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Full-Body Massage

Eva needs relaxation, but gets much, much more
My name is Eva, and I'm a stressed out workaholic.  I grew up in suburban San Diego but moved to Los Angeles with the idea that being in a bigger, more bustling city would introduce me to more people and give me a more 'active' lifestyle.  Unfortunately, in the 3 years since I graduated college and moved here, the only 'active' part of my lifestyle has been my workload. 
My friend Carrie moved here with me, and while we no longer share an apartment, we still meet every Thursday evening at a wine bar to catch up on all that's going on with our lives.  Lately, I have less and less to report, as I'm at work late and on the weekends while she's playing in soccer rec leagues, taking pottery classes, and trying out new restaurants and clubs every week.  Every week, she grows more and more concerned about me, because she can sense that I'm withdrawing under the demands of my job.  She's always trying to either set me up with a friend or relative of a friend, or inviting me out with her ever-growing nightlife entourage.
"Eva, I've got it," Carrie said as she excitedly slapped the bar surface with her palm.  "What you need is a massage, and not just any massage....a GOOD one!" 
Yes my back hurts more than any 24-year-old's back has a right to, and I'm constantly tense, but as my co-worker Allison can attest, put your body in the wrong hands, and you'll walk out of there worse than you came in, possibly creeped out, and at least $100 poorer for the trouble. 
Seeing my eyes roll slightly at the suggestion, Carrie continued the hard sell.  "I know, I know, you never know how good they'll be, and some of them are kind of creepy, but I've been seeing this guy for severaI months now....and I know I've told you how much more relaxed I am from those massages.  Come on, girl, I've got to get you out of this funk somehow; feeling better physically will certainly help!"
Without a good comeback or a compelling reason to disagree, I reluctantly agreed to give it a try.  Only after that did she tell me how wierd this guy and his techniques really were.  "Don't be freaked out by the place, 'cause it's a little strange," said Carrie in a careful tone.  "His space is in downtown Santa Monica, and he works alone, so he'll have to buzz you in.  I can't really describe the place to you, besides to say that it feels really....tribal.  And the music he plays is like that too; it's all part of the therapy, though.  It sounds kooky, but as a satisfied customer, I can't laugh it off." 
"What do you mean tribal?  Are there headdresses and spears all around?"
"No," she said, "it's more of a vibe than the decorations.  He was raised in Australia by Aboriginies, which is where he learned his techniques.  I don't want to say too much.  Just go in with an open mind, and I can't imagine that you'll be disappointed."
The next day, I called the number she gave me, and a man in a faint Australian accent, identifying himself as Daniel, was happy to make an appointment with me for Monday evening.  He was excited that Carrie had referred him, and said I should be looking forward to feeling better soon.  He sounded young, and didn't sound too wierd, and for the first time I was genuinely looking forward to getting my massage.
Before leaving work on Monday, I went into the bathroom and changed out of my workclothes, putting on a lycra workout top, cotton athletic shorts, and flip flops.  It had been far too long since I'd gotten a pedicure, and my feet were showing it, but what the hell, I'd only have to remove my shoes anyway once I got there.  Luckily, his address was several blocks from the Promenade, so I was  easily able to find street parking.  His door was blank and unmarked, his space apparently devoid of windows.  The door unlocked once I identified myself, and before I was able take a good look around, I was greeted by Daniel.
There are some people that make you comfortable as soon as you meet them, and Daniel was certainly an example of that.  He stood at least 8 inches taller than me, had dark hair that ran halfway down his back, and was shirtless, but his smile was warm and for some reason I wasn't the least bit nervous or threatened.  His skin was very tan, and he was muscular without looking like one of  those roided-out weightlifter-types.  Judging by the lines on his face, I'm guessing he was in his late thirties. 
In the warm, dark lighting, it was almost five minutes before I realized that the only clothing Daniel had on was what looked like a loincloth.  As I contemplated this against Carrie's 'tribal' description, he explained that his methods of relaxation are different from anyone else's I could possibly see.  He said that a combination of the cushioning, music, lighting, and smoldering herbs provided the ideal environment of relaxation so that the massage would have the proper effect on the body. 
"Smoldering herbs?"
