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Fun at the Beach

Fun at the beach

I call you up and ask if you would enjoy joining me for a day at the beach. You quickly agree. I ask when I should pick you up and you ask me to arrive in about 30 minutes, giving you time to get some things together. I agree and tell you I’ll see you in about half an hour.

On the drive over to your place, I stop and pick up a picnic lunch for later and then continue my drive. I’m wondering what you’re going to be wearing as I arrive at your place. I walk up to your door, ringing the bell. You tell me to come in because you’re not quite ready yet. I’m not surprised, but I’m hoping it will be worth the wait.

You walk out wearing a short skit, low cut top, which shows quite a bit of cleavage, and sandals. “You like?” you quickly ask me.

“Of course I do, you look fantastic.” I reply. I grab your bag and chair, and then escort you to the car.

You look at the car parked in your driveway and say, “When did you get that?”

I tell you, “I just bought it yesterday. I’ve always wanted a convertible and finally found a good deal on one. That’s why I asked you to the beach. I know how much you love riding in one.”

You smile and say, “What are we waiting for? Let’s get going.”

We head out towards the coast, the weather is beautiful, sun shining, not very hot, just enjoying the drive. We make small talk about how each other’s week had been and just enjoy each other’s company. I glance down every once in a while and notice that your skirt seems to be creeping up your legs. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but I say nothing. You turn to me smiling letting me know you’re enjoying the drive.

We arrive at the beach and find a place to park. You grab your chair and bag while I grab my chair and the food for our picnic. We find a place away from the crowd to chat some more and enjoy a nice lunch. You smile saying, “Thanks for bringing me here; I’ve always loved the beach.”

“It’s my pleasure; I enjoy spending time with you as often as I can,” I reply.

After eating and cleaning up you suggest taking a walk along the shoreline. I quickly pack everything up as you wait. I join you, taking you by the hand as we walk barefoot along the shoreline. The tide starts coming in slowly, our feet getting wet as we walk and continue talking.

We continue our walk and come upon a secluded area away from everyone else. You turn and kiss me. I respond to your kiss passionately. My tongues exploring your mouth hungrily as you moan in approval.

My hands slide down your back, squeezing your ass through your skirt, loving how firm it feels. Your tongue dances with mine, getting me more aroused as we kiss. I slide my hands under your skirt, noticing that you’re not wearing anything underneath. My fingertips lightly caress your bare ass. You shudder as my fingers send chills up and down your body.

Your hands slide under my shirt caressing my chest as I slide your skirt down your legs. I start kissing your neck, you lean your head back, giving me better access. My tongue kisses up and down your neck, intoxicated by the perfume you’re wearing. I move my hands to your breasts, caressing them through your top, loving how firm yet soft they feel in my hands.

I slide my hands under your top, squeezing your breasts a bit harder. You moan as my fingers run around your nipples. I feel them getting harder instantly. I remove your top, letting it fall on the ground as my lips find their way to your nipples, licking and sucking on them.

You remove my shirt as I come up for some air after getting your nipples nice and hard. Your lips move to my chest, kissing it gently as one hand moves down between your legs.

My hand runs up and down the insides of your thighs, teasing you a bit before finding your clit and rubbing it softly and slowly. I hear you’re moaning, letting me know how good it feels, this makes me rub it harder and faster. I bring my fingers to my lips, tasting your sweetness, and then kiss you deeply sharing your juices with you.

My lips suck on your breasts and nipples, and then I slowly kiss my way down your body. I find your pussy, my lips sucking on your clit making you moan louder. I’m glad no one can hear how loudly you’re moaning at what my lips are doing to you. You place one leg on my shoulder, granting me better access to your pussy which I take advantage of.

You run your hands through my hair as my tongue runs up and down you wet pussy, savoring your sweetness. You try shoving my face deeper and deeper into your wet slit as my tongue licks you faster. I lift you up and carry you to a bit more solid ground where I lay you down and continue licking your pussy.

You ask me if I want to 69 and I readily agree. I would love having your lips around my cock which is very hard by now. I lay down as you lower your pussy down to my waiting lips. I feel your lips kissing the head of my cock, then your tongue running up and down my entire length.

My lips find your clit again and suck on it hard this time, feeling you trying to shove your pussy further into my face. My tongue runs up and down the entire length of your wet pussy, loving how you taste. I feel your lips moving around my cock as I arch my hips to get it further into your waiting mouth.

You take the entire length of my shaft into your mouth, running your tongue around it, driving me crazy. I love how you suck my cock, it feels amazing. I return the favor by sliding my tongue into your pussy. I begin fucking your pussy slowly at first, enjoying teasing you for a bit. You stop sucking my cock and beg me to shove my tongue deeper into your tight pussy. I shove my tongue as deep into your pussy as I can then start fucking it faster, deeper, and harder.

Your lips feel amazing as you return to sucking my cock. Moving up and down the entire length, feeling the softness of your lips and your tongue swirling around my hard cock drives me crazy. I tell you that you better slow down or I’ll cum too soon. You comply and beg me to fuck you right then.

I get you on all fours my hard cock teasing your pussy slowly at first. I slowly slide my entire length inside your tight pussy, and then begin stroking in and out slowly. I love the feeling of your pussy around my hard cock as I begin to fuck you a bit faster. I begin to pull your hair as my cock rams your pussy harder, deeper, and faster with each thrust into you.

You move back and forth with me, trying to get me deeper into your pussy. I shove my cock harder and deeper into you, my balls slapping against your clit with each stroke. My one hand pulls your hair as my other spanks your tight ass hard. You tell me to spank you harder, so I do.

You move off of my cock pushing me down onto my back as you straddle me and lower your pussy down my cock slowly, returning the teasing from before. I reach up and squeeze your tits and pinch your nipples as you begin riding me slowly. I love watching your pussy move up and down my cock, turning me on more and more.

I move my hands from your breasts to your ass, squeezing it as your both ride and grind your pussy against my hard cock. This is getting me closer and closer to cumming so I tell you. This only increases your riding and grinding. I feel your pussy start to tighten around my cock, telling me you are getting close also. I tell you to ride me harder and faster. I want to fill your pussy when I cum. You begin riding me faster, harder, and deeper. Your pussy is squeezing my cock harder as you ride up and down faster and harder. I pull your face down to mine, kissing you hard as I fill your pussy with my cum.

I feel your body start shaking, and you scream that you’re cumming too. I feel your pussy tighten around my cock as you shake in orgasm. Your body shuddering as you cum hard around my cock.

I pull you down on top of me, kissing you deeply, and my hands running through your hair. I whisper how great that was and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. You tell me it was great, but that you’re not through with me yet.

I notice that it’s getting darker outside. I suggest we get dressed and head back to your place to see what you have in store for me. You agree and we quickly dress and return to the car for the drive back to your place.

The rest of the night will be in another story……..

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