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Getting pulled over by Johhny Law

what would you do to get out of a ticket
Be kind and tell me what you think, 1st story that I've tried to write.

Grace by most men’s standards was a hot woman that they would love to take home and seduce all night long and women hated. She stood 5'6", 120pds, if that, had long flowing jet black hair, size 1 waist, a toned body and a flat belly. Her eyes were two lovely brown almonds that in the right mood made you weak in the knees. Her chest a bit on the small B cup size had nipples that loved to be sucked and played with. Her ass was perfect apple shaped booty that was the perfect sizes to be cupped in your two hands. Her body was made to be touched and felt, her skin smooth as silk.

Unlike some women, Grace wasn’t that woman you called up and said be ready in five minutes were going out. She loved to take her time to get ready, because whenever she left her house, she looked like a Ten. From her shoes to the hair, she was a thing of beauty.

Grace’s live hadn’t been all that easy, at 20 she moved to the United States from France, but she had made a good life for herself had been in one long term relationship, but had failed to find true love. She thought she had found it, with a nice “American” as she called him, but like two tropical storms, they would blow into a hurricane size storm over the smallest of things. After, her state driver license expired, she went to another state to get one, but over the years it to had expired, so now she drove on pure luck that she wouldn’t be stopped and found out that she didn’t have a valid license.

Grace worked hard thru the week, and on Sundays she liked to dress and go out dancing Salsa at one of the many Spanish clubs in Tampa. To get ready, she would take a hot shower and shave ever part of her body from the neck down, legs, arms, shaved smooth. Her kitty took time, because she had very large lips, but she kept it smooth, only recently had she left a small patch of hair on top. She loved to keep it short, and rub her fingers thru it, when she was pleasing herself. After about twenty minutes in the shower she stepped out and then started to do her hair, a half hour later it was time to dress. She was feeling overly sexual tonight and wanted to be seen, so she slipped on her black lace garter belt, a new pair of black thigh high stockings and finished it up with a pair of lace/silk thong panties that just covered her sweet little kitty. She slipped on her 4” high fuck me pumps and looked at herself in the mirror. A slight smile came across her face as she looked at herself, because she knew she wanted to get laid tonight and knew that she would. She ran her hand down her body and it found its way to her sweet kitty. She slipped her finger under her panties and slowly started to rub it on her clit, it wasn’t long before she could feel herself getting ready to cum, which she did. She thought of changing her panties, but left them on, knowing whatever she wore would soon be just as wet as this pair. She slipped on a short little jean skirt, which when she stood would barely cover herself and then a tight little black backless halter top that tied around her neck, added a little perfume and she was good to go. She didn’t have to worry about a bra.

Grace jumped into her Mustang and was off to the races so to speak. Even though she had no license, Grace loved to drive fast and furious; it got her heart running when she did. The streets were pretty much empty at 9 PM on a Sunday night, as she slipped thru a very red traffic light; she was thinking no one was around, until she saw the red and blue lights behind her. Crap she thought, as she pulled into a deserted parking lot, she was hopping that pulling off the street might show the Deputy some respect and get her out of trouble. But then there was that blinding spot light that was on her mirror running any chance of seeing him as he made his way up to her. She could feel his presence behind her and then the flashlight dancing in the car interior as she rolled down the car window. She hadn’t purposely hiked her skirt up, it was just so small that it did it on its own, but he was certainly going to notice that it barely covered herself. When he greeted her, he said his name was Deputy so and so, so she turned towards him and was pleasantly surprised to look at him. Unlike most cops she saw on a daily basis, this one wasn’t short, fat, ugly or the typical Asshole type. He was most likely in his early thirties’, tall, nice build and according to Gracie’s standards quite handsome. When she handed him her paperwork, she couldn’t help but notice that his eyes had shifted from looking at her face and hands to now her hem of her skirt. She briefly looked down and saw that a good inch of her panties was showing from beneath her skirt. She smiled as their hands touched when he took the paper work from her. She notices a slight bulge in his pants and she wondered what it would be like to submit to his sexual desire. Grace was just like every other woman and had always wanted to be forced upon by a cop. So, her she was scared that she was going to be arrested for a bad license, which would cause her to be deported back to France, but she managed to tell him that she was sorry for running the red light. He smiled at her and told her to relax as he ran her.