"Yeah, there are certain herbs that have a relaxing, almost sedative, effect when burned and allowed to emanate.  Don't worry, it's not marijuana or anything," he said with a slight laugh.  "They're imported from the Australian bush, where I grew up.  You wouldn't believe all the things that are wonderful for humans that just grow in the wild.  Speaking of: let me get you some tea.  It's the first step toward taking you from the stressful world of work and traffic and money, and trasporting you to a place of comfort." 
We sat on the floor, atop a cushioned velour rug, sharing the tea as music played in the background, rhythmic drums that were barely audible.  The tea was like nothing I have ever tasted before: slightly sweet and spicy, but very smooth.  The temperature in the room was a little warm, just enough to make me slightly sleepy, but not enough to really sweat. 
Daniel told me once we had finished our tea, that it would be time to move on to the next step, and for that I would need to change clothes.  He said that he would give me a loincloth to wear just like the one he had on.  I didn't ask what kind of top I would be wearing, because I knew there wouldn't be one.  This didn't really make me nervous, because no one gets a massage with a shirt on, but walking around topless didn't usually happen without the aid of a robe.  But hey, Carrie did say to keep an open mind, and I'm sure this is nothing she didn't do every time she came to get a massage. 
Daniel helped me to my feet and let me toward the dressing area.  He also gave me a necklace adorned with at least a dozen polished stones and crystals held together with a leather band.  Each stone had it's own healing aura, he explained as he handed it to me.  The world I live in only refers to the 'aura' of something with cynicism and irony, so to hear him speak this way was disarming and kind of endearing. 
Behind a vividly-patterned curtain, I slipped out of my flip-flops, shorts, and panties, then pulled the loincloth around my waist and tied it together at the hip.  It covered only the top half of my upper legs, and was of course open all the way up.  If not for the warmth of the room, I would've felt quite a draft. 
I lifted the lycra top up and over my head, exposing my belly and breasts to the air.  One of the few parts of my body that I'm truly happy with is my breasts.  I'm a full b-cup, which for an asian woman is on the well-endowed side, but they're not so big that they really sag, especially since I'm still in my mid-twenties and haven't had children yet.  So when I wear a sports top, I don't worry too much about wearing a separate sports bra underneath, and can enjoy a little harmless attention as a side benefit. 
My belly is a different story, having grown subtly but steadily ever since I graduated high school.  Granted, I've only gained one size in those six years, but the little extra that's there threatens to hang over the side of my pants, and I seem to be inching ever closer to a size 6.  In order to keep it secured to her waist, the loincloth was going to have to appear to fit a little small under my tummy.  Oh well, I'm not here to model loincloths.  But still.....
Before I walked out, I put the necklace on, feeling the cold stones against my warm skin, the lowest of them resting against the inner swells of my breasts and hanging down between them.  My nipples were slighly hard from nervousness.  I hadn't been topless in front of a man in almost a year.  Even when I had sex with Brett from the office, I was still in my bra. 
As I emerged, Daniel was waiting for me, necklace on, holding a small container from which he was applying reddish cream to his face.  The only light was an assortment of candles, casting his body in a warm, dim glow, and the strange music was slightly more audible now. 
To break the ice, and take my mind off my nakedness, I joked, "is this some sort of tribal, warpaint thing?" 
He smiled and said, "of sorts, yes.  it's a cream from a ground-up root.  It releases endorphins....makes you feel good, basically.  Come here, I'll put yours on."
I could feel my boobs jiggle slightly as I walked barefoot across the floor, feet cushioned by a rug of some furry animal.  Funny how when you're all alone, you never notice those things, but when you're in a new place with new people, you notice every little thing and every little movement. 
His bronze body towered over me as I stood less than a foot in front of him.  My eyes lined up with his neck, adorned with his own necklace of polished stones. 
"Have you ever had a full body massage before?", he asked while holding my face in his hands, using his two thumbs to first rub the cream in and then to massage the tissue of my cheeks. 
"No, not a full-body.  I've had a few backrubs, but nothing serious."
"Well, this is no backrub, that's for sure.  You'll be amazed."  And I was.
Daniel led me to what looked like a table, with a large teri-cloth cover.  Once I climbed atop it, I realized it was some sort of tall mattress, more than six or seven feet in diameter.  He gave me a pillow filled with the scent of some wonderful but unfamiliar flower. 
"Now," he said.  "Lay on your stomach, rest your head on the pillow, close your eyes, and clear your head of everything besides the needs of your body.  If you can put your mind in sync with your body, you'll be able to tell me where you need my attention.  Until then, of course, I have a massage routine just for you."
