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From Best Friends to Lovers

I spent ages to write this but I know it will lack a lot. Please do comment to help me improve.
I could cry if I wanted but would it really help? I stared at them in disgust. How could he do that to me? I trusted him blindly and now, I was paying for it. My whole body was shaking and I could not speak. I was shocked and hurt.

They had not noticed me yet. How could they? They were both facing away from me. She was on all fours and he was fucking her from behind. I could hear them moaning in pleasure. She was screaming his name and he was shouting out that she belonged to him.

I stepped backward, unable to watch the scene in front of me anymore. Suddenly, I heard a loud crashing noise and realized that I had bumped into the vase on the side table.

“Tina?” he said in shock.

They had seen me now. I spun around to face them. She was pulling on her clothes. He was looking at me in total surprise. I glared at them, determined not to cry. No one moved. No one said a word. I turned away, disgusted, and made my way towards the front door.

“Wait!’ he shouted, “I can explain!”

I quickened my pace and reached the door when I felt him grab my arm.

“Tina, please”, he begged, “It’s not what you’re thinking”.

“Oh yeah?” I snapped angrily, “it surely looked like you were fucking her”.

He was quiet but still had a tight grip on my arm and I was trying to pull away. I was still holding back my tears. The betrayal was too much for me. I would never let someone like him see me cry. He was still trying to convince me but I was not listening.

“You disgusting jerk! I can’t believe you lied to me!” I shouted

I finally freed myself from his arms and started to run as fast as I could.

By the time I reached home, I was crying. Brad cheated on me. I could replay that scene in my mind. I had seen her. She was gorgeous, just like one of the famous models on Vogue. I knew I was not as pretty as she was but did looks always matter? My best friend Todd was right about Brad.

“That guy is a cheat Tina!” he had told me when I told him I was dating Brad.

I was such a fool! Todd was right. I walked into my room and threw myself in the bed, burying my face in the pillow and sobbed. I heard my phone ringing and ignored it.

A few hours later I heard the doorbell and got up to answer the door. It was Todd. He stared at me for a few seconds and hugged me quietly. He held me against him for a few minutes, not saying a word yet. Finally, he pulled away and smiled at me.

“Get dressed, we’re going to the party”, he said.

I shook my head. I did not want to go out. He sighed and grabbed my hand and dragged me to my bedroom. He sat on the edge of my bed while I stood in front of him, crossing my arms and glared at him.

“Get ready kid”, he told me.

“I don’t want to go out!” I snapped loudly.

He got up and went towards my wardrobe and opened it, going through my clothes. I groaned as he pulled out a bra and stared at it. I moved towards him quickly and snatched it from him.

“So your boobs fit in those or do you still stuff them with tissue paper?” he asked a grin on his face.

“Shut up!” I mumbled, not amused.

“It’s a very nice bra though”, he continued in a mocking tone.

“I can lend it to you if you want, Toad Face!” I said quietly.

“Get ready; take your time but no more crying’, he said gently and walked out if the room, closing the door behind him.

I was dreading the party. I knew Brad would be there but Sasha was a good friend of mine and Todd was right, no more crying over the bastard. I had to get over it. I looked through my wardrobe and finally decided to wear a halter neck blue dress. I looked at the clock and rushed into the bathroom. While I showered, I started thinking my life.

I was glad I had Todd by my side all the time. We were best friends since childhood and always hung out together. I had to admit that Todd was a handsome guy. With his piercing green eyes, short black hair, and a muscular body and a nice and fun personality, he had all the girls after him but he had not been dating anyone since Emily, his past girlfriend. From what he told me, they had argued about something and they broke up. I did not know what it was about but I knew that it was pointless to ask Todd.

While Todd and Emily were dating, we did not spend much time together anymore and I would spend more time working in my mom’s coffee shop down the street and that was how I met Brad. I was taking an order when he entered the shop and our eyes met and he smiled at me. As from that day, he would come there, and sometimes when the shop was empty, we would chat for hours. I fell for him easily; he was handsome with his brown hair and blue eyes, tall and lean with nice features and he knew how to charm people. When I introduced him to Todd, it seemed like they could not stand each other and that seemed to have created more distance between my best friend and me.

I saw like a flashback of the scene I witnessed earlier in my mind. I realized a lot of things at that moment. Brad had been acting a little strange lately, cancelling dates, hanging up on the phone quickly sometimes. I was so naïve!

I got out of the shower and dried off. I put on my bathrobe and walked back to my room and locked the door behind me. Todd was probably downstairs watching football on the TV. I started to get ready. I would rate myself average, even though some guys thought I looked lovely. I was slim and athletic and stood at 5ft 3. Sometimes I wished I was taller and had more cleavage. I ran my hairbrush through my long blonde hair that reached to my waist and applied some light make-up. I put on my heels and was ready! I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I looked great tonight and even if I was really upset, I would try to have a nice time.

