Fun at work (prelude)

By Icaria

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Receiving new co-workers is always fun.

Hello there. Let me firstly introduce myself, and tell you a bit more about me. My name is Bart, I'm 21 years young, and currently work for the government. Well, to be honest, I just work for a small part of our government. Our 'section' has roughly 1.400 employees, going from administration, to workers, and finally the 'high placed' people who decide things around here.


I'm part of the administration service if you wondered, so is everyone else who is working in this building.


As for my hobbies, well I used to play soccer, but had to quit due to circumstances. I love to go 'out'. Usually to my favourite café, as I know everyone there, and everyone knows me. Other then that, I'm much of a computer freak, playing the latest RTS games online, downloading not-in-theatre-yet movies, and … watching some adult movies. Not that I'm proud of that, but when the urges come, it's either that or nothing.


The array of adult material on my computer usually floats around the teen and the hot mom category. Yea, that’s what I'm into the most. As for hot moms, there are plenty of those at my work. They all dress to impress, and sure do they impress me. But thoughts and fantasies is as far is it goes, as I'm still a virgin. Not that I have no sexual experience, euhm… I once had 2 fingers between one of my girlfriends pussy lips, but they got pulled out very fast, and I almost got slapped in the face! It was her who took of her bra, so I thought she wanted more. I currently have no girlfriend, but enough of girl friends to come by. I pretty much enjoy the single life now.


Anyway, a couple of months ago, my chef and I agreed that I could go help out some people who where in desperate need of an administrative assistant. I couldn’t wait to meet my new temporarily chef and co-workers, and of course the new job I had to do.


My new chef was a pretty swell guy, and I felt I had a good connection with him. He was pleased for my arrival, as they needed my help. Oh, before I forget, I'm NOT homosexual.

He gave me a tour around the new working space, and also directed me to my new office. As I entered that office, I immediately met up with the 3 co-workers I was going to work together with. Well, what can I say. There where 3 female co-workers, all above my age.


To the right was a 56 year old administration director, she was in charge of keeping all administration on track.

On the left side was a not so bad looking 40-ish soccer mom (literally, both her 2 sons where playing soccer, and I was bound to hear A LOT more of their matches played then I'd imagined).

And in the middle of those two sat a young single 30-ish woman, who was already shooting a lot of questions at me.


"Who are you? Are you our new help?" she wondered


"I'm Bart, and yes I'm here to assist you all.

So if there is anything you need, I'm here"


At that moment, I noticed the soccer mom starring at me from head to toe, as she was watching a soccer match.


"I'm Cindy said the middle lady, that’s Maria to my left, and Nadine on my right side."


So the soccer mom is Nadine, the old lady Maria, and the hot one is Cindy. "Got it." I replied.


At that time, Maria who was reading some papers during the interrogation, looked up and showed me my desk. Right next to the soccer mom Nadine. Well she wasn’t bad looking at all, and it took me some energy not to gaze at her. She had nice roundings. A picture of what I think her bare breasts looked like flashed through my mind. I shaked it off.


"So what exactly is my job here?" I asked.


"I have a lot of type work, lots of letters that need to be send, and after that there is some archiving to do as well" Nadine answered.


I took a seat, opened up a few programs from my computer, and started typing different sorts of letters to different sorts of people. Once in a while I had to let my eyes wonder of to look at the ladies. They where busy, and never noticed me looking around for a few seconds.


As all four of us worked, time literally flew by, and it suddenly was lunchtime. Maria and Cindy already took of, but I decided to finish the letter I was working on. Nadine stood up, and let me know she was going to eat something as well. As she walked out of the door, I couldn’t stop noticing her ass swinging from one side to another. That made me hot as I might say, but I placed those thoughts out of my mind, and continued my work. About 5 minutes later, I finished the letter, and went to take my lunch break to.


Time passes by after lunch, when Maria and Nadine where called over to the chef. I had almost finished re-sending all the letters, when Cindy mentioned: "Once you get to know this group, you're going to love them. I promise you" She smiled right after, and I couldn't do more then smile back and agree. Now Cindy was one of those women that you see walking down the street, with some sexy clothing, only wishing you where the guy she was walking with.


"Do you have a girlfriend? Or... a boyfriend?" she asked while starring at her computer screen.


I turned around to look at her, but she was too focussed on the screen, that I let my eyes roll down to her breasts. "No girlfriend" I replied, "and I'm straight."

(Why would she think I was gay? Why does she even ask if I have a relationship?)


Now I haven't seen a lot of bare breasts other then fake ones in my movies, or imaginary ones, but I'm pretty sure her breasts would look very nice, nicely formed, round, great shape, and finished with lovely nipples.

