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Fun and Games

Fun and Games

Tonight I'm going to have some fun with you, I'm feeling naughty, in all senses of the word.
I know that you're busy, but it's getting late and all work and no play will make you dull, plus the fact that I'm feeling bored and horny… Bad combination!

I peep my head round your study door and I see that you're really busy, still snowed under with work.

"Would you like a coffee, hon?" I ask.

"Shh!" You hold up your hand, nodding, and I notice that you are on the phone.

I go downstairs and put the kettle on, then I head upstairs to jump in for a quick shower. I step under the hot water, shampoo my hair and pile it on top of my head while I wash my face and neck. I rinse the shampoo, and rub in some conditioner, then concentrate on the rest of my body. I use my big, flat body brush to really scrub my skin, I want it to feel soft and smooth for your hands. Using my favourite shower gel, I scrub my back, my bottom, my stomach, while for my breasts, I lather up my hands with soap, enjoying the feeling as they glide over the smooth skin and savouring the feeling as my nipples naturally stiffen under my touch. I wash my pussy, my fingers rubbing and probing to make sure that I am squeaky clean. I trimmed the small triangle of hair and epilated my legs and underarms this morning, so I don't need shave or anything. I rinse my hair and body, and then turn off the water.

Wrapping myself in a large, fluffy towel, I go into my room and select my favourite body oil. It smells amazing as I rub it into my skin, which now feels so soft and smooth. Then I begin to get dressed. I put on my black corset, struggling to fasten all of the hooks, but I manage it,even though I almost dislocate my shoulder in the process! I know it will be worth it. I pull on my black silk panties and choose a pair of black stockings. Yes, the ones with the seams up the back, you like those. I roll them slowly up each leg, making sure that the seams are straight at the back and I fasten them to the straps on the corset. Then, I pick my stupidly high-heeled shoes from my wardrobe. Hell, I don't have far to walk in them and I know that they make my legs look longer and more shapely.

Then I towel dry my hair and comb it. It's nice and smooth from the conditioner. I put on a little mascara and some red lipstick. I look at myself in the mirror. Yes, this will do nicely. In the spirit of fun, I pick a couple of silk scarves from my drawer… I am feeling naughty!

I take my big black robe, put it on, put the scarves in one of the pockets and try to walk quietly in these damned shoes. I nip back down to the kitchen, quickly make you a coffee and bring it with me upstairs.

You are in the small room, working at your desk. I walk more quietly than I ever thought I could, trying not to spill your drink and as I peep round the door, I can see that you are up to your eyes in spreadsheets and documents. You are so engrossed in your work that I think I've managed to do it, but I stumble slightly in my shoes and you look round. "What are you doing?" you say.

"Your coffee," I reply and let my robe fall open slightly, revealing my underwear.

"Wow!" you gasp and I put a finger to my lips, signalling not to speak, as I set your mug down on your desk.

Then I step behind you and place my hands on your shoulders and begin to give them a rub. You start to turn your head but I lean towards you and whisper, "No," and as I do I begin to kiss your ear. I can see that your eyes are closed and you are beginning to breathe a little more heavily. You inhale deeply as my tongue draws your earlobe between my teeth and I know that you are taking in my scent.

My mouth begins to lick and suck its way down your neck, leaving light red lipstick kisses as it does. I kiss your hairline at the back of your neck, enjoying the feel of the short hairs against my lips. Hearing you breathe in deeply as I gently bite your neck makes me tingle and I run my hands down both of your arms and pull them behind you, under my robe, and onto my legs. You begin to rub your palms up and down my taut thighs, over the tops of my stockings. I lean forward and peep over your shoulder. I shiver as I see the visibly growing bulge in your jeans.

Quickly I dip my hand into my pocket and pull out one of the silk scarves and place my hands over yours as they move towards the top of my legs. I loop the scarf around your wrists and quickly tie them together, pulling it tightly. Your hands now trapped behind you.