I grabbed my purse and walked down the stairs and called out, “I’m ready!”

Todd was watching football as I had guessed and looked up from the screen and had a surprised look on his face. I felt myself blushing as his eyes scanned me. Finally he spoke, “Hello! Nice to meet you, is Tina ready yet?’

“Oh! Shut up!” I mumbled as I moved and switched off the TV.

“You look amazing”, he said as he looked at me again.

I felt my cheeks turning red as I looked at him, realizing how tall and handsome he looked too. No wonder all the girls wanted him, I thought as I stared at him. He was dressed in jeans and a white shirt, simple yet stylish as always. I looked away and asked, “Shall we go?”

He nodded and we walked out of the house. My mom was out of town for a few days. She needed a break from work and I clearly needed a break from her. I locked the door and walked towards the car. Todd opened the door for me, acting all gentleman-like which was really weird to me. He then got in the driver seat and started the engine and we drove off to Sasha.

We reached the party 30 minutes later. We were looking for a parking space when I saw Brad walking towards the house. I looked away immediately. Todd must have noticed my reaction as he squeezed my hard gently. I looked up at him and forced a smile. We both got out of the car and walked to Sasha’s house. We could already hear some loud music from outside. Todd took my hand in his and we entered the house. I groaned as I looked at the crowd. The room was packed with people. Sasha waved at us and we walked towards her. She was dressed in a rather revealing outfit tonight and she chatted with us for a while before running off to greet more people. We went to the counter and served ourselves a drink. I could see Brad dancing with a girl in the middle of the room. I believed it was the same girl I caught him with earlier.

After a while, Todd dragged me to the dance floor. I did not argue. We danced for a while. Someone switched the music to a slow song and had dimmed the lights. Todd pulled me closer to him and smiled at me. I felt his hands around my waist and wrapped my own hands around his neck. He held me close to him as we danced, our eyes never leaving each other’s. All thoughts of Brad and his betrayal were suddenly forgotten as I stared at Todd. It seemed like it was just Todd and me, and that felt right. He lowered his head and kissed me on the lips and I found myself kissing him back.

The song was over, replaced by club music. I pulled away from Todd, confused by what happened. I walked out of the room, and made my way to the garden, where it was quiet. I did not realize that Todd had followed me till he grabbed my hand and spun me around and forced me to look at him.

“I want to go home”, I whispered as I looked at him, trying to be calm.

He nodded and we made our way back to the car. I saw Brad across the street and he walked towards us.

“I see you already found someone else to replace me”, he snapped in an arrogant tone, “Or maybe you guys were already together?”

I felt Todd moving and took his hand into mine to stop him from doing or saying something. I looked at Brad, this time not feeling any anger towards him.

“It’s none of your business”, I snapped back.

Brad moved closer to Todd and whispered something in his ear.

The next second, everything happened so fast. Todd punched Brad in the jaw and they were both fighting. I screamed and tried to stop them. Todd was suddenly on the ground. I ran to him, ignoring Brad. I had tears in my eyes as I looked at Todd. I was scared that he was hurt.

Brad had stopped. He was watching in shock as I kneeled down next to Todd, worried. Todd smiled at me reassuringly, telling me he was fine but I was still not convinced. I turned back and glared at Brad. His nose was bleeding but I did not give a damn.

“Go away!” I shouted at him.

“I can’t believe this!” he said as he glared at us, “You care for him more than you ever did for me!”

“Just go away and leave us alone Brad”, I shouted again, unable to believe I have been dating such a pathetic person.

Brad walked away, swearing loudly but that did not matter to me. Todd got up and smiled at me. I stood up and hugged him tightly. I pulled away and dug into his pockets, finding the keys of the car.

“I’m driving”, I announced and walked to the car before he could protest.

HE got in the car and I started the engine. We did not speak on the way back to my place. I did not know what to say. Brad’s last words were still ringing in my ears. I stole a quick glance at Todd. He seemed lost in his thoughts. I thought of the events of today. Brad’s betrayal seemed so distant by now. My mind was more on the kiss Todd and I shared and how he defended me. I sighted as I realized that he was so protective of me because we were best friends. Even as kids, he would never let someone bully me. Today was no different. The kiss probably meant nothing to him. But to me it did.

I parked the car in the driveway and got out. I handed Todd his keys and walked to the house and unlocked the door. Todd got in after me.

“Going to clean up a bit”, he told me.

I nodded and went to my room, wanting to wear something more comfortable. I changed into some shorts and a top with thin straps, not bothering about a bra. I went downstairs to find Todd pulling his shirt off. I could not help but stare. He looked so sexy…he had a well-toned body. He noticed I was there and smiled at me. I managed to smile back and switched the TV on and sat down on the couch. Todd sat next to me.

