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From Nobody to Somebody

A month ago my father got a promotion for the company he had been working for. He had been a lower level employee for twenty odd years, give or take a year or two, so you could imagine his complete excitement at being promoted. I, on the other hand, was far from being excited. My father taking this new position was the worst thing that could possibly happen to me.

I had been born and raised in the same place. For all my seventeen years I never lived anywhere else. Everyone in my school we kids I had known my entire life, some of them being my best friends. Now my father wanted to take me away from the life I had always known, during the most important year I would ever have in school? Who pulled their kids out of school right before their senior year? My father, that’s who.

So here we were, a new town, a new school, a brand new life. My dad was acting as if we had won the lottery. We were eating out every other night with business partners and their families. It was an absolute nightmare and I was ready to just go back home and go back to the life that we were living before. At least back then, even though we didn’t have the money, we were happy. No one in my family really smiles anymore.

“Yeah,” my father spoke up amongst a sea of people surrounding a table not quite big enough to hold us all. “We love to get away to the lake for the summer.”

“Since when?” I threw my napkin down against the table, knocking my glass of fake champagne I was served over. “When is the last time we ever went to a lake?”

I pushed my chair back and made my way from the table. I was tired of listening to my father lie to these people, trying to make us seem like we were just poor a few weeks back. I knew that this job was important to him, but my father was becoming a liar and I was losing all respect I had once had for him. Just because you are sitting at a high class table, with only the best of the best surrounding you, doesn’t make you royalty. Just because you have on a black tie and a suit, doesn’t make you someone special. We were not special and we did not belong at this mans house, eating off his fine china and enjoying the presence of his company.

I made my way through the house, searching for a bathroom, but there was nothing in site. A house with hundreds of rooms should have a dozen bathrooms or so you would think. I finally settled on what appeared to be a guest bedroom, but you never knew with rich people. It looked like a cheesy hotel room trying to look fancy, but it could very well be someones room.

Looking around at the cheesy art, I tried to calm myself back down so that I could return to dinner. I knew that I had made a fool of myself and my father was probably out there apologizing for me. In a way I felt bad, but he needed to sweat a little, be reminded of who he truly is and where he came from. He deserved every second of it. Doesn’t make up for my fit throwing, but it was still something.

Flinging myself back against the bed, I closed my eyes and pictured home. Hanging out with my friends at the mall. Watching movies with my next door neighbor Ian, even though when we were in school we pretended to hate each other. All of those things that I took for granted everyday were suddenly all I ever wanted. I was not going to be able to get that in the one year of High School I had left here.

“So you throw a fit and then you hide,” a voice snuck up on me, causing me to nearly fly off of the bed.

“I am so sorry,” I began, standing up and straightening out my dress. Not that I cared about the dress, I hated looking all fancy like, but I didn’t want to look a mess in front of my father’s new boss. “I just needed to get away for a moment and I couldn’t find a bathroom. I am sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he laughed, making his way over to the bed and sitting on the edge. Lightly he tapped the bed with his hand. “Have a seat.”

I sat down beside him, nerves building up in my stomach. I felt so bad for the way I had acted in his house. Now he was going to fire my father or something. I was sure of it. We were going to go home, but my father’s dreams were going to be crushed in the process.

“You know,” he began, looking around the room. “This is one ugly looking room. Sorry that this is the one you had to end up in. We do have nicer rooms.”

“If it is ugly,” I began to ask. “Then why do you have it looking this way?”

“The wife,” he sighed, before flashing me a smile. “She likes to think she has the decorative touch and well, I am just to scared to tell her the truth.”

“You must really love your wife,” I smiled, thinking about how long they had probably been together. He seemed to be in his mid-fifties and I believed that was about the age his wife probably was. “If you are willing to live in this to make her happy.”

“I do love her,” he nodded, his eyes locking with my own. “Though I feel that she does not love me back.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked him concerned. It was sad if he did not think that his wife loved him. “She must love you.”

“There was a time in which I thought she did,” her gave a remembered smile, as if he were dreaming of the past. “Then I came into money and well, she fell out of love with me and in love with the money.”

“You can’t believe that to be true,” I suggested, though I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was serious.

“I am,” he frowned. “Take this party tonight. We are all dressed up in expensive clothes, eating expensive food, being the best of the best in this town and where is she? In the center of it all. I bet they didn’t even notice that I slipped out.”

Mr. Andrews, my dads boss, owned this company with his wife. She was the one my dad said was the face of the company. Mr. Andrew’s did all of the hard work and then she took the credit for all of it. That had to be a sad life for him to lead, now that I think about it.

“There must be something there,” I tried to find something good in their relationship. “Some romance of some kind.”

“Not a thing,” he shook his head, trying to give me a smile, but I could see right through it. “We don’t even sleep in the same room anymore.”

“Why did you tell me this?” I asked him, tilting my head to the side and trying to look in his eyes, see if maybe I could read what was going through his mind.

“Probably because for the first time in a long time I felt like I was not the only one who did not want to be here,” he answered honestly, standing up from the bed and heading toward the door. “It was kind of nice to not feel alone.”

“Mr. Andrews?” I insinuated a question, causing him to turn around and face me. “Can I ask you a something?”

