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Fun in the pool

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It was a warm summer moonlit night as I walked out to the pool deck. As a listened to the insects chirping away I reflected and how much I loved the secluded house that Lisa and had had bought out in the country. The pool helped to entertain the kids in the warm summer months and it also allowed us some adult play time as well. With no neighbours around it allowed Lisa and I to enjoy each other somewhere other than the bedroom.

I removed my robe to reveal my nakedness and walked down the steps into the cool pool water. I swam around the pool while I waited for Lisa to join me. When she appeared on the deck she was wearing her silk thigh length robe that showed of her amazing figure. Our two kids had had no effect on her slim 5 foot 9 figure with legs that went on forever plus her B size breasts where still perky. Seeing attention she got from both men and women really turned me on.

“Are the kids asleep” I asked and she responded with a sexy smile and nod of her head. Then she undid her robe and let it slip off her shoulders and drop to the floor. She stood completely naked with her nipples hard as two little rocks and the small patch of trimmed hair right above her womanhood. She sexily walked towards the pool and as she stepped down into the pool she gasped a little as the cool water past her waste.

I swam towards her and we met when we were waste deep in the water. She put her arms around my neck and I took her waste and pulled her towards me. Our lips met in a long passionate kiss as our tongues explored each other’s mouths my hands moved round to her perfect ass cheeks and I pushed her into my hardening manhood. As I moved my lips to her neck she wrapped both her legs around my waste and I started to kiss lick suck and nibble on her earlobes which always drove her into a sexual frenzy. I moved my hands closer to her ass crack and my finger found her tight asshole. She started to let out little moans as my finger slowly circled her anus and the moan turned into a gasp as my finger entered her. As I slowly finger fucked her asshole she leant back and let me suck on her hard prominent nipples. As my tongue circled her nipple she whispered “Please fuck me” into my ear. I pulled my finger out of her ass and slid two fingers into her pussy. She told me that she didn’t what my fingers inside her she wanted my thick 8 inch cock inside her.

I carried her to the edge of the pool and sat her on the deck she unwrapped her legs from around me and I moved my mouth down to her hard nipple. As my tongue flicked over her one nipple I gently played with her other nipple with my fingers. I alternated doing this to both nipples for a short while. Then I kissed my way down her stomach taking time to stick my tongue in her belly button. As I kissed my way past her small patch of pubic hair I could smell her womanhood and I knew she was almost ready. She spread her legs wide for me as my tongue found her clit. She lay her body down on the deck and reach down and spread her lips so my tongue could more easily find its target. I danced my tongue over her swollen clit moving up and down left and right always changing directions. When she started to buck her hips I knew she was close so I slowly kissed my way along one of her sexy long legs till I got to her foot. Then I kissed my way back down to her dripping pussy and started to lick her again with renewed hunger. When she was close for a second time I kissed my way up and down her other leg. As I started to lick her for the third time she was begging me to finish her off. I sped up the speed of my stimulation and then her entire body went rigid and the little gasps she had been making turned into a load moan of ecstasy as the orgasm flowed through her body.

I stood between her legs with the tip of my swollen member barely touching the entrance to her love tunnel. I watching her recover from what I could tell was a powerful orgasm. Then she reached down and took my cock in her hand and pulled it inside her. I slowly pushed inside her feeling the warm wetness surround my hardness. She spread her legs like she was doing the splits so that she could get all 8 inches as deep as it would go. Once my balls hit her ass I knew I was all the way in and I left my cock there for a few seconds. Then with long slow thrusts I started to move myself in and out of her. As she lay there she started to pull and twist on her nipples while she moaning in rhythm with my hard thrusts. Her breathing started to come quicker and I knew she was close and I also knew I was very close as well. After a few more thrust I knew I could not hold back any longer and I drove myself as deep as I could inside her and I moaned with pleasure as I pumped my seed inside her. The feeling of me expanding and contracting inside her sent her over the edge for a second time and I felt her tighten around my cock as she came. Breathlessly I fell into her arms and we just lay hugging each other while we recovered.

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