“Tina, about the kiss”, he began hesitantly

“It’s okay”, I replied, not taking my eyes off the TV, “I know it was not intended. It just happened. We’re best friends and it was just a moment of weakness”

“Don’t be silly!” he groaned.

I looked up at him in surprise, “wha…whaat do you mean?”

“I’m crazy about you!”

“Are you kidding?”, I asked in shock

He groaned again and pulled me in his arms and kissed me on the lips tenderly. I kissed him back, forgetting about everything else. He broke off the kiss and still held me in his arms.


“Since a long time”, he whispered to me, answering the question I was going to ask, “I like you for so long”

“And Emily?”

“She knew it before I did”, he replied, “That’s why we broke up”

“You never told me”, I whispered to him.

“You had Brad”, he replied, “I did not want to hurt you when you seemed so happy and I thought it would mess things between us but now I know it will not”

I looked at him. I was confused but I realized that when he kissed me, it was so different. It felt right. This time, I kissed him, letting my hands rest on his shoulders. He moved slowly, pushing me down on the couch and moved over me, caressing my body with hands. He moved his lips down my neck, while his hand found its way under my top. I shivered as he ran his hand over my flat stomach and kissed my neck.

“I want to make love to you”, he whispered in my ear as he moved his hand up and traced his fingertips over my breasts.

I gasped at the touch, unable to speak as he pressed his body against mine. It felt so right. I gave in to him, unable to resist.

He sat up and pulled me over, until I was straddling him, my knees on either side of his body. I lowered myself and kissed him. He grabbed me by the hips, pulling me down until I was grinding over his growing bulge. I gasped as I felt it against my entrance. I tore my lips away from him, letting out a little moan as I felt myself getting wetter.

“Todd”, I begged out, “I need you”

He groaned and reluctantly pulled me off him. He stood up and removed his pants, leaving him in his boxers. I admired his body, amazed. He seemed so perfect. Was it a dream?

He pulled me to my feet and I took his hand, dragging him to my bedroom. Once there, he kissed me again, this time growing bolder. He squeezed my ass cheeks, pulling me against his body, my breasts pressing against his chest.

After a few moments, he started to move backwards, still kissing me, pulling me with him until we both fell on the bed. He flipped over so that I was lying under him. He drew away and smiled at me reassuringly. I sat up, pulling my top off, revealing my naked chest to him. I was about to unzip my shorts when he stopped me.

“Let me”, he said with a sexy look on his face.

I laid back on the sheets and watched as he slowly unzipped my shorts and I lifted my hips to help him as he pulled them down, leaving me in my black panties. He got up and pulled off his boxers as fast as he could and my jaw dropped as I saw his hardness.

He came back on the bed and started to run his hands over my body and squeezed my breasts gently. I closed my eyes, taking in a sharp breath. I felt him move a little and felt his mouth on my left breast. I moaned out loudly as I felt him take my nipple in his mouth, biting it gently. I squeezed the bedsheets in my hands as he sucked me. I felt his hand wander lower down my body and he glazed his fingers against my covered opening. I found myself spreading my legs for him.

“Mmm”, he whispered as he moved away from my breast, “You’re so wet”

He was now sucking my other breast while he slipped his hand inside my panties, rubbing on my pussy lips a little while I squirmed under him.

“Todd”, I cried out with need, “Please”

He moved again and I opened my eyes. I shivered in anticipation as he rubbed his manhood, guiding it to my opening. He rubbed the tip against my pussy lips and I found myself getting even wetter. He pushed the tip inside me and pulled out while I let out a sound of protest. He chuckled a little and this time he started to push in, trying not to rush things. I moaned out loudly as I felt him moving deeper inside me.

“You’re so Tight”, he groaned as he started to fuck me slowly. I cried out as he moved inside me and moved my hips to meet his trusts. HE started to move faster and I wrapped my legs around him tightly, pulling him even deeper inside me.

We were both panting and moaning loudly. He kissed me hard as we moved, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I could feel my orgasm building. I wrapped my arms around him, my nails digging into his shoulders but he did not seem to notice.

“I’m so close!” he shouted as he started to fuck me even harder.

“oh Todd!”, I cried out.

I could feel myself getting closer, my body shaking. I was panting heavily. I felt his hand on my breast, squeezing it.

“Cum for me Tina”, he growled, “Give in”

His words seemed to have triggered something inside me. I started to shake uncontrollably and screamed his name as I started to orgasm. He started to push in and pull out as fast as he could. He soon cried out, releasing his cum inside me, filling me. He stopped moving, still panting as he looked down at me.

After a while, he pulled out of me and lied down next to me on the bed. He took my hand into his and squeezed it. I smiled at him, fully satisfied and he pulled me in his arms. He kissed my forehead and rubbed my back. We could not speak but we already knew that we both loved it and were fully satisfied.

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