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From Me to You: The Finale

This one goes up a step from the last one.
The flames crackle as I enter the room. I look towards you, sat by the fire playing with yourself. I smile slightly as I see the light from the fire bouncing off of your moist head. You beckon me towards you with your finger. I pause for a second before moving towards you. I stand in front of you, teasing to remove my dressing gown. Your tongue begins to move over your lips as my naked breasts begin to appear. You just love my pretty, brown nipples; you always have done.

With a blush I open the rest of my gown, letting you see my slit. I look over my shoulder in embarrassment as you admire the view. Your hands move away from your erection and begin to part my legs a bit more. The dressing gown begins to slide down my arms and off of my body, leaving me there, in the nude. Your cock twitches, bouncing around from the sudden contraction. Your hands wander all over my slender legs, feeling the silkiness of my skin. I move closer, enjoying the feeling of your hands on me.

The heat of the fire begins to toast my skin as I begin to climb down to your level. Your cock presses against my thighs as we begin to kiss. Our tongues roll over one another, exchanging our passion with each other. My eyes close in sync with yours whilst we make out. Your hands move down my back to my ass, groping it gently.

Tilting my head, my dark brown hair falls softly to one side. I push you back, laying you down on your back as I lay on top of you. Your hands begin to move back up, running over my back dimples, up to my shoulder blades and finally into my hair. You begin to brush and caress it lightly, enjoying the glossy texture of it.

After what seems an eternity, our lips part and our eyes lock with the deep lust we both feel for each other. With our eyes still locked firmly on one another, my hand begins to run down your torso to your penis. It stands there as hard as a nail whilst my hand grasps it. I stroke up and down the length leisurely, feeling each inch of it. I pull it up to my virgin hole, rubbing it on my lower lips sensually. You gasp as my juices leak onto the eye of your cock.

I smile at you as my hips slowly begin to move back, letting your cock slip into me. My grasp loosens as you go deeper, before finally letting go. We begin to kiss again as my ass lightly taps against your balls. We pause for a moment, letting my pussy adjust to your cock as our tongues continue to mix in our mouths. Your hands carry on moving in the same circles as you brush my hair. Eventually they stop and your hands begin to move down to my beautifully rounded ass. Gripping it tightly, you start to help me establish a rhythm of riding your throbbing erection.

Each length, our mouths begin to move apart as I try to moan. My lips finally pull away from yours, and rapidly my head snaps up, letting out a huge moan. With your eyes firmly set on my chest, you continue to help me ride you. Loving every moment of it, my eyes look back down into yours, and a seductive smile begins to form.

I pull your head up into my chest, my hair creating somewhat of a blanket around your head as you begin to suck on my nipples. My moans grow more intense with your mouth suckling on them. I turn my head slightly, watching as your cock disappears for a brief second before reappearing in our shadow.

For a few moments, I ride you, mesmerised by our shadow. Time goes by slowly, like we’re in slow motion whilst we make our passionate love. My head then turns back to you, watching your eyes light up as you continue to suck on my chest and your cock continues to bury itself inside of me. You release my nipple and groan as my pussy muscles begin to squeeze your meat slightly.

You begin to sit up with your cock still embedded in me and gently flip me onto my back. My legs wrap around your waist and my arms wrap around the back of your neck as you thrust tenderly. I take long, heavy breaths as each thrust feels better and better.

Once again our lips meet, and our tongues wrestle as the fire burns on. Your hands run all around my torso, admiring the shape and feel of it. You have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and you want to enjoy every second of it. Your thrusting begins to slow down, making me feel each and every inch as it enters and leaves.

My hands begin to move down your back and for the first time, my nails dig into your skin softly as your cock starts to hit my g-spot. Repeatedly you thrust, hitting the same spot. My body begins to shudder with each hit, loving the new sensation that is occurring. In an instant, I become light headed and my body begins to spasm. Cum begins to rush over your cock, coating it fully as you carry on thrusting.

You break our kiss once more, your lips moving down to my neck. I cradle you there, stroking your short, silky hair. My pussy clamps onto your dick, trying to milk it. You try and fight, but eventually give in to the feeling. Your lips leave my neck, allowing you to groan. Your cock pulsates more as finally you cum. String after string shoots into me, filling me up. I lick my lips as I watch you squirm with pleasure. With one final string, you pull out falling beside me. As your penis begins to soften, we embrace tightly, kissing once more as the fire crackles.

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