I slowly spin your chair around and now you are facing me, looking both confused and excited. I let my robe drop to the floor and your eyes widen, looking me up and down. You open your mouth to speak, but I gently shake my head whilst pressing my index finger against your lips and then I move my stockinged right leg between your knees, pushing them apart and bringing my left leg in to push them wider. I lean down and kiss your forehead, your eyelids, your nose and finally your lips. Your mouth opens slightly as my lips brush against you and I flick the tip of my tongue against your top lip and push open your lips with mine. Your tongue touches mine and it feels electric as we kiss passionately, hard. You try to bring your arms around me, but of course, they are still bound at the wrists behind you. I smile at your frustration and lift my body up until your mouth is level with my breasts and push myself towards you. Your move your head forward and nuzzle between them, the light stubble on your chin gently grazing my cleavage. You move your head to my right breast and your mouth opens around it to slowly bite my erect nipple through the black silky fabric and I inhale quickly as you begin to suck, I see the material darken as your saliva wets it.

I sink to my knees, between your thighs. All the time watching you, maintaining eye contact. I can see that your erection must be quite uncomfortable, trapped as it is under the heavy denim and I drag my red painted nails over it, feeling how hard you are, excites me and my breath stutters, you close your eyes and gasp. The fingers of my left hand slip inside your waistband and you tighten your stomach muscles to make space for me as my right hand begins to undo your button fly. All the time looking into your eyes, I slide my hand over your boxers, pulling your erection up and and I can see that this must be a relief, poor cock trapped against your leg. You shudder as I run my fingers up and down the rigid shaft and I smile, grab the waist of your jeans and you lift your ass up enough to let my pull them down to your knees. I quickly lean in and gently bite your shaft through your boxers then pull your jeans down to the floor, you cooperate my lifting your foot out and shaking the jeans off completely.

I pull your shorts from the front, freeing your swollen cock and again you lift your hips, allowing me to remove them. You are so stiff now, I notice the drop of moisture at the tip and flick my tongue out, tasting your sweet nectar.

You're breathing quite quickly now and you watch me as I cup your balls with my hand, lifting them to my mouth, licking them with the flat of my tongue, lapping, nuzzling my nose against them. I open my red lips and take one completely into my mouth and gently suck it, all the while working my tongue over the soft skin. The fingers of my left hand absently tracing lines up and down your hard cock until my mouth moves up to join them. The tip of my tongue pressing up and down the veined surface. I want you. I want you so much.

My fingers curl around your shaft, pulling it away from your belly towards my lips and I lick the edge of your head with a flat, wet tongue, faster, alternating with wet kisses. I open my mouth and with my hand guide your head around my wet lips. Your hips push up and I begin to take you in. Looking up at your face, I can see that you are trying to watch me but as your cock pushes deeper inside, your eyes close and you gasp. I start to bob my head up and down, my lips so tight around you, leaving light red lipstick marks, each getting closer to the base of your shaft. Sliding you deeper, deeper until the light curls of hair touch against my mouth. I gag a little as your full depth fills me and I relax my throat as best I can, allowing you full access. I move up and down a little faster, you raise your hips in time until we find the perfect rhythm. With my hands cupping and massaging your balls, I am fucking you with my mouth. You move faster, faster and I feel your ball sack begin to tighten in my hand, your penis begins to pulse and I lift my head. Your engorged cock falls back against your belly and you look at me, puzzled.

I stand up, my legs between yours and I watch your face as I lift your t shirt up, over your pale torso. I lean in and gently bite first one of your small nipples and then the other, pushing my thighs against your achingly stiff member. I pull your t shirt over your head, of course it can't come off because your wrists are still bound behind you and I leave it, covering your eyes like an impromptu blindfold.

