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Fun with Jared

On the Friday after the party when I met Parker during a psychology class, Jared slipped me a note. It read something like this: I can see up your skirt when I turn around. And if I can see, the lecturer can see too! I like those panties by the way.

I just giggled quietly to myself before I replied, Well, at least he is getting a good show!

When Jared opened the note, he laughed and then looked at the lecturer. He was trying to avoid our side of the room completely. Jared laughed again, trying not to be too loud. He passed the note back again, Do you want to go out tonight?

I replied back, I am a bit young remember!? I won’t get in anywhere!

Jared turned around and rolled his eyes at me. He passed the note back. I don’t think you have to worry about that. Just wear a really hot dress and I will take care of the rest.

I was a little confused, but I wrote back OK anyway.

After class, I had to find a book in the library. I looked it up on the computer and made my way slowly over to the shelves where the book was. I found Parker sitting on a chair and reading a magazine. I quietly made my way over to him and put my hands over his eyes.

I whispered, “Three guesses. Who am I?”

He touched my hands, then reached up and touched my face. “I don’t need three guesses. How are you, Alice?”

I laughed as I walked around and sat next to him. “I’m good. How are you?”

He smiled at me. “Horny. I have been thinking about last weekend all week!”

I smiled and bit on my lower lip. I do that when I have naughty thoughts. “So, what time should I be at your house tomorrow?”

Parker’s face lit up. “Oh yeah! Lunch! The guys are a bit excited about meeting you.”

I frowned at the last part and Parker caught on straight away.

“I didn’t tell them anything, they just know that we slept together and that you spent the night. And that Jared, well you know!”

I was a little confused. "What about Jared? I don’t get how that comes into it.”

Parker smiled. “Seriously? You don’t know?”

Obviously by the look on my face it was apparent that I didn’t.

“Jared is really picky about who he sleeps with.”

I reminded Parker of the little fact that the first time we had sex, I was wearing a costume and a mask.

“Yeah. Well, he knew it was you. You know how you told your roommate what costume you were wearing? Well, she told Jared, after he gave her $20.”

I hadn’t thought about that. My roommate (who is no longer my roommate) wasn’t going to the party, so I figured it didn’t matter if she knew who I was going as. All I could say was “Oh.” Parker laughed at me.

“I thought you knew! Haha well, you know now! hahaha.”

I was a little shocked. One of Parker’s friends walked over and said hi. Parker introduced me and I smiled and said hi back. His friend continued along to wherever he was going. Parker turned to me and looked excited. “Lunch tomorrow starts at 12.30. You can get to my place before that if you want though, I don’t mind.” Parker winked at me.

“I know you wouldn’t mind! Haha. Should I bring anything with me?”

He considered this for a moment. “Nah, I can’t think of anything. Just make sure you bring yourself!” Parker winked at me again.

“Ha..ha.” I rolled my eyes.

Parker looked at his watch and jumped up. “I’m late. SHIT! I’ll see you tomorrow! Don’t forget!”

I laughed. “I won’t! See you tomorrow!”

After all of my classes finished for the day, I headed back to my room. It was about 4.30 by the time I got there. I decided to go for a run, so I did. I was out for about an hour and by the time I got back, there was a note on my door. It read, I will come and pick you up at about 10.30. Make sure you wear something really sexy. Oh, by the way, I saw the lecturer in the bathroom after class, he looked really funny! All red in the cheeks.

I laughed as I unlocked my door. Our lecturer was about 33, tall, dark hair and quite attractive really. I put the note on my desk and had a shower. After I got out, I started getting ready. I did my make-up and hair first. I still had no idea what to wear. After chatting for a while, a friend helped me decide on a dress and some shoes. The dress was red, strapless and very short. It only just covers my butt! The shoes are 4 inch, black patent leather. I put on what I was going to wear, and then had a debate with this same friend about wearing underwear. Eventually I was persuaded not to wear underwear under my dress and I was happy that I didn’t! 10.30 came around and right on time, so did Jared! I opened the door for him and waited in the middle of the room to see what he thought. He asked me to spin around, so I did. He smiled in approval and said only one thing.

“Your butt looks great in that dress.”

I laughed and grabbed my purse.

When we arrived at our destination (I won’t mention any names) Jared shook hands with the guy checking IDs. The guy asked to see mine and I freaked. Jared remained calm and said that I was with him. The guy looked at him and then smiled and winked at Jared. He let the both of us in. I smiled at the nice man and said thank you. He smiled back at me and nodded.

Jared grabbed my hand as we entered the building and pulled me through the dancing crowd to the bar. He ordered me a raspberry margarita. I offered to pay for it, but he insisted that he was going to pay for everything tonight. I didn’t want to, but I obliged. After about half an hour and three raspberry margaritas, I realised just how strong these drinks were! I was feeling almost drunk, so I asked Jared if we could dance. He grabbed my hips and walked with me to the dance floor. We started dancing and moving with the music. Jared was standing behind me, his right hand on my hip and his left hand on my waist. He moved his left hand down to my thigh. He did this motion a few times before he leaned in closer and spoke in my ear.

