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With the kids away the parents play an adult game.
Have you ever heard of the Hindu book about positions; you know ‘those’ positions? Well if not look it up and come back when you know what I’m talking about. If you know of the book, did you know that there is a board game based on that book? If you do, then you knew more than me. If not, don’t feel bad; I didn’t either until last weekend that is.

So, this is how I leaned a new board game for family night, as long as the family is either really open-minded or the kids are at someone else’s house:

I came home that Friday evening exhausted. The first week of the month is the worst for me at work and they just get busier as the summer starts to warm up. All I wanted was to take a long, hot bath and curl up on the couch so I could catch up with the shows I missed over the week. The minute I entered the house I could smell something cooking. It took me about two seconds to remember it was family night and the last ounce of energy I had was zapped away. Crap!

I took a deep breath and plowed on to the dining room wondering what had possessed me to pick the first Friday of each month to be the night that we all spent together. I concluded that it was a major error in judgment.

Don’t get me wrong about spending time with the family, that is something important, but my choice of days was not very well thought out. At first it was just to find time to be a family without the modern conveniences of today’s life being a distraction, but now it was more a time I dreaded.

As I reached for the door I let out a long breath and slowly pushed the door aside. I expected to see my two kids fighting over what to do, but instead I was baffled by a candlelit table with only two place settings. I stood there puzzled and before my mind caught up I was pulled to the side and into a bear hug.

“You’re finally home, I thought I was going to have to wait forever,” he whispered into my ear.

When I could catch my startled breath I squeaked out, “You are squishing me.”

“Oh, sorry, I’m just excited to surprise you,” he said slowly loosening his grip.

“I am surprised, but where are the kids?” I asked as I looked up at him.

“Ah, well, they are with my parents for the weekend. Mom wanted to show them the joys of living on the lake without cable or internet. So I figured that you were getting the same type of family night, just only separated,” he said with a smile.

I laughed and said, “Did you have to hog tie them to get them to leave or did you even bother to tell them that there was no cable or internet?”

He laughed and just smiled. He didn’t need to answer; I knew that he didn’t tell them. I would love to see their faces when they realize there’s not internet, much less no cable.

“So, I smell dinner. Is it ready or do I have time to change?”

“It is ready and no you don’t have time to change,” he said with a wink as he let me go and took my hand.

I shook my head and grinned as he led me to the chair. He pulled out my chair and motioned for me to sit as he pushed the chair in for me. It was so gentlemanly that I could not help but feel like a proper lady. He asked me to wait a moment as he poured me a glass of wine.

While he left the room to get dinner, I assumed, I looked around my own dining room and wondered how he managed to make it so romantic. I guess it was all in the lighting, but it had the ambiance of pure romance and love. What he pulled off in the few hours he was home was a miracle. I was still taking in the transformed room when he placed the plate down in front to me.

“Your favorite, madam, cheese ravioli in a Marsala white sauce,” he said as he leaned in and kissed me cheek.

“Thank you, sir.”

He walked around the table and sat across from me. We talked about various things from work to the kids to plans for the summer and as we talked we ate and drank wine. It was just a normal dinner, but for the romantic atmosphere. I guess when you’ve been married for almost fifteen years and together for almost twenty it is easier to just be normal.

“That was excellent, but I am thinking that you have more up your sleeves than just dinner in this romantic room,” I asked him with a wide grin and a slight laugh.

“That I do, but for now I will ask that you go to the family room while I clear the table and bring in your next surprise,” he said with a smile that gave me good reason to worry about the ‘next surprise.’

“Can I change while you prepare?” I asked wanting desperately to get out of my skirt and heels and into something comfy.

“No you may not change. Please humor me,” he said as his smile grew across his face with a quick eyebrow jump.

“I guess I can endure more punishment, but I will think of a way to return the favor,” I said with a frown as I grabbed my wine glass and left for the family room.

“I hope you do,” he quietly said as I left the room.

I had just sat down on the couch when he came in with a medium sized box. He sat the box down in the middle of the room and came to sit beside me. I threw him a questioning look, but before I could ask anything he pulled me into a hard kiss.

Even after twenty years we still love each other and we still have to same passion we had as teenagers. I know it sounds cheesy, but his kiss can still weaken my knees and leave me breathless.

When we finally had to come up for air he gave me a light kiss before he stood up and walked over to the box. I was still gaining my composure when he began to tell me what was in the box.

“I have been planning this for several months and the timing was finally right. You’ll have to bear with me as I explain,” he knelt down and opened the box so I couldn’t see what was inside.

My curiosity was in overdrive as he began his story.

“I was doing some research for our game night and came across a site with some different types of board games,” he looked down into the box. “I thought that I could find a few newer ones to keep the kids interested, but these games were not for kids.” He looked me in the eye and said, “You see these were alternative games. They were all sex games,” he blushed slightly and I grew uneasy.

