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Geena And Me

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Two people find each other

Geena Kackmarinski was the classic example of the girl who was born into the lap of luxury. Her unintentional conception had been the result of a careless moment after a night of revelry, during a moment of passion and had come as some inconvenience to her busy parents but they compensated to give Geena everything. Her mother and Father were well known in the highest levels of society and their daughter was to be raised for a proper position in that social strata.

Geena had a full-time governess who saw to her needs and instructed her in her social responsibilities. A tutor home school her and developed her high intelligence to the maximum. For entertainment, she had ballet lessons and music lessons. She lacked for nothing. Even the family cook carefully controlled her diet.

The result was a rapidly maturing, intelligent girl with a sense of social responsibility who coincidentally was quite beautiful. Her natural good looks and pleasant personality were supplemented by her various care givers and advisors.

She had no friends her own age; no one to grow up with or share her youth but, of course, she had plenty of adult companionship.

It was shortly before her fourteenth birthday that Geena’s world began to crumble. Her high flying mother and father had become involved with a ‘ponsi’ scheme to bilk unknowing investors out of millions of dollars. The money that the illegal scheme developed was skimmed by her parents and gone to finance their extravagant life style.

The drawn out court action against her parents was eventually settled and the parents sentenced to very long prison terms. Geena was suddenly cast into a whole new world - a cruel world of hard knocks and unpleasant happenings! From the lap of luxury to the custody of her grandmother of modest means that she’d only seen twice before.

The change was traumatic and Geena was deeply affected even as her kindly grandmother tried to ease her plight. There was no more governess to pick up after her or private tutor to see to her education. She was soon enrolled in public school - in high school where she was forced to socialize with others her age.

Of course, Geena was ill-equipped to handle the new life style and began to seek comfort where she could find it. She studied hard and excelled in her scholastic endeavors as her years of private tutoring had left her far more advanced in this area than had she been in public school.

She found great comfort in the good, wholesome food that her grandmother cooked and began to eat ravenous amounts of everything her grandmother put before her. She began to gain weight. At first the five pounds she put on her large frame was hardly noticeable. Then it was ten pounds and in a few months, fifty pounds .

By the time She was enrolled in her Junior year, Geena was tipping the scales at around 240 pounds and gaining still more by the day. The beautiful little girl had developed into an obese slob of a young woman and was shunned by her classmates as some grotesque individual that they didn’t want to associate with.

By the time she graduated from high school, she was tipping the scale at close to 300 pounds and, as a consequence, was passed over as Valedictorian of her class even though her grades were clearly the highest in the class.

In college, she roomed alone and pursued her studies as she was ostracized by her peers. This, of course, hurt her deeply. Geena knew she was different and that she was a slob but by now, food had become like a narcotic. Without experience, she knew that she lacked the social skills to make friends and had no idea how to develop those skills.

It was during her sophomore year at the university that I first met Geena. It was a chance meeting when she was assigned to me as a lab partner in organic chemistry class. Since organic chemistry was a difficult subject for me to master, I soon came to rely on her for help.

Over the next few years, I saw her frequently around the university. We seemed to often have classes together and occasionally studied together but we were never close. I suppose that I was put off by her physical appearance as much as anybody.

Then, on graduation from the university, I left the area to begin my tour of duty as a newly commissioned ROTC officer in the navy. I forgot about Geena and much of university life as I found new challenges and new friends,

It was nearly five years later when I returned home for an extended vacation and found how much the old haunts had changed. After a couple of days with family, I found myself bored with the life in my old home and wandered about aimlessly through the old haunts in search of anything interesting.

It was shortly after my wandering began that I was walking down the main street of our town and I saw a woman walking in front of me. . . definitely a woman of interest! She was tall, built with a large frame and an ass that could only be described as fantastic! She walked with a fast, steady gate and I approached only very slowly from the rear as I admired the view. There was, at once, something sexy in her movement. . .something that kept my attention riveted to her.

Then, having approached to the point of passing, I reluctantly moved to one side and forward casting a sideways glance at the woman as I passed. I had to see if she looked as good from the front as she did from behind.

As I made my sideways appraisal of her the woman suddenly spoke, “Pete. Is that you?” On hearing her address me, I recalled Geena from our college days only now perhaps 140 pounds lighter and fit. There wasn’t the slightest trace of the slob I had known as I replied that it was.

We stopped there on the sidewalk to talk as I sought the right words to express my feelings. We had never been friends but that was something I suddenly wanted to change. Of course, many things had changed over the years and looking as she did, I assumed that she undoubtedly had loads of men admirers. Then, thinking, it never hurts to ask, I spoke, “Geena, have you got time to have a cup of coffee with me?”

Her response seemed strange as she said, “I don’t think so. I’m not much good around men friends. It was good to talk to you though“. With that she started to move away. . .