I breathed deeply, relaxing every muscle in my body as the music suddenly became much clearer: deep, thunderous drums, beating to rhythms I'd never heard before.  The bass beats were vibrating the surface I was laying on, sending small vibrations through my body. 
I could also for the first time smell what must be the herbs he spoke about.  A sweet, musky aroma filled the room as it burned, warming my lungs as I breathed it in.  The sounds, the smells, and the soft surface I was laying on conspired to send my body into complete limpness for the first time in what must have been years. 
Before I could think about when the actual massage might start, I felt a warm, oily liquid hit my calf, followed by Daniel's large hands thoroughly and gently rubbing in into my lower leg, bending it up at the knee to rub it up and down, front and back, vertically.  This was followed by the same treatment on the other leg, then more oil was poured on the upturned soles of both feet. 
I've had a couple of guys attempt to give me foot massages before, and it's not like they felt bad, but feet, especially mine, are very sensitive, and handling of them can be very intimate if done right.  I've always wondered what a really good, sensual foot massage would be like; on this evening, I found out. 
He worked one foot and then the other, dousing his hands in oil, then massaging each toe completely, before digging his fingers into the thick pads of tissue at the ball and heel, then closing in all his attention on the instep and then the top.  Waves of pleasure radiated through my body as he kneaded and caressed my feet; it was probably the most erotic touch I've ever experienced that didn't involve my breasts or sex organs. 
I was breathing very deeply, entranced by my surroundings, and mentally transported to a different place by the time he massaged both ankles and moved his attention away from my feet.  Similarly sensual feelings again pulsed through me as he kneaded the skin in the crease behind the knee and then halfway up my thigh before climbing up on the mattress where I laid to start working on my back.  Low, middle, and high, Daniel seemed to reverse, relax, and otherwise correct every problem I've ever felt in my back over what must have been less than a half an hour.  The pulsing drums of the music echoed through my body and mind, and I felt him straddle his legs to each side of mine so he could work downward on my back, shoulders, and neck.  After rubbing down my back, neck, arms, hands, and even the top of my skull, I felt his hair rest on my back as he leaned his head down to whisper in my ear:
"Eva, I hope you're getting out of this all that you want.  I can feel that you're relaxed.  Is there anything else that needs more work before you flip over onto your back?" 
I had a thought: weren't you usually supposed to have your buttocks massaged in a full-body massage?  And what about my upper legs? 
"I don't think you finished my legs," I mumbled.  "My...buttocks.  Do you do that?" 
"Not always, but I certainly can if you'd like," he said softly.  "The loincloths we're wearing are handmade in the village where I was raised, and so they are part of my culture and part of the experience.  But, they also are there to set limits.  Ladies come here, and they are already topless in a strange place alone with me.  To make them lay naked is not a situation I want to force them into.  Besides, the tension that causes problems is rarely in the buttocks or groin.  My methods can be very intimate if we go there, and it will make you feel fantastic if you're open to it; I just need to know that it's your choice and you're comfortable with it." 
The truth was, I was far from feeling threatened, and mostly just wanted to make sure my entire body got the royal treatment.  I was feeling a euphoria that was new to me, and I didn't want it to end anytime soon.  The fact that he said his methods were 'intimate' excited me more than I'd like to admit.
"I want it all, just let me know what to do," was all I could say.  Daniel told me that he was going to untie the loincloth so my backside would be exposed.  I took a deep breath and relaxed again, only flinching slightly as he gripped my upper thighs with a hand each, kneading gently before moving both hands to one leg, slowly working their way up my legs to the crease at the base of my ass.  I have to admit to getting slightly aroused each time his hands gripped the top of my thighs, at times less than a couple of inches from my vulva.  As his hands moved away, a part of me wished they had stayed and come closer yet. 
I got even more aroused as he began to work my buttocks, starting down low, thumbs pressing inward near both my anus and vagina, then kneading firmly all the way up their length and then on the sides to where they meet my hips around front.  Again, my body wanted those hands down low, and I felt myself getting wet just thinking about them. 
Before my mind whisked the thought away, I considered just how good those hands would be to me in a sexual way, as good as they were in a massage.  It had been so long since I'd been touched in a way that excited me, and here I was in the middle of a massage wishing the massage therapist would touch me sexually, or at least my body did, since that was what Daniel was encouraging me to listen to. 
