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Getting More Than Just The Job

Emma sat in the quiet reception area and fidgeted nervously. She hated job interviews. She was next in line and knew she didn't have a hope because the candidate before her had been in there for ages. That was always a good sign, wasn't it? 

Just as she was thinking about walking out and going home, the door opened and the smiling girl left looking at her smugly as she passed. A voice called her and said, "Miss Williams, if you would like to go in now they are waiting for you." 

Emma stood up, smoothed down her skirt, took a deep breath, and smiled as she entered the room. She looked confidently at the two people in front of her. Kathy, the PA who was retiring and Mr. Taylor, the boss. Kathy looked at her and smiled a friendly smile which instantly put her at ease. While Mr. Taylor, who looked bored, barely glanced at her. 

"Please sit down," Kathy said. 

The interview started and Emma found it quite easy going. She was able to answer everything they asked, and had enough questions of her own to keep them interested. 

Every now and again she would look straight at Mr. Taylor, who, despite the bored look on his face was very handsome. He was tall with green eyes, dark brown almost black hair, and was just her type. She started daydreaming. Then suddenly remembering she was at an interview, quickly put the naughty ideas about her interviewer out of her head. 

He asked her a question at the same time as she was dreaming and not listening. She looked up, and blushed as she asked him to repeat the question. Emma was sure she saw a hint of a smile cross his lips. 

When the interview was over, she thanked them both and shook hands with them. Positive that she hadn't got the job, she smiled and left. She decided to go shopping to cheer herself up and walked into town. In the middle of trying on a dress, her phone rang. Trying to answer it while she pulled the dress over her head, she heard his voice. Instantly, she thought of his green eyes, the firm way he shook her hand, and her pussy became damp. 

"Miss Williams, I'm calling to offer you the job. You really impressed at your interview, and if at all possible we would like you to come in and start on Monday. I want you to shadow Kathy for the next week to see what she does, and learn the ropes from her." 

Emma couldn't believe what she was hearing, "Thank you so much Mr. Taylor, I really appreciate the chance you are giving me. I won't let you down," she replied, while jumping up and down in the dressing room, with the dress half pulled over her head. 

Monday morning came and she was in her new office bright and early, and ready to learn. She and Kathy got on really well, and Kathy was happy to pass on the job to the younger girl. The week passed so fast, and before she knew it Kathy was finished, and it was time to head out for her leaving dinner. 

Emma got changed from her work clothes into a short black dress, black tights and sexy red heels. 

She was hoping her new boss would be there. He'd been away on business most of the week and she really wanted him to see her dressed up, and looking sexy. All the staff headed to the restaurant. Even though there was no sign of him, Emma had fun, laughing and chatting with all her new colleagues. 

Finally, about an hour later he arrived. He'd been stuck in a meeting all day and looked tired and annoyed, but so handsome in his dark blue suit and white shirt. Everyone was delighted to see him. Soon enough he relaxed and looked a lot happier. 

Dinner was a success, the food was fantastic and everyone had fun. Shortly after dinner some people started to head off and go home. Kathy hugged everyone and said bye. Emma noticed how tightly Mr. Taylor hugged her, and how sad he looked. She realised how upset he was at her leaving. 

The younger staff moved onto a club for a few more drinks. While in the club, Emma finally got to talk to Mr. Taylor. She told him how she had noticed how upset he was at Kathy's leaving. To her surprise, he told her to call him Richard. He told her all about him and Kathy. How he'd known her all his life, and how she was literally part of his family. 

It was loud in the club, and they had to lean in close to hear each other. Emma loved the feel of his body close to hers. At one point, without noticing, he had put his hand on her knee as he leant in to tell her something. The feel of his hand on her made her skin burn. It was like she was on fire. Her pussy twitched and got wet, and she felt her nipples harden. She wanted this man so badly, but she also loved her new job... 

As the weeks passed, Emma and Richard fell into an easy routine. She would have his coffee ready every morning when he came in. He would always call her into his office to join him as he was having it. Usually, they went over his schedule for the day, but they chatted about personal stuff too. 

They were both single and she was sure he liked her. But making a move on a colleague is always a bad idea. Especially when it's your boss. One day he came in in the worse mood ever, and told Emma she'd have to work late. 

'Great,' she thought, 'I can't wait to spent my evening with that grumpy asshole.' 