He came back to the car in no time, and asked her to get out of the vehicle, on weak knees she did. At this time, she had noticed that instead of the blaring red/blue lights he had turned ever thing off and the parking lot was only being lite by the few street lights. Odd was what she was thinking. He told her that there was a problem with her license and that they needed to talk, but first he wanted to make sure that she wasn’t armed. She smiled and told him she wasn’t. He had her place her hands on the roof of her car and to spread her feet. With her 4” fuck me pumps on her ass was pushed up and was unavoidable to be looked at she could feel the warm breeze on her legs, but at the same time felt the dampness on her kitty. She felt the Deputies strong hands touch her arm as it worked its way down on side of her body to her waist and then down the other side. It sent a shiver up her spine as he bent down and worked his hand up her stocking glad leg and stopped just above her skirt. She heard him give a quite MMMMM as he finished up her legs. Just as rapidly though, she felt him grab on of her arms from the car roof and place it behind her back and then felt the cold steel of his handcuffs being placed on her wrist and then felt being pushed against the car and the other hand being cuffed to the other one. He advised her that her license was a long time expired and that she needed to come with him. She made no resistance as she was lead to the back of his car. They drove into a deserted car lot and drove to the top of a three story parking garage, she thought this was odd, but what was she to do. He hadn’t said a thing until then. He parked his car, turned off all the lights and got out of the front seat opening the back seat door as he did. The full moon was the only light out, but it provided plenty of light and she could see he had a hard cock in his pants when he stepped into the open rear door.

He told her to turn around and to sit with her legs outside the car. She could feel the cool night air on her skin as she turned and it felt good on her wet kitty. She had to admit that she was turned on by this Deputy. He asked her if she was willing to take care of the problem she had at hand or if she wanted to take it to court. Her smile was all he needed to see to know that she was willing to work things out. Now Grace was a skilled lover, but it had only been a two years since she learned the pleasure of giving head. See, she had dated and fallen in love with this one guy, who took the time and patience to show her how to give head, and now she loved to give him head whenever he wanted it. Since, her freedom depended on it right now, she figured she better give the best one she ever had.
Her hands were still behind her back, so she slid further out of the back seat as the Deputy pulled down his zipper and pulled out his semi hard cock. She smiled and gave him a devilish grin as she slid her tongue along his cock, which made him go completely hard. She liked what she saw and wondered if it would fit. No overly long, around 6 ½ “ but quite thick, complete shaved and a nice thick balls to go with it. The head of his cock was the biggest she had seen before. She leaned in and slowly started to run her tongue from the base of his shaft and up to his head, she breathed in his scent and was pleasantly surprised to smell cologne, being French she loved a man that took care of himself. She wondered if he always smelled good or had he sprayed himself when he first stopped her. Being she only had her tongue and mouth to work with, put her at a disadvantage, so she slowly started to stretch her mouth over his cock and slowly let it slid into her mouth. She was skilled but hadn’t mastered the whole gag reflex deep throat thing. She worked on him for several minutes and then could start to taste the saltines of his pre-cum on the tip of his cock, which made her even more turned on. Her legs started to spread further and further apart, showing more and more of her soaked panties. It always amazed her how wet she got when giving head. Her eyes were locked on to his face as she slowly let him start to fuck her mouth. She could feel him getting harder in her mouth and could feel his veins in his cock starting to show, she knew he was about to cum.

For the first time since she got pulled over she spoke, and asked him to take and put the cuffs in front so she could use them. He groaned as he pulled his cock from her mouth and smiled. He lifted her gently from the seat spinning her around and uncuffed her, leaving the cuffs hanging from one wrist. Instead of sitting back down, she knew it would be more of a visual turn on for him if she just squatted down and continued to suck on his still hard cock. All the time her eyes were locked on his, she spit on his cock and brought her hands into play while one hand massaged his balls the other one was matching the rhythm of her mouth. She couldn’t help herself from starting to moan as she stroked and sucked him off. The fact that he was starting to moan and groan only increased her desire to have his cum in her mouth. At first it was only a small bit of cum that hit the back of her throat, and he told her he was about to cum, and then it was a full force of cum that hit the back of her throat as he let out a deep moan. She kept up milking his shaft until he pulled his semi-hard cock from her mouth. She smiled as she swallowed the last of his cum and licked her lips to make sure none was wasted. He gently lifted her up and surprisingly kissed her on the lips. There two tongues and mouths melted together as one for several minutes as they kissed in the moonlight. She pulled her mouth from his and whispered in her mouth that she wanted to be fucked by him

