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Gettin' Muddy

Gettin’ Muddy

Jake was at the grocery store picking up his normal Friday night groceries. He had a case of beer, a bunch of mac and cheese, canned chili, typical bachelor food. It was hard just cooking for himself. Everything came in big jumbo family packs. He wasn’t a family. He was just Jake. He didn’t mind, though. He tried the marriage thing right out of high school. Ever since, he was happy to stay single. At least he told himself that. Sometimes he just wanted someone there waiting for him at home.

He finished up his shopping as efficiently as possible, he didn’t like to be in here very long, and he wasn’t feeling very social tonight. Shopping at the only grocery store in a small town on a Friday night was like a social event. Everybody was out getting ready for the weekend, and of course everybody knew everybody else. Almost every body he knew growing up , went to school with, their kids, their parents, and the whole nine yards. That was when he was glad to be living alone. Sometimes knowing everyone around you was a bad thing. He envied those few that got out of town when they could. He worked at the sawmill just like just about everybody else, except for the loggers. His work over the years had left him rather large, if not ripped, but broad and tall. He tried to be polite to everyone, but due to his size, most people just got out of his way.

He was on his way up to the checkout lane when he saw a face that he had not seen in 10 years, but never forgotten. There before him was the major crush of his life, Nikki. His heart skipped a beat. He had never made it any farther than friends with her, but not for lack of effort. She always said that she was too special to her to lose him as a friend. How many times had he fantasized about seeing her again? And now here she was.

She looked up and smiled at him and waved. He smiled and waved back, and she came toward him. The years had been kind to her. Very kind, in fact. She looked even better than before, if that was possible. Her already nice breasts had filled in slightly, and her curves were the same, but enhanced by maturity. She was simply dressed as usual, a tight t-shirt and blue jeans, but she could have made a potato sack look good. Her long auburn hair was loosely curled and fell over her shoulders about half way down her back. It was flawless as usual. He had always loved her hair. She smiled at him as she came closer and those dark blue eyes of hers shined up at him.

“Jake! How have you been? I’ve missed you so much!” she ran up to him and hugged him tightly, just as they had when they were friends years ago. And just like before, Jake wrapped his arms around her, and lowered his head to hers and breathed her in. She always smelled so nice. She came up to just under his chin, and she fit so nicely there, he thought.

“I’ve missed you, too Nikki. Where have you been, what have you been doing?” the questions rolled out of his mouth as he let go of her.

“Whoa, whoa, slow down there big guy! I just got back into town. I’ve moved back because of, well; let’s just say some personal problems.” She frowned momentarily. Then she took his hand and said, “But I’m back now, and you’re going to show me a good time just like you always did!”

“Well, ok, I’m not doing anything else, why don’t we go back to my place and drink a few for old times’ sake?” Jake asked hopefully.

“That’s cool. Where you livin’ now?” Nikki asked.

“I got the house when mom and dad split up a few years ago, so I’m still in the same ol’ place. You remember how to get there after all these years?” Jake smiled. He liked to tease her.

“Dammit! Quit! You’re making me feel old! You’re older than me, anyway, remember? And of course I remember. As a matter of fact, I live just down the road from you now. I bought that trailer mom used to rent off of her. I’m gonna stay there until I find something better.” Nikki moved back towards her buggy, and then looked back at him and smiled. “I’ll meet you there in about an hour, ok, sweetie?”

Jake smiled and nodded. Then she took off back towards the checkout. Jake turned and went back to get more beer. If times hadn’t changed her, that girl could put them away. He grinned at the memories of them together. They’d had a lot of fun back then, and it looked like they were going to again.

Jake arrived back at the house and hauled the beer from the back of the truck into the house first. He didn’t want it to get warm. As he entered the house, he realized just how bad it looked. He hadn’t cleaned in a while, and there were clothes, old beer bottles, and pizza boxes on the floor. He couldn’t let her see the house like this! He began rushing all over the house cleaning in a mad dash to try and impress his long-lost friend. He eventually gave up hope and ran around with a garbage bag in one hand and a laundry basket in the other. About half way through the living room, he heard Nikki laughing at him from the doorway. She had let herself in, and was cracking up at the sight of him cleaning.

“Remember when I would come over and you would be doing the same thing to your room?” She laughed. “It’s even funnier now that you have the whole house!”

Jake sighed and dropped his head. “I just try to…”

Nikki quieted him with her finger pressed to his lips. “You’ve never disappointed me Jake. Don’t ever think that.” She raised his head with her hand and looked him directly in the eyes. “You were the only one that ever tried to impress me. I love you for that. You’ve always been a good friend”

Jake stared at the floor at a loss for words.

Nikki raised his head again and smiled. “Now, where are you hiding the beer? I’m thirsty!”

Jake smiled and led her to the refrigerator. They sat down in the kitchen at talked about old times, the things they used to do together, the people they made fun of. Then they caught up on old times. Nikki wanted to know everything that had happened after she went off to college. Jake told her about all the people that got married, got divorced, had kids, popped pills and od’d, all the gossip that had gone on over the years. Then they got more personal.