We’ve never played games during sex. We are pretty much each other’s only so we have learned together what we like. We have each done our ‘homework’ either by talking to friends or even looked at the internet or watching movies, in the ‘old days.’ I gave him my most concerned look, but he seemed to ignore me and continued with his story.

“I spent several hours reading about the various games before I was drawn into one. It sounded like fun and was more for the committed relationship than for the young ones just learning what a relationship was,” he smiled. “I had to look up the title so I might have to explain it to you too, but if I can understand than you will have no trouble,” he said as his blush faded and a Cheshire grin traveled up his cheeks.

He finally lifted his hands and pulled out a smaller box that looked like any other board game box. I guess I expected it to look more like a penis or breast or something, but it was a rectangle like just about every other board game in the world. The bright colors and fun active artwork drew your eyes in, but I knew that the game was a sex game so I was hesitant to look at any detail. As he placed the box on the coffee table I could read the title. My shock must have read across my face in neon lights because he immediately started to explain.

“I know what you are thinking and from the sample questions I read online and the ones that I flipped through there are no ‘yoga-style’ positions and you can decline at any time” he winked. “Remember this is for fun and we don’t even have to play if you don’t want to,” he said quickly, but with reservations.

“I’m not sure what to say. I’ve only heard of the book, but never really learned too much about it. I know that it is about sex and life,” I managed to stutter out over my shock.

“You know more than I did when I looked it up,” he said surprised. “I only knew about the sexual part, but you are right it is about life, family and sex. The game is only the sex part, but some of the questions are more about the relationship. It is not just about the sex and that is what caught my interest.”

He paused long enough to look me directly in the eye. I think he was trying to read my mind, but it was a blank. I didn’t know what to think about my husband of many years talking about playing a sex game when we had never even talked about it before. I began to question if he felt he was missing something and was about to have a midlife crisis.

“I have to ask this or I will be wondering about it for days. Is this a hint that you feel like we are missing something? Are you unhappy?” I asked as seriously as I could.

He smiled and lowered his head as he said, “I thought that you might think that, but no I just thought that this might be something fun to do together. You know explore new things, have fun and all that.”

I let out a deep breath and said, “Well that’s good to know. I just had a quick flash of midlife crisis.”

We both laughed and I quickly decided that I wanted to play for a while and see if we both like the game. I told him my decision and his relief gave him the most gorgeous smile.

“So how do we start?” I asked.

“I have a few more things in the box and that will give you an idea of what lies ahead,” he said as he reached into the box.

He had planned ahead and inside the box was: a blanket, one of my nightgowns, a pair of my panties, my robe, a pair of his boxers, one of his night shirts, his robe and some items he said were suggested by reviewers of the game. He only gave me my clothes and refused to tell me what the ‘other’ items were.

“I have an idea in mind to set up so I need you to go upstairs and change, please,” he said as he stood and offered me his hand to help me up. “Take as much time as you like,” he said with a wink.

His suggestion to take my time put my imagination into overdrive and I knew he was up to something. This was his time to be romantic so I let him have some leeway as I walked up the stair slowly.

As I made my way to our bedroom I formed my plan. I wanted to get the smell of work off my, but I didn’t want to wait for my hair to dry so a shower was off the table. I decided that I would just sponge off and freshen up a bit.

I made a beeline to the bathroom leaving my top and bra on the floor behind me. First course of business was a look in the mirror as I wet the cloth to clean a few areas. It was as I suspected, I looked tired even with my eyes open wide revealing my nerves. I ran the warm cloth over my face erasing all my makeup and giving me a second to clear my mind. I stared at myself as I let the water run on the cloth again.

“I have no idea what he up to and I am nervous. Why am I so nervous?” I asked my reflection.

I smiled and shook my head as I ran the cloth over my breasts and across my belly. I dropped the cloth into the sink and began to take off my skirt, stockings and panties.

As I stood in front of the sink without a stitch of clothing I wondered what he would do if I just went down stairs as I was and took every thought of this game from his mind? I am sure he would be angry later, but at least I wouldn’t have to play.

“Do I want to play this game?” I asked my reflection.

All I received was a smile as I made my mind up I did want to play. I was curious.

I quickly grabbed the now warm and very wet cloth and ran it up my legs and over my groin. I didn’t know what to expect from this game, but I assumed that sexual activity was going to happen and I felt it best to be somewhat clean in certain areas.

Before I left the bathroom I rinsed out the cloth and hung it over the bar to dry and took one more look in the mirror. I always forget my hair. I pulled it out of the bun and let it fall past my shoulders as I picked up my brush. A few strokes later and it was falling straight and long enough to cover my breasts and most of my ribcage.

