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Getting down between shifts

You're frustrated as you crawl into bed alone — you had all these plans for us tonight but I got called into work and everything got cancelled. You were so ready for me to be inside you. For me to fill you completely, but it was all ripped away. As you lay there all alone you try to touch yourself. To take care of that itch only I can reach. After a few minutes of sliding your fingers into your pussy you groan in frustration and turn over on the bed, burying your face in my pillow, wishing I was there. You slowly drift off to sleep, your pussy aching for attention.

You slowly start to wake up feeling the sun beat on your skin; you feel great. You feel something very warm and wet against your inner thigh. You don't want to move or open your eyes yet, worried that it might stop. You start to feel that it's my tongue sliding up and down around your pussy lips. Not quite touching them but breathing hot breath across them. Your arms above your head your legs spread wide, you feel slightly embarrassed and naturally try to pull your arms in a little. They won't budge. You feel something soft but tight around your wrist and you open your eyes quickly.

Your eyes open and look at your wrists. They are tied to the bed frame and you look down. You see my head buried between your legs kissing your inner thigh. Our eyes connect and that’s when I slide my tongue between your pussy lips. Your legs try to close but they won't. You look around me and see that your ankles are tied as well. Your heart skips a beat as you realize you can't move, you can't stop me or control yourself. What happens is all in my hands.

Your heart starts to race faster and faster, as my tongue rims your clit and I nibble down on it softly. An orgasm starts to build up inside you. You breathe heavily as it rises faster. You try and close your legs again but you feel helpless as the orgasm rushes through your body. I feel your pussy gush with juices and drink them up as I slide a finger in your pussy. You moan loudly, wanting to close your legs to slow it down but you can't. Your back arches as my finger slides inside and presses against your g-spot. Your orgasm just seems to keep going and you can't stop it. Your pussy feels so good as your body writhes from your orgasm. Your brain feels on fire with pleasure that you can't control.

You feel like you're about to black out when I slowly ease my finger out of your pussy and softly kiss your inner thighs. You slowly come down from your orgasm, but I keep kissing over your clit and it keeps you burning inside. You look down at me with lust-filled eyes. You remember your frustration from last night and know exactly what you need. Between breaths you say "Fuck me. Oh god, fuck me now." I continue to kiss around your pussy as your desire builds again. Your head rolls back your eyes closing as you ache for me. "Fuck me please!! I need your cock inside me," you say barely as a whisper. You arch your back, trying to push your pussy onto my lips, onto my teasing tongue.

I slide a finger up through your pussy getting it soaked with your juices and bring it to your mouth. You open up and suck onto my finger tasting your juices as I crawl up between your legs. I kiss your lips deeply as I place my hands in yours holding them firmly to the bed even though they are tied. You feel my cock tap against your inner thigh. It's rock hard and you moan deeply into my lips, knowing that it will be in you shortly. It presses up against your thigh, then on top of your pussy aiming up at your stomach. If your hands were free you would grab it and guide it to your pussy but you can't. You moan in frustration as it slides up and down along your pussy lips and your clit as I slowly make a humping motion

I bite your lower lip while kissing you as I pull my hips back a little. You take in a deep breath and I kiss down your neck as I arch my back forwards, aiming my cock at your pussy. I kiss your neck firmly as I slowly slide my cock inside your pussy. You gasp as it fills you completely. Your head arches back and you press your groin up into mine trying to get all of my cock inside you. I groan into your neck, feeling your tight pussy wrap around my rock hard cock. I had been wanting this feeling all night long. Your pussy clamps down right as I slide my cock in and your breathing stops, your body arches and you cum. I can feel your juices flowing on my cock. I knew I won't last too long after wanting you all night; as you're still coming down from your orgasm I start sliding in and out of you slowly, each time increasing my pace and firmness.

This is exactly what you needed, what you wanted last night but were deprived of. Your body reacts on its own as your mind goes blank to the feeling of my cock slamming in and out of you. Loud moans escape your lips. You are in ecstasy with each stroke of my cock inside you. You feel almost complete as you think there is only one more thing you need. Just as you think that, you feel my hands run down your body and grab your hips, my cock slamming into your pussy harder and harder. You feel every vein inside your pussy as they grow larger about to explode.

I barely whisper, "I'm gonna cum," and that’s exactly what you need.

You moan out, "Cum in me baby. I need it" as your hips push against mine. My fingers dig into your ass cheeks as I pull you tightly against me, pushing my cock as deep inside of you as I can. For a split second everything is stopped, my cock is expanded as big as it gets inside you, my face buried between your breasts your body so close to cumming you're about scream, and then it happens. My hot thick cum shoots out and fills your pussy as it clamps down onto my cock as you orgasm. Your mind is completely blank with the feeling of being completed. I keep my hips pushed firmly against yours as I pour every drop of cum into your pussy.

As we both subside from our orgasms, your heart still beats fast. You are so happy that I knew exactly what you needed. Even after being at work all night I made sure to please you and give you what you were needing all night. You whisper into my ear "untie me baby." I slowly untie your ankles first than crawl on top of you again. Your legs rub up against mine as I untie your wrists. Your arms instantly wrap around me, pulling me into a deep kiss and rolling us to our sides. One hand runs down my body onto my cock and cups my balls as you push me onto my back.

You know my body is ready to shut down, after standing at work all night and coming home and pleasing you, you know I'm about to pass out but first you kiss me and look into my eyes, whispering. "Mmmm god baby that was perfect. Thank you so much. I want to let you fall asleep to something special."

I moan softly as you slowly crawl down my body and get between my legs. You cup my balls in your hand and slowly run your tongue across them and up the length of my cock. Pressing your face firmly against my hot member, you kiss it deeply and lick our juices off of it slowly. My mind goes blank at the feeling of your tongue and lips running over my sensitive cock just after cumming.

I pass out, legs slightly spread and you kiss my balls and then crawl up and kiss my forehead before standing up. You head to the door to go and take a shower. As you reach the door you look back. My naked body is sprawled out on the bed, my softening cock and balls hanging between my legs for you to see. Your eyes glance around seeing the ties that held you down allowing me to pleasure you at my will. You get an idea and whisper to yourself, "Maybe I'll return the favor later," and smile as you head off to the shower.

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