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Getting Dirty in the Shower

Jerry and Alice find out how dirty you can get taking a shower.
Glistening sweat sliding down such a gorgeous body. Deep grunts and loud moans echoing across tall walls and through the furiously deepening ecstasy of two bodies moving as one heightening to the climax of, the running back breaking the last tackle before reaching the end zone. Just another practice ending before next weeks football game. Jerry, 20 years old, full collage scholarship for the football team, standing a hair over 5'8'' and built a little smaller than most athletes.

Like any other athlete, Jerry had a girl, not the cliche head cheerleader, not a cheerleader at all in fact. His beauty was of another form, Alice, the sweet sweet Alice. Jerry towered over her petite 5'4'' and barely over 110lb frame. Her attire would beg that she was a tiny thing, but as you will soon find, her hidden assets told another story.

Jerry walked in the door, Jeff his roommate was out, as usual, most likely drinking somewhere in the dorm which was normally the case. This was a good sign, normally he would not arrive back until at least curfew, which was midnight. 6 hours would be perfect for a sweet evening watching movies with his gorgeous girl. Speak of the devil and he shall arrive, his mind flashed as there was a faint knock at the door.

A devil she was, not that the world would ever know. Jerry peeled off the tight football shirt, slightly dirty from the few times he met the cold ground, each moment exposing another nicely shaped ab, another inch of fairly tanned but still creamy skin. His arms finally brought the cloth off of his body, casting it aside on a chair as he reached the door, slowly opening it as a lithe pale girl let her head peek through the crack "Hey baby, hope I'm not late" her sweet voice covering up naughty intentions and desires.

"Not at all, I just got back, haven't even got to shower yet" he replied, his deep, almost commanding voice penetrating her ears and sending a shiver down her spine. Every word he spoke in his topless state melting her deep to her core as she made her way inside and delicately sat herself on the bed, admiring his form from afar.

She could feel a familiar twitch behind the soft pinkprison between her long slender thighs. She had been waiting all day for this, her body aching for it, her mind imagining it. Finally her desires could be fulfilled.You see, Jerry and Alice had only been dating a short time, and with both of their schedules, any intimacy had been knocked off the calendar thanks to class, games, practice, and other bothersome things. So many lonely nights seeing his sexy form but unable to take advantage of it. Her hands could not satisfy her desires the way she knew he could, and wanted him to, right now.

Jerry nodded with a smile, his short dark hair falling just past his eyebrows, highlighting his deep blue eyes before he turned his gaze to the door to walk the hall to the bathroom. No sooner had he gotten out of sight did her mind start racing, knowing he would soon be naked.. drenched in warm water. Before she could stop herself she had stood from the bed and taken to following him. He was already out of the hall however she knew the way and quick tiny footsteps carried her quickly in pursuit of her desires.

As her hand reached the handle she froze. What if someone else was in there also? What would people say if they found her going into a male dorms showers? Her mind quickly flushed these fears away, the reward would far outweigh the consequences, and her body begged her to continue. Slowly the door creaked open. No one in sight thankfully, but the sound of running water drew her attention, as did the sight of her sexy boyfriend, naked, soaking wet, and as her eyes met his, rock hard.

Her eyes fell down to glance at the prize, at least 8 inches, thick, enough to make her nearly drop just seeing it. His lips curled into a smirk as he stepped from the shower, his strong hands grasping her shoulders and pressing her firmly into the wall as his lips meet hers in a passion hungry rage. Her body nearly collapses under his advances as her lips part to welcome his slippery tongue, begging his kiss to deepen. Her hands quickly fall around his waist, pulling him closer to her as her nails sink into his naked body pleading with him not to go.

With a quick yank his hands pull her thin shirt down from her shoulders, slowly forcing them down her slender arms, revealing a pale pink bra, and her very perky but no more than a handful breasts. His lips part from hers as he glances at the treasures now exposed, and his hungry lips cannot help but bury themselves in her cleavage, lips parting to take that delicate skin between them, nibbling, sucking softly at the sensitive spot.