When I returned to the bedroom I picked up my blouse and bra off the floor and placed them in the hamper before I pulled on the soft cotton nightie and the silken panties he chose for the night. I thought for a moment and decided to add my own spin to his ensemble choice.

I walked over to my dresser and opened the bottom drawer. I pulled out my white corset like bustier and the garter belt and matching stockings. I laughed remembering his face when we took our second honeymoon to Yellowstone National Park and I showed him the bustier outfit. He was so excited that I never actually wore them, now I was going to wear them.

I slipped off my panties and the nightie placing them on the bed and began to get dressed in my little bit of revenge. I was glad the clasps were in the front of the bustier so it was easier to get on. In no time I was ready to put the nightie and panties back on. I stood in front of my full mirror and turned a few times to see if you could see the bustier or belt. I was pleased that both were covered.

I walked toward the door and with each step my nervousness returned. I hadn’t been this nervous to see him since we made the decision to have sex for the first time. I was only sixteen so I was supposed to be nervous; being nervous in my thirties was just uncomfortable. I tried to shake off the nerves, but they were just there.

Passing the threshold and turning to face the stairs my nerves changed to excited anticipation. My head spun with ideas of what this game would be. I thought about the positions, the questions, what my answers would be, what his would be and so on. Now each step increased my anticipation.

When I took the last step my eyes were again greeted with a romantic setting. He had dimmed the lights and covered the one lamp with one of my silk scarves to give the room a soft light. The blanket was spread in the center of the room where the coffee table usually sits and he had placed several of our largest pillows around the board laid out in the middle. Again I was surprised that it looked like a regular board game and was not shaped in a vulgar fashion. Looking around the room I was missing one part, my husband.

When I finally found him he was standing beside me offering his bent arm like a gentleman. I took his arm and he kissed my cheek. We silently walked to the blanket and he gentlemanly assisted me down to the pillows before he sat across from me.

“I see you changed my clothing choice and I approve of the alteration. I love to see your legs covered in stockings,” he said with a devilish grin.

“I changed more, but you will just have to see that later,” I said with a wink.

He smiled and began to explain the game. I was told that we each have a path and a game piece that we move by a role of the die and that each stop had a question to ask or an action to do. We could decide to decline any or all of the questions or actions. The deck of cards would be the same with either questions or actions, but some had positions described on them. The position cards were for after the game and were a choice of the winner to be performed.

“So it is a game that has no loser because to win you must reach ecstasy,” he said with a huge grin, “and who knows maybe we will learn something new about each other.”

I smiled and asked, “Well who goes first?”

“I say ladies first,” he replied with a smile.

I nodded and rolled the die. I rolled a low number and carefully moved my piece to the space.

“Pick a card and follow the instructions,” I read aloud.

I hesitantly drew a card and carefully read the instructions to myself. My eyes widened as I read each word. I expected to have questions to ask him or to answer myself, but not a role play activity. We are more of just normal sex not the role playing. I set the card face down and thought for a moment.

“You have to read the card to me unless it is a position,” he stated, “Please tell me what it says,” he excitedly begged.

I bit my lower lip and began to read the card out loud slowly, “You are the teacher of a seminar called ‘How your lover can drive you wild!’ Provide your favorite student very careful instructions on exactly where and how to use their lips, tongue and mouth ‘anywhere’ on your body to arouse you. Encourage your student. After two minutes switch roles.”

“Wow! I didn’t expect that right off the bat. So teach, what are my instructions?” he said surprised, but excited also.

I carefully moved the board and placed it on the couch before sitting back on my pillows. I needed the time to think about how I was going to ‘instruct’ him and where I wanted him to kiss me.

“We should start with the basics,” I finally said as a plan came together in my mind. “Let’s start with a traditional kiss and see if you need any further instruction in that area.”

He smiled as he approached me and began with kissing my cheek before me kissed my lips softly and pulled away a few inches.

“How was that?” he asked playfully.

I smiled and said, “That was nice if I was your mother, but to kiss a lover you need more passion and much more lip contact. Let me show you.”

I cupped his cheek and pulled him closer as I closed my eyes I placed my lips on his softly for a moment and then pulled him even tighter to me before I opened them for him. He kissed me back with the passion I knew and I let him draw me in closer. It was as if he could not maintain this naiveté he had planned and let him true self emerge.

I released my hold on him and he slowly retreated. I had other kisses in mind and he was distracting my thoughts.

“That was much better,” I said slightly winded. “Now how about other areas to kiss, but I think I will keep my clothes on and let your imagination do some work,” I winked as he frowned.

“Now my breasts are very sensitive so if you kiss the nipples they will react. Would you like to try?” I said knowing that he would feel the bustier under my nightie.

