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Friends With Benefits 3

I knew we'd both want more.
Mitch left for class the next morning and as did I. Still excited and feeling great from the fantastic blow job I had just given my best friend the day seemed to drag on. His wonderful, thick cock in my wet, warm mouth was still on my mind. I constantly replayed the moment he came in my mouth over and over as I sat in my desk and pretended to listen to my professor. I hadn't felt this good in months and the feeling seemed to be mutual. We texted back and forth in class trying to act like last night hadn't happened. We were trying to be just regular Ashleigh and Mitch, which was fairly difficult. Mitch is about 5'9" a tad shorter than me, but with skate shoes on the same height. He is very skinny, with sandy brow hair, thick rimmed glasses and a good ear for Kanye West and Kid Cudi. We had that in common. He's an spoiled, electrical engineering major that will always turn me on and trying to hide that fact was really hard.

After class let out I headed back to my apartment and just stared at my bed. It almost seemed inviting as I fixed the comforters and pillows while reminiscing about the night before. What sides of the bed we were on, the way Mitch's feet were tangled up in my sheets and the pillows we slept on next to each other. It was almost too much because I hadn't felt anything this real ever. I didn't have to compromise for sex, I didn't have to beg for it, I didn't have someone trying to gag me with their dick and telling me over and over again how I'm not doing it right and I actually had someone finish in my mouth after an entire blow job not just pulling out after sex. There was a sense of excitement yet respect in this newfound relationship and that turned me on even more. So after I made my bed and cleaned my room I sent Mitch a text to see what was up with him, then I dropped the hint of wanting him to come over. He got it and told me he'd over in 20 minutes. I was so excited to see what would happen this time as I freshened up and tried to make it look like I wasn't expecting him.

It felt like forever waiting for him to arrive but when he did he was on time. I answered the door in just my T-shirt and panties from the day and he immediately began trying to touch my big, firm ass. Giggling and playing on the way to my room we both knew what was next. We got to my room and he laid down on my bed, I laid beside him and we just stared at each other. Trying to create small talk to rid the room of tension and awkwardness. After a bit we started to kiss, softly at first. His soft tongue licked my lips as I tried to keep up with him. We both were on the same track when we started biting each other's lips and making out heavily. The room felt really warm and I began to heat up as his hands started to explore my body starting with my big, soft breasts then going down to the wetness that was waiting for him. “Someone is ready” he said playfully as he smiled and rubbed me. I slid my hand down over the hard on in his jeans and said, “I'm not the only one”. As we continued to fondle each other outside our clothes he began to do something that I thought I would have to tell him about before. He began licking, sucking and biting my ear. I tried not to moan because I didn't want to seem like I was being overly dramatic, but this is the spot on my body that turns me into Fuck Me Ashleigh. All logic goes out the window and I only have one purpose in mind when this happens and he found it. Finally I couldn't hold it in anymore, I let out a loud moan and he just giggled at me and asked, “Where are the condoms?”

After I pointed them out he found them, took one out and proceeded to tell me how it was way too small on him. Now I've been raised to believe that when guys say things like this it's just a ploy to get a girl to not make them wear a condom during sex. So I said, “Ok? Get bigger ones. It looks fine to me.” Boy was I wrong.

We got in the bed and as soon as he slid off my panties I realized it was daytime. We had never seen each other half naked in the daylight before so I was a little embarrassed being bigger than him and all. So I came up with the great idea to have “cover sex”. We both got under my comforter and he took his jeans and boxers off. I then spread my legs wide to let him in and he slowly slid every inch of himself inside of me as I let out a slow moan. It felt so good to have that Canadian dick back inside of me filling every nook and cranny of my tight, wet sugar spot. “Fuck, you are really fucking tight” he said as he slowly started thrusting inside of me trying to loosen me up. “Harder”, I moaned as he slowly began to fuck me into the bed. His piercing blue eyes filled with raw passion stared into my eyes as he tried not to laugh. This whole the started off really silly and we couldn't help but moan and laugh at the same time as he fucked me faster. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”, I screamed as his hips bucked even harder into mine. We were making a lot of noise with the bed shaking and the frame hitting the wall and I'm pretty sure my 3 other roommates cared, but we didn't.