There was a problem with some accounts and they both had months of figures to go through, check and double check. They worked in silence. The only noise was Emma moving about in her chair. Her shoulders ached from being hunched over her desk for hours. Richard noticed how uncomfortable she looked, and broke the silence by announcing they were to take a 10 minute break. He asked Emma if she was OK, and she said her shoulders were stiff and achy. 

Immediately, he crossed the office to her desk and asked her to take her suit jacket off. Puzzled, she did as she was told and she felt his strong hands gently rub her shoulders, massaging the knots out of them. She sighed in contentment, and leaned back against him. 

His hands felt so good on her shoulders, so strong. It was a while since Emma had been with anyone, and quickly she found herself getting wet. She squirmed as she felt a drop of wetness drip from her pussy. The squirming motion seemed to jolt Richard back to reality. He suddenly moved his hands away from her shoulders. Coughing, he looked embarrassed at his actions, and suggested they get back to work. 

Frustrated, Emma couldn't concentrate, and excused herself to use the bathroom. 

As soon as she entered the little room, she tore down her damp panties and rammed two fingers straight into her hot, wet cunt. She fucked herself hard for a few moments, trying to be quiet, but couldn't help moaning as it felt so good. Curling her fingers inside her cunt, she massaged her G-spot. Knowing she was close to cumming, she withdrew her fingers and sucked them clean, loving the taste of her arousal, then went to work on her clit. She rubbed her hard clit softly at first, in the circular motion that really got her going. Closing her eyes, she imagined it was Richard's tongue lapping at her little button drinking in all her juices. Faster and faster she rubbed, until she came hard all over her hand. Her eyes snapped open, and she remembered where she was. 

'Oh shit,' she thought, 'was I quiet? I so can't believe I just made myself cum in work.' 

Outside in the office, Richard was wondering if she was OK. He was worried that he had gone too far with the shoulder massage, and he went towards the bathrooms just to shout in and check on her when he heard a quiet moaning sound. 

'Holy fuck, she's playing with herself in there.' 

He couldn't believe what he was hearing, and it didn't help that he was feeling turned on himself. He quietly went back across to his desk and sat down, glad the desk was hiding his hard on. 

Emma came back from the bathroom, sat down and didn't look at him once. He was so tempted to mention casually that he had heard her, but was afraid that it would freak her out. About an hour later, they called it a night. He offered her a lift home. She accepted, and she shivered, thinking about them being alone in his car together. 

Emma loved his car; it was a Jaguar XF. It looked just like the type of car you would expect him to drive, and as she sank into the luxurious leather seat, she pulled her skirt up a bit higher to show some leg. Richard slid into the driver's seat and glanced at her, instantly he noticed what she had done. 

'So that's how she wants to play it,' he laughed to himself and started the car. 

They chatted as they drove and the sexual tension in the car increased with every minute. Richard reached across to get a CD from the glove compartment and deliberately ran his fingers across her leg. Emma didn't flinch. He put the CD on and the conversation stopped. As he carried on driving, he decided to be bold and put his hand on her thigh again. 

Emma was sitting in the car practically holding her breath. She wanted him to do it again, and when he did she couldn't believe it. She wasn't sure what to do though. She looked at him shyly, then slightly parted her legs to allow him better access. His hand caressed her thigh, moving higher, and higher each time, until he was finally at the lacy crotch of her panties.

She opened her legs wider again, a non verbal sign to go further, and she felt his fingers rub across her lips through her wet panties. He rested his hand there, and wanting more, she pressed against him. Finally, after what felt like ages his hand slipped inside them, and he ran a finger along her wet slit. 

Just then they pulled up outside her apartment. She wasn't sure what to do and looked at him as if he had the answers. He smiled and pulled her face to his and kissed her. It was a shy kiss at first, then increasingly became more passionate. She broke away from him and said, "You better come upstairs with me, unless you're planing to fuck me in your car."

They entered her apartment, and instantly started tearing at each others' clothes. Kissing each other hungrily, weeks of built up sexual tension were being released. She felt so good to him. Her soft smooth skin being touched, and explored by his strong hands. He ripped her blouse off, tearing all the buttons off it, and she didn't care. He stopped and looked at her. Her breasts, hidden by her lacy white bra looked amazing. She looked at him too, and her eyes lit up with passion as she unhooked her bra and pulled it off. 