He smiled and nodded, “Oh yes, very much.”

“I will allow you to use your hands to gather them how you would like, but you must refrain from touching skin,” I said with the authority of my ‘role.’

He frowned for a moment and then smiled as he lightly grasped my breast. His eyes widened and he shot me a glance letting me know that he could feel the material under my nightie. I smiled at him and gave him a little wink.

“What are you wearing under here” he asked.

“You will just have to see later. Now you are learning to sensually kiss so please begin,” I said.

He smiled and kissed my covered nipple and started to nibble. I didn’t think that having him kissing my breast clothed would be so arousing, but I wanted him to cheat and open my nightie. I began to flush and closed my eyes to keep myself from letting on to how much he was turning me on.

As he released my breast he said, “I believe that was two minutes and we are to switch.”

I took a deep breath and said, “What are your instructions?”

He smiled and replied, “Well I know you can kiss here,” as he pointed to his mouth, “so, I would like some attention here, as he pointed to his groin. I expected that to be his request.

“Are clothes staying on you also?” I asked with a smile.

He nodded his head and I leaned in to kiss his growing penis. I ran my open mouth up his shaft from his tip to his base before following the same path back to his tip. He let out a small groan as I used my bottom lip to lift his tip into my mouth as I applied a soft pressure from my teeth. I groaned as my tongue touched the course fabric of his boxer instead of his soft skin.

I let my fingers covertly creep up towards the fly of his boxers. I wanted to open the buttoned material and cheat. I did my best to distract him by kissing up and down his shaft with the occasional tease of tongue. I was almost to the button when he caught me.

“Are you trying to cheat?” he asked as he lifted my face to his.

I gave him my best ‘puppy dog’ eyes and batted my lashed at him before I gave him one last quick kiss on his tip. I sat up and blew him a kiss before I reached over to the couch and grabbed the die. I handed it to him with a smile.

“Let’s see how you do with the die and card you have to act out,” I said as it was his turn to face the cards.

He rolled the die and moved his piece. We both leaned in as he read aloud, “Kiss your lover passionately and deeply then pick a card.”

He smiled at me as he picked the next card. He did the same as me and read it to himself first. Just watched his eyes go wide and then back to normal made my anticipation boil over. I wanted to know what it said.

“This time you are not playing fair. Read it out loud!”

“This is a position card and you don’t get to see until I win,” he said with a grin.

“Keep dreaming, I am winning this game,” I said playfully smug and overly confident.

“We will see about that,” he retorted, “Now roll the die.”

I rolled the die and moved to my next space. I bit my lip as I leaned in and read ‘Pleasure you lover sensually using the palm of one hand and the fingertips of the other on the back of your lover’s body. Use massage oil.’

“So since we don’t have massage oil do I skip that one or just lose my turn?” I asked sadly.

He reached into his box and pulled out a small capped bottle and handed it to me. I looked over the bottle and saw that it was vanilla rose scented massage oil. I looked over at him and saw his ‘kid in a candy store’ smile and laughed. He was too pleased with himself for having this all planned out.

“What else are you prepared for with you little box?” I asked snidely.

“I had to read the spaces and most of the cards so I would be ready for what we might encounter. I guess you could call this my new game box,” he winked and smiled. “Would you like me to take my shirt off or would you like the honors?”

I thought for a moment and then grinned as I had a devious plan come to mind. He look quizzically at me and frowned when he realized that I was not going to make any of this easy.

“It doesn’t say that you get to remove your shirt, so I will just have to work with it on,” I said still with my grin. “So, if you would please lie down on your stomach.”

He did as I instructed and as I opened the bottle of oil. My nostrils were filled with the sweet vanilla and then tempered by the light rose scent. I set the bottle on the table and straddled his hips before I slowly pushed his shirt up. I was careful to only use the palm of my left hand the fingertips of my right.

I grabbed the bottle and placed a small amount of liquid in the palm of my left hand and rubbed it in a little with the fingertips of my right hand. I was now pretty well set to torture him with this back rub.

He jumped slightly when I placed my palm on his lower back right off his spine, but he was quickly relaxed. I crawled my fingers up the right side of his back in an inch worm like motion while my palm turned and then slid up toward his neck. He groaned and let out a few sighs before I reached his shoulders. I planted both hands firmly and slowly pulled them back making sure to only use the palm and fingertips of the appropriate hands.

As I reached his lower back I rose up on my walked my feet backward. I read the space very well and it was not specific about just the back it said the back of the body. When I felt that I would not tumble over I squatted back down and was resting my bottom just past his knees.

He turned his face to me and gave me a questioning look and all I did was smile as I lowered his boxers to just below his cheeks. I think it was then that he realized I was going to keep massaging down his lower half.