He gently led her to the front of his patrol car, and let her lean against the hood of the car; he untied her halter top and pulled it off of her. With his two hands around her waist he slowly started to kiss her on one then the other of her nipples. She loved the feeling it gave her when someone kissed them and from the moans she was making, he knew that she was on the way to an orgasm. She was glad that he was holding on to her, because in no time flat she felt the tide of an orgasm coming flooding her kitty with wetness, her knees going weak. Damn she thought, it had been several weeks since being with her lover, and her she was getting off only by nipple play, she hoped she would survive the pounding she hoped was in store for her. He reached around her back and unbuttoned her skirt and with one quick motion had it on the ground, he picked it up and placed it on the hood of the car.

There she was at 9 at night in all her glory, wearing only a pair of stockings and barley there pair of panties. He had on the biggest grin she had ever seen. She moved into him and asked him to remove his gun belt, telling him she wanted to feel him up close. It took him about two seconds and the belt was lying next to her skirt on the hood of the car. He asked her to show him her pussy, so she slowly spread her legs and then pulled her panties up so they slid into her wet slit. God she loved the way her clit felt as the silk of her panties rubbed against it. She slowly started to rub her hand along the pussy, grinding it into her clit; Grace could get herself off in about 30 seconds, but wanted to make a show for her Deputy. She slowly slipped one then two fingers into her wet slit, standing the way she was, she managed only to get a small amount of penetrating into her pussy. Soon she was in a fevered pitch. She leaned back onto the car totally and had one hand rubbing her clit and the other inside herself. She felt the rush of her orgasm coming over her as she let out a scream. He felt his arms wrap around her as her ass slipped off the car.

He picked her up and held her until her body came back from the orgasm, he slowly licked her fingers clean of herself. Her smile was his sign that she was ready for more. He spun her around and placed her hands on the hood of the car and then parted her legs. He leaned in and parted her ass with his mouth and tongue as he licked his way to her soaking wet pussy. Her wet thong still in place he pulled to the side as he buried his mouth on her very wet pussy. He licked her like there was no tomorrow burying his tongue deep inside her. She felt something sharp running up her ass and when she looked back he was running his knife along the backside of her ass check, she let out a small cry and he whispered in her ear not to worry. She felt safe in his control, and watched as he cut the right side of her thong and then the left side, pulling them between her legs he held them to his nose and breathed in her scent, smiling.

He picked her up and placed her ass on top of push bumper and spread her legs. He pulled his pants down and stood between her legs. He just slid the first one to two inches of his cock into her pussy and slowly moved it in and out. He knew at the angle she was sitting at that the tip of his cock would be rubbing against her G spot, which was his goal. Soon, she felt an orgasm building up inside her like she had never felt before. Before she knew what was happing, she was squirting all over and she was bucking on his cock. He was able to maintain his cock inside her for the minute or two it took for her to finish her orgasm. When she was done, she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply on the lips and thanked him for giving him the first squirting orgasm of her life and then told him it was his turn to cum.

She turned around and bent over the hood of the car and asked him to take her doggy style. He slipped behind her and slowly spread her legs. He slowly started to slide his hard cock into her wet pussy slowly sliding it further into her stretching her out as he filled her up. She could fill her pussy gripping his cock as he slowly slid it further and further into her. He was guiding his cock with his hand, soon he let go with his hand and started to his hips to take over the fucking. She arched her back so he could get deeper into her pussy. She could feel her cervix being hit by his big cock head. She looked back and could see the sweat on his face and could feel the sweat dripping off her body. She reached between her legs and reached back and grabbed his balls every time he slammed into her, she loved that his ball sack hit her pussy lips. Soon she could feel his cock starting to shoot his load deep inside her as her pussy spasmed around his cock. She loved cumming with her lover at the same time. He collapsed on top of her and she could feel his breath on her neck.

They stayed that way for several minutes in each other embrace as he slowly got soft and slipped out of her. When they were ready, he got up and helped her get dressed. She smiled at him as his cum slowly worked its way out of her. He let her sit in the front seat of the patrol car when he drove her back to her car. When they got there, he told her that she really needed to be careful about her driving. She gave him a kiss on the lips and told him that she would. She watched him drive away as she headed home.

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