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Friends give in to one another

Bex and I had been friends for a while, but our relationship was about to change
Bex and I had met 3 years ago, while we were both training to become teachers. We had then managed to get a job together and had continued to grow close.

Bex is a beautiful blonde, around 5ft 6 and a figure to die for. Her shoulder length hair frames her cute face, with big sea blue eyes and slim soft lips. Her curving figure starts with her large 36DD breasts, above a slim toned stomach. Her small curved ass leads to long stunning legs. The only down side was the fact she knew she was beautiful and could always be a tease.

Since meeting Bex and I had always flirted, but I never thought it would lead to anything serious. I was a typical average bloke, and she was this stunning blonde that all guys would love to have on their arm. This was until one special night we shared together.

It was near Christmas and we had gone along to the works Christmas party. Being 23 and 24 we were the youngest people there, and as the night went on we had decided to head into town. We had made the most of the free drinks at the table and then set off walking to town.

It was pitch black, but the sky was clear meaning the temperature had plummeted to around zero.

Bex was dressed in a blue cocktail dress that stopped just above her knee, and I was in jeans and a shirt which hugged tightly to my biceps. I walked a few steps behind her, watching her ass wiggle as she tried to stay steady on her feet, the drink eventually taking its hold now we were out in the fresh air.

She then stopped and turned to look at me. “Mike it’s freezing, stop staring at my ass and come keep me warm” she said looking deep into my eyes.

A little shocked she had caught me out, I walked putting my arm tightly around her shoulders. “I’m sorry, it’s not my fault you have a cute ass” I replied with a flirtatious giggle before quickly pinching her tight ass before placing back around her bare shoulder.

We walked for a while in silence, as Bex placed her arm around my waste. I then slipped my hand down off her shoulder, placing it under her arm, my fingers sitting gently against the side of her large breasts. “How do you not have a boyfriend?” I asked inquisitively breaking the silence.

“How do you mean”

“Your beautiful Bex, you know you are. How come you haven’t found someone to settle down with? You could have the pick of anyone you liked.”

“But then I couldn’t enjoy the single life. We are still young Mike. We still have a lot of time to have fun before things need to get serious”

She turned her head and looked at me giving me a cheeky smile, and winking at me before pulling me tight to her.

We were almost in town now and as we were both feeling the effects of the alcohol and starting to get cold from the long walk we slipped into the first bar we came to. It was quite quiet as most people had now headed on to nightclubs to have a dance. It was nearly half past 12 after all.

“What would you like to drink?” I asked trying to be the gent.


“Water? What’s wrong with you?” I said jokingly.

“Nothing, I just want to keep a clear head for later”

I little confused by the comment, but trying not to get a head of myself I went and ordered the drinks. I got a beer and brought them over to the table. Bex had settled down in a small booth in the corner of the room.

We sat drinking our drinks, my head getting a little hazy from the alcohol, we flirted outrageously, laughing and joking. We had almost finished our drinks, as the bell rang for last orders. “Would you like another drink, or should we head home?” I asked.

Bex looked at me and a wry smile spread across her face “Let us go for a drink at yours” she smiled before sliding her hand over my knee.

I didn’t ask any questions. Taking her hand I led her outside and flagged down a taxi. I climbed into the black cab sitting in the middle. As Bex followed me in she tripped falling forwards and landing on me. As she lifted her head, I looked deep into her eyes. I could feel her breath on my face, and leant forward kissing her gently.

Luckily she kissed me back, reaching out and pulling the door closed. We kissed for 2 or 3 minutes before the taxi driver asked where we were going. I told him my address and the two of us giggled together.

As we drove, we continued to kiss and I slid my hand up the outside of her leg, sliding it up under her dress. She pulled her body towards me so I could reach her firm ass, before breaking the kiss to whisper in my ear.

“I’m not wearing any panties, feel free to play”

I felt my cock twitch at her words and slid my hand around her ass to check if she was just teasing me again. She wasn’t and as my hand slipped down over her ass I could feel the warmth from her shaven pussy between her legs. I was just about to slide my hand around to the front of her dress, when the taxi stopped.

Bex pulled her dress back down to cover her modesty and slipped out the cab. I paid the driver and followed her out. Standing under the street light I could hardly believe my eyes. The girl I had wanted ever since we met had just kissed me and now we stood outside my flat. Was my fantasy really about to come true? I stood in a daze staring at her amazing figure.

I was suddenly snapped out of it as Bex took my hand and said calmly “you’re staring again. Trust me it will be much more fun if you take me inside”

We walked up to the flat and as I unlocked the door I felt her hands slip around my waste, her tits pressing against my back. I began fumbling with the keys, as she slid both hands down the front of my jeans, wrapping them gently around my package through my boxers. “Nice” she whispered in my ear as eventually I got the door open.