I ‘accidentally’ spilled a few drops of oil on him just above his butt crack and quickly apologized only for him to give me a ‘Yea right.’ I laughed just before I placed my hands back on his low back where they were when I moved.

Wanting to keep up the sensual requirements, but torture too I rubbed in the oil covering each cheek. I let my fingertips travel to both sides squeezing and pinching as many places as I could find as my palm twisted and rolled working in the oil. By the time the oil was beginning to dry I was ready to move on to his legs.

I applied more oil to my hands and began to rub up and down his thighs avoiding the backs of his knees because he is very ticklish in that spot. He flinched each time I got close and my smile grew with each twitch. As my hands massaged and played with his thighs I moved lower until I was rubbing oil into his calves and his feet were in between my spread legs.

I didn’t realize how close his toes were to me until he moved them and tried to caress me. I jumped and smacked my palm on his butt.

“That is not permitted by the space. Behave!” I scolded.

My hands were getting dry of oil so I applied just a little more so I could torture his very bad feet. The moment my fingers touched the sole of his foot he pulled it away.

“Oh no you don’t! It says massage not tickle,” he said as he rolled to his side.

I sighed, but he made a good point, “You are right. So it would be your turn.”

He glared at me and huffed as he stood up, pulled his boxers up and sat back down with the die in hand. He rolled it and moved his piece.

“Remove all clothing from the top of your body and go back 3 spaces,” he read aloud.

“Well that would have been good a turn ago,” I said with a laugh.

He nodded and laughed with me as he took his shirt off and tossed it onto one of the chairs. I just love to see him without his shirt on and it never gets old. He’s not all abs and pecks either he is just your average fortyish year old man with the slightest hint of a belly. I sighed as he handed me the die.

“Your turn and I hope you get something better.”

I rolled and moved to a larger space that was repeated in several places. I stared at the ornate space and read ‘Pick a card.’ I guess you would call it a free space. I drew a card and laughed as I read the short text.

I looked up at him and read the card, “If your private parts could speak to your lover what would it tell them? What would it ask for?”

He stared at me in disbelief so I handed him the card. He read it quickly and laughed.

“Well I can’t wait to hear this one,” he still laughing.

I blushed and rolled my eyes contemplating the idea of talking for my ‘private parts.’ I could not wrap my mind around what they would say much less what they would ask for.

“Can I draw a different card? I have no idea what to say about that one,” I begged.

He frowned and said, “If you want you can, but I would love to hear how you would respond to that card.”

I sighed, “Give me a minute and I will try to come up with something.”

I thought for a minute or two about what I liked and what I would want more from him. The more I thought the more I realized that the answer to the question was for me to tell him what I liked.

I took a deep breath and began, “I guess the first thing is I love you just as much now as the first time we met. I have always loved to have your kisses and would invite you to kiss me every chance you get,” he gave me a little wink, “I also love the way you get me ready for you either with your tongue or fingers before you use ‘your friend,’” I felt the heat of my blush deepen, but I kept going. “You see I like the play before just as much as I like to feel you deep inside me. If I could ask for one thing it would be that you tease me a little more.”

I stared at his face trying to read his thoughts, but he was blank. I was about to ask what he was thinking when he finally smiled and reached for the die.

“You’re not going to say anything?” I asked.

“It didn’t say I was to respond, so I think I will keep my thoughts to myself,” he said as he tossed the die.

I scowled at him, but he was right. As he moved his die I was hoping he got something that I could use against him and as luck would have it karma was on my side.

“Tell your lover an action they do unconsciously that gets you excited and in the mood to make love,” he said as he read the space. “Wow now that is one that I read and have been thinking about for a while.”

I glared softly at him and said, “Do you know how unfair it is that you read this board and some of the cards before we played? I am at a disadvantage.”

He smiled, “I had to look it over so that I felt comfortable playing,” he said with a grin.

I shook my head, “Well if you have been thinking about this one then you had better tell me those thoughts.”

He grabbed my hand and said, “There are so many things that you do unconsciously that get me excited. I love to watch you play with your hair,” he said as he brushed his hand down the side of my head. “I can’t stop watching you get ready for a bath and not just as you take your clothes off, but as you prepare the water and decide what to put in it,” his eyes softened and his voice became quieter as he spoke, “and I especially love to watch you sleep. You get so peaceful, but your face will show every emotion of your dreams. When you get sad or angry I can’t stop myself from curling up behind you to protect you.”

I pulled him in tight and kissed his neck and told him I loved him. I’ve never heard him say anything like that since we said our vows, so I was blown away. I didn’t want to let him go. He finally pushed away and handed me the die.

I sighed, tossed the die and read aloud, “Remove all clothing from the bottom of your lovers’ body and go back 4 spaces.”

