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Gary's Wildest Dream

One perfect night with one perfect girl
There's a knock on the door and I go over to open it. It's Gary.

His eyes open in awe as he takes in the sight in front of him. I smirk as his eyes travel my body, looking at my lacy black lingerie. I take his hand and tug, he steps inside and shuts the door, shifting around, not entirely sure what to do.

"Are you nervous Gary?" I ask.

His gaze falls down to my breasts and he whispers a simple, "Yes."

I lean forward and my lips graze his neck. I whisper, "Don't be." 

Gary shivers and closes his eyes as I suddenly dig my teeth into his neck. He winces but doesn't tell me to stop. I squeeze his bulge as I viciously suck on the same spot on his neck, hoping to leave a mark. I can tell he's enjoying it. He's hard already. Once I'm satisfied, I lift my head and look at his neck. There are teeth marks engraved onto his neck, deep enough to be there for at least a week. I smile at him and he smiles back.

"Sit down," I say. Gary walks over to the couch and sits down. I follow, sitting on his lap. I begin to run my hands through his hair, caressing it.

"I loved that story you wrote for me, Gary. It made me so wet. I left a puddle where I stood." I say. Gary doesn't respond, so I carry on. "I'm a difficult girl to please. I'm usually the crazy rough sex type but there was something about what you wrote. I was intrigued. This is your reward for making"

I suddenly slip down between his legs until I'm kneeling on the floor in front of him. Before Gary can say or do anything, I open his zipper and reach in, seconds later pulling out his hard cock. He sits back and closes his eyes, knowing what is to come. Without wasting any time, I lean in and take his whole length inside of my mouth until his balls are at my lips. Gary lets out a moan. I begin to bob my head up and down, moaning every time his cock hits the back of my throat. Gary writhes around, trying desperately not to cum too soon. I begin to squeeze his balls as I steadily suck his cock. I know he likes it. He doesn't want to moan but he can't help it. It hurts him to hold his orgasm back because there's so much more we have to do. Suddenly Gary's body stiffens and I quickly shuffle back, leaving his hard cock standing on its own. 

"Don't cum yet baby. We haven't even started."

Gary pants in frustration and sits up, his hand wrapped around his cock, watching me for what I am to do next.

"Take off your fucking clothes," I order. He obeys and strips down to complete nudity.

"Now you get naked," he says. I shake my head. He walks up to me and snatches off my bra. I cry out in pleasure and step back, but Gary comes forward and pulls down my panties desperately. I laugh and push him away, but it's too late, I'm naked too now.

"Sit on the fucking couch," I shout. Gary winces at my tone and sits down. I climb on top and drop down until his whole cock is inside me. I moan against his lips and bite them as I begin to grind on his cock, back and forth, HARD.

Gary continuously whispers, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," against my lips as I ride him the hardest that I've ever ridden before. I grab his hair and pull it as he kisses my breasts. He then grabs my hair and we flip over and I am underneath. He pushes my legs apart and I wrap them around his waist. Gary starts to pump his cock in and out of my pussy whilst squeezing my breasts roughly. I scream with every thrust and dig my nails into his back as he fucks the life out of me.

Suddenly, my body tenses up and I let out a loud scream and scratch his back hard as I cum. Seconds later, Gary stops thrusting and lets out a loud and long grunt as his cum shoots inside me. Once he's done, he pulls out and I turn around and he enters from behind. Once he's inside me again, he begins to thrust his cock deep inside my ass and rubs his hands over my back as he fucks me mercilessly. I moan with my face buried deep into the pillow, drowning the sounds. Gary steadily fucks me, his cock still sensitive from his orgasm. I grab onto whatever my hands find and pull at it, my body exploding with pleasure as his cock plunges deep inside me.

Gary pulls out and I stand up, swaying slightly with weakness. I push him until he's on the ground and I bounce on his cock. Gary shouts my name and thrusts his hips up to meet my pace as I fuck him as hard as I can. Minutes later, we both cum again, swearing and tearing at each other skin, desperate for the pleasure to last for long. Once the orgasm subsides, I collapse onto Gary and he whispers, "Thank you," in my ear.

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