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Friends With Benefits

It was late in the day before he got out of bed. He was around 5'10", a little on the skinny side, not real muscular, but a great sweet talker and a monster in bed. At first he didn't remember what happened the night before till he looked at his bed.

Then he remembered. He saw his old friend laying in bed still naked from the night before. She was still under the covers but he could remember her body quite well. A nice body around 5'6" with beautiful C cups and round butt. And her amazing pussy.

Staring at her sleeping soundly he smiled as he began to remember the night before. Her loud moaning, her constant bouncing. He mostly remembers her cumming all over him that night. Thinking about it began to arouse him again. He decided to let her sleep and not wake her and headed to the bathroom. He walked into the shower to clean up from the night before.

A few minutes later he heard his friend walk into the bathroom.

"Some night Jeremy." she said as she moved over to the mirror moving her hair past her face.

"It sure was Hope." Jeremy replied as he started to put his face straight into the water. When he opened his eyes Hope was right next to him in the shower. She reached up for him and kissed his lips lightly with hunger for more. Their kissing slowly became more erotic and passionate. Hope began to run her hands down his chest reaching for his semi-hard cock causing it to rise even further in her soft hands.

Slowly she began to stroke his cock as she stared into his eyes with lust. He began to moan lightly and she stroked faster until his cock was completely hard.

"I want you inside me NOW!" Hope whispered in his ear.

"All you had to do was ask." Jeremy softly replied as he lifted her up and pushed her onto the wall of the shower. Slowly he stuck his long dick inside her pussy that was almost completely wet from holding him. Now that Jeremy was deep inside her she was becoming drenched. She loved him being inside her. She wanted him every day and this weekend she finally had him.

As Jeremy began to move inside her sheimmediatelystarted moaning. She loved how he felt inside her. She loved his 7" cock as it moved faster and faster inside her. Her moaning became louder and harder. His breathing became heavier as he moved quickly in and out of her.

"OOHH FUUCCKKK!!" Hope screamed as Jeremy slammed into her hard. "Harder Jeremy! Harder! Fuck me like I've been a naughty women!"

Obediently Jeremy began to fuck her harder slamming into her as she screamed inecstasy. She dug her nails into his back as she tried to hold on. As her head rolled into her head as she enjoyed every second of it!

"Shit Jeremy! I'm gonna cum!"

"So am I!" He barely replied as he panted as he kept fucking her hard not wavering a second.

A minute later Hope screamed as she cummed all over his dick. Her pussy tightened around his cock causing him to go over board. He quickly cummed deep inside her as he moaned loudly.

For a while she held onto him as she slowly caught her breath. She looked into his eyes again and kissed him. He finally shut the shower off and went to grab a towel.

"Fuck that was amazing." Hope finally said as she walked up behind him still naked as she put her arms around him.

"Not as amazing as you." Jeremy said smiling at her in the mirror.

"This is why I love you Jeremy, you are so sweet." She said beaming at him.

She glanced at the clock and swore, "Fuck. I have to go!" She ran to the bedroom and quickly got dressed. As she almost got to the door Jeremy grabbed her arm and pulled her around. He kissed her hard on the lips and held her close for a few seconds.

"Have a good time Hope. Say hi to your boyfriend for me." Jeremy said to her smiling.

"I will." Hope replied and went out the door. Jeremy knew that she would be coming back that night. And her boyfriend would be none the wiser. He was too innocent to think about sex. That's what Jeremy was there for.

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