I turned to close the door and she kissed me passionately on the lips, her hands now tugging at the button on my jeans. My cock was almost fully erect already, as she pulled down my jeans.

The door clicked shut, and she began to unbutton my shirt. Getting half way down she stopped, unzipped the side of her dress and slid it off her shoulder. As it fell to the floor, my cock twitched, it was now fully erect and the sight of her stood in front of me in just a strapless bra made my cock wet with pre-cum.

Her pussy had a small neatly shaven triangle of pubes above it, almost pointing down at her swollen pink lips.

She went back to unbuttoning my shirt and I unclasped her bra, expecting her large boobs to sag slightly as her bra fell to the floor. Much to my surprise nothing happened, her large breasts just stayed, bouncing pertly. Her large dark nipples stood out against the light flesh of her breasts.

I felt my shirt drop off to the floor, as Bex also dropped to her knees. She tugged down my tight boxers, allowing my solid cock to spring up freely. It was inches from her face, as she took it in her soft small hand and seemed to study it closely.

She then leant forward taking it deep into her soft, warm, mouth. I felt my legs begin to buckle instantly, and fell back, steadying myself on the wall. My cock was already twitching violently; I had waited 3 years for this moment, but was already feeling an orgasm creep through my body.

Bex could tell that I was about to cum, but she wanted my hot cum deep inside her. Cupping my balls in one hand, she wrapped her other arm around my ass pulling my twitching cock deep into her mouth. I felt my cock press gently against her throat, before it began twitching, shooting all my warm semen deep into her throat.

She slurped on my pulsing cock, licking it up and down, making sure she got every last bit of my hot cum. She then stood back up. Grabbing one of my hands she placed against her warm swollen pussy.

“It’s your turn; I want you to make me moan. I want you to taste my sweet pussy”

I wrapped my arms around her, lifting her up in my arms I carried her through to the living room, lying her down on the sofa, I pulled her legs apart, revealing her glistening pink pussy. I leant forward, taking her soft lips in my mouth I gently began, sucking, nibbling and licking her wet lips.

She thrust her hips forward, pressing her set pussy into my mouth. I felt her hard clit with my tongue and heard her moan loudly. I began teasing her, licking up and down her wet slit, returning back to her twitching clit each time.

I then slipped two fingers inside her, she was so tight, and I had to thrust my fingers in and out gently at first, as she began to relax. I continued sucking hard on her engorged clit, now slamming my fingers in and out of her soaking pussy.

She moaned loudly and much to my surprise, squirted onto my hands and face. It was the first time a girl had ever squirted for me, and my cock instantly twitched hard again. I lapped up all her juice from her swollen pussy and then kissed up her body.

I wanted to play with her tits, I wanted her large erect nipples in my mouth, but she had other plans. She pulled my hair gently, making me lift me head. She then began kissing my passionately, tasting her own wet pussy on my lips. She then turned me over, making me sit on the sofa beside her.

She straddled my legs, and I felt her warm pussy press against my stiff cock. She began thrusting her hips forward, wetting my hot hard cock. I wanted it to be deep inside her tight trimmed pussy but she was now in control.

I leant forward taking her hard nipples in my mouth, I began flicking my tongue back and forth, swapping from breast to breast, sucking hard on her dark nipples.

She lifted her hips and took my cock in her hand, pressing the swollen tip of my cock against her tight opening. She then dropped down hard onto my throbbing cock. Taking all 7 inches of my dick deep inside her tight pussy. She was so tight the first few thrust were a strange mix of both pleasure and pain.

She began to ride my cock hard, thrusting her hips back and forward as I continued to play with her huge perky breasts. She was so beautiful and her naked, sweaty body was making me so horny. I had waited so long to be naked with her and couldn’t help but smile, as I sucked on her perfectly formed nipples and felt her pussy tighten like a vice around my cock.

She threw her head back, as her body began to shake, her second orgasm shooting through her body. Her tits drawn away from my mouth as she arched her back, still thrusting her hips, allowing my cock to slide in and out her dripping pussy.

“I want to fuck you hard, and cum on these amazing tits” I whispered grabbing at them, rubbing her soft skin in my hands.

Her eyes seemed to light up as she rolled off my long cock, lying on her back, her legs wide open welcoming me to her pink glistening. I climbed on top of her, keeping her legs over my shoulders, I slammed my long cock back into her throbbing pussy.

Encouraged by her loud moans, I thrust hard into her until I felt my cock begin to throb, my large bell end swelling as my cock filled with hot cum. I quickly pulled out of her pink pussy, rubbing my cock hard. It only took 3 or 4 hard tugs on my cock before I was squirting my hot cum all over her perfect boobs.

Bex moaned gently as she rubbed the large white blobs of cum into her soft skin. She looked at me and smiled. “This better not be the last time you cum for me” she whispered.

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