"Okay, I think that about covers your backside.  It's front time, turn around and lay on your back," he whispered into my ear.  I laid flat on my back, legs together and straight.  I could feel the tribal beat of the drums vibrating through my buttocks and then through my body.  He reached behind my shoulder and pulled the necklace over, recentering it between my bare breasts.   "I'm going to climb up here and kneel over you," he told me as he swung one of his legs over mine, leaning his body over me. 
He rubbed my neck, his long hair draping over my breasts, tickling my nipples.  He moved his hands to my shoulders, then down to the very top of the swells of my breasts, then over to the side, and then down to my belly, and finally up between my breasts to my shoulders again.  Over and over, his hands took this path, each time coming closer to my erect nipples.  My breathing became heavier and I could feel myself getting wetter as his hands glided along the outside of my breasts. 
"Are you still comfortable, Eva?"
All I could manage was a mumble and a nod before I felt the skin of his palm graze over my nipples.  He was now kneading and massaging my breasts, rubbing the muscles buried underneath.  He didn't go out of his way to stimulate my nipples, but then he didn't try to avoid them either. 
He moved his hands all the way down my belly, stopping his thumbs at the edge of my pubic hair before running them back up to the bottom of my breasts.  He massaged my stomach muscles and all the ones surrounding them before lifting his body up and kneeling again beside me.  His hands gripped the outside of my leg as it met my hip, then massaged the top of my leg before coming down the other side.  
Without thinking about it, I parted my legs slightly as his hands went down the inside of my thigh.  I could feel his fingers brush up against my labia, sending a wave of pleasure through my body.  I gasped softly.  He repeated the movements on the other side, then warned me that he was bringing his fingers between my legs.  I had no response, other than the soft moan as I felt three of his fingers rest atop my hot, damp opening, massaging the area between my anus and vagina, as well as the areas to each side of my vagina.  Again, with his hand cupping my mound, he didn't try to avoid my vagina, nor did he go out of his way to stimulate it, at least at first. 
With one hand massaging all skin around my vaginal opening and anus, the other hand reached for more oil, pouring it onto both breasts.  He then began to rub it in, this time concentrating on the nipples, rubbing them between his fingers while his other hand was making me more and more excited, yet completely relaxed at the same time.  I almost felt out of body, as if I was watching myself get this massage, yet could feel his touch at the same time. 
Any other time that I would be this, well...horny, and had a man's hands touching me this way, I'd be moving my body to the rhythm of his touch, guiding his hands to where it feels best, and finding a way to reciprocate, but I did none of those things.  His touch was perfect, and I was so comfortably limp that I almost felt unable to move.  The truth was that I was perfectly content, and although he was touching me in my most intimate areas, it was still a massage, at least for now...
His hands moved to the beat of this strange, yet sensual music, and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, at this point leaking onto his hand.  My nipples were rock hard, and my body was being overcome with a warm numbness.  My breathing was deep, but steady. 
"Eva, you're very close to orgasm, which would be very good for you now.  If you're ok with it, I'll get you there."
I nodded, unshaken from my trance, the heavy drums coursing through my body, as if my heartbeat had adjusted to match its rhythms.  Daniel was right, the numbness I was feeling was the same that I always get just before I come, except that usually I'm in the middle of a lot of movement.  Laying here, it felt perfectly blissful to be still, concentrating only on my own pleasure.
His three middle fingers were centered over my opening, pressing forward as a group, sending a wave of pleasure through me each time.  He stopped for a moment, then pushed again, this time only pressing his middle finger forward past my lips, into my chamber, and directly onto my g-spot, sending me into the most intense orgasm I've ever had.  Unable to breathe, I felt like I was on the verge of blacking out.  I couldn't curl my legs up or buck my hips, I could only separate my legs a little more as my body convulsed, radiating pleasure out and away from my vagina.  After a moment, I was able to catch a breath, exhaling it in a deep moan as he kept his finger inside me, gently rubbing the same spot.  I could feel how soaked his hands were, and I wondered if I'd squirted on him; I couldn't ever remember doing that before. 
Before I was completely down again from my amazing high, Daniel crawled behind me and helped to pull me into a sitting position.  He sat close behind me, his muscular arms around my much smaller body, and my legs inside of his.  He reached down and massaged my upper legs, bent slightly out from each other.  My body was putty his his hands, every muscle limp and pliable, no stress, no knots, and as far as my mind was concerned, no inhibitions.  I would later realize just how much further his actions had gone from what anyone would consider a massage, but at the time, I was getting what I wanted and had never felt better.  The only urge I had was to get more of what he was giving. 