Jake found himself telling Nikki all about his marriage a couple of years before, and how it hadn’t lasted very long. He had married out of what he felt was necessity. He was getting older and thought it was time that he should settle down and start living life the way he was “supposed” to. He quickly learned that that life was not for him, and decided to move on and went through a bitter divorce.

Nikki had found herself in a similar situation, and had married her college sweetheart after graduation. He changed on her after marriage and started trying to control her every move and was very jealous. Nikki had always been the flirty type, and even though it was more or less harmless, that infuriated her ex. She shrugged it off to his insecurity.

“But you know, Jake,” Nikki began, “I was never really happy with him in the first place. It was just more of an obligation to marry him after all that time. He had become comfortable.”

Jake had thought this before about his own life. “I agree completely with that. Sometimes I miss her, but just because I don’t want to be alone all the time. I just need a good friend right now.”

“Exactly.” Nikki said, pointing at him with her beer bottle, and swaying more than a little. They had gone through quite a bit of beer by this time, and he could tell that Nikki was pretty much done. Her eyelids were heavy and she was about to fall asleep on the table in front of him. “I don’t think I can make it home,” she slurred. “Do you have an extra bed I can sleep in?”

“Of course,” Jake replied. He was almost as drunk as her. “You can sleep in my old room.”

Nikki smiled a drunken smile, “I’d like that.”

Jake helped her stagger up the stairs to his childhood bedroom. It hadn’t changed much since he had moved into the master bedroom, and she recognized it instantly. She smiled and hugged him as they entered the room.

“I remember being here,” she said to him as he led her to the bed. She took off her bra underneath her shirt and slid it out her sleeve. “Me and you had a lot of fun in here.” She then lie down and slid off her pants. Jake stared at her body as he helped her under the covers. He knew she was drunk, and could probably get away with a lot, but he had more respect for her than that. Her nice tits jiggled slightly now that they had been freed from captivity, and her long slender legs were absolutely smooth to the touch as she brushed them up against him.

Jake sat on the edge of the bed and straightened her hair out for her on the bed, so it wouldn’t get as tangled. He found that he couldn’t stop playing with her soft hair. She nestled into the bed and purred softly, “Mmmm. I like that. Don’t stop.”

He was more than happy to oblige her. Soon, however, his eyelids became heavy as well, and he almost drifted off several times. Each time he did, she stirred when he stopped. Eventually, she began the rhythmic breathing of sleep, and Jake was able to retire to his own bed. He was asleep as soon as he lay down.

Jake woke to Nikki shaking him and jumping on his bed. She was still in only her panties and t-shirt.

“Get up, lazy ass!” Nikki yelled at him. “I want to go riding today!”

Jake groaned as he rolled over. Nikki had landed on her knees in the bed in front of him, and was as perky as ever. How she did that, he’d never figured out. She was smiling a huge smile at him, and still trying to shake him awake. Jake couldn’t stop staring at her tits moving under that shirt as she did.

She soon noticed this, and grabbed one in each hand with mock shame. “Jake! You’re staring at my boobs!”

“No, I wasn’t,” Jake lied.

Nikki smiled and then pulled her shirt up and flashed him a brief sight of her spectacular rack. “All you had to do is ask, Jake.” She laughed at Jake’s amazed look. She then hopped up and started dragging him off the bed. “C’mon, I wanna go!”

Jake eventually obliged her, in about half of a stupor. They got dressed, he gave her an old t-shirt to wear, and she had extra pants in the car. They went out to his barn and got the four-wheelers out for the day of fun.

Jake led her back onto the trails that he had ridden since he was able, and felt immensely better about being out and having fun again with Nikki. They played with each other and raced, and played follow-the-leader. She would come up and rear-end him sometimes, acting like it was an accident, and they’d both laugh. They were soon covered in dirt and mud and loving it.

Finally they came to the side of the old creek, and where Jake and his friends had dug out a huge mud hole over the years, fed by the creek. It was now far too large to go across without someone else to pull you out. Nikki spotted it, and decided to take a try.

“You’ll get stuck,” Jake warned her.

“YOU might get stuck, but I won’t,” Nikki laughed over her shoulder.

“You’ve been warned,” Jake laughed back, and sat back to watch, and clean the mud off his winch. He’d need it soon enough.

Nikki raced towards the hole, planning on skimming across the top. Jake shook his head as he knew what was about to happen. She made it a few feet into the hole, and the ATV sank. She had so much forward momentum, though, that when the ATV stopped, she kept right on going, right over the handle bars, landing right in the middle of the hole, and covered with thick, gooey mud. Jake had seen it all a thousand times, and began to laugh as she tried to work her way out of the knee-deep muck.

“Ha, ha,” she yelled back at him. “Now quit laughing and help me out of this!”

Jake chuckled as he went out to her in the mud, and offered his hand. As soon as she took it, she pulled with all her might and he went down into the mud as well. Laughing, Nikki jumped in on top of him, and they began wrestling in the mud. Jake soon got the upper hand, and remembered that she was ticklish. As soon as he grabbed her sides, she began squealing with laughter, and they rolled around some more, covering themselves with the goo. Eventually, Jake let her win. He always had. She rolled over on top of him on her knees, both of them breathing heavily.

