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Fun In The Sun, Part One

Jess' friend's mum makes his dreams come true.
At seventeen, Jess was in the prime of his life; healthy, attractive in an unassuming way, and in good shape thanks to his passion for gymnastics, particularly the hoops. School was out and the Californian summer stretched ahead of him, full of hope and new experiences.

As he walked along the sidewalk to his best friend Andy's house he felt a surge of excitement building within him. The purpose of his visit was to mow the lawn and do some upkeep on the well established back yard. He sighed, thinking to himself, if only they had a pool, too. This would complete his dreams. Not that he wanted to swim himself (well maybe in the right circumstances he would) but the main reason was to see Andy's mum in the pool.

She was the centre of all his fantasies. Ever since he had become sexually active, he had dreamed of her and what she could teach him. He had already experienced sex with girls his own age but they were like him, young and inexperienced. What he wanted was someone with experience - a woman!

She was a goddess as far as he was concerned. Tall, lithe, long tanned legs. Her hair was half way down her back and chestnut brown. Piercing brown eyes looked out of a face that would look natural in Hollywood, no need for make up or air-brushing for her pictures. Her breasts were not huge but mid-sized and he hoped she was not enhanced; he doubted it but you never knew. Her accent was a soft southern one, originally from the deep south. It was a turn on just to listen to her talk, hell she could read him the phone directory and he would have a hard on for her.

Today he was taking care of the yard as Andy was out of state visiting his dad as his parents split a couple of years before. (In Jess' mind, it made Andy's mum even more desirable. Surely she needed looking after sexually?) He approached the house with barely contained excitement and paused to compose himself before walking up the long, tree-covered approach. He took a deep breath and pressed the door bell.

She answered the door. The smile on her beautiful face made his pulse rate climb, and she invited him through to the yard. The yard was large but secluded due to the mix of tall, mature trees and lower bushes, effectively making it very private.

Stepping out onto the patio, she turned to him and said, "Ya'll look so hot after walking over here. I just made up some freshly squeezed lemonade and was about to have some. Why don't you sit a while and have a glass with me before you start? Got to keep you hydrated young man."

Jess managed to say, "Thanks, Mrs. T. Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Oh, please. 'Mrs. T' makes me sound so old and formal. Please call me Angie. Heck you have known me long enough," she answered.

To emphasize her words, she reached out and squeezed Jess' hand. Her touch was cool and soft and his pulse rate rose a few more points. It was only now that he took in what she was wearing, it was a light, cotton robe, tied at the waist but then she began to untie it.

"I was fixin' to do a little sun worshipping this afternoon, the yard is a perfect sun trap and I do enjoy the feeling of the sun on my skin."

With that she opened the robe, slipped it off her shoulders and sat down opposite Jess on a sun lounger that was in the upright position. She beckoned Jess to sit down, too. She reached for the jug of lemonade and began to pour the contents into two iced glasses before settling back on the lounger, extending her long legs. Her body was every bit as exquisite as he imagined it to be. Toned, tanned and clad in only a bikini, she was perfect.

Jess struggled to focus as Angie began to ask him about his life, how he was enjoying the holidays, did he plan to take a vacation, and was he working for the summer. Mechanically Jess answered, trying to keep his eyes on hers, pools that you could just dive into. It was not until she asked him if everything was okay that he snapped out of his trance.

"I asked you if you were okay, Jess, as you did not reply to my last question. I asked if you had a steady girlfriend. Silly me, a young, good-looking guy like you must be fighting them off." She giggled in a very girlish way.

Jess felt the blood drain from his body and seem to settle in one place, the place that was demanding it most right now, his cock. It stiffened so fast that he had no time to adjust it in his shorts and it began to poke out at a very obvious angle. He prayed it would go unnoticed.

"Oh, my, was it something I said?" she whispered coyly.

Jess felt his cock stiffen even more (was it even possible?) as he realized he had been given away. His face flushed, and he stuttered and attempt to apologise.

"Hush now, there is nothing to be sorry for. Why, a woman my age takes that kind of thing as a compliment. I noticed, too, you have been very gallant and not tried to ogle me, and where I come from that kind of respect means something."

She reached forward, squeezed Jess' knee and then let her hand settle there. "If you like, you can look all you want to," she purred to him.

His eyes met hers and then her hand moved higher up his leg.

"Oh my, it seems such a shame to keep such a wild animal caged up like that. I believe in setting wild things free," she said.