I smiled because I knew I was going to enjoy being clothed while he was completely naked. He pursed his lips together and shook his head with his arms folded over his chest. I could tell me was not happy.

I kissed his cheek and asked him to stand. As he stood I remained on my knees in front of him. He stared down at me and slowly softened his pursed lips, relaxed his arms and watched carefully as I danced my fingers on and under his waistband.

Wanting to torture him a bit I lowered his boxers about an inch at a time and in between each movement I teased around his waistband. With only my fingertips touching his skin I gingerly caressed the parts of his body that were only for me. I played around the dents caused by his hip and pelvis bones and I kept a close eye on his growing penis. As it started to jump and poke out at me I ‘accidentally’ would brush my palms or wrist across the head and smile at its reaction. I love how it is so very obvious when a man is turned on, but as a woman I can hide my excitement.

When I began to feel my body flush with heat from my middle out and the sensation of moisture between my legs I decided that if I wanted to finish this game I had better shorten my tease. I wanted to prolong my slow removal of his boxers, but on the other hand I wanted them off to keep my mind in check. I steeled my reserve and calmed my excitement.

When I looked up at him and saw that his head had fallen forward and his eyes were fixated on my every movement I smiled up at him. His face was relaxed, but his eyes were wide. I winked at him and without losing eye contact I yanked his boxers down in a flash. His eyes opened wider and I heard his penis slap against his stomach. I pulled myself up rubbing my chest along his shaft, and up his stomach until my lips met his.

We kissed and he pulled me in tighter pushing up against me to let me know that he wanted more and he wanted it now. I was enjoying the teasing and I wanted to extend the ‘tease time’ so I pushed him away.

Breathlessly I said, “I believe it is your turn.” I kissed his chest and sat down on my pillows with a huge smile.

He sighed and sat down, but before he grabbed the die he put a pillow over his lap. I frowned at him, but if that is what he needed to do then I would allow him to be comfortable.

He rolled and moved, but didn’t read the space aloud right away. I was getting nervous, but before I could ask he turned to me and showed me his most devious, ‘I have a naughty idea’ grin.

“What does it say?” I asked trying to ignore his grin.

“French kiss your lover and then pick a card.”

I had one of those slow motion, see all the details moments as I watched him lunge for me. I could see every muscle in his legs and chest move in unison and play their part to get him to me as quick as he could. The room became brighter as my eyes opened to their widest. I was stunned and before my body could react he was pinning me down and kissing me.

The moment I started to come to myself and return his kiss he pulled away and stared down at me. I went from stunned to confused in less than a second.

He put his head at my ear and whispered, “You win, but I want the prize.” I almost lost all composure.

He worked quickly and with purpose as his hands were on a mission to get my nightie off. I moved just enough to let him slid my nightie up my stomach, but not over my breasts. As my mind came back to me I immediately resisted his advances.

I laid still and lowered my arms to my sides. I was playfully protesting his decision to end the game, but say he won. I listened to him growl out his frustration before I verbalized my protest.

“You can’t say I win, but you get the prize,” I finally said.

He growled and collapsed on top of me.

“I can’t take any more of this I want to drag you to bed and fuck you until we can’t think or walk,” he said frustrated.

I smiled and pushed him off me. As I stood I let my nightie fall back over my hips and down my thighs. He watched every movement and began to pout. I smiled down at him.

His eyes squinted and his expression turned questioningly as I started to bunch up my nightie in my hands. I slowly pulled the fabric up with my hands at my hips revealing the tops of my stocking and the straps of the garter belt. I smiled watching his gazed bounce between my legs and my face.

When the hem of my nightie was in my hands I pulled up my nightie over my hips and up my stomach even slower than I had bunched it up. His eyes stayed fixed on the hem as my alterations to his chosen outfit were revealed to him. Just as it appeared to me had figured out what I was wearing I quickly pulled my nightie over my head and threw it at him.

He wasn’t able to block the cloth and it landed right across his face. I took the opportunity to sprint out of the room and find a place to hide. When I settled on a spot in the kitchen I listened for him and realized that he went upstairs. I calmed my breathing and let him search while I planned my next move.

I decided quickly to move again, but I needed a few things first. I quietly opened the freezer and took out two of our popsicles, the cylindrical ones that are wrapped in plastic, and put them in a tall glass. I added a few ice cubes to the bottom of the glass before I started tiptoeing across the linoleum to the door leading to the dining room.

Slowly I pushed the door open and saw that the room was dark so I knew he was not searching there. I figured I didn’t have much time so I quickly made my way to the other door. I wanted to get upstairs either before he came down or up while he was down. I listened and heard him above me searching our daughter’s room so I sprinted up the stairs and into our bedroom.

“Come out, come out my dear,” I heard him saying as I quietly closed the door.

