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Friends With Benefits

The beginning of the hottest sex relationship ever.
I've once heard that sleeping with your best friend is the absolute worst thing you can do to the friendship. I'm still torn on this seeing that I've done it and it was amazing. All of these past stories have been about my ex and I really haven't had much inspiration to write about anything else lately because the drama wasn't there. For the first time ever I was just having mind blowing, respect filled sex, and it felt good. No humiliation, no bad name calling, no pain.

Now granted I had to teach my best friend how to be rough with me or at least take control. He had his first lesson in hair pulling with me. His first lesson in spanking was with me. We even experimented with him tying me up, blindfolding me and fucking me. It was such on turn on not being in control of him. All the while he was developing his sexual place in the relationship. When we first started messing around he was timid, very shy and very self conscious about everything which was odd to me seeing that I am twice his size. He's another lanky one, I have a weakness for those. I think I knew that something would end up happening between us the night we got super fucking drunk, made out and just dry humped each other to oblivion. I was remaining celibate for a guy I really liked and was sort of dating while he just got out of a shitty dating situation with my ex best friend. Yeah, messy. We both were angry, we both were drunk, we both were horny. It had been months since I had last had sex and I was aching. But I managed, I don't know how the fuck I did it, to keep his dick out of me...until the following weekend.

We had just gotten back from a party that I was the designated driver for and the party was lame. I don't even know if Mitch had gotten drunk or not, but while we were lying in bed talking I felt really close to him. I think we kissed first, then he began to touch my breasts. We fondled each other and he began to get frustrated because up until then I had been the ultimate tease to him and I was still doing it. All I kept saying in agony was, “You should have tried this months ago! You have the worst timing ever!” Which was true. Mark, the guy I really liked, and I were talking everyday, getting closer and really making a connection, but Mark lived in Dallas. Mitch was right there and so fucking adorable with his piercing blue eyes, soft pillowy lips and tight little scrawny body. I have such a weakness for nerds it's not even funny. My ex Steven was a huge nerd, but I digress.

Finally after we had been dry humping for quite some time, and he kept asking I stopped him, put my hand on my face and said the words that I've lived to regret as of now, “Hurry up and put the condom on before I change my mind”. He quickly rummaged through his nightstand, tore open the wrapper and slid on the thing. The next moment was so insane. I opened my legs really wide so he could go in between them and as he slid into me that familiar feeling of pleasure and discomfort shocked my system. It felt fucking amazing, it didn't hurt that he's well endowed either.

As he thrust in and out of me all I could say was, “I can't believe we're having sex!” laughing and moaning we fucked furiously until he came so hard I was terrified he would break the condom. As he took himself out of me I felt relieved and calm. I turned over to go to sleep. I had no idea what to say to him. The sex didn't last that long, but it was good and I really didn't feel like cuddling. But as I tried to get some sleep my mind started to race. Would I have to tell Mark? Mark told me that if I had sex with anyone else during this time he would be upset and that meant something to me. As my mind continued to race I shot up from my spot in the bed and had an anxiety attack. I could hardly breath and Mitch started to freak out too as he tried to calm me down. I could tell I was overreacting, but I couldn't help it. I really liked Mark and wanted to save myself for him and I had just blown it.

After a little time afterward Mitch and I started to touch each other again. He asked if I was alright, we kissed and before I knew it, I was agreeing to have sex again. We did and it was even better than the first time. Exhausted we fell asleep on each other and the next morning woke up thinking that this would be the last time we would do this, boy were we wrong.

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