Seeing her start to depart, I thought desperately for anything to prolong our meeting. “You know, you’re the hottest thing I’ve seen since I’ve been here! Have a cup of coffee with me and let me try to seduce you.” For the first time Geena actually smiled as she said, “You’re crazy! Besides, I’m not good at those things,” and moved off with me to the coffee shop.

Once seated in the coffee shop, we began light conversation. I explained my absence in the navy and my lack of female friends. She told of graduation from the university and going to work at the only job offered for an old goat who was only willing to pay a pittance for a salary. The job was boring and the boss a bastard.

Then, she spoke, “You remember how fat I was? What a slob I was? Well, it was obvious that I was losing out in life’s struggle and it was due to my physical condition. After starting to work at my lousy job, with this on my mind, I undertook to slim down. It wasn’t easy.”

As she spoke, she suddenly stopped and caught me in the act of ogling her pretty face. How had I failed to see her creamy complexion, feminine features and long, blond hair? She spoke, “Please don’t look at me like that? I’m not very good at these things.”

I laughed as I turned my attention and said simply, “You’re beautiful.” She continued, “Then, 140 pounds lighter, I began to take a real interest in my job and annoy my boss as I began to make the business more money. He refused to accept that I was the only thing keeping his business alive. . . then, to my great advantage, he had the good grace to die and made no provisions for continuing his company. I simply took his clients and started a new company. Today, I’ve got ten employees and the business had increased four times over what it was.” She spoke with confidence and pride.

“So, How does a guy go about seducing a woman who owns a successful business?” I asked and she replied simply, “Stop that crazy talk. You don’t have to toy with me!” Suddenly, I found myself serious as I said, “I’m not toying with you. You’re a beautiful woman who turns me on. I’d like to explore the possibility with you.”

Geena, also very serious now, said, “I’ve never been on a real date with a man. I’m simply not good with a man. You’re the first man I’ve ever known who has even expressed an interest. I guess I’m destined to die a virgin.” Of course, I had to respond, “Well, I’m no super stud with the women either. . . . too broke in college to pursue one and away from contact for those years in the navy.” This time, she grinned and our eyes met.

It was late afternoon when we left the coffee shop and we had agreed to a date the following evening - dinner and a movie!

The next day dawned and found me mildly excited. . . Finally, there was something of interest in my home town. My thoughts turned to yesterday and my time at the coffee shop with Geena as I made plans for the evening. This was to be the beginning of my seduction of Geena - actually my first planned seduction of any woman. Flowers to take to her home when I went to pick her up for the date. Then, dinner at the best restaurant with a window overlooking the lake and finally a movie. Then, it would be simply pushing my luck. It seemed like a good plan. . . .

At exactly 1800 hours, I arrived at Her door and rang the doorbell; then waited with anticipation. After what seemed like hours but was at most a few seconds, Geena opened the door and beckoned me to enter. As I entered and got a better look at the lovely vison of beauty that was Geena I smelled the odor of food cooking. She spoke, “I hope you like steak!” she said.

So much for the fine restaurant with the window overlooking the lake, I thought as I was led on a tour of her house by my gracious hostess. Actually, I was warming to the idea of dinner at her house as we went from room to room observing the various facets of her home.. It was only at her master bedroom where I was awarded only the briefest of glances at the big king sized bed with canopy and subdued lighting. I thought to myself that I’d like to see more of that room.

Back in the dining room, the table was set for two on a dark blue table cloths with white porcelain china and sterling tableware. Two candles provided subdued lighting as I opened and poured the wine in accordance with Geena’s instructions. The wine was superb. The dessert was outstanding and I noticed that Geena had made this a special low calorie dinner. . .a delicious one too!

Then, dinner over and we having consumed the better part of two bottles of wine, the two of us sat talking. I found that Geena was very intelligent [as I had suspected during our college years] and we talked easily on a wide range of subjects. When it was time to go to the movie, we were both feeing rather mellow from the wine and elected to just sit and talk.

As the evening wore on, my objectives slowly began to change. I found that enticing as her powerful ass and exotic curves were, I now wanted to possess her heart, mind and soul. What had started as a lark, now had become a pressing need. I had to have all of her. Still, the conversation continued light hearted and friendly. It was nearly 0100 hours in the morning when I left Geena at her door with a warm smile and a simple goodnight!

Geena was scheduled to be out of town on business all day and evening on Friday so I was left to while away the day and consider Geena and my relationship , , ,or lack of one! My thoughts carried me through another boring day with my family.

It was just after 0530 hours when I called Geena and awakened her from her night’s sleep. She was not amused by her early morning call, nor was she in a particularly good mood as I suggested that I’d be by in an hour to take her to breakfast!

It was exactly 0630 hours when I was met at her door by Geena and bade enter. This time, I got the odor of frying bacon as she suggested that we have breakfast at her table.
I did not object.

