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Friends With Benefits II

Later that day

Jeremy was watching some TV when Hope walked through the door, slamming it and walked straight towards the kitchen. Utterly confused Jeremy turned the TV off and walked into the kitchen. Hope was standing over the sink while tears slowly rolled down her eyes.

"Whats wrong?" Jeremy asked as he put his arms around her in comfort, waiting for her to calm down a little bit. Hope was shaking under his arms but she started to breathe slower and calming down and she finally began to speak.

"My now EX-boyfriend brought another girl to the restaurant and said that we were over. That she was 10 times better than I was." Hope said bursting into tears again. Jeremy held her tighter as she cried on his shoulder for a long time.

When she stopped she stared into his eyes. They stared deeply into hers with a passion she had never seen before.

"Why do you put up with me Jeremy? Why after all these years? I've done nothing to make you want to stay." Hope said still holding him close. He simply smile at her and kissed her passionately. With more love than he has ever given her.

When he pulled away slowly he said, "Because I love you Hope. I always have. From high school to college and even now. You are my life, and I will never leave you." After saying that he kissed her again bringing her closer to him.

He lifted her up onto the counter and took her shirt off of her. Jeremy began to kiss down her neck while putting his arms around her back undoing her bra and pulling it off her. Her breasts were soft and firm, and her nipples were hard.

His hands gently squeezed her breasts as he sucked them hard. Her hand moved to his head as she moaned loudly. He knew she loved him doing this. It was her favorite thing next to being fucked out of control.

Her hands began to push him lower. She wanted to be fucked right there. He puller her off the counter and unbuttoned her pants. Hope was already ripping his clothes off at the same time. As he pulled down her underwear he could feel her wet pussy already dripping. She wanted him badly.

She was already grabbing his cock guiding it to her pussy. As his hard cock went inside her she let out a loud moan. She had wanted him so badly.

"Fuck me like you never have Jeremy! Fuck me now!" Hope whispered in his ear. Her legs spread wider on the counter ready for him to ram himself inside her. Obediently he immediately rammed himself inside her forcing his way as deep as he could go. Each stroke he went as deep as he could forcing her to almost scream in delight. Her hips moving with each thrust. Each thrust her breasts bounced up and down.

"FUCK!!" She screamed! She came all over his dick. Her juices seeping around his cock dripping onto the kitchen floor. He loved making her cum like that. He wanted to cum inside her but he was nowhere close yet. Suddenly she stopped. She stared deep into his eyes. She wanted something he had no clue of.

"Put you cock in my ass Jeremy. I want you to fuck me in the ass hard." She said taking his cock out of her and guiding it towards her ass. It felt so tight. Slowly he went inside her stretching her ass. She moaned. She was loving every second of it. Slowly he began to thrust back and forth increasing his speed. Her back arcing from the pleasure of him inside her as she rubbed her own pussy. The new feeling made Jeremy go crazy. He felt like he was going to cum, and soon. Quickly he came inside her ass. Her eyes widened when she felt him cum. It caused her to have one last orgasm.

"Fuck you are amazing Jeremy." Hope said one last time as she held him close. As he pulled his dick out his cum seeped out of her ass. She stared into his eyes finally saying, "I love you Jeremy."

"And I love you Hope." And with saying that Jeremy picked her up and took her to bed to rest and hold her close to him. She was now his.

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