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Gambling Affair

Weekend getaway to satisfy fantasies ....
Sitting at her kitchen table drinking her coffee as she reads the morning paper, her routine is similar each day. In fact she makes sure to do the same things every morning; she doesn't like to be rushed. Reading one of the stories on the sports page, she jumps when her phone rings. Taking it from the counter, she answers without looking to see who it is.



"Yes, good morning Adam!"

"Keira, I know this is last minute. But I would like to sneak away to Vegas with you for the weekend. Can you do it? I think that if I tell my wife I am doing a guys weekend she might buy it."

"Adam, I don't know. He might not buy me saying that I am going away with girlfriends. I will think about it and let you know by tonight. You do know that it is Thursday already?"

"I am sorry for the last minute thought of a trip together but I got the opportunity and I want to see you."

"I will let you know, I am going back to reading my paper. I will see you later."

Returning to the table and her newspaper, her thoughts drift to being able to leave for the weekend without her husband getting suspicious. Would he go for meeting girlfriends in Vegas? Shaking her head, she tries to concentrate on her paper again so she can get to work. Sipping her coffee, she's thankful her husband was in the shower when her phone rang.

The last page of the features section coincides with the last sip of coffee. Keira stands and places her dirty coffee mug into the sink, then straightens out her outfit. She grabs her brief case and keys then walks out to the garage. As she starts the car, she sees her husband standing at the door between the kitchen and the garage; he's signaling her. Keira opens her window and listens to what he has to say.

From where he is he raises his voice and shouts, "I have a business thing I have to go to in Chicago this weekend. I'll leave today and come back on Monday."

Seeing the perfect opportunity Keira smiles her polite smile and leans out the window to shout back, "That works out well. My girlfriends want to have a Vegas weekend. I'll check in with you from time to time."

Her husband nods and goes back in the house. She pushes the button to raise the window then looks behind her as she backs out of the garage. Suddenly overexcited that this might work out after all. Calming herself, Keira takes the drive to work at a steady pace. Stopping at a red light, she picks up her phone and dials Adam's number. Placing her Bluetooth receiver in her ear, she listens to the ring.

"Hello, Adam speaking!"

"Hey Adam, I have made it possible to go to Vegas with you. Are you cleared?"

"Yes! I will call you with the details a little later, I am about to enter my first meeting of the day."

"Okay, thanks … and Adam?"


"Thank you for thinking of a weekend together. I can't wait."


Keira pushes the button on her Bluetooth earpiece and smiles as she slows to turn into her work parking lot. Her mood improves ten fold as she realizes she is going to have a whole weekend with a man that fast became her secret lover. One that she can't stop thinking about, wishing his arms are wrapped around her every minute of every day.

Walking into her building, she is going through the motions of putting on her badge, signing in and nodding to the guard. Getting to the elevator, she pushes the button and her mind drifts to what might be in a Vegas hotel. She steps inside the elevator and jumps a foot when she hears, "Hey babygirl!"
Startled, Keira looks up already smiling to meet Adam's eyes. He is taller than her by almost a foot. Broad shoulders and muscles to match. His eyes enthral her as they stare back, exposing his desire. She feels the heat rising in her body, her face flushes and her pussy clenches in response. A mere look is all she needs.

"That's right babygirl. You are mine, feel it? I want to take you right here in this elevator, show whoever might be watching on that camera you belong to me. No matter what that ring on your finger means."

In a subtle move Keira crosses her legs, then gulps hard. She clears her throat as she straightens herself. Her petiteness doesn't stand a chance next to Adam. She is a mere 5 feet tall, with slender legs and muscular thighs. Her ass is probably the largest part of her. Feeling a little self conscious, she tucks it in as she stands under, what seems to be, his scrutiny. Finally, she moves her gaze back up to meet his and summons the courage to say, "Why is it that of all the elevators in Los Angeles you happen to be in the one that I get in?"

With a chuckle Adam takes a step toward her as she takes a step to the side. She finds herself in a corner. Still hoping to distract him, she adds, "The camera is not a good thing and I know that you can't possibly mean to have me here with anyone watching. It's far too dangerous. Our spouses might find out."

His shoulders slump a little and his stance relaxes as he nonchalantly leans back on the handrail. "Damn it, there you go using that pretty head of yours again and being all logical."

Giggling, with a gentle red still coloring her cheeks, Keira looks at Adam and smiles a knowing smile. Her hand moves her long dark hair to the side of her face as cover from the camera. She never expected that meeting this man in the hallway a year ago would lead to the events it did. Making them very much into each other, and, each other's beds. What a year it has been.