"Is there anywhere that your body tells you it needs more attention?", whispered Daniel into my ear, my head resting gently on his cheek. 
"Everywhere," I said, to which he chuckled and ran his hands up my front, gently squeezing my breasts and rubbing my belly and sides, sending another rush of warmth through my body. 
"I'm afraid I can't massage your whole body again tonight, but if there is one special area you'd like me to work on, I'd be happy to," he said, zeroing in on my nipples, squeezing them in between his thick fingers.
Breathing heavily, I whispered back that I would give him his choice, wherever he felt it would do the most good.  his hands moved down to massage the inside of my thighs, again brushing up against my labia.   
"You've got a lot of pent-up sexual energy.  Your body has needs, and so does your soul.  But all your stress buries it's ability to release.  I'm willing to bet that sex, even when you're only touching yourself, is frustrating for you lately.  Maybe it always has been.  But once I got you relaxed, your orgasm came fast, and it was very powerful.  There's still a lot more where that came from.
"I can help you with that, but it's every bit as much sex as it is therapy, and I don't take that lightly.  I would be lying if I said I wouldn't love to show you, though." 
His hand again slipped between my legs, the tips of two fingers reaching behind my labia into my hot chamber.  I leaned my head back and groaned softly.  Hearing him utter the word 'sex' broke down the last mental barrier between the cravings I was having and the original idea of massage that I came for.  On one hand, I knew I had already crossed a line that I should've never even been near with a stranger.  But I also knew that there was no way my body was going to allow me to stop now.  Whatever else he had to offer, I needed it.
"You're the instructor," I breathed, "teach me what you know."  I reached back behind me, caressing Daniel for the first time, feeling the strong muscles under the soft skin of his sides.  I slid all the way back against him, wanting to be close, and to give his hands more room to feel my body.  When I did, I felt his stiff erection press against my lower back through the loincloth he was wearing.  I realized that the loincloth was the only clothing that either of us was wearing.  It excited me even more to confirm that I had the same effect on Daniel that he had on me. 
With his two fingers just inside my opening and the other hand covering the ouside, Daniel massaged everything between my legs.  Finally, my hips started to buck to his movements, the drums providing my rhythm as I pressed back into his hard dick.  My breathing grew ragged as I felt myself again go numb, approaching another climax.  Daniel took his hands away from my vagina and went to untie his loincloth.
"Relax your breathing, Eva.  The more you can control it, the more satisfied you will feel before and during sex.  Here, turn around and face me." 
As I turned around, my eyes focused on his penis, which is the first one I've ever seen that I could ever call beautiful.  It was big, but not gigantic; perfectly erect and straight, and looked to be every bit as tan as the rest of his body.  The head was slightly bigger around than the shaft, and his pubic hair was short and trimmed, but not completely shaved like some creepy porn wannabe.  I laid my legs over his and wrapped my feet around behind his back. 
"It's not aboriginal, but it's the most wonderful thing you've ever experienced....if you open your mind and body to it.  Tantra." he said, his eyes searching to meet mine.  "Your body is ready, I can feel it.  Is your mind?"
"I"m ready," I said, and before I could think about what I was doing, I reached forward and wrapped my fingers around his dick.  I noticed that he didn't flinch, gasp, or moan as I made contact; I can't remember that ever happening before when I touched a man's organ for the first time.
 "I'm going to lift you up and hold you tight to me," he said.  "Then, I'll slowly and gently lower you down into my lap."
My heart raced as he spoke.  I knew that lowering me down onto his lap meant that his dick would be sinking deep inside me.  Holding his beautiful dick, I couldn't wait until I felt it enter my body.  It wasn't big enough to scare me, but probably was bigger than any I'd had before. 
Daniel reached under my arms and lifted me toward him.  My belly pressed into his chest, and he took one of my breasts into his mouth, tongue swirling on and around my nipple.  One strong arm pinned me to him from behind my back as I felt his other hand reach under my legs to position his penis. 
I couldn't believe I was about to let this happen!  In another moment, I would be having sex with basically a total stranger; a masseuse taking advantage of a client he was attracted to, and I was as eager to go through with it as he was.   Maybe even more.  Could I really let this strange man fuck me, and without protection?  At the time, for whatever reason, that detail never even entered my mind.  I blame the smoldering herbs.
