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Fun at the conference, Ver. 3.0

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Leaving the maid a tip.
Author’s note: In real life I will be attending a professional conference in San Diego. Each fantasy can be read on its own.

I was feeling really good. My presentation went exceptionally well. I was headed back to my hotel room to get ready to celebrate. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do to celebrate. I might hit the town or try out the fancy pool, but first I needed to go back to my room to get out of my coat and tie.

There was a maid’s cart in front of my room. Darn, I would have to wait for the maid to finish before I could do anything. I opened the door to my room. There on the bed was the maid – asleep. She had a textbook “organic chemistry” open next to her. I stepped back into the hallway and closed the door.

I wasn’t sure what to do. Obviously, she wasn’t there to steal something. She was just a college student exhausted from work and study. Still, whatever I was going to do, I didn’t want the attention of housekeeping. I pushed the maid’s card down a few doors and re-entered my room.

She was still asleep. I took sat down on a chair and stared. Even in a generic maid’s uniform, she was a hottie. She had large breasts, blonde hair, and a slim waist. I was getting hard just looking.

I cleared my throat and she awoke. She immediately began apologizing. As she got up, she explained that she was a pre-med student at UCSD and she had a final to study for and her roommate had kept her awake all last night, and she needed this job, etc. She pleaded with me not to report her.

From her nametag, I learned her name was Hannah. I told Hannah that I was a student once, and understood, but still she was in my room, on my bed asleep. I asked her what she was going to do about that.

With no further discussion, she began unbuttoning her maid’s uniform. Now standing there in her matching white panties and thong I truly was getting hard. I got up from my chair, went over and turned her around. With her back towards me, I began fondling those lovely breasts. Her nipples poked out of the material of her bra. She bent over and put her hands on the bed. She then backed her ass onto my lap, no doubt feeling my hard on.

I unsnapped her bra and got her upright again. From behind, I put my hand on panty. She grabbed my hand and put it inside. She was already wet. I played with her clit some, but she wanted me. She turned around pulled down my pants and began to take out my dick. I was a little worried about catching a disease, but figured a pre-med student would know to be careful.

Her mouth engulfed my manhood. Oh what a day! First a great presentation, now a hot blonde sucking my dick. I pulled off the rest of my clothes. As I did so she pulled down the covers on the bed. I wanted her on top.

I lay down naked on the bed with my dick pointing skyward. Hannah now naked herself, slowly impaled herself on me. Damn, she had a wet pussy. They say whoever is on top enjoys sex more, but that is not true. I had never felt so hard. She bounced up and down. Sometimes, she would lean back with her hands behind her, so I could massage her clit, but most of the time she was straight up and down on my cock. She began moaning. She seemed to greatly enjoy having an older guy fuck her. I’m sure had an orgasm – or three.

I was so horny, my own nipples got sensitive. I’m a full-fledged guy, but I love when I woman plays or sucks my nipples. Hannah sensed that, and she leaned down and played with nipples. From there I was a goner. I shot my load into her. I had had strong spasms inside her lovely pussy.

All too soon it was over. We laid there briefly, but Hannah said she really needed to get back to work. She started going out about how she wouldn’t get a paycheck until next Friday, how she needed to buy a certain textbook before then, how she owed her roommate back rent etc. I got the hint and gave her a hundred dollars.

Hannah put her maid’s uniform back on and went back into the hallway. She put her money when she got to her cart, and said to herself, “They fall for it every time. Maybe someday I’ll go to college, but right now being a maid pays better.”

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