There was a moment of awkward silence as the stared at each other in the eyes, both with smiles on their faces. Jake soon realized that his lower half had enjoyed things far more than he thought with all of the close contact, and he was as hard as a rock, and it was uncomfortable under Nikki’s rear. She wiggled slightly and smiled as she sat up, acting innocent.

“Why Jake, I think you got something stuck in your pants while we were rolling around,” she laughed.

Jake was terminally embarrassed, and tried to look away.

Nikki smiled a mischievous smile, “Here, I’ll get it out for you.” She cleared the mud from his fly and undid it. She then reached into his pants and pulled out his swollen dick. “No how did this get in there?” she asked.

Jake was frozen in shock as she stroked his cock with her muddy hands. He had never seen this side of her before. He loved it. Rising up to his elbows, he said to her, “You know, now that you mention it, I think I see something underneath your shirt. You’d better take it off and let me look.”

Nikki grinned innocently, and said, “Oh, you’re right. I wouldn’t want anything in there that shouldn’t be.” She pulled the muddy mass of shirt over her head to reveal her smooth skin underneath. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were slightly too big for the bra she was wearing, and they bulged slightly over the top of the black lace. “Do you see anything?” she asked. Her hands went back to stroking him.

“Hmmm. I’m not sure. I think that bra has to come off, too.” Jake inspected her body as she reached around to undo her bra and fling it to dry land. Her nipples her small and pink and erect. Her breasts sagged only slightly after being removed from the bra, and looked to be just a perfect handful for him. “Well, I don’t see anything, but let me feel around to be sure.” He cleaned as much mud as he could from his hand, and reached up to fondle those perfect tits. She had again resumed stroking him, and was soon breathing even harder.

“You know,” she said breathlessly, “I think we should go wash each other in the creek over there to make sure we don’t have anything on us.”

“I agree, that’s a very safe thing to do” Jake replied.

They helped each other up, and headed towards the creek. After shedding the muddy garments, they waded out into the creek and began washing each other with handfuls of water. It wasn’t as good as a shower, but at least they got the major dirt off.

Jake ran his hands slowly over every inch of Nikki’s body, sticking to the excuse of looking for things. He liked what he saw even more now. Standing there in the water, she was the vision of a water nymph, he thought. Her skin was as smooth as silk and he caressed it gently under his hands from her shoulders all the way down to her legs. Her breathing again deepened as he rubbed her down from behind, and then worked toward the front. His hands cupped her breasts from behind and he began to play with her nipples. She rolled her head back into his chest and closed her eyes. She reached her arms back around her to his head and twined her fingers into his hair. Slowly he moved on hand down her soft stomach to the small patch of hair just above her pussy. She started to moan softly as he moved his hand into position to finger her clit. Her mouth opened as he began to stroke it softly. Her pussy was soft and warm to his touch. One of her hands came down on top of his as he played with her.

Slowly, she turned to him, and led him to a nearby rock on the side of the creek. She sat down before him with her legs spread. He got a good look at her now, and bent his head down to take a closer look. “Don’t see anything here, either, but I’d better make sure.” He told her, and they both laughed slightly. He spread her lips with the fingers of one hand and began to lick her tiny pinky clit. She gasped for air as he moved his tongue all about her crotch and into her tight hole. Her hands again twined into his hair and pulled him into her. Moving slowly, he slid his long middle finger into her and began to move it in and out, curling slightly to him as to hit her g-spot. She began to pull his hair slightly and moan in pleasure. Her body began to tighten up as she neared orgasm. She jerked his head up by the hair before she could cum, however, and kissed him roughly. Her hands wrapped around his back and pulled him on top of her, and Jake guided his way inside of her. Almost as soon as he was fully inside she came, while still kissing him. Her teethe came down on his lip as she did, and she almost drew blood she bit so hard. Jake began to pump into her as she came, causing an even more intense pleasure for her, and her fingernails dug into his back. It hurt Jake slightly, but he really didn’t notice as all he could feel was her warm, wet insides around his hard cock. Every time she came, she squeezed his dick harder and harder.

It wasn’t long before Nikki couldn’t take anymore. “Cum for me Jakey,” she whispered into his ear. Jake, as always, was willing to oblige her. He quickened his pace, and soon felt himself preparing to cum. Her body was wracked by one final orgasm as Jake cam deep inside of her. She kissed him again as they came together, and they shared their ragged breaths for a few moments until it subsided. He collapsed on top of her and they stayed there for a time taking in each other’s warmth as they lay on the cold rock. Soon it was time to move, however, and Jake slowly pulled his way out of her. She shook slightly with the after-effects of her orgasms as he did. He rolled over beside her and lay down.

“I thought you only wanted a good friend,” he asked her.

Nikki rolled her head over to him, still too weak to move her body, and laughed. “Jakey, friends have needs, too, you know.”

Jake laughed with her and stared into her beautiful eyes. “You know, I think you’re right.” He was glad to have her back.

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