All he could do was stare as he finally saw her large, full breasts with the tiny pink nipples, hard as little pebbles. Instantly, he was on them, squeezing them, and feeling their weight in his hands. Kneading them, then finally tasting them. Sucking on her nipples one at a time, listening to her moan with pleasure. Then getting rougher and biting them, before slowing down again and softly kissing every bit of her breasts. 

Emma grabbed him by the hand and pulled him towards her bedroom, where they fell onto the bed, kissing frantically. She pulled his shirt over his head and told him to take his trousers off as she was removing her skirt. When they were finally naked, she decided to take control. She pushed him onto his back and kneeled between his legs. She looked at his hard eight inch cock, and licked her lips before devouring it. She expertly slid her tongue around it, tasting him, licking the pre-cum from the tip. She took almost all of him in her mouth while playing with his balls, and sucked him hard. He was moving his hips and trying to fuck her face. She changed position so he could. 

He grabbed her hair, and held her head still as he slid his cock right down her throat. Richard fucked her mouth, getting harder and faster with every thrust. Emma gagged, and her eyes were watering but she didn't want to stop. Her spit was dripping down her chin and onto his balls. She used her fingers to wipe it from her chin, then slipped the wet finger through his legs and started to play with his asshole. 

He paused a moment and looked down at her. She couldn't speak as her mouth was full, so she raised an eyebrow in question at him. He nodded. Needing no other encouragement she slipped the tip of her finger in. The feeling of his cock deep in her throat, and her finger slowly fucking his ass, getting a little deeper each time sent him over the edge, and he blew his load right in her mouth.

Stream after stream of cum filled her mouth, she couldn't swallow it all and it leaked out and dripped down onto her breasts. He scooped it from her breasts onto his fingers, and fed it into her mouth and she sucked his fingers clean. It was at that point that their eyes met, and they both looked at each other and started to laugh. 

They lay on the bed together chatting, laughing and kissing. He kissed the length of her body, making her so hot. Finally, he licked her puffy pussy lips, and parted them to reveal her swollen clit. Stopping a moment to look at her smooth cunt, he gently blew on it, and the sensation made her shiver. 

Flattening his tongue, he licked from her ass to her clit. Then, sucking it into his mouth, he flicked it with his tongue, making her jump. She moaned, and pushed harder against his face, wanting more. His tongue slid inside her, fucking her as his fingers pinched and twisted her clit. 

By this point Emma was screaming his name as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm, just stopping short each time, teasing her. Finally, she could take no more, and she begged him to make her cum. He relented, and shoved three fingers into her sopping wet cunt, rubbing her G-spot roughly, while he sucked on her throbbing clit. She came almost instantly, flooding his mouth with her sweet juices. 

Emma lay back, panting and trying to catch her breath, and still a bit stunned as to what she was doing. She was here with Richard, her boss, and he had just made her cum. Just as she was about to sit up, she felt him press her down on the bed. He kissed her, letting her taste her juices from him. Then, without warning, he plunged straight into her cunt, giving her no time to recover from what he had just done to her. She gasped as she felt all eight inches penetrate her in one stroke. The feeling of his cock inside her, stretching her, was exquisite and she almost came again. 

Richard looked at the sight under him, his cute PA was spread below him, while he fucked her savagely. He thrust into her and pulled her legs up onto his shoulders so he could get even deeper. She was so wet he slid in with ease, and with each thrust his balls slapped against her. She was a great fuck and he cursed himself for not doing this sooner. She was writhing under him as he leant down to suck on her tits again. 

He fucked her faster, and harder. He felt like he couldn't get enough of her, he wanted every bit of her. She matched him thrust for thrust, and her pussy muscles were gripping his cock like a vice. Pretty soon he felt the familiar tightening of his balls, and he knew he wasn't gonna last much longer. 

"I'm going to cum," he said to her. 

Her hand was rubbing her clit, and he knew she was close too. Moments later his cock erupted inside her, filling her with his hot cum. She came at exactly the same time, and both of them collapsed in a sweaty, sticky tangle of limbs. 

After they both came down from the euphoric feeling of cumming, Emma kissed him and he wrapped his arms around her, holding her in a tight embrace. They fell asleep together, forgetting all about work and the world that existed outside of her little bedroom. 

Next morning, the screeching of Emma's alarm clock woke her with a start. She looked at the unfamiliar shape in the bed, and the previous night all came flooding back to her. Unsure of what to do, she shook her boss awake, "Good morning, Mr. Taylor," she grinned. "You better wake up or we'll be late for work."

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