By now, I am wet. Very, very wet, for you. I put a finger inside the silky fabric of my panties, between my pussy lips, coating the digit with my juices. Then I rub my finger over your lips. I hear you inhale my scent, your tongue licks your lips and you suck my finger into your mouth.

Oh god, I want you inside me. You turn me on so much. I need you to fuck me…

But, even in my turned on state, I still feel wicked, mischievous and I step back from you. Smiling at the sexy man before me, helpless, blind, bound and hard. Oh so very hard. I walk out of the room.

Giggling, I totter on my silly shoes and then lie, on my tummy on the bed. My knees bent, feet in the air behind me so that you'll have a nice view, when you finally manage to get yourself into the room. I absent-mindedly pick up a magazine and begin to flick through it as I wait for you. I am smiling, congratulating myself on very clever I've just been and after a few minutes, I can hear you coming out of the room - that didn't take too long, I knew it wouldn't, not after leaving you in the lurch like that. I pretend not to hear you, concentrating on my magazine until I feel your weight on the bed. I am about to speak to you when I feel a very hard slap on my bottom. SMACK I yelp, tears pricking my eyes. I didn't expect that!

"You are a very naughty girl," you growl and as I am about to turn round and yell at you for smacking me, I feel your hands take hold of my ankles and pull my legs apart. Your full body weight presses on top of me and I can feel that you are already naked with your engorged cock pressing against my ass. You growl again, "I am going to FUCK you, hard." It makes me tingle to hear you say it.

With one hand pushing against the small of my back, holding me down, the other pulls my thong from between my cheeks and I feel your finger slide between my pussy lips. I am so wet, you spread the liquid along my crease, ensuring that I am completely soaked. Then as fast as anything, you roughly grab my hips, lifting my ass off the bed and quickly pull the thong down to my knees. I feel you guide your cock against me with your hand, tantalising me by rubbing it up an down the length of my pussy and then you ram it in to the hilt. You push your full weight against me, forcing me into the covers of the bed. I cry out, my hands grabbing the bedclothes as you hold it there, your length filling me as you gyrate your hips. I feel every inch of that cock, the one I just can't get enough of. Then you begin to grind, to fuck me, hard, harder, grunting with every thrust. Oh god, you feel so good, your hands gripping tightly onto my hips, controlling my movements. I try to push back against you, but your hold on me is so firm that I can't move at all.

Your thrusts become faster, even harder. I don't think you've ever fucked me quite so hard. I try to bring my hand around, underneath to rub my clit, but you push me down and suddenly your pace slows and you grunt as you shudder and cum, filling me with your hot semen.

You lean down on top of me, cock already softening inside me and you start to cover my upper back with soft kisses. I relax, my hips against the bed, then you slip from me, take hold of my shoulders and turn me over, onto my back…

You plant small, delicate kisses over my face and then begin to kiss my mouth. My arms wrap around your back and I return your kiss. You kiss my chin and then my neck, your arms under me, around my waist. Gently biting and nibbling my neck, my ears. Oh that feels really nice.
You sit up and cup my breasts with your strong hands, your thumbs rubbing my nipples, making them to stiffen, watching my reaction, you dive and begin to nip and suck them through my corset. I gasp.

You pull me up into a sitting position and start to unhook the fastenings of my tight underwear it opens but is still fastened to my stockings which you pull down one after the other. You unfasten my silly shoes, smiling and shaking your head as you take them off. I am now completely naked as you kiss my feet, rubbing one and then the other, you kiss your way up my legs.

"You smell amazing", you say as you lick and nibble your way up my thighs.

Your hands are massaging too. You lean against my leg, resting your head on one hand, while the other starts to gently stroke my still-throbbing pussy.

"You know, that was very naughty, what you did to me," you smile, all the while stroking me, moving excruciatingly close to my clit, which is quite erect. I can only sigh, willing you to touch me. Your finger grazes it and I let out a small moan. You smile at me and give a more definite stroke, rubbing past it and parting my lips. Your fingers begin to move up and down the length of me, slipping easily between my swollen lips, mixing our juices and you bring your soaked fingers up to my lips.

