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Friend's Mother

Many years my friend's mother and I
Missy was my friend's mother. With 38dd, 26 and 38... at 35 and 5'9" she was my fantasy and the cause for many wanks as a teenager. I was then a strapping young lad of 18... regular workouts in the gym kept me fit and rippling muscles... no body builder looks but clean 6 pack with muscles clear cut on the back and front.

Missy lost her husband early to another woman and she was a changed woman after that. She went into a shell.... thought all men were of loose character. The bubble had burst and that young girl who was the life of any party did not go to any parties. I always thought her ex- husband was mad to leave her for another woman... but life is crazy at times.

I would spend a lot of time in their house with my friend. Though I used to go there to meet my friend there was no doubt that she was always my interest. I realized that on Sunday mornings if I went early she would get up late and I would see her in her robe without bra and panties when she got up to make breakfast for my friend and herself.

I would watch her tits bounce as she came down the steps from her bedroom and proceeded to the kitchen. She would sit on a stool in the kitchen studying the newspaper and having her coffee. While in the kitchen I would occupy a vantage chair in the sitting room from where I could watch her sitting on the stool without her knowing. I was treated to a lot of thigh and leg when her robe fell apart. I am sure I have a few times been able to catch a glimpse for her snatch... I think she shaved herself down there.

I started spending the Saturday night at my friend's place in my attempt to be the early bird. So on Saturday after my part time work and gym I would cycle to my friend's place. We would listen to music and I would get Missy to dance with me and my friend. I could make out that she was enjoying these weekend trips of mine. For me, I was almost in love with her... she was my goddess.

I would get to put music she liked... Engelbert, Cliff... that was her music. If I was lucky I would get to dance a few numbers with her and I would try to dance close.

One Saturday when I went there Missy told me that my friend had to visit his uncle in another city all of a sudden. I cursed myself and prepared to leave. Thats when Missy said "Why dont you stay on instead of cycling all the way to your house in the dark."

I thanked her and as is usual started selecting cassettes for the music ... she smiled at me and said" I like you here... you remind me of my better days" I was in the in the seventh heaven!

So I started putting all those songs and told her, "Missy dance with me". She was wearing jeans and a white cotton top. The top was semi transparent and I could see her pink lace bra. So we danced a few numbers and then there was a slow number. I took her into my arms as I normally do... safe distance between us. We both never realized but over time we were very close. I had a wicked hard on and her tits were touching my chest once in a while. Her eyes were closed and her hands were moving on my hard back as if she was feeling my back. I kissed her... I could not control myself. She broke off and sat down.

I knelt by her side and said, "Missy I am sorry.. I could not control myself... I adore you... I cannot sleep well at nights thinking of are my goddess"

She just stared at me for some time. She said" sit here by my side" I got up and sat by her side on the sofa. I said, "Missy you are beautiful.... when we go to the super market together all men look at you. You are truly very beautiful" She says, "am I ? Look at me .. my man left me for another" While talking I did not notice but her three buttons came undone.

"Missy look at these.".. I took courage and touched her tits. I slowly unbuttoned all her buttons. Opened her top. Her breasts were almost bursting out of her bra. She reached behind and unclasped her bra. Not a sag, they stood like proud sentinels capped by pink nipples.I took each in my mouth and kneaded them well. So many years without sex.. my poor Missy was like a doll in my hands. I took her hand and put it on my cock. She squeezed my cock from outside my pants.

I took off her top and bra.... there she was topless in front of me. I took her and put her on my lap. Her back was to me. She put her hand underneath and opened my fly and undid my pants.I kicked my pants off. While she was doing this I opened her pants. I had on underwear but she had her panties on. She sat on my lap. I reached in front of her and squeezed her breasts. They were heavy and hard.. heavy from anticipation, hard because many years had passed since they were fondled.

She started rubbing her ass on my cock.I was nude. She only in her panties.I bit her neck and she was moaning. She knelt down on the sofa and said "fuck mama baby."

I made her sit on my lap facing me. Her breasts were in my face. Missy pushed them into my mouth. Reaching down she took off her panties.She was wet and her wetness were all on my leg, prick and my lower belly. She guided my cock into her twat and then she was uncontrollable. She was going up and down in a frenzy.. mouth open, eyes closed , tits bouncing on my face, nipples grazing all over.

We both came soon. For her it was after many years. For me she was my constant fantasy. I never flooded so much and my semen was dripping out of her cunt all down her legs. We walked up the stairs nude and went to bed... I made love at least six more times that nite... we hardly slept . Every possible position every angle. Topped it of having a bath together in the morning and making love there too. In the morning she was walking differently and I could hardly walk... We stayed in bed till afternoon and then I left. We remained bed partners fr the next 7 years till I left that city.

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