As Jess' eyes fell to take in her body, she moved forward and knelt on the floor before him. Both hands were on his shorts, unbuttoning them and then unzipping them. He sat mesmerized as she began to tug them down; he compliantly lifted his backside to allow her to pull them free. This was not happening, he kept telling himself. I will wake up in a minute and it will all have been one of my dreams. This was not the case however, when he finally felt his cock spring free and her cool hands wrapped around his shaft.

"What a wild beast you have here," she whispered in his ear. "In my experience, wild beasts need to be tamed."

With that, she leaned forward, her long hair tickling his legs in the process, and took him in her mouth. At first she licked the tip of his cock, cleaning up the pre-cum that was oozing from him, before closing her lips around the tip.

Jess thought he was about to explode when he felt her warm lips close around him; never had he imagined this would happen for real. His heart pounded as he sat back, frozen in place as her mouth began to take him in deeper and deeper. He looked down but all he could see was her mass of hair around his groin, her spine stretched along her sinuous back where it ended in her beautiful ass, clad in the bikini bottom.

Her head began to bob up and down his shaft, slurping as she did so; it felt incredible and yet surreal. Here was the object of his dreams actually doing what he dreamt of her doing to him! It did not last long though. Like most dreams, it was short lived.

With panic setting in, he knew what was about to happen and was trying hard not to let it but it was inevitable. His balls began to tighten and he could feel himself out of control as she continued to suck him. She obviously sensed (or guessed) what was happening and closed her lips tightly around his shaft, one hand pumping it at the same time.

Jess grunted and his body began to spasm as he felt himself release into her mouth. All the pent up sexual frustration shot forth in one massive stream that seem all too short-lived for him. She sucked and swallowed, gripping his hips as she contained as much of his seed as she could, allowing him to sate himself in her mouth before finally letting him slip from between her sticky lips.

She kneeled back and smiled at him, a little semen on her chin from where she had not been able to stop him overflowing from her.

"Well now, don't y'all feel better for that?" she said. "While you get your breath back, I wonder if you would like to return the favour for me?"

She stood, reached behind her and untied the string holding the top in place, allowing it to fall forward as her full breasts swung into place. She had dark, small nipples that were erect. Next she tugged at the strings holding the lower piece of her bikini and allowed it to fall to the floor.

Jess gasped as he saw her perfectly trimmed pussy appear. The dark hair was short but trimmed into the natural triangle, the base of which began at the top of her swollen, glistening lips. She settled back on the lounger with her legs splayed over the edge of it and beckoned him to her.

Trance like, he moved forward and knelt on the lounger between her legs, feeling the fabric tightening under him. She smiled at him as he gazed at her body, pleased to see the eagerness on his face. He lowered his head to her knee and began kissing up her thigh, the soft scent of her skin in his nostrils. He quickly made his way up until his goal came into sight. He could smell her womanly aroma as his nose touched her hair, filling him with desire. Her lips gleamed at him, inviting him to kiss them, lick them, nibble them, all of which he did. His first taste of her was something he would never forget, so sweet it seemed to him.

He heard her gasp as his tongue licked along her lips, sucking up her juices as he went. She sighed as he began to probe deeper between her lips, feeling her hands clasp the back of his head so as to hold him to her. He explored deeper and finally touched on her clit, her body shivering as he did. She began to purr softly, encouraging him to do it again, egging him on.

He warmed to his task quickly and began a steady pace with his tongue, slipping his hands under her bottom as she spread her legs wider, allowing him deeper access. His nose was buried in her hair and his senses were overloaded with her exotic smell and taste, not able to get enough of it.

They had worked their way into a rhythm, her body swaying in time to his tongue, her hands clamping his head tighter and tighter as she began to build towards climax. The lounger creaked under them as his tongue moved inside her, her juices flowing freely as he tried his best to swallow them down greedily. He was finding it hard to breathe now as his nose was buried in her hair, her thighs pressing against his head as his tongue worked away at her clit.

Suddenly she cried out and pushed her groin up into his face; he felt a flood of liquid gush from her, washing down his chin as she came hard in his face, her bottom bucking up and down as he hung on desperately, his hands squeezing her cheeks.

Slowly she began to calm down and released her grip on his head, letting him come up for air, his face wet from her climax. She pulled him up towards her and he felt her full breasts pressing against his chest as she kissed him, her tongue sliding into his mouth to explore as he responded likewise. He could taste himself on her and knew she could taste herself on him, too. Somehow this excited him again and he felt himself twitching again as his cock began to rise once more.

"Ah, I see someone is ready for more," she cooed after releasing him from the kiss, her hand finding his stiff shaft...

To be continued.
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