"Taste us," you order, gently coating my red-lipsticked mouth and pushing the tips of your fingers slightly inside. I suck your fingers, eyes closed, tongue darting against your fingertips as my lips close around them.

You take back your fingers and lower your head, kissing my mound with soft, wet kisses and then I feel your mouth close around my clit. Your tongue gently explores and laps against it. I close my eyes and moan as I feel two fingers slide easily inside as your tongue continues to flick against me.

"Oh god, oh god," I moan, arching my back. I can feel the familiar tingling radiating from my clit, I'm so close, I can barely think. Your fingers gently fucking me, your mouth slowly lapping me to orgasm.

And then you stop.

It takes me a moment to realise. Wondering where my orgasm is, I raise my head to see you smiling at me, wickedly.

"You want to cum, baby?"

I can only nod, now feeling not quite so clever as I did when I first giggled my way into the bedroom…

"So, do you have anything to say to me?" you enquire.

Thinking quickly, I put on my best 'my puppy's just died' face.

"I'm so sorry, baby. Sorry for leaving you like that. I was very, very bad." I glance down and see that you're enjoying this too. You look almost ready for action again - excellent, all is not lost! (Not that I ever really thought it would be)

I sit up again, which brings my breasts very close to your face. I put my hands on your head and kiss you, rubbing your hair.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, babe, I didn't mean to upset you." I take one of your hands and place it on my breast. You immediately start to finger my nipple as I continue to kiss you. I know exactly what I am doing and I will have my orgasm, after all it's only fair.

"Oh make love to me, fuck me, make me cum," I plead, knowing full well that you can never really resist me.

I move my right hand, drawing it down your face, your neck, your chest, aware that your eyes are following it. I move my hand onto my right breast, running my index finger around my nipple and then sliding it down to my mound. I slide my finger along, finding my clit, erect, longing to be stroked, rubbed and I start to move my hand. Oh that feels good. I glance and see that you are now fully erect once more and you lean into me, kissing me passionately. Our tongues tangle as I continue to finger my clit. You push onto me, pushing me back down onto the bed, my legs opening, allowing your body between them, your cock hard against my leg as you manoeuvre yourself, ready to enter me.

I feel the head of you against me, blindly searching for my entrance. It's there, poised. I close me eyes and breathe in as I feel the length of you push back inside me.

"Aaaaaaah!" I gasp and you quietly groan, pushing in deep and holding it there.

You lift your body, freeing my hand to continue to stimulate and rub. You are so deep inside me and you begin to gyrate your hips, in time with my moving hand, your balls lightly tapping against me. Oh, how you fill me as you gaze intently, watching my expression, gauging me, matching my movements. You pull out a little and begin to thrust, slow and deep, building up speed as I do the same, rubbing faster at the base of my clit. I feel the waves begin to radiate from me. I am getting close and I begin to rub faster, more intently. You speed up and begin to thrust, harder, faster, really fucking me now. I look at you, your face reddening, breathing fast and I close my eyes and give myself over to pleasure.

My whole body tingling, I cum and I am vaguely aware of you grunting your last, pumping your seed into me…

As my climax subsides, I open my eyes again. You relax on top of me and I wrap my arms around you, nuzzling into your neck. You feel so good. We lie like this for a few moments and your weight becomes to much. You roll onto your back.

"How about a massage?" I say.

"Oh that would be nice, very nice," you reply and obligingly turn onto your stomach. I rise onto my knees, running the flat of my hands up the backs of your legs to your gorgeous buttocks. I admire them, rub them and I simply cannot resist, I still feel the sting where you smacked me earlier.

I raise my hand. THWACK!!!!!

"Sorry!" I yell, laughing as I jump off and run away to another room! Oh, I know I'll be sorry, but not for long, I am sure...
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