Now it was time to put my plan into full action. I hid the glass in my side table and pulled all but the fitted sheet off the bed. I had just enough time to lay down on the bed before he opened the door.

“Where were you hiding you little sneak?” he asked as he lunged for the bed.

I laughed and said, “Why should I tell you?”

He pinned my arms down, put his full weight on me and kissed me. I melted into his kiss, but managed to keep my wits. I let him have his kiss and feel as if he had won the match before I turned my face away.

“If you are conceding the game then I win and it is me that gets the prize,” he stared down at me. “I want you to get off me and lay on the bed so I can claim my prize.”

He grinned with only one side of his mouth and rolled off me. I took in his nude body lying flat, well mostly flat, on the bed before I reached into my side table to retrieve the cup.

When I looked back at him he had this huge grin across his face and was watching every move I made. I felt the heat of a slight blush, but put the fire out quickly. I knelt on the bed right by his hip and set the cup between my knees.

I was happy to see that the popsicles were still frozen as I pulled one out of the cup. I watched him flinch as I laid the cold tube across his belly and pulled out the second one. As I smiled up at him I ran the tube across his thigh and started to leave a wet trail toward his groin.

“Where do you think you are going to put that?” he asked.

“Anywhere I want, but first I think I should explain my rules,” I stopped moving the popsicle, leaving it laying it just above the head of his penis and turned to him. “Rule number one: You cannot move from the position you are currently unless I ask you to move. Rule number two: You are to do as I say without hesitation or complaint. Rule number three: Enjoy yourself because I know that I will,” I smiled and gave him a slow wink.

He returned my smile with a grin and asked, “And if I refuse and just throw you down and tear your clothes off what are you going to do?”

“You might never get a game night like this ever again if you don’t follow the rules,” I replied as I leaned in close and kissed his him softly.

As I returned back to my kneeling position he smiled and said, “Well then I better not fight with you since I definitely want another game night like this. I wholly concede victory to you and I agree to be your prize.”

I smiled relieved that he didn’t fight me, because I didn’t have another fight left. I sorted my thoughts and returned to my original plan.

“You cannot move your hands or body in anyway,” I told him. “Now to keep cooling you down,” I said with a grin.

I placed the second popsicle right on top of his right nipple parallel with his body and heard him take in a short breath. As he hissed out the quick breath I moved the other popsicle down further carefully avoiding his hard penis. I watched his shaft jump with each movement as he tried to anticipate when I was going to cool down his most sensitive of areas.

I smiled at him and laid the popsicle along his shaft. He shuttered and tried to move out of the way. As he moved the other popsicle fell along his side. I placed it over his other nipple and glared at him for moving. I thought quickly of a punishment and smiled as I thought of the best one.

“You have disobeyed my order so I need to punish you. Lay still,” I told him as I set the lower popsicle down so it rested along the side of his penis.

I stood up and moved to the foot of the bed. I knew that if he stayed in his current position he would be able to see my upper body, but he would have to move to see my lower body. I used this to my advantage as I lowered my panties as far as I could reach without being out of his eyesight. I then used my legs and feet to lower them to the ground. I picked them up with my toes and held them in my hand. They were wet with my emissions and I knew they would smell intoxicating to him.

I smile as I moved around the bed toward his head. I knew exactly what I was going to do, but he was in the dark and didn’t know that he would be further in the dark. I leaned in and kissed his cheek then raised my hand above his head. I let him see my panties above him and watch as I slowly lowered my hand covering his eyes with them.

“You are devious,” he said as I positioned them across his eyes and made sure that the crotch was on the tip of his nose.

“Now you will not know what I am doing or what I am wearing,” I whispered in his ear.

He groaned just before saying, “I can smell you, oh you are so in trouble later.”

I kissed his ear lobe and quietly moved back to the foot of the bed. I slipped off my ‘corset’ and unhooked my stockings from the belt before sliding the belt off. I was in only my stockings now and he could not see me. I felt naughty.

Most of my grand plan flew out the window and I was in ‘make it up as I go’ mode as I crawled back on the bed right where I was before. I rolled the popsicle on his nipple over to the other one leaving a wet trail behind and lifted the other one off his body. He shivered as they moved and tensed several of his muscles in response. I watched each movement of his muscles and shuttered myself.

I set the one popsicle in a manner that it covered both of his nipples and opened the second one with my teeth. I dibbled some of the sweet, red liquid down my chest and over each of my breasts making sure that the little river would drop off where I wanted it to.

I cupped my breast and lowered my nipple down to his mouth and let a few drops fall on his lips. The cherry flavored liquid stained my chest and is lips a light red color as he licked his lips a few times before he opened his mouth. When I felt I was ready I lowered my nipple to his lips and he greedily sucked it in as if he were a hungry baby. I let him lick and suck on my nipple until my blood was boiling and my pussy was aching.

