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Getting to know Amy (part 1)

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I meet Amy and start to understand her needs
The rain came down incessantly, soaking me to the skin. I’d gone for a walk in the morning, stopped for lunch at a pub that I knew, and was on the way back when the skies opened.

Most of the walk should have been on country paths, but because of the rain, I played safe and took a short cut through a small village. I say a small village, but in reality, there were just three houses, stretched along the road. As I passed the last one, I was hailed by a voice from the front door.

“You look utterly miserable,” a female voice said, “would you like to come in and dry off for a while?”

“Oh, that would be very welcome,” I replied, and walked up to the door. She opened it wider and led me through to the back kitchen. There I took stock of my saviour. She was middle aged, like me, and attractive, as far as I could tell. She wore a pair of jeans and a large bulky sweater and her feet were bare.

“I’m Amy,” she said as I introduced myself in return.

“I hope you don’t think me forward, but you really did look so wet, I couldn’t just let you walk by. You would have caught your death in this downpour.”

“I’m glad you did,” I replied, “it is really terrible out there.”

She found me some dry clothes, her husband’s I assumed, and a towel. She left me to dry and change in the kitchen while she went to light a fire in the living room. I went to the door and told her I had a pile of wet clothes, and she came and put them in her drier, while I made myself comfortable on the sofa.

We talked, at first just small stuff, but eventually I drew out her story. She was a widow, with two boys who had grown up and left home to start families of their own. She had come to this village to live a few years earlier, realizing capital from her family home, so she could live comfortably with no need to work.

“Don’t you get bored?” I asked, “There’s not a lot to this village is there?”

“That’s fine by me,” she said, “I do some volunteer work, so I get to meet people, and I tend my garden.”

The fire had caught by now and was burning brightly, casting its glow on us. I looked across at her, perched on the arm of an armchair. I realized just how attractive she was, not in any conventional way, but there was a vivacity about her that made me feel very comfortable. Physically, she was tall, but as I am well over six feet, that wasn’t any sort of problem. Her jeans fitted her well, so I knew that she had a nice ass, but the sweater masked the rest of her. I guessed her age to be around mid forties.

The room was now nice and warm and I had thawed out from my drenching. I slipped off the jacket she had found for me and told her that her kindness had made my day.

We talked more and after a while she offered me coffee. While she was away making the coffee, I looked around the room. There was an absence of the usual run of family photos that I would have expected to see, and her bookshelves contained a range of subjects, from gardening to comparative religion. When she came back I asked her about these and told her that that had been an interest of mine at one stage.

“What made you lose interest?” she enquired.

“Oh, I just realized that since all religions were just an attempt by man to explain his existence and that it had been such a cause of so much death and misery, I just felt I should follow my own creed. A humanitarian creed, that let people do whatever they wanted, so long as it didn’t cause pain and misery.”

“Sorry to get a bit heavy, but I have been a lot happier since I made that decision,” I continued.

“Does that carry on into your personal relationships?“ she asked adding, “If that isn’t too personal of a question.”

“No, that’s okay, I just have a simple code of behaviour; anything is possible between two, or more, people, so long as there is complete openness about what they want to get out of the relationship.”

“So, if I told you that I really asked you in because I wanted a good fuck, what would you say?” she asked me, with a slightly embarrassed smile.

“I would say that your needs are important and you shouldn’t ignore them, and that I find you attractive. If I can satisfy your needs, then I’m very happy to have been asked in,” I responded.

“Well, I’m not sure about all my needs,” she said, “but why don’t we see!”

With one mind, we stood and moved together, and kissed. She tasted of coffee and cream and her tongue was alive and enquiring. Her hands went to my trouser buttons as she slipped to her knees, just as I was about to raise up her sloppy joe sweater. As it slid over her head, I looked down to feel and see her hands cup my balls and her lips open to engulf my hardening cock. She was just wearing a bra underneath the sweater and the half cups revealed a pair of full breasts.

“Mmmm...” she mumbled as she sucked on me, her tongue working underneath my rim and her hands squeezing my balls.

“My turn now,” I told her and pulled away. I carried her over to the sofa and pulled down her jeans, tugging hard to get them off her feet. She lay there looking up at me, bra and panties tight on her body. For her age, her body was very sexy. She had full breasts and slim waist, with just a small roll of plumpness, and hips that swelled into long legs. Her brown eyes gave me all the right messages, as her pink tongue poked out between her teeth. All in all, she was a very sexy lady.

“You look good,” I told her, “but I think you are still overdressed.”

I quickly removed those last items of clothing. Her nipples were hard and long, and responded to my lips, as my hands stroked her body. As I moved lower, my mouth tasted her sex, which glistened in the flickering of the fire.

“You taste wonderful, too,” I said as I licked and sucked on her sex, my hands raising her up to my mouth. She put her legs around my head and down my back, so I could reach every part of her with my tongue. Licking in slow circles along and up to flick and suck on a rigid clit, then down to her sweet hole and then back up again after a quick twirl against her rosebud. Each time I did that, she gasped and her legs tightened involuntarily.

Close to orgasm, she pulled me up to my knees, grasped me and guided me inside her, my member plunging deep down into her slippery tunnel. As I started to stroke her deep and slowly, her body responded to mine, picking up my rhythm almost immediately. We fucked like that, the pace quickening, holding back my building orgasm until I was ready to explode inside her, when she screamed out and her body writhed as the waves of pleasure shot through her.

Slowly, normality returned and I pulled her closer to me, wrapping my arms around her body. We sort of slid fully onto the sofa and lay there in the warmth of the fire.

“That was good,” she whispered into my ear, “I needed that, and it was pretty damn good.”

“It was indeed,” was my reply, “for a first fuck, we certainly seemed to be on each other’s wavelength.”

“A first?” she smiled.

“Well, if you are happy, then there could be a second, and even more.”

“I do have more needs,” she responded, “but, um… I think I’ll need to tell you more about them.” She had that uncertain look in her eyes again, as though she wasn’t sure about telling me anything, but wanting to.

“Err… I told you that openness is good for me, so I doubt I shall be shocked if you want to tell me more.”

“Good. I’ll look forward to doing so. But I’m going to have to throw you out now, as I have to go to work. I’m helping at the charity shop in Great Missenden in half an hour.”

Saying that, she kissed me deeply again, and told me to get my clothes from the drier. Soon, I was on my way, the rain having stopped, and with a date to pass by her house again in a few days’ time.

To be continued...

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