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Frustration Miles High

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Taking sexual frustration to the friendly skies
My eyes were drawn to her like a magnet. Her dark hair was pulled back and make up perfectly applied. She wore a navy blue skirt and stockings with heels and a white top. Her body was slim with a very smart chest and matching ass. I couldn't figure out what nationality she was but her exotic look made me rise in my slacks. She shot me a glance but nothing major. I was hoping for a little bit more however I am married and felt guilty.

As I lay my head back and closed my eyes, her image presents itself over and over in my mind. Air passes over me sending a cool tingle all over. I am not alone. For there are many around who can witness my frustration. Even though the air tingles, her image burns me with desire and temptation. It takes control of me without even knowing a name. She conquers my mental weakness and turns my body into a sexual robot. My hands touch my face, neck, chest, and crotch. My legs are antsy moving side to side out of anxiety. My dick is warm, blood filled, and ready for take off.

I'm going crazy. I don't know what to do. I'm trapped in this prison and my head is in the clouds. I need to make a move. I open my eyes to locate her. I want her to feel what I feel. Actually I want to make her feel better. I find her but she does not see me. I stare with a painful hunger for passion, satisfaction, and pleasure. My imagination penetrates her clothing creating goddess like images of perfect golden nipples, a perfectly shaved pussy, and an amazing plump ass that at this point would force my testosterone levels to take flight and soar to astronomical levels. My heart is about to blow in my chest cavity and increases its beating rhythm. I've had enough.

I stand and make my way to her, displaying my obvious bulge down low. I could care less of the looks I receive as I pass by each person. I am almost there and my excitement rises. I am so close. I nearly stumble as she turns to look at me. The closer I get the more beautiful she is and I reach down to grab my missile through my slacks. She notices my ordeal. She can taste it. I can taste her. She licks her lips and smirks a little before bringing her eyes to meet mine. I had finally reached her.

"Problem sir?" she asked. Her voice almost made my knees buckle.

"Actually yes. I'm in need of some assistance."

"That I can see. Seems like a rough deal. I wish I cold help speed up time. But I can't."

"I guess it's good that I live in the present then. Since a minute from now isn't promised why not have some fun before it's over?" Never know which minute is your last and I would hate to not go out with a smile on my face, especially on your watch."

She looked at me for a few moments. I took my hands and placed them on her breast. I could feel her nipples were hard and I knew I had her. Behind the wall we kissed and touched. She felt perfect in my arms and her kiss was great. During our make out, I opened a compartment and we both slipped in. I sat her on the sink nearby and lifted her skirt. Her G-string was damp and I slid it to the side revealing her pussy. It was just as amazing as I had pictured earlier and I dove right in. She leaned against the mirror and placed her hands on my head pushing it back and forth in order to tongue fuck herself. I slithered my tongue round and round all over her lips and clit. She had a firm grasp on my head, which turned me on and her mouth was wide open as she breathed harder and harder. It was a sexy scene and I reached down to undo my pants and release my ten inches of the tension that had been building up for hours. I could tell when she was about to climax because she let go of my head and sent her hands to the wall trying to push herself up and away from the tongue torture she was receiving. She didn't expel much but her juice was delicious as I stood to enter her.

My dick went in smooth, as her pussy was warm and fit around my shaft tightly. I worked slowly at first in and out. Her pussy was by far the best I had been inside as I was careful not to make too much noise. She grabbed my waist and escorted me at different speeds, controlling me like a pilot. I was ecstatic as a woman who takes control sends me over the edge and I could feel my moment arriving. My body quivered as her juices soaked my dick and balls, which almost gave me wings to fly. I leaned in close to her and began kissing her neck as she whispered "faster" in my ear. I increased the speed and closed my eyes. She bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming as she squeezed me for her second orgasm. I was forced to send my frustration right through her pussy walls. Both out of breath, we looked at each other and laughed. It was nothing short of perfect. "I guess the skies are friendly," I said.

I opened the compartment door and went back to sit down. The speaker came on about five minutes later and I heard her voice, "At this time we need all portable electronics to be shut off and stowed, all seatbacks and tray tables back in place in preparation for landing. Thank you." I smiled again and sat there light as a feather on a pussy high. Miles high.

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