His arm loosened it's grip slightly, and I felt my belly slowly slide down his chest.  Our stone necklaces crackled and clinked as they rubbed together, our bodies covered with the thinnest film of sweat; just enough to allow our skin to slip as our bodies rubbed together. 
I gasped as I felt the warm head of his erect cock press against the petals of my entrance.  My legs shook with anticipation and nervousness. 
"Just hold on tight," he said, "I'll take care of the rest." 
I felt a flash shoot through my body as his head penetrated into my warmth, spreading my lips tight around his shaft.  A pang of discomfort as my body was penetrated for the first time in a few months, but I was so wet, it felt almost as if my body was sucking him into me.  My breath felt taken away as he continued to lower me down, more and more of his shaft sinking into my depths.  
Just as I was starting to wonder now much length he had left, I felt my thighs come to rest on his legs.  All of Daniel was buried inside my pussy.   I had never felt so filled up by a man before; I knew that the end of his penis was somewhere in my lower belly.  My heart felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest, and I was on the verge of hyperventilation.   
I gripped his sides, steadying myself on his lap.  My legs were still convulsing.  Daniel wrapped my face in his hands, directing my eyes to meet his. 
"Eva, relax your body, just like before.  Concentrate only on feeling your skin against mine, and feeling me inside of you.  Feel how your warmth closes in around me.  Don't move yet...only feel.
"Think of us as a single vessel.  Breathe in when I breathe out, and out when I breathe in.  Slowly."
I felt the vibration of the drumbeats on the outside and the heartbeat within his penis on the inside.  We looked into each others' eyes.  I could see his warmth, his calmness, how in control of himself he was.  Our breathing was in sync, and my body felt at one with his. 
His hands gently but firmly grabbed my hips and eased them forward, pressing me against his body.  My breasts pressed against him, our necklaces again clinking against each other.  I struggled to maintain my breathing with his, and to keep my hips still, but loved the feeling of holding him inside me. 
Slowly, he eased my hips back again, but held my upper body tight with his.  Daniel was setting a slow but steady rhythm; more of a slow rock than thrusting.  I started to move my hips in slow circles, concentring on how his penis masssaged different parts of my inner walls as my hips shifted angles.  My arms wrapped behind him, digging my fingers into the meat below his shoulder blades.  With each passing minute, the pleasure waves became more powerful, until that familiar numbness returned.  The drums beat loudly in the background, vibrating my body as I gyrating on Daniel's lap.  My nipples burned with sensitivity as they rubbed against Daniel's skin.  My hips struggled to maintain their slow rhythm, attempting to jump the rails and buck hard on their own.  Through all of this I concentrated on breathing with him, and maintaining eye contact.  As I started to lose my breath, Daniel leaned forward, almost touching my mouth with his, and whispered:
"Eva, it's here for you.  Let it go.  Feel it wash over you."
My eyes teared up and I cried out, finally breaking our gaze as I looked down at our bodies clenched together.  My hips jerked violently atop his lap; the friction of his big dick inside me sent wave after wave of euphoria through my body.  I gripped his body tightly, feeling the electricity between his big muscular figure and my petite soft body. 
"Concentrate on the feeling.  Feel your body's pulse around mine."
My vagina felt like it was on fire, convulsing tightly around his shaft.  The pleasure was so intense it was almost painful.  At the height of the wave, I again thought I might pass out.  I felt the cool of sudden wetness escaping my opening as I squeezed down like a vise on both his penis and his body.  My legs and arms were tightly wrapped around him, my hands and feet flexed out, and my entire body felt feverish.  Daniel held me close, wrapping both arms around my back as I shook, sobbing.  The most incredible feeling I've ever had coursed through my veins, over and over.  What started out as a quest for relaxation now felt more like an exorcism of the demons known as stress and anxiety.
Daniel continued to clutch me tight to his body as my orgasm slowly subsided and my breathing returned to normal.  Our hips moved back and forth in a slow rhythm, his hardness still deep inside me.  Reaching a hand underneath my thigh, he leaned forward and laid me on my back.  Daniel held a ladle over my body and slowly poured it out over my body, then down his chest.  He kept about half his length inside of me as he rubbed it into his skin, and I rubbed it into his.  He rubbed it into my legs and feet, and into my arms and legs.  Every inch of our bodies was now covered in slick fragrant oil. 