Hearing the ding of the elevator, Adam stands and waves with a finger as a signal that only Keira knows. She smiles at his back as he steps out and the doors close. They were equals in their separate departments, but both of them being married meant they had to keep it very confidential within the firm. The careers they had both worked so hard for could be in jeopardy should their affair become known. Neither had children, so that made things a smudge easier. Keira drifts back to when they met.

Keira was frazzled that day, having just lost her dad and closing a big deal. On top of that, she was finding her husband to be a bit of an ass about it all. She was running down the hall looking for papers she had dropped, and swearing to herself she'd get a new assistant, when, with a thump, she ran into something solid. Holding her head she looked up to find Adam standing there with a slanted grin across his face. His eyes merely pleased as they looked down at her. Keira could barely speak, in fact all that would come out was a stutter. They finally introduced themselves and he handed her the papers he had picked up off the floor. Without any more conversation he told her to meet him for lunch at a place around the corner. They would call it a business meeting. She fell for the idea and met him that day. Their relationship developed and became progressively more frequent with calls and booty calls. They had learned the ins and outs of email, texts and rendezvous at semi run down hotels. All the while being discreet so as not to be found out.

Keira was sure that in the mix of it all she had fallen for him at least once, but they wouldn't discuss it or even bring the subject up. It was a day by day thing. That is how it stayed. They both understood each other's lives and knew that they were simply side dishes to the main course. Yet they had talked about scenarios and fantasies that they had about each other. Wanting to sleep in each others arms, waking periodically in the night to fuck and then fall back asleep. The possibilities, and their imaginations, had been limitless as they lay in the hotels talking after being intimate.

Keira brings herself back to the now as her co workers all greet her as she passes by. She gets to her office and closes her door. Her desk just as she left it the night before. Her hours were long and her weekends didn't exist but this weekend was going to make up for that. She could feel it. Excitement grows with each breath until the knock on her door.

"Yes, come in."

"Mrs Fields, your first appointment is here," says the assistant, putting Keira's coffee on her desk.

"Thanks Sally. Give me a minute and send them in."

The day seems to be going slow for Keira as she peeks at her cell to see if she missed any calls. She realizes it is just lunch time and already she has done enough for a nine hour day. Pressing the intercom button on her office phone she instructs Sally that she is taking her lunch, and she isn't to be disturbed.

Then her cell phone lights up. "Hello?"

"This is your handsome lover calling to tell you the plan for our weekend."

"Mmm, well hello there handsome lover. I am glad you called since it is noon on Friday, and we are supposed to leave tonight. Oh, what am I going to do with you?"

"I have some ideas as to what you can do to me. Things that would pleasure me greatly, anyone in your office?"

"No I have asked not to be disturbed as I am on lunch."

"I want you to place your finger into your mouth, then run it down to your panties, gently press it into your wetness and then back up to your lips. Swirling your tongue around as you bring your finger into your mouth slurping up your sweet nectar!"

Adam can hear the gentle rub of her finger trailing down the fabric of her clothes and, with a smile, he looks down to see his hard cock protruding from his now tight slacks. When he hears the suckling of her finger he loses it and groans loudly. God that makes him throb, he loves his cock buried deep in her pussy. The way it feels is like nothing he has ever had. The way it squeezes him, fits him like a glove. He will need to release if he keeps this up. Changing the subject as he hears her moan around her finger, he gives the details of his plan.

"I have bought us two tickets on a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. I bought them separately and with cash so that we can't be seen as together. I also booked you a room, and me a room, at separate hotels for the effect. I, of course, expect that you will be staying in the one I booked for me. I want you to stop at a bank machine and remove cash for the weekend. The total amount you had planned on spending so that if he asks you can say it was part of the weekend. Does this all make sense? You are still okay with it?"

"Yes Adam, I am looking forward to having a whole weekend with just us. My body misses yours. I will see you at the airport. Thank you for taking care of the details."

Keira hangs up the phone and jumps up from her chair with a squeal. She does a happy dance then regains control and sits back down. Pushing on her com button again, she tells Sally that lunch is over.

The rest of the afternoon goes by quickly and Keira leaves a tad early to have her nails done and her body waxed. She wants to look her absolute best when she meets Adam. Getting everything done and packed, she heads to her car to drive to the airport. Her heart is racing, her palms are sweaty. In her mind Keira goes over Adam's instructions and heads to customer service to pick up the ticket waiting for her. She checks the boarding time, makes a stop in the rest room to see herself in the mirror. She smiles, content with how she looks, then exits the bathroom and steps into the line up for security. Her pulse quickens as her thoughts drift to the evening's activities that might happen in the hotel. Getting through security, she rushes to her gate just in time to hear the last call for boarding of her flight.

