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Fun at the beach

My girlfriend and I make up for some lost time in the bed.
The summer after I graduated, my family decided to finally allow my girlfriend Alexis to come along with us. During the past months, we hadn't been able to spend much time together because of the stress school work and our jobs were putting onto to us which meant no time for sex.

That night when I came by her house to pick her up, all I could think about was the fun dirty things we were going to be able to do each other. Then I caught her walking out of the house. First let me describe my girlfriend so you can picture this better: She is 5'2" with long brown hair and beautiful multi-colored eyes. To match that, she has a pair of massive tits that are always up right and perky (ready to be played with) and she has a big ole rounded ass that she knows how to work. Basically my girlfriend has the brains of a Stanford graduate but the body of the sexiest porn star.

Now back to the story, she must have known I was thinking all the dirty things because she dressed like she wanted dick as soon as possible. She wore a a too small tank top that pushed her tits up thus releasing more of her sexy cleavage. Add to that a pair of really small booty shorts that with each step her ass popped out a little and you could barely see the outlining of her pussy

"Geez baby could you please stop mind fucking me!" she said as she climbed into my car which caught me by surprise.

"Sorry baby, you just look so damn sexy I just couldn't keep the dirty thoughts out of my head," I replied hoping she would continue to play along and boy did that wish come true

"Well don't you worry baby as soon as we get to the beach house we will be fucking each other's brains out."

Needless to say, we arrived at the beach house a little faster than we should have.

"We are finally here," I whispered just loud enough for her to hear so she would know I’m still up for our promised fucking. But then she said some horrifying words.

"Baby I’m tired lets go straight to bed so we can have "our type" of fun all day long tomorrow, I promise"

Little did I know that she was playing me. When I got back from the bathroom and walked in the door, my girlfriend was bent over and slowly taking off her shorts eventually revealing her wet pussy lips.

“Did you like that little show baby?" She said to me as she turned around revealing her fully erect nipples. God she was so fucking sexy. My cock begin to grow inside my shorts. She must have seen because she slowly walked up; then in one fluid motion ripped my shorts completely off so she could be face to face to my now fully erect cock.

She slowly began to lick the tip of my cock then made her way to licking my long shaft and balls. Then in one fluid motion, she engulfed my entire cock straight into her throat. I almost busted right then and there. It felt amazing! I couldn't help but let out loud groans and moans of pleasure. She continued with her dirty tricks always stopping right before I came increasingly making me hornier and hornier. Eventually I could take no more teasing and after a few short thrusts of throat fucking, I picked her up and threw onto the bed. I forcefully spread her legs wide apart and help them down so she couldn’t squirm. In the process, I was spreading her pussy lips thus making her pulsing clit pop out for me to attack.

At first I went with slow licks around and in her pussy. I was building up to licking fast and hard on her clit even biting on it to make the sensitivity rise. She screamed for me to begin to finger her in which I had no problem finding her swollen g spot. In a matter of seconds, her legs were quivering, she was screaming at the top of her lungs as her orgasm began to erupt. Upon that, I stopped and aimed my swollen cock at her hole and before she could even stop shaking from the powerful orgasm, I rammed my cock deep down into her pussy. She let out a little moan from all the pleasure.

“FUCK ME, YEEESSS OH MY GOD BABY HARDER!!" she was screaming with each deep thrust I gave her with my dick.

“OH MY GOD baby I’m going to cum all over your hard fat dick baby please doesn’t stop!!"

Not even a few minutes after that, I felt her pussy begin to clamp around my cock and her juices flow down my shaft as her pussy came hard. That sensation was too much for me as my fat cock began to pulsate and I pulled out and came directly onto her face some, but she caught the rest in her mouth because she loves my cum and swallowed my entire load. This upcoming week will be fun. (Part 2 coming soon)

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