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Fun at the conference Version 2.0

A female doctor in need of some lovin.
Author’s note: This is the second story I have written about having “fun at the conference” and more are planned. Each story is distinct; the only similarity is that all the stories take place at a professional conference in San Diego in the summer. A conference, in real life, I hope to attend.

San Diego is a great place to attend a professional conference. The air is warm, the people friendly, and as it is summer, business attire standards are relaxed some. I wear a coat and tie to the kick off banquet, but most of the other attendees are more casually, but neatly dressed.

After the kick off banquet, as there was nothing else to do, so I went to bed early. This meant I woke early – hours before the working breakfast and conference itself. I decided to check out the hotel’s gym.

The gym was empty when I got there. After some stretching, I started on an elliptical machine. I always feel a little bit sexy in my running shorts. A few years back, I joined a gym and my body is better for it. Kind of odd for a guy to say, but I think in particular my ass has tightened nicely.

As I am busy, pedaling in one place a young woman enters the gym. I am surprised that she picks the machine next to mine. There are plenty of other machines, but only two ellipticals. She is so much younger I am sure her choice has to do with me, but just in the time of machine she wants.

I try to be nonchalant. I tell myself, don’t stare at those lovely breasts covered by that college t-shirt or admire those short shorts she is wearing. I keep my eyes straight forward and try to think of something else. My determination to think about something else is interrupted by her questions, “Are you here for the conference?

I reply that I am. She seems surprised, commenting that she hasn’t seen me at any of the meetings. She admonishes “You know you can’t write off the expense, unless you actually attend the conference.” It turns out she is there for a medical conference. Despite her youthful looks she is a doctor. I learn that her name is Arya.

We chat a little while longer, but I tell a white lie and tell her that I am almost done with my workout and need to leave. Before I go, I ask if she has had breakfast yet. She hasn’t. We agreed to meet at nine – which still leaves plenty of time for us to get to our respective conferences.

I barely recognize her at the entrance to the hotel’s restaurant. She is wearing a simply summer dress. She looks gorgeous, still looking too young to be a doctor. I am momentarily speechless. She explains that she gets tired of wearing lab coat all day. Conferences allow her to put on dress. I ask if she brought any other dress. She said she brought one for dancing.

We enjoy our breakfast, before we depart to our receptive meetings; I ask her if I can take dancing that evening. The hotel doesn’t have a disco, but the hotel nearby does. We don’t even have to drive. She agreed to go and tells me to come by her room at eight.

I arrive at eight. I am excited as if was prom night. I am back in my coat and tie. Arya has on the classic “little black dress.” I am tempted to skip the dancing and get her back in her room and ravish her. Instead we make her way to disco.

She orders a martini. I order wine. As sips her martini, she says, “This is the first drink I’ve had in three months.” Without saying so aloud, it is clear the pressures of doctoring have built up. She finishes her glass quickly. She’s already buzzed when she starts on her second drink. As she sips the second she absentmindedly says to herself, “And it’s been found months since I’ve had sex.”

We get out on the dance floor. She wastes no time and pulls me close. I feel her breasts, unencumbered by a bra beneath her dress, press against my chest. We continue this way through the next song. We sit out the next song and she asks, “Promise you won't let me drink too much . . . I don’t want you to feel you have taken advantage of a drunk woman.” I promise that I won’t take advantage of her. With the authority of an emergency room physician, she says, that’s not what I said. I said, “For you to promise not to take advantage of a drunk woman.”

We dance two more sets before heading back to the hotel. As we head back, I put my arm her waist and she put her are around mind. We pass a middle age man who exclaims, “Dr. Thomas. You brought your husband!” Arya turns bright red and takes her arm off my waist. In the lobby we walk side by side, no one would suspect that we both have sex on the mind.

We get up to her room. I start to undress first. She stops to consider me. Out of habit she starts to slip back into her doctor role. I stop and undress her. Under that little black dress is a pair of 36 Cs and a simple white panty. I kiss her deeply.

I walk her over the window of her room. We are several stories up, so there is no protest as I position her facing the window. Her nipples point out to the stars in the horizon. From behind I fondle those breasts. I still have my pants on, but she can feel my hard dick pressed in the crease of her ass. I reach around to play with her pussy. Her panties are soaked.

I tease her clit and the outside of her pussy. She is already moaning as if an orgasm is near. I lead her to the bed. Off go the panties. I get to work with my tongue. She is so ready; it takes only a minute before she screams her first orgasm.

My dick is rock hard. I want to pound her so hard. However, I just tease the outside of her pussy with my male member. Reading my mind, she says, “It’s alright I have an IUD.” I take that as my clue and enter her. She is tight. She wasn’t lying about not having sex for three months. We get a rhythm . . . a very good rhythm. I need to stop, if only to flip her around to take her doggy style.

We enjoy this position for awhile, and unintentionally I pop out. She takes the opportunity to flip over back on her back. She shouts, “Take me.” My pace quickens. I am slapping hard into her pussy. There is no holding back I explode hard. We fall asleep in each other’s arm.

After about an hour, I wake up. I don’t want one of her doctor friends to see me coming out of her room. I start to get dressed with the intention of leaving a note. However, she wakes up and states, “Don’t go. I want to make love to you in the morning.” I explain what I had started to leave. She replies, “If you don’t care being my “husband” I don’t care what others say. I didn’t want to embarrass you.” I say I didn’t mind, but added that morning was too late. She pulls me close.

She tells me to lay back and I do. She straddles my cock. She rides me for the longest time and eventually I cum again. We fall back asleep almost immediately. We make love again in the morning and miss our morning classes.

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