The atmosphere was strange in the kitchen as Geena made breakfast and we ate. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on what was causing the strange sensation; yet, I was equally certain that there was something. When she came to stand behind my chair and bend over to kiss my neck I was astounded!

“I wanted to do that!” she said, I’ve never kissed a man before!”.

I arose and turned to embrace her and our eyes met. It was in her eyes. . . fear, fear of the situation she’d just put herself in. Fear of me perhaps! I felt her body tremble! It was with a good deal of effort that I forced myself to say, “Hey! We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Herr response was quick, “I want to!”

Then, we parted and sat facing each other at the kitchen table as Geena burst forth with words expressing her anxiety and concerns. It was like a dam had broken and her whole life passed in front of me. . . She was a virgin! She was scared! I saw her eyes moisten on a couple of occasions as she talked of her past with a sense of shame.

Somehow, I felt honored to be made a part of her secrets and felt the intimacy growing between us. I’d been with a few women before but there’d never been this close intimacy and I reveled in it.

Finally, I spoke. “Geena, My first impulse is to say I don’t give a damn about your past but I do. . . it’s what made you what you are! I don’t know where we’re headed either. . .I know where I’d like it to be headed but I can’t know. On the other hand, maybe you don’t feel the same way about me and I’m some sort of threat.”

Geena smiled weakly as she responded, “Teach me how to be a woman. Take me and mold me into the kind of person that turns you on. If I hesitate, push me on. If I resist, take me anyway. Life’s too short to waste time on my hangups.”

As we talked, I went to sit beside her and kiss her gently on the lips. I did not press her as I allowed her time to get familiar with our act. Slowly I felt her begin to experiment as her ips parted and her tongue found it’s way into my mouth. Again, I did not press her for more.

Gradually as we became comfortable with each other, I put my hand on her fully clothed breast and gently massaged it. Our eyes met and I saw her consent to continue. In a few minutes, her blouse lay on the sofa beside as I fumbled with her bra clasps.

It was a slow process and I saw no reason to hurry as we had all day Saturday to experiment and explore. Gradually, our clothes were shed and our hands roved freely over each other.

With our body’s bared, Geena took my hand and led me to the big master bed that I had seen earlier and where the covers had been turned back to expose only the sheets. There, we met and kissed as we moved on to the bed.

As our body’s touched and our excitement built, I had asked Geena if she was all right with what we were doing and she pushed herself against me to signify her concurrence.

It was nearly mid-morning coffee time when Geena suddenly said, “Fuck me Pete! Do it to me hard and make me a woman. . .Please!” It had come as a surprise although I’d known she had been aroused for some time. Her nipples were enlarged and her vagina had been gushing fluid for some time.

Some tell of those wonderful first times. . . ours was not one of them! Rather, as I climbed over that glorious body and moved to effect my cock’s entry into her vagina, it took several attempts and then, there was the initial familiarization as our body’s learned to work together. Long before we were comfortably familiar, I felt my semen rise up and spurt from my penis in a series of jerks! Then, it was over!

Still, it was the most intimate thing I’d ever done and I was now closer to Geena than I’d ever been with any woman. As we lay together, still joined by my semi-hard cock, we communicated and adored each other. I thought back on her powerful ass and on what she’d just done with it. . . on the potential for the future. . .She had been designed for coitus - a natural!

Soon we lay together enjoying our intimacy. . . I spoke first, “You were fantastic.” and she replied that she was sorry she’d been so far behind. I explained that it’d get better and after a lunch, without clothing, at her kitchen table and a quick return to the bed it did!

Sunday morning, Geena had her first orgasm. . .her peak! The object of both our aspirations! It was a glorious time as we reveled together in celebration. My God but she had been hot. . . her powerful body not only matched my own but surpassed it in shear intensity as her powerful ass drove her vagina onto me and her legs held me in a vice.

For the rest of my shore leave I spent every moment she was away from her work with her. Each day our passions grew more intense and each day I became more closely tied to her emotionally. The exact moment we started calling it love wasn’t apparent! As I was readying to return to my ship it was apparent that we had to talk.

Geena was a successful business woman with a position that demanded her management and control. She was needed where she was. In the meantime, I was a navy officer stationed on shipboard a thousand miles from Geena and her work. Just as I couldn’t ask Geena to give up her business, she couldn’t ask me to give up my chosen profession. The situation seemed impossible. . .

As we discussed our parting, it was Geena who offered the best solution. She proposed that we remain the closest of friends, committed to each other until either of us chose to change the status. I would spend my leave with her and she’d spend her vacations with me. There would be no strings attached to either of us.

We’ve fared well under this arrangement these past twenty years. Geena’s become quite wealthy and her business has expanded to seven offices employing close to a hundred people. I’ve continued to advance in rank to command my own warship.

We’ve just agreed that in two years, she and I will marry, retire and live in comfort on Sanabel Island. She’s still as sexy as that day I saw her on the street and we began our relationship.


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