Waiting in her seat, Keira wrings her hands together as she tries to remain calm. All she wants is to run off the plane to where her lover is, hopefully, anticipating her arrival as much as she is. Suddenly, Keira can barely breathe and definitely can't think, when a woman distracts her with a question about having a bag in the over head bin. Shaking her head, she stands and merges into the aisle to deplane. Her lungs feel heavy and burdened as she steps off the small plane into the hot dry air. Her one carry on bag in hand, she follows the signs to get a cab. She stands in the taxi line and gets one within five minutes. Her pulse races as she tells the driver she has two stops to make. One at the hotel she is booked at to register, and then on to Adam's hotel. The driver nods as he hears her instructions and what seem like hours go by before she is dropped off at the hotel where she is to share a room with Adam.

Adam is sitting the oversized lounge chair, as patiently as possible. He texts Keira to make sure she knows which room to go to and then strips off his clothes. He gently massages his cock as he thinks of her - edging himself to the line of release then backs off. Wanting to save his cum for his lover when she gets there. Adam just hasn't decided where he would make her take it yet, her sweet pouty lips with his cum dripping down them, her tongue lashing out to catch what she hadn't swallowed. Or maybe he would pull out of her sweet tight pussy just in time to cum on her back. Growling loudly he stops his thought process before he loses his control and spills onto the floor. Precum glistening at the top of his engorged head. He smiles as he hears the knock on the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me lover!" comes a nervous whisper from the other side of the door.

 He opens the door, and before she realizes it, his arms are around her, pulling her with irresistible force to his body. Keira's small frame fits well against his larger torso, protected and captured at the same time. She feels her heart pounding fiercely in her chest, her senses overwhelmed with his taut arms locked around her, his smell. Keira gulps as she realizes he is stark naked, his cock rock-hard, presses into her stomach.

Adam can feel Keira tense all her muscles as she realizes he is naked and aroused against her. He smiles as he kisses her head and releases her from his arms.

“What's wrong Baby? Did it take you this long to notice I was without clothes and ready for you?”

Keira swallows hard as she nods and averts her gaze to the floor, her head lowered. Her hands wringing together as her mind tries to get a grip on thought. His hand moves under her chin and brings her head gently up to look at him. His smile surprises her, Adam is pleased.

“Strip for me, Keira. I want you as naked as I am and ready for me.” There's control in his tone and confidence in his expression.

Keira is suddenly appreciative, she doesn't need to worry about thinking, as Adam takes over. Allowing her to put her inhibitions aside and just listen to his instructions. Her cheeks flush, she closes her eyes to remove her shirt, not taking her time as she is in a hurry to do as he has requested. She takes a few deep breaths to calm her nerves, unsure why she is so nervous, they have been naked together on many occasions.

Adam speaks again this time his voice is laced with lust as he says, “Slower Keira, relax we have the whole weekend to explore each other this time.”

Keira slows her movements down, now only her bra and panties remain, she is vulnerable to him. As if sensing her thoughts and feelings, Adam is beside her. His warmth can be felt with his closeness, she opens her eyes to find him directly in front of her. Her breath catches in her throat as their eyes meet. His expression speaking of possession and total desire.

Gulping, Keira moves her hands to unclasp her bra when her hand is gently tapped away as Adam finishes and undoes the bra. He lets it slip off her arms and to the floor between them. Passion suddenly taking over as Adam takes her panties from her hips and slides them to the floor. He bends and takes a nipple in his mouth rolling it in his teeth. Keira flings her head back and moans as his hand cups her other breast.

Adam feels the heat of Keira's reaction, her body wants to be taken but he isn't ready to give into their mutual desire yet. He wants to torment her a little, show her patience for the reward they will both receive with their climaxes. As he rolls her nipple in his teeth he gently massages her body with his free hand. Inching his body closer to hers, his now painful erection presses against her stomach. Standing upright to look her in the eyes again, her blue eyes hazy with passion and lust. He wraps his arms around her and holds her close to him a moment. The feel of her in his arms, the way she feels as she snuggles in with her head resting on his shoulder.

She can't take it anymore, her pussy is wetter than it has ever been, the proof is trickling down her legs. Keira is sure that at this moment she could open her legs and he would certainly find a river between them. One which is flowing simply because the man of her every breath and thought is standing with her just as aroused and full of desire as she is.

“Oh Adam I need you. I want you so bad,” Keira manages to whisper out in between heavy breathing.

“Patience, little one,” Adam sighs in response.

Keira pulls her body back from his to look up into his face as she gauges his expression, wondering if she did something or if he is having second thoughts. Adam, knowing her as he does, looks down and his eyes meet hers with nothing but lust and passion.

Speaking in a soft controlled tone he adds, “I adore you and I am crazy about you. I just do not wish to rush that which we have occasion not to for a change.”

