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Friends with benefits

He pushed me into the room and shut the door behind him...
He was a guy who could make my blood boil just looking at him; short to long dark hair and a bit of scruff on his face that tickled when his face touched my skin. His eyes were the color of melted chocolate, and his body was average, though to me it was extraordinary. He had a bit of a stomach, but he was pretty fit, and when we would wrestle he could keep me pinned, except when I played dirty and tickled or distracted him enough. He was one of my best friends, but he was taken, and I thought because of this he wouldn't want to touch me, but it seemed I was wrong.

He pushed me into the room and shut the door behind him, turning the lock to make sure we wouldn't be disturbed. He strode towards me, and embraced me in a way I had only dreamed he would for all the time that I knew him. He kissed my trembling lips, as we entwined our tongues, taking his time until I almost swooned. He was the most wonderful kisser, taking me to a place I wish I could be forever. He withdrew from my mouth and made his way down my thoroughly sensitive throat, nipping at it on the way down. He stopped only once to lip and nibble on my ear, making me shiver with delight.

He tongue continued to go down until he came to my breasts, and my nipples, which were firm and sensitive to the touch by this point. He teased them, licking the tips of them fast then slow, making me twitch with pleasure. He finally took one in his mouth and sucked, making my nipple harder, and the pleasure was immense. While he was doing this his fingers found my other nipple and played with it, flicking the tip and squeezing it, making me shiver even more than I already was.

He then took his lips from my nipple and brought his head back to my lips, kissing me deeply before making the slow trail back down my over sensitized body. As his head got lower and lower, kissing his way down my stomach still, I could feel myself start to drip.

As he got to his destination, I found that I was ready for him but he wanted to please me more. His hands moved up my thighs, slightly rubbing. In moving my thighs farther apart, he could see really how excited I was for him. He looked up into my eyes with that half smile I love so much and makes me hot as hell.

His head leaned in and he licked his tongue up my slit, making me twitch and shiver with pleasure. He found my clit, and rolled his tongue over it, and nibbled on it to add to the effect. I could feel my body tensing up, and just as I was about to cum for the first time that night, he stuck his tongue into my pussy and fucked me like that. I moaned loudly and came on his face, my body convulsing, and on he went fucking my pussy with his tongue.

As much as that felt so good, I pushed him off me, and got up. He looked at me in surprise but all I did was push him back on the bed. He was still completely dressed, except for his shirt that had come off somehow during our lust-filled actions only a moment ago.

I leaned down and undid the button on his pants, unzipping them and pulled them down over his hips along with his boxers, with a little help of course. I now had a full view of him. His cock was fully erect and was an impressive length. Oh how I wanted to lick the end of it, I could imagine how it would taste, like a Popsicle, the tip being smooth and so sensitive.

Instead of going for his cock just yet I first went to his lips, kissing him like I never had before and pushing my tongue into his mouth, tasting my saltiness on his lips. I then did what he had done to me, kissing my way from his lips, down his throat, nipping and licking his ear on the way down. I stopped at his nipples, flicking my tongue over them, and getting hotter by the moans that were escaping from his mouth.

I continued on my way down his body, kissing his stomach and still going lower. I teased a bit when I got closer to his cock, rubbing his thighs, and making him moan and beg me to touch him. I leaned my head in and licked the length of him, making him wet, then licked the tip, making him twitch with pleasure.

I loved his reaction to this, and so I enveloped his cock into my mouth, filling it to the back of my throat, and sucked him. I looked up into his eyes as I was doing this and he held me like that with his hand stuck in my hair. He pulled me up and down on his cock, fucking my mouth. I gagged a couple times as his long length went down the back of my throat. I could hear his moans get louder and then a grunt came from him and he came in my mouth. The liquid ran down my throat and some ran out of the corner of my lips. I pumped him until I had gotten every last drop.

I then went up to his mouth and kissed him deeply, letting his taste himself. I then started playing with myself again, and when he saw this he instantly began to get hard again. I made myself cum and rolled my eyes back in my head. I could tell how much he was turned on by this, as his cock grew steadily bigger.

I then took some of my pussy juices and reached down for his cock. I stroked him up and down, making him moan. I wanted his cock in my tight little pussy and told him so. He positioned himself between my legs, and he entered me. I moaned loudly as he slid his whole length up inside me, filling me up. He then started fucking me, pumping himself in and out of me at a good pace.

It felt so good for him to finally be doing this. He fucked me and I lifted my legs up so my pussy became even tighter. I talked dirty to him telling him to fuck me and how much I liked his large cock pounding into my tight little pussy.

I could feel my pussy tightening and I came while he was fucking me. I could feel he was about to cum so I moved my hips to the same rhythm his were going in, and he came in me. I milked him for all that he had, then he collapsed on me. He pulled out of me, and we lay there for some time, laying in each other’s arms.

This was the first time I was with my best friend and I was hoping with all the fun we had this time, there would be a next time!

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