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Fun in a Hot Tub

Two lovers and a whole lot of bubbles!
Emma was a skinny 19 year old with short dark hair. She had a very beautiful face, with bright blue eyes and gently tanned skin. She had average sized breasts but they were beautifully shaped and firm. Rob and her had been dating for a while now. He was tall and similarly skinny but with a hint of muscle tone. It was mid December and it had begun to snow outside, the temperature had dropped to below freezing, it was definitely a night to stay inside in front of the fire. Or was it?

The two decided to venture out into the cold and jump into the warm hot tub. "It would be romantic in the snow," they suggested to each other. Emma was wearing a blue bikini, and the cold weather made her nipples hard and Rob loved to see them through her bikini. She was gorgeous. 

They got in and let the warm water ease and relax them. They sat next to each other with Rob holding her. Emma looked up to him and kissed him, passionately. Rob immediately became hard as a rock. His 7 inch cock sitting bolt upright in his shorts. Emma's hand brushed over the top of his cock.

"Excited are we?!"

"Do you blame me when you look that hot?"

And with that Emma plunged her cold hand straight down Rob's shorts and began to stroke his shaft.

"Wow, you know how to make me feel good Em. Maybe I'll return the favour."

Rob placed his hand under Emma's bikini bottoms and began to rub her swollen clit. Even underwater he could feel her sticky juices already beginning to flow. And he loved every second of it. Emma had stopped rubbing Rob's cock and just sat back and enjoyed being fingered.

"Stop teasing me and just get your fingers inside me baby," she cried.

Rob knew to do as he was told! He took his middle finger and pushed it inside her tight hole, moving it back and forth gently and slowly. He placed his index finger in too, there's two fingers inside Emma's dripping pussy now. Her breathing gets short and she moans with every single movement of the hand.

Emma tells Rob to stop, she moves her bottoms aside, and pulls Rob's shorts down. In one incredibly sexy move she sits on top of Rob and tells him, "Fuck me hard. I want you to fill me up with your cum."

Rob forced his cock deep inside her and pulled her close. Emma was writhing with pleasure on top of Rob's lap. 

"Oh baby, fuck me hard," moaned Emma, between short gasps of breath.

Rob carried on doing as he was told, and began to nibble Emma's beautiful hard nipples, which he knew she loved so much. They were getting close to climax now.

"Baby I'm going to cum inside you, I'm going to shoot my load deep in your wet pussy."

"Hurry up, fill me up, please baby!"

And with that, Rob exploded his hot sticky load deep in her. He felt her pussy tighten around his cock, and Emma's whole body shuddered, he knew she was coming. And she was coming a lot. She sat on top of him shaking with pleasure, moaning with each and every powerful wave. 

"Ahhh," Emma gasped as her last wave came and went. "What a relief."

She slid off of Rob's cock and shoved her wet pussy on his face.

"Eat my and your cum out. Now," she ordered...

To be continued...

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