That moment she looked up at me and noticed I was staring at her breasts. "I see." she said with a daring smile. "Perhaps it's better that way." I was thinking it, but she said it. "Maybe a lot better." But that last phrase had different meanings for both us.


Nadine and Maria came back into the room, but there was something about the way Nadine was walking. Like she was hit hard on her ass cheeks or so. When she sat down on her desk next to me, I could smell a huge cloud of perfume. As if she was trying to hide some stench.


Another 2 hours pass by with me working and starring at the ladies now and then.


"Fine, the letters are all done. Bart would you mind helping me archiving files?" Nadine asked.


I agreed helping, and followed Nadine to the archiving room. She turned on the light, and it revealed 6 large cabins, filled with personnel files. In the middle of the room where 2 small tables, but nothing else. I would hate to work all day in a bare room like this.


Nadine handed me some files, and explained what to do. I started working, looking up personnel named, and archiving the files.


"Could you come help me, I can't reach that one file." The cabins where pretty high, and for not-so-tall women like her, the top row was inaccessible. I reached out for the file, when I suddenly felt Nadine hands moving around my hips.


"Such an athletic body!" she said with a deep voice. "I must have a taste of that!"


I promptly turned around, looking into her eyes. She swiftly moved her lips towards mine, but I stopped her just in time. I explained Nadine that I was here to work, and not for that kind of fun. I must admit, this was a not so bad spot for what she had in mind (or at least what I think she had in mind). Turned down and disappointed, she left the room.


A few minutes later, Cindy entered the room, and explained what just happened.


"I told you that you will need to get to know us first. How we are, and what we expect from you"


"What does that to do with her trying to kiss me. She's a married woman for christ's sake"


"You don't get a little exited by the fact she is married? She is a hot woman you know"


Yes she is hot. But that was a very unpredictable action. And I was not up to giving sexual favours to a married woman. Let alone a co-worker!

Cindy walked closer, and told me to calm down.


"I will make you feel better." She whispered. She walked away from me, towards the door and closed it.


With a smile and a provocative stare, she took of her blouse, revealing her purple sexy bra. I didn't realized what was happening, when she took my hand and placed it on her right breast. I could feel her nipple growing stiff, and she let out a small moan when I squeezed it.




"shhhhhh.. don't talk. It makes it feel awkward…"


I let myself go with the moment, and cupped her other breast in my other hand. She looked at me with closed eyes, smiling, enjoying the movements of my hands.


I reached out behind her back, and unclipped her bra. She moved her arms so that the purple undergarment fell on the floor. Her beautifull nipples touched the cold air, and and as I massaged her breasts, she moved her chests around, along the movements of my hands


"hmmmm … that’s it …" she moaned.


I still couldn’t believe this moment was actually happening untill she made me feel it.

Her hands scouted around my lower chest, playing with my pants. She then moved her hands to the middle of my pants, and started the unzipping process.


The softness of her breasts, increased my bloodflow to a higher level, wich resulted in a rock hard cock.


"my god, somebody is ready to play." She said laughing when my hands lost their grip, as she lowered herself to meet my penis, … face to cock.


"Have you ever done this before?" she asked?


"No …" I replied, while letting out a moan when she placed her hands around it.


"I'll be gentle."


She slowely pulled the forskin away, reveiling a red penishead. She opened her mouth, and let the tip of her tongue touch the head. The feeling of that alone, immediately wanted me to cum, but this was just the beginning.


While her tongue explored more and more of my head, her hand softly, slowly moved from one side to the other. The feeling was amazing, but I knew this would end to soon. When her tongue covered my head with her saliva, she gently placed her lips around the head, and sucked it as you would do with a lollipop. The feeling of her soft lips surrounding my cock, her tongue swirling around it, and the warmth of her mouth, gave me a great sensation.


I looked down to the sight of it, and noticed her other hand tucked under her pants, rubbing her pussy lips. Just thinking of that pussy made my body tingle, and both me and Cindy realized I was going to cum.


"Oh yea … give it to me" She said with a deep voice, after she took my cock out of her mouth. She licked her pussy juice covered fingers, while rubbing my penis harder and harder, faster and faster. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I ejaculated. Squirts of sperm jumped out of the tip, and landed on her soft breasts. "Aaaahhhh!!"


She liked the bits of sperm hanging of my head with her tongue, and then rubbed the sperm on her breasts open till they where covered in it.


"Nice to meet you." Cindy said with a grimm.


"Nice to meet you to." I replied. "Very nice to meet you"


Exhausted from what happened, I looked at my watch, noticing it was almost five o'clock.


In silence, I closed my zipper, she put on her bra again, and I unlocked the door. Before leaving, I turned around in the door opening. "Thanks Cindy. I'll see you tomorrow"


"I'll be waiting" She said and gave me a wink.