Keira, half chuckling, slides her body down his and ends up on her knees. Adam growls at her as she holds his cock in one hand with her head turned up. She slyly grins at him, then bows her head and opens her mouth, lowering her head ever so slowly towards his jutting member. As soon as her warm, moist tongue lashes out to caress his tip he loses any remaining control and snatches her up into his arms.

Amused at his swiftness Keira lays on her back in the bed and laughs out loud with each word, “Adam, what the hell. I was about to devour your cock!”

Echoing her jovial laughter, Adam lifts up Keira's knees and then settles in between her thighs as he whispers, “Ah yes but then I wouldn't get to feast on this lovely pussy you have so graciously offered up.”

Adam's hot breath is causing Keira's pussy to spasm, tighten and release in anticipation of his mouth eating her. Then she gasps and moans as his tongue reaches her hard, swollen clit. Then his hands are resting on her inner thighs. They begin to massage, moving closer to the core of her body. The epicenter of all things orgasmic. Her body reacting to every touch and sensation. His teeth rolling her clit gently back and forth. His hands caressing and probing. When she feels him bite down a little harder on her clit, then plunge two fingers inside her, she screams out his name, “ADAM!”

Beads of sweat glisten along her body, her pussy soaked with her lubrication as he plunges his fingers in and out while his tongue and teeth slide over and around her clit. Muscles clenching, her pussy holding onto his fingers each time they are inserted, jolts of electric current bringing her closer to the edge. Keira's eyes are shut tight her body raising up and down from the bed as Adam's fingers fuck her while his mouth sucks relentlessly on her clit until finally she gives over to the sensations and everything goes black for a minute. Her whole world erupts, fireworks seen in the back of her mind with nothing but silence following them.

Until she is brought back by Adam's gentle lusty voice. “Baby that was amazing, I will be cleaning your cum off my chin for days to come. I am going to take you slowly this time, watch as my cock disappears inside you over and over. Your swollen and slightly used pussy will feel amazing as it grips me like a glove.”

Keira feels it happening again, her body waiting to be taken to the edge. Adam runs his hand along the side of her torso and she squirms. His fingers like a magnet bringing her back to arousal. Adam rolls over to perch on top of Keira and slides his cock painfully slowly into her. Immediately, Keira is begging for him to take her hard and fast. Her mind unsure of the feelings, emotions and thoughts attempting to run through it. She blocks that and concentrates on the pins and needles her pussy feels as Adam's cock pushes deeper into her and she adjusts to his large size.

“Adam please give me more, shove your cock deeper. Harder... faster. Please Adam, please,” Keira begs.

Adam takes his throbbing cock from Keira's pussy with anguish. His words come out muffled and low as his teeth grit together. “Oh baby I so want to take you hard and fast. Claim you with each stroke into you. We have all weekend and right now I want to have your body insane with need.”

Looking down as his tip is pressing against her soft opening, he is slick with her juices and her folds are glistening from excess leakage of her arousal, her moaning and whimpering are hard to ignore. Probing her entrance, figuring this is the worst he has ever needed to be inside someone. To have her tightly surrounding him as he plunges in and out with intensity. Each of them screaming in ecstasy as their orgasms erupt together.

 Still holding back, he inserts his tip, stays there and feels as she clenches her muscles trying to suck his cock deeper into her. Her body writhes under him and her mouth whimpers for more. Inserting more of himself into her warmth, he feels her juices sliding over him as she grips him tight with each gradual intrusion of his cock.

Then he shifts and uses a thumb to rub over her clit as he fucks her. The thrusts still slow but at a steady pace now. Keira gets lost in the passion, the feel of his cock filling her with each delightful thrust. Her climax once again on the verge of erupting, her senses being overloaded, and then the blackness that follows as she trembles and screams. Keira's eruption causes Adam to leave her clit and buck into her swiftly and stay buried as he shoots his hot seed into her. His muscles spasming in the climaxes wake as he is void of all other sensations for a few minutes.

Regaining his wits he realizes he is still laying atop of Keira and he gently pulls out of her. A suction noise of slurping as he frees his cock from her pussy. She whimpers from the loss and then snuggles into him before he settles himself next to her. Wrapping his arms around her and bringing her body against his to accept her closeness, he smiles.

“Now that sweet Babygirl, is making love in so many ways. Your trust and willingness to take my lead means so much more than you could know,” Adam says, with pride evident in his voice.

Sleepily Keira responds quietly, “Mmm. Adam I think I have just given you my soul as has never been done before. Thank you!”

Adam has to bring his ear closer to her mouth, her warm breath causes his cock to bounce and arousal to stir yet again. Looking down at the woman he has claimed, there is much to consider and she needs rest before he can take her again. He waits until he sees her breathing slow, and the cooing noises to stop, before he too closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep, smiling at what is to come.

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