When I finally pulled my breast out of his mouth he whined and frowned, but I knew he would be happy soon. I placed the opened popsicle in the cup and slowly dragged the other one off him running the wet across his nipples and scraping the end along afterward. He moaned and pierced his lips in an angry face. I slipped off the bed and returned to the foot as quietly as I could, my desires were in over drive and I wanted him.

“You can remove my panties from your eyes if you chose, but you must return to your current position and remain that way until I say you can move again,” I told him.

He removed the panties, threw them off the bed and then looked down at me. He looked into my eyes just before looking down to my chest. I know he saw the red streaks running down my chest and over my nipples, but that was not where he was going to concentrate.

Just before I put my knee on the bed and pulled myself onto the bed on all fours so I could crawl up to him I pushed his feet together. I straddled his feet and legs and then his hips and then his chest before my lips were locked on his. I have to commend him for not moving or trying to pull me down, he was such a good boy and I rewarded him well.

I pulled my lips off his and moved farther up his body until I was sitting on his face. I slowly lowered my wet slit to his lips and just as his tongue touched me I would pull away. I did this teasing dance a few times and listened as his groans grew before I quickly dropped down.

The wait was worth every minute. His was like a hungry wolf devouring its kill, all tongue and teeth. He grazed his teeth against my fully bloomed clit and licked my wet and swollen lips. I grasped for something to drive my nails into and found his shoulders. I felt his wince and drive his tongue deeper into me pushing me closer to the edge. He wrapped his hands around my butt, without my permission, but I didn’t care at that moment. He pulled me down tighter and coaxed me over the edge.

The room spun and when everything stopped all I saw was a pinpoint of light before it kaleidoscoped into a million shards of shapes and colors. I fell forward and everything stopped. I barely felt him slid out from under me and flip me over.

He quickly spread my legs and pulled me down lifting my butt and resting it on his thighs. As he slowly entered my wet chamber I arched my back and took in his full length. I felt his fingers wrap around my hips and pull me tighter, driving himself in deeper. Being acutely aware of his length I knew when he was fully encased inside me.

I tried to buck my hips, but his firm grip held me where he wanted me. He slowly pushed my hips toward the bed until he was almost out of me and then quickly pulled me back up to full depth. As he gained his rhythm of sliding me up and down his thighs my response grew.

He left me few options to lure him where I wanted so I resorted to resisting him and with each resistance he growled. I’ve never seen him so aggressive and it was very intoxicating. I would lock my feet behind his back so that he was held deep inside me, but he just had to reach around and tickle me to get me to release. I could see that he was growing frustrated just before he showed me.

“If you won’t stop then I will stop you,” he hissed, just before he flipped me over onto my stomach.

He put his full weight on my back and whispered in my ear, “We tried this once when we were younger and I think that it is time to try again.”

I wracked my brain trying to remember all that we tried, but we tried so much over the years. I was unsure what he was going to do until he pulled my hips up and placed me on my knees. My eyes opened wide and I let out a loud groan as he rammed into my wet channel.

I tried to get up on my arms, but he pushed on my back and forced my head down into the bed. His forcefulness and the deepness of his penetration pushed me to the edge and over into a massive orgasm.

As I felt the world fall away and my soul leave my body to let me watch. I was seeing us from above and watching him pushing my back down and ravenously pounding into me. The rush of orgasm held my breath in my lungs until I managed to choke out a moan and take a deep breath only for him to thrust one last time deep inside me.

I listened to him groan as I felt I was reentering my body. The suddenness of being back brought tears to my eyes and the heady sensation of our joined fluids.

He pushed me to the side as he collapsed onto the bed. I reached over and rubbed his sweat covered back as I kissed his shoulder.

“I love you,” I managed to whisper with what was left of my voice.

I fell asleep quickly and awoke in the same position, but when I reached for him I felt only sheets. As I slowly opened my eyes I could see him standing naked at our window silhouetted by the moon light. I quietly got off the bed and walked up to him. When I wrapped my arms around him he pulled my hand up and kissed it.

“I didn’t wake you did I?” he asked.

“No,” I replied as I kissed his back. “Why are you up?”

He sighed and said, “I watched you sleep for about an hour and then got up.” He turned to me. “I’ve never put you to sleep before,” he continued with a smile.

I smiled up at him and hugged him feeling him hard again. I kissed his chest and took his hand to lead him to the bed. He resisted and pulled me back to him so my back was against his front.

“I have a better idea,” he whispered into my ear.

“and your idea is?” I asked just as he spun me around, lifted me off my feet and kissed me.

I will leave the rest of the night up to your imagination, but I will tell you that we planned to have more game night with just the two of us. I guess you can never have too much alone time, even when you have been together as long as we have.