Daniel lowered himself down over me, our skin lightly smacking as his chest made contact with mine.  I gasped as he sunk his entire length back into me.  I tried to grip his back but it was too slippery.  He moved forward and back atop my torso as he thrust, our slick skin slipping, frictionless.  Daniel rested just enough weight on my body to remind me that I was in the clutches and control of a stronger being, but he was careful not to hurt me or stifle my breathing.   
Looking to the side, I could see us in the mirror:  My knees bent, and my feet and ankles held tight to his legs where they meet his buttocks.  His beautiful bronze body pumped steadily but gently into my delicate olive-skinned body, pushing me forward with each thrust, before pulling me back into place with his hands on my shoulders.  His necklace hung down and intertwined with mine.  His hair hung down over my belly and chest, and I couldn't make out his face.  It was a beautiful sight; again, as if I was watching some other couple make love. 
His dick brushed across my g-spot with every push, bringing me close to another orgasm in the clutches of this strong man dominating me on his massage mattress.  I pumped my hips forward to meet his thrusts, causing a wet slapping sound when he bottomed out.  He was fucking me to the beat of the drums, thundering deep beats echoing in my ears as his meat satisfied every inch of my vagina, plunging deep into me, over and over. 
I could hear myself starting to moan as my hips started to jerk and my vagina started to convulse again.  No numbness this time; the orgasm snuck up and just walloped me.   "That's it, Eva.  Feel it!," he said, with an urgency and excitement in his voice that I hadn't heard before. 
As I was cumming on and around his dick for the second time, I noticed a new, hungry look in his eye.  His thrusts grew harder, intensifying my orgasm. We kept eye contact as the wave crashed over my body, radiating out from the union of our engorged sex organs. 
The drums directed our fucking, his hips slapping against mine, and his breathing started to get ragged.  Seeing how aroused I was making him sent me into another orgasm on the heels of the last one.   I knew that orgasmic convulsions were nature's way of bring the male to ejaculation, then pulling the sperm to the cervix, and I suddenly realized that my successive orgasms had brought Daniel to the brink of his own orgasm.
I moaned as my body convulsed, arching my back under his thrusting body and wrapping my legs up and over his back.  I heard him groan as he thrust my body downward into the cushioning.  I felt his back break out into a sweat, and his face contorted into a tight grimace.  For a moment, I worried that Daniel was going to come inside me, but after a few seconds and a few more thrusts, he pulled his dick out, covered in slick fluids, pinned it between our bellies, and continued a slight thrusting motion as his penis pulsed and shot several thick wads of come out onto my body.  He rubbed his body up and down on mine, slick from oil and semen as he emptied the last of his fluids.   Daniel and I both moaned, overcome by this extremely erotic culmination to our massage and sex.
His big hands rubbed his semen up and down my body, still shaking from the most amazing sexual experience I'd ever had.  I looked at his penis, now softening, but still beautiful as it dangled between his muscular legs. 
Simultaneously relaxed and exhausted, Daniel carried me to a softly-lit bathroom with a large soaking tub.  I sat on the edge, sipping another strange herbal tea as he prepared my water for me. 
"I'm going to leave you with some privacy to yourself," he said as I lowered myself into the warm water.  "A lot has happened inside of your mind and body tonight.  You should take this time to relax and gather yourself before re-emerging into the stress of the outside world.
"I'm going to go clean up in my area upstairs, but I'll be back down in a few minutes, and will see you out whenever you're ready.  No rush, so take your time."
I bet I soaked in that tub for close to an hour, just trying to come to terms with what I had experienced, how and why I allowed it to happen, and how glad I was that I had. 
That night, I changed for the better, and if I ever felt again overwhelmed by my life and it's pressures, I knew where to go and what to do to return to a calm, pleasurable place. 
The next morning when I got to work, I had an e-mail from Carrie:
Hey Girl!   I hope everything went well with the massage last night.  He's really good, and my whole body feels like jello for a few days afterward.  I hope the whole topless/loincloth thing didn't freak you out too much, all part of that aboriginie thing, I guess.   Now that we can compare notes, I have to ask:  does he turn you on a little?  I bet he'd be a dynamite sex partner, don't you think?  All tantric and shit, probably.  Ha!    We can continue this Thursday, if you want.   Love ya!   Carrie
I smiled for a moment, then started my day.
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