Her body quakes at the feel of his mouth on her. Hips no longer under her control as they buck against his exposed hardness wanting nothing more than to be naked before him right now and sliding him deep within herself. The idea alone had her hands quickly withdrawing from his body and working at the button of her pants, quickly unfastening them as she let them slide down her pale soft legs, kicking them across the floor with lustful abandon.

His eyes can't help but pull his lips from her body as he takes in her near naked form, the sight of the tight pink panties and bra constraining all the bits of her lust from his sight.. Those would have to go and his hands quickly took action as he peels them away with two quick motions. Her sweet tiny nipples hard with excitement, begging his lips to give them attention, her bald and hungry pussy glistening with so much needed fulfillment.

Her hands quickly find his, pulling him back against her, hand wrapping into his short hair and pulling his lips to her ever hardening with anticipation nipples. His swollen hard cock finding it's way with much precision between her juicy folds as the head brushes her clit bringing a long deep gasp from her lungs. Her hips rocking against it grinding to the rhythm of her staggered breathing.
His lips part to let a loud groan escape. As hungry as she has been for his cock deep inside her perfect pink pussy lips, his cock has been filled with desire to explore the depths of her pussy.

With a gently rock against her the tip of his thickness slips into her entrance causing a moan to force it's way from her lips loudly against the tiled walls. The filling sensation was not to be savored long as his body breaks free of hers and his hands finish peeling the lose top and out of sorts bra from her chest as he pulls her eagerly to the shower, pinning her fragile body beneath the shower head, watching the water cascade across her.

Moving down to his knees his lips kiss a trail starting at her neck and placing one on each nipple before finding a more tasty treat and letting his tongue slip into her wet folds, caressing her clit with the tip of his tongue before letting it pass further down and sliding it into her wet tight tunnel. His tongue digging deeper and deeper within her as it begs and pleads her to let him taste her sweet cum, before it retreats to let his lips surround her hard little clit, tongue lapping at it between closed lips.

Her body braces hard against the cold wall, only slightly warmed from the steam as she shakes, a mixture of the cold and the lust pulsing through her body. Slender fingers wrap firmly into his hair pulling his skilled mouth deeper into her needy folds. A loud scream slips from her lips as his tongue grazes that sweet spot, causing his attentions to focus more specifically slowly forming cascading cracks along the dam holding back her explosion.

Eyes flashing shut, body trebling, weightlessness, her legs unwillingly wrap tighter around him as wave after wave of long past due orgasm floods through her body and drenches his face with her gratitude. His tongue happily accepts her gift as he laps up her juices hungrily as if the secret to immortality was sealed within them. Slowly her body gives out as she goes limp, held up by him and the wall.

His arms wrap around her quickly lifting her still shaking and shivering form up against the wall before turning her around, her firm ass brushing his throbbing hardness as he presses forward, sliding himself deep inside her quivering wetness forcing a half scream from her lips as she feels his full length deep within her. Those strong hips pressing hard back and forth, in and out, stretching her in every direction, much to her pleasure.

Those strong hands coil firmly around her shoulders, pulling her harder and faster down against each thrust, burying him deeper and deeper within her, exploring depths previously neglected. Her hands braced hard against the cold tile, elbows and shoulders buckling with each inward thrust as her teeth sink deep into her lip to attempt to hold back the screams that would surely penetrate the bathrooms door. However biting could only hold back so much as the screams began to increase in volume and frequency, matching his own groans of passion and desire as his orgasm approached quickly.

"Mmmm oh my god, yes" her lips parted to release those words between panted gasps and deep screams. This brough a smile and a look of determination to his face as he grinds harder and deeper. His endurance was quickly fading however as he slipped out from her quickly setting his soaking wet and pulsing cock against her ass as his eyes clamped shut and a final deep groaned moan slipped past his clenched teeth as shot after shot of white cream coated her pale ass, the water cascading down across it and washing some away, while leaving a sticky trail in it's wake.

Both collapsed to the floor of the shower, week, and dirtier than when they entered. His arms wrap around her and pull her close beneath the warm jets, letting it wash away all their stresses. "Let's do this after every practice baby" his voice let slip softly into her ear. Her only response, a quick nod as she shivers.

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