get harder as he caught a glimpse of my tiny lacy thong panties. Kissing his way down my body, he pulled the panties off of me, leaving me naked and glittering in the middle of the hotel room.

“My god Emma, how much glitter did you use?” Ben said, laughing. “It’s everywhere. It’s like you have a spotlight on you.”

I giggled. “What? I like my glitter lotion.” I pulled his boxers off and started stroking his 8” cock slowly.

He pulled me into the bathroom and started the shower. Once the water was hot, Ben pulled me into the shower with him. As the hot water rained down on us, Ben pushed my back against the cold shower wall and spread my legs. Getting on his knees, he put one of my legs over his shoulder and traced the outline of my wet slit with the tip of his finger. I trembled as his finger gently brushed against my hard clit. His nose rubbed against my clit as his tongue spread my lips and probed inside of me. I pressed my hips toward him as he buried his face in me. My legs became weak as he licked and bit my clit, bringing me to the brink of orgasm before denying me.

Ben grabbed my hips and lifted me up. Pushing my back against the wall, he buried his cock deep inside me, pinning me to the wall. With his arm wrapped around my waist to hold me up, he fucked me as hard and as fast as he could. His moans gave way to grunting as his orgasm neared. I screamed in pleasure as wave after wave of pleasure overtook me from orgasm after orgasm. As my juices ran down my leg and mixed with the water from the shower, I felt Ben tense for a moment then explode inside of me. He screamed my name as he came and gave three or four more thrusts before relaxing and letting go of me.

As we started washing each other off and cleaning up I noticed that Ben was hard again. “Again? So Soon?” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“What can I say? You do amazing things to me.” He said “Don’t you remember last time? We have to get the first one out of the way quickly so we can enjoy the second.”

I giggled and ran to the bed, still dripping from the shower. I burrowed myself under the covers as Ben leaped onto the bed after me. He went under the covers after me and buried his tongue in my mouth at the same time he buried his cock in my pussy again. This time he moved slowly so that every ridge rubbed and stimulated the nerve endings surrounding his hardness. My back arched from pleasure as he prolonged each stroke to elicit maximum pleasure. As he slowly slid in and out of me, Ben used his mouth and tongue to stimulate and tease my nipples.

My breathing got more and more rapid as the orgasm built slowly. “Ben . . . I don’t think I can handle more than one more orgasm . . . and I think it’s coming.” I said.

Ben slowed down slightly and let the pleasure plateau for a moment. “Patience Emma. Patience. Soon, I promise.” As my breathing returned to normal, he slowly increased the pace again.

We continued the cycle of slowly increasing and decreasing the pace to prevent my orgasm for the next hour, by then every nerve ending on my body was on fire and I couldn’t take it anymore.

As I finally came for the final time tonight, the muscle contractions pushed Ben over the edge and his second orgasm overtook him and he collapsed on top of me.

“Emma . . .” He said trying to catch his breath. “I’m done waiting for you. 15 years is long enough. I knew I wanted you the second I laid eyes on you. Move to Virginia with me. It’s time.”

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