“Are you wearing any underwear? I can’t feel anything?”

I turned my head so he could see my cheeky smile. He stood there for a moment, and then kept dancing. He moved in very close to me. So close that I could feel him getting hard. He put his arm around my body, with his hand resting just to the right of my hip (Left if you look straight on). We danced very closely for a long time. After Jared had calmed himself down enough, he said that he wanted another drink. I said that I would meet him at the bar in a couple of minutes. I figured it would take him a while to be served, so I kept dancing.

After a little while a guy came up to me and started dancing. He seemed nice enough, so I danced with him for a while. We were dancing quite close together, without touching. He asked if I was here with someone, I said a friend. He asked where my friend was, and I pointed to Jared over near the bar. The guy looked shocked. I asked what the matter was. He told me that he expected me to be with some girls. I laughed and told him that guys are much more fun, with a wink. He grinned.

We kept dancing for a little while, until I saw Jared ordering our drinks. I told the guy I was dancing with that my drink was nearly ready, and asked if he wanted to come with me to get it. He followed me to the bar and Jared. As I approached Jared smiled and shook his head at me. I accepted my drink and asked what he was shaking his head about. He leaned close to my ear and whispered, “You make guys follow you around like little puppies.”

I laughed. Jared introduced himself to the guy I met on the floor. Let’s call this guy…Michael. I found out that Michael also goes to NYU, but he is doing Civil Engineering. We all talked for a while and danced some more, well, A LOT more!

By the end of the night (about 3.30am) I got Michael’s number and gave him a kiss on the cheek for dancing with me. He blushed a little. Jared and I started on our way back. He was so horny from seeing me dance with him and another guy. I asked if he liked to watch people having sex together. He did! When we got back to my building, I asked if he wanted to come up to my room. I knew my roommate wasn’t there, she had gone to stay with a friend.

We walked up to my room quietly (well, I thought we were being quiet, but I did have a bit to drink!). When we got inside, I closed and locked the door. As I was locking the door, Jared came up from behind me and wrapped his hands around my body. He kissed my neck and ran his hands all over me. He slowly started to lift my dress up while still kissing my neck. He moved his hand up and started rubbing my pussy, I leaned back against his body and put my head on his shoulder.

He gently pushed himself towards me so I could feel him starting to get hard. I turned myself around and started kissing him. He grabbed the hem of my dress, lifted my dress over my head and grabbed onto my hips again. He pulled my hips to his body. I could now feel he was completely hard and that made me even more horny. He picked me up, wrapped my legs around his waist and carried me over to my bed. He gently threw me onto it. He removed his shirt and crawled onto the bed.

He kissed his way slowly up my right leg and around my pussy. He ran his hands up onto my stomach and kissed directly on my clit. When he started licking my clit I moaned loudly. I was so wet already from dancing with him and Michael, but the way his tongue moved was incredible. He licked my pussy until I nearly came. He knew thugh, and stopped before I did. He kissed his way up my body until he was looking into my eyes.

He rolled the both of us over and I slowly started to make my way down his body. I started by kissing his chest and onto his stomach. I started teasing him by kissing his cock, and licking his balls. He looked down at me and grinned while I looked up at him.

"You really are a naughty girl, Alice!"

I put his cock into my mouth and started sucking. I started with just the head and slowly took in more and more. He moaned and sighed. He put one hand on my head, twisted some of my hair into his hand and grabbed at the bed sheets with the other. I began with just the head and slowly sucked in more and more. I sucked his cock until he was about to cum. I stopped just before he did, and suggested we move onto the chair.

He stood up and moved very willingly. Opposite the chair is a mirror on the back of the door (thanks for that one Buz!). Jared sat down on the chair and I moved in front of him. I turned around so he was looking at my butt. I sat down onto his cock and he sighed and moaned. I made sure that he could see everything in the reflection. I could see him watching in the mirror as I bounced up and down on his cock. 

I was watching Jared's face in the mirror, and he was watching very intently as I bounced up and down and started to move my hips around in circles as well. I felt myself getting very close and obviously so did Jared. He grabbed onto my hips and pulled me down onto his cock. This pushed me over the edge and I came hard.

Jared wasn’t quite ready yet, so he continued to bounce me up and down on his cock while watching in the mirror. My pussy was so tight. He continued to look at his cock moving in and out of my pussy in the mirror and I could feel him getting close to cumming. As my pussy juices were running down his cock and onto his balls, he looked into my eyes in the reflection and came. Seeing his face as he came in the mirror was amazing. Knowing that I was responsible for the face of extreme pleasure I was looking at was the best feeling.

We sat on the chair for a while, him hugging and touching me, me playing with his hair and kissing his hands when they were near my face. I lifted myself off of him and headed towards the bathroom. Jared followed and we washed each other. After that, we curled up in bed and fell asleep nearly straight away.

Feel free to ask any questions about the lunch at the frat house. There weren't any sexcapades, but I feel there will be soon!!

<3, as always, NaughtyAlice

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