We moved down on the ground by the side of my bed to fuck doggy style and that's when the real fun began. “It's alright, you can spank me”, I said as he struggled to put himself back inside me. “Jesus Christ you're even tighter in this position! I don't think I'm going to be able to even get in there!” Now this was a problem considering doggy style is my favorite position. “Just try?” I begged as he laughed at me. “You're so fucking cute”, he said as he giggled and tried again. After a few more tries he finally pushed himself slowly inside of me and we both let out a moan in pain and pleasure. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”, we moaned in unison as his thick cock made it all the way inside of my tightness. It felt amazing. We just sat still for a minute to get used to what was happening then the thrusting began. I like doggy style because it feels a lot better and because I can actually participate in the fucking. So as he thrusted his hips into my ass I thrusted back and there on my floor we fucked each other back and forth, hard. I arched my back and raised my ass to take in even more of him each time we met in the middle. Pulling my hair and smacking my ass he began to feel thicker inside me. “Harder, harder, HARDER!” I moaned over and over again as he tried to satisfy my demand. “Faster!” I screamed when harder became too much for me. We eventually slowed down for a break and he pulled out of me because his penis started to hurt. I just laid face down, still on my knees on the side of my bed and tried to take in as much air as I could. I felt so fucking amazing and my pussy was throbbing as my legs were shaking.

“See! I told you this condom was too fucking small!”, he said as he pulled it off to reveal the bright red ring that it had left around the base of his dick. “Awww, do you want me to kiss and make it better?” I asked in my cute, horny, high pitched voice. “Yes please.” he replied with a giggle. And with that I turned around and with him still kneeling on the ground put his soft cock inside of my mouth. It tasted like latex which wasn't really appealing, but he had just fucked the shit out of me on my floor and I wanted to let him know how much I was appreciating it. Also because I wanted him hard again. I kissed the base of his dick and licked all around the ring indention to help it feel better and he sighed with relief as I spit on it and sucked it off. Kissing up the sides of his shaft I closed my eyes and got lost in my own little cock sucking world where I was the best and he was helpless against my skills. I was just getting used to the freedom I had while I was down there when he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it down further on his dick. At first I didn't think much of it. Guys do this all the time, but when he started to gag me I quickly came up for air and flicked him. “Ouch!” he said as I glared at him. “What'd you do that for?” “You can put your hand on my head, but you can't gag me. I don't like that!”, I said with a bit of anger in my voice. He apologized and then begged me to go back down on him. I smiled at his puppy dog face and let him melt back into my mouth. Holding the head in my mouth I made circles around the cusp with my tongue over and over until he begged me to stop. I just sucked the head instead and tasted his pre-cum in delight.

After sometime he became hard again and I asked if he wanted to get back to fucking. He said, “yes”, and we went through the entire condom dilemma again. “Just next time buy some Magnums?” I suggested as he rolled the condom over his hard on. I bent back over the side of my bed on my knees and raised my ass to him as we got ready to go again. This time it wasn't any easier to get his dick back inside of me and we went through the entire process again. But we were so horny we didn't even care. We were back to fucking each other hard and fast and this time we were moaning and screaming. “Oh my god!” I shouted as I pulled the sheets off of my bed while trying to get a grip. He spanked me even harder and pulled my hair as he grunted into the air behind me, I could feel his sweat drip on the small of my back. “Oh Mitch! Mitch! Fuck me!” I screamed as he met me with, “Oh fuck I'm about to cum!” He went faster inside of me and as he got close I could feel him get bigger. I knew he was about to finish so I bucked harder onto him and took in as much of him as I could before he let out his last groan while shooting his load. “Oh my fucking Jesus Christ!” he sighed as it was still finishing inside of me. I felt the condom fill up and get heavy inside of me as I just stayed still waiting for him to finish for what seemed like forever. When he finished he pulled out of me and then looked down at his dick. “Holy shit!” he said as he took the condom off and raised it in the air. “Look at all that fucking cum!” There was quite a bit in there and I immediately thought of it spilling on my floor so I quickly told him to throw it away. “Oh my goodness, that was so amazing.” I said as I picked myself up off my floor. I laughed as I discovered the rug burns on my knees and climbed into my bed. Mitch threw the condom away and then got into bed with me and we cuddled. “I had no idea you were such a fucking stud.” I said as I giggled at him. “You're one to talk. The way you had your back arched and you were fucking me, I've never had that shit happen to me before. It felt so fucking good.”We just laid there looking at each other smiling and still trapped in our little euphoria we had just experienced. My roommates were making noises with pots and pans in the kitchen as if to try to let us know they were out there. We didn't care. I just stared at his gorgeous blue eyes and back at his pouty pink lips and kissed him softly. “Nap time?” he asked. “Nap time”. I agreed and we both drifted off to sleep next to each other.

This is the way it was for quite sometime. He'd come over to my place during the day or at night and we would just fuck each other silly multiple times a day. He started to lie to his roommates about coming over and I started coming straight home from classes to get ready for him. It was like recess almost. And even though all this was hot and exciting we still found a way to make it even hotter the next time he came over for some afternoon delight.

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