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From The Depths of My Mind.

My first, VERY short story. Welcome to a personal dream/fantasy of mine.
This is just a small first story to see what people think of my style. Behind-the-story stuff in comments. But warning; it's kind of a dream-esque style.

she doesn't really have an age, but I'm judging from my random images of her she's 18 too.


I'm already naked as she pushes me down onto the bed. I can't see her face, as always. It's in shadows. All I see is her pale skin and red lips. She smiles behind pressed lips as she lightly drags her nails up my chest. She is also naked as her average breasts come into view. She grabs one of my arms and places a rope around it. I simply stare at her as she does. She ties the other side to the bed post. Before moving to the other side to my other arm up, she kisses me lightly on the lips. I lean forward to try and deepen the kiss, but she slowly retreats and laughs lightly. She ties my other arm and then my legs. I struggle lightly to test my bonds. I can only move a few inches with each limb. She then crawls up to me. Her cold hands are flat on my skin as she slowly moves down to kiss me again. This time she allows me to prolong the kiss, but when I try to use my tongue she retreats again.

She straddles my waist as she slowly feels down my body to grab my already hard cock. She jerks it slowly as she starts to rub the head of my penis against her pussy lips. I groan and try to thrust up; to feel my cock inside of her. But the bonds restrain me, and she laughs again as I try. It isn't a cruel, laugh. It was more a laugh of satisfaction. Some alien joy. She wasn't laughing at me, or with me. Her voice is always light like crystal bells. She teases me some more. She moves so that my dick is rubbing against her. Each time she does this I hope she's simply using her juices as lube, but every time she continues the teasing. She eventually giggles and finally begins.

She grabs my dick at it's base and lowers herself onto me. In one tantalizingly slow motion she moves down my entire shaft. Her pussy lips hit my base as she moves slightly to keep her balance. I groan loudly. She grinds against me in a circular motion, getting used to me. Her pussy is tight around me as she milks my base. Slowly she starts to move up and down. She takes her time, while still having that smile on her face. I try to move my hands to grab hold of her hips, when once more the bonds prevent me. She laughs and places her hands on my chest. She leans against me and kisses my lips. She pulls back slightly as she starts to move up on my dick again.

"Do you really want me to release you?" she asks calmly before she slams down against me; enveloping me inside her. I can't gather breath to talk as she moves back to sitting straight. She starts to bounce on top of me. Her breasts bounce with her as her mouth begins to form an 'o' and a whimper escapes her lips. I try to reach my mouth to suck on her hard nipple. She smiles as she notices and gracefully leans down so that I can lick around her right nipple before sucking it in. I feel one of her cold hands weaving through my hair as she moves me onto her left nipple. Her breathing becomes ragged as we both near our climax. But just before either of us came she climbes off of me. She smiles as she leans towards me and kisses me. She kisses down my chest to my still hard member.

She slowly places her lips over the tip and swirled her tongue over me. I close my eyes and groan as my head hits the pillow. She purrs happily as she takes more of me. I groan and lose myself in the sensation. She begins to bob her head around me; slowly taking a bit more each time until she reaches my base. Once there she moves back to the top and takes her mouth away from me. E She gently blows it before taking me back in; straight down her throat.

She sits like that for what feels like minutes before coming back for air. Her hands roam my stomach and chest before lightly caressing my balls. She kisses my tip once before going back to work on me. And soon arch up slightly and moan as I can feel the urge to cum starting. She giggles lightly and deep throats me once more. I cum down her throat as she closes her eyes and swallows each drop.

She crawls up me again as I begin to regain my senses. I hear her giggle as she says "my turn". She straddles my head giving me little choice but to suck and lick her pussy. I feel her stroking my hair as she murmurs words of appraisal to me. I lose myself in her taste; blocking out everything except my mouth and her sweet pussy. A suck her nub jab my tongue into her pussy. After a while of this treatment she finally orgasms; still sitting on my face. Once she regains her composure she curls up on top of me, kisses me, and bids me goodnight.

I would hug her... But she forgot to untie me.

~The end~
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Copyright © Okay i'll be honest. MOST of my stuff I won't mind you using. I'll display on the actual story if i'm against the use of it. Though please contact me regardless, as I like to have some knowledge of what's going on with my work. Please don't take the work as your own. I like to think I work(kinda) hard(not really) on this stuff. So thank you, and enjoy.

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