“Of course.” He smiled, walking a few steps closer to me. “After all, you did just listen to me ramble on about my problems.”

“Will you kiss me?” I just blurted it out. I did not even work up to it, just bam there it was. I was not sure what got over me, but I had a deep desire to kiss him.

Mr. Andrews got a look of confusion in his eyes but surely made his way back over to the bed and sat down. He looked up and down my body and then locked his eyes with mine once again. I could tell that he was nervous and even a bit scared, but I could also see that he wanted to kiss me.

His hand moved over to rest on my leg, shaking the entire time as if he were about to touch a bomb and I was going to go off at any moment, but relief caught up with him when nothing happened. HIs hand was on my leg and I was still here, in one piece, no disasters.

I watched as he tried to move toward me but kept stopping himself. I decided that at that point I was going to have to go in for the kiss myself.

I sat myself up straight and leaned forward, closing my eyes once I knew that I was going to hit his lips with my own. They were soft, which I was strangely not expecting, but it was enough to make me push into them harder.

He kissed me back hard and passionately, bringing his hands to my side and pulling me into him. Soon I was straddling his lap and sucking on his lower lip, his hands holding onto my ass. I had expected the kiss to last only a minute but I had now long complete track of time.

Soon we were laying beside each other on the bed, wrapped in each others arms. His hands held onto my slender body though my silky blue dress, rubbing up and down my sides, causing goosebumps to overtake my body. Every inch of me was standing on end and ever touch he made caused me to moan lightly against his lips.

His hands began to make their way down my sides and to my hips, massaging them with his fingers for a moment before slipping his hands down the side of my legs. I leaned back slightly, allowing him to slide his hands down under my dress and between my thighs. He quickly accepted my offer, whatever fear he felt before had completely slipped away.

Reaching forward I began to rub at his cock through his pants. I could tell that he was hard and it was begging to be set free. I did not want to let it down, so I pulled down the zipped to his pants and reached in, only to find that he was not wearing anything beneath. This made me wetter than I ever would have imagined it would.

“Mmm” I moaned, pressing my lips against his once again. “Your cock is so big and hard.”

“Your hand feels so amazing,” me smiled, pressing himself hard against my lips.

“You know what would feel even more amazing on it?” I asked him, giving him a seductive smile before leaning in and nibbling on his lower lip.

“What is that?” He asked curiously, his eyes growing wide as I slowly stroked my fingers up and down his hard cock.

I did not answer him, instead I pushed him onto his back, continuing to work my fingers up and down his cock before pulling it out through the zipper hole of his pants. Using my other hand I slipped my panties down my legs and passed my heels, which were beginning to grow uncomfortable against my feet, but I was inclined to keep them on.

Once my panties had hit the floor I straddled his lap, grabbing his cock and rubbing the head of it against my clit, my juices making it slide around. I was never one to really need lube, I got plenty wet all on my own, which was always my favorite part about my sex life and he seemed to enjoy it just as much.

“You want me?” I asked him.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Yes what?” I inquired.

“Yes I want you,” he answered with shallow breaths, his eyes begging me.

“Tell me what you want,” I ordered him.

“I want you to ride my cock,” he let out in an almost squeak, unable to hold onto his voice with how excited that he was.

As soon as he told me what he wanted I slammed my pussy down around his cock, moaning out loud as I took in as much as I could. It had been forever since I’d had someone’s cock in me and I realized then, as I was slowly bouncing up and down around his cock, that I missed it.

I rode his cock slowly at first, moving my hips back and forth and around in circles. Our moans worked thereselves in time and soon I was riding his cock harder and faster. HIs hands were wrapped around my hips, pulling me down onto his cock after every moment of pulling away from him.

“I am gonna cum,” he cried out, letting go of my hips and holding onto the blankets. “Oh fuck I am going to cum.”

I began to ride his cock harder, feeling him shoot his cum deep inside of me, throwing me into my orgasm. My entire body shook and I continued to ride until I knew that he could not take it anymore.

I collapsed on top of him, both of us breathing heavily. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed at my cheeks and my forehead before kissing my lips again. We kissed for a long time before we both decided that we needed to get up.

Putting ourselves back together, I noticed the big wet spot on his pants that we had created, he was not going to be able to go back to the party like that.

“Sorry,” I laughed, reaching down to grab my panties, but he grabbed them before me.

“You don’t need these.” He laughed, stuffing them into his pocket.

“Mmm,” I smiled, moving over and kissing him again. “Someone gonna keep my panties huh?”

“Mmhmm,” he moaned, “And the girl who was wearing them.”

I smiled big, realizing that being here was not going to be so bad after all. I was going to become on of the rich elite. I was going to be his whore princess and he was going to be my king, lost in the world of horrible pantings and tacky wallpaper.

“I should get back to the party,” I smiled, making my way for the door. “They are probably worried about me.”

“Bathroom is right across the hall,” he laughed, pointing at a reddened door, which I would later learn was an indicator of it being a bathroom. “You might want to get cleaned up as well. I will see you out there.”

I laughed, realizing how close I had been to the bathroom and how close I was to almost never having this experience. I stepped in, cleaned myself up and smiled. I was a new person. I was going to be his person. For once